Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 126

Lu Wan didn’t know what she said wrong.

In short…… Chen Nianqing pressed her down and kissed her again while hugging her stiff waist tightly, not letting her dodge.

Lu Wan was worried that the other party would completely crush the buns into pancakes, so she could only raise her hands high.

This made it impossible to resist.

She was kissed into dazedness and the other party sucked harder, tender and fierce, not allowing refusal or retreat. Her heartbeat was faster than when she’s doing a three-kilometer run and she could even hear the sound coming from their mouths in her ears.

Lu Wan was somewhat overwhelmed. This guy was really…… overbearing and unreasonable.

Well, she believed it now. The other party could really make her lips swell from a kiss.

Before parting, Chen Nianqing gnawed her lips. “Talking nonsense.”

The voice was fierce, but the force of the bite was very gentle.

Lu Wan: “……”

Did she say anything?

How could he falsely accuse her?

However, considering the extremely fast rhythm of her heart right now, she did not immediately refute the other party.

The two came out of the room. After thinking about it, Lu Wan gave Chen Nianqing one of the buns.

“Are you hungry? We’ll have one each.”

“I can see that you’re being really bad.” Chen Nianqing snorted coldly and reached out to take one.

Despite the cold face, the young man’s ears and neck were completely red.

It even spread to the skin down his collar.

There weren’t just butterflies in his stomach; it felt like elephants were banging inside.

Now she understood his heart.

Lu Wan: “……”

You were about to kiss me unconscious. How did I turn into the bad guy?

Lu Wan decided not to argue with him and lowered her head to eat the steamed bun.

On the way here, she kept criticizing Chen Nianqing in her heart.

But now only the sweetness remains.

No matter how one look at the other party, he was good, and even those areas where he wasn’t, also turned to be lovable.

Even those top beauties would think that the young man’s fierce appearance was also very good-looking.

Although a little proud and unreasonable, he was brilliant and also good at appeasing and coaxing people.

It’s just…… he had never held someone before.

Thinking of this, Lu Wan began to feel elated and the corners of her mouth turned upwards.

Just now, even though she was angry, she still wanted to bring food to Chen Nianqing for fear that the other party would be hungry.

Perhaps, it’s not just because Chen Nianqing often brings her snacks, but was more because she likes this person.

That’s great, Chen Nianqing likes her too and he wouldn’t go abroad with others.

The stone in her heart fell.

When the two kissed just now, they didn’t think it was a big deal, but now that they have recovered, they dare not look into each other’s eyes as they walk side by side.

Whenever their sight came in contact, they would immediately look away, as if electrocuted.

The road down the hill seems to be infinitely stretched.


The homeroom teachers of Class 4 and Class 1 were very worried when they knew that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing had a face-off at noon today.

After all, there were only ten days left before the college entrance examination. Nothing should happen at this juncture! They must be stable!

They didn’t dare to follow as they were afraid of provoking the two students, so they could only wait at the foot of the hill.

Seeing the oncoming pair, both teachers were stunned.

Why were they eating steamed buns?

This was a scene that had never crossed their minds and the two of them didn’t know what to say for a while.

Lu Wan asked with some surprise, “Teacher Li, what are you doing here?”

“O-o-oh, yes, Teacher Xia and I are stuffed so we’re strolling around to digest the food faster.”

Lu Wan: “Then you can continue. We’ll go back Classroom.”

Looking at the distant figures, the homeroom teacher of Class 1 turned around and asked, “What’s the situation? Is everything okay?”

“It’s okay. Just look at that the two of them smiling so happily, Teacher Xia.”

“Oooh, that’s good.”

It was really hard for someone who’s been single since birth like him.

He really almost went to buy Pixiu[1]is a mythical animal from Chinese culture; a lucky symbol for wealth, good fortune, and protection; can be used as a powerful feng shui adjustment object; can also be made into be … Continue reading online to bless the two students not to break up before the college entrance examination so their grades would not be affected.


Haley looked at Lu Wan and asked with mixed feelings, “So, what did you do earlier?”

He hated himself for having sharp eyes and witnessing the rapid development of the two fierce 1’s.

Lu Wan: “Nothing. We just exchange a few words.”

Haley: “……Then why are you smiling so much?”

She was obviously very serious this morning.

Lu Wan asked with a smile, “Where? There’s no such thing.”

Haley: “……”

Hateful. Your smile is betraying you!

He was really heartbroken. Chunyuan succeeded in the end!

Who would have thought that the fight between Xu Yao and Su Rao would benefit the fisherman? In the end, it was the winner who had the last laugh.

Your thoughts were really deep! As expected of you, Chen Chunyuan!

He was so dead early in the morning and President Lu didn’t even want to be exposed to the rain and dew[2]favor someone, but from now on, Chen Nianqing would be the only one in the main palace[3]empress’s palace; lawfully wedded wife and others have no chance!

Looking at the appearance of that male fox spirit, President Lu was completely bewitched!

The sea that was once open had indefinitely entered the closed season.

Haley then thought about it and sighed with resignation. In fact, Chen Nianqing was very suitable to marry into a wealthy family, no matter in terms of appearance, figure or his own qualities.

After all, having a face that looks very expensive, this person said that he wants to study medicine, so the hand holding the scalpel would be even more priceless in the future.

Alas, Chunyuan was someone who could be the best no matter what he does.

Even when it comes to wooing President Lu.


After classes were over, Lu Wan saw that girl again just after passing the school gate.

Mu Jing walked over with a smile, stopped and said, “Hi, what happened to the thing I asked you about the other day? Did you persuade him? What did he say?”

In fact, the first day she contacted Chen Nianqing, the other party had already refused.

However, Mu Jing insisted that he think about it for another week and give his answer after careful consideration.

Lu Wan: “I’m sorry, he probably won’t go abroad. Chen Nianqing told me that he wants to study medicine.”

“Huh? But his talent in music is really high. It’s a pity if he didn’t continue studying music. He will definitely become an internationally renowned performer one day.”

Mu Jing couldn’t hide her disappointed expression.

Lu Wan pondered about it and then said, “It’s not a pity. If he studies medicine, he will certainly be a very good doctor in the future.”

Mu Jing shook her head and said with a despondent expression, “You don’t understand. This is different.”

Lu Wan: “It’s not different. In the past, some coaches said that I am suitable for triathlon, that is, things like throwing shot put, and that I can enter the provincial sports team. But I want to study another major such as law or finance. I don’t think it’s a pity.”

Mu Jing: “No, you don’t understand anything at all.”

How was this comparable?

Chen Nianqing walked up from behind and asked with a smile, “Wanwan, why are you standing here?”

“Your friend is here.” Lu Wan was startled, then turned her head and said.

Chen Nianqing corrected her statement, “It’s former classmate.”

Mu Jing was stunned. She looked at Chen Nianqing anxiously. “Are you really not going?”

“Thank you for your suggestion, but I have the right to refuse.” The young man’s voice was cold.

Mu Jing was in a very complicated mood.

In fact, last time she had a bad feeling that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing had an unusual relationship.

That’s why she deliberately said that she had known Chen Nianqing for many years and liked him since before.

Now with the two standing together, her hunch was even stronger.

After all, Chen Nianqing was indifferent to other girls and there was no one who was particularly close to him, but Lu Wan said they were friends…… which was actually unusual.

For a long time, she thought that Chen Nianqing wouldn’t like anyone.

But if this was the case, why didn’t Lu Wan said anything last time?

Mu Jing was a bit agitated. “Can I ask, what is your relationship?”

“I have no obligation to tell you.” After saying this, Chen Nianqing tugged on Lu Wan’s clothes. “Let’s go home.”

“Oh…… Okay.”

When Lu Wan was dragged away for a few steps, she turned her head and glanced at the girl.

Well, there’s nothing more she could say.

She couldn’t help her. After all, she couldn’t bear to let Chen Nianqing go abroad.

After the two of them walked more than a dozen steps, Chen Nianqing suddenly said without warning, “She’s not my friend. You must not misunderstand me in the future or I will kiss your lips swollen.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing: “I don’t have female friends, only female classmates, schoolmates, or future female colleagues and coworkers.”

Lu Wan: “……Oh.”

But why say this?

Chen Nianqing: “I only have one girlfriend, Little Sister Lu Wan, do you understand?”


She’s really not that petty……

Lu Wan contemplated for a moment, and then ask, “But, what do you like about me?”

She was comparing herself with the girl just now who knew how to play the cello.

She couldn’t say who was better, but it was obvious that most boys would prefer someone like the other party.

Alas, the other party probably thinks the same way because it was the popular aesthetic.

Chen Nianqing laughed. “Then you can consider me as a fool.”

Lu Wan turned her head. Is liking me foolish? Can we still have a good chat?

Do I only deserve to be liked by fools?

“Oh, then be smart. Don’t be foolish.”

Chen Nianqing stopped in his tracks.

“Let me tell you Little Sister, Brother is only foolish once in ten years. If you want to wait for me to be foolish again, it will take another ten years, or maybe it won’t happen again. How many decades can life last? You have to take responsibility for me. You can’t return the goods once you buy it.”

Lu Wan: “I won’t.”

Chen Nianqing: “You won’t? Don’t think that just because we’re on the street I won’t dare to kiss your lips swollen. Save your nonsense.”

Lu Wan: “???”

Why was this person like this today?

Chen Nianqing chuckled at her shocked appearance.

One had to spell it out clearly to this person and couldn’t beat around the bush.

Lu Wan had squeezed herself into his whole heart.

Then he also had to return the favor and completely take the other party’s feelings as his own while she was in the beginning of understanding love.

“I’ll call you in the evening. Okay, I’m leaving. Be careful on the way.”

Seeing the other party disappear at the subway entrance, Lu Wan turned around and got into her car.

Since her identity was exposed, Lu Jinye arranged for a car to pick her up every day.

However, the car changed today and if the driver hadn’t taken the initiative to greet her, Lu Wan wouldn’t have recognized it.

It went from a bulletproof Land Rover to a stretched Bentley.

Lu Wan felt that this car was a bit exaggerated. She didn’t need a big car by herself.

She opened the car door, and as soon as she poked her head in, she immediately wanted to retreat.

But in the end, she was a step too late and was stopped.

“Young Miss, don’t go!”

“This is the right car! Yes!”

“Hello, Young Miss, don’t you remember me?”

Looking at the old men in the car, Lu Wan was reassured.

They’re here, they’re here, they all showed up, the hair-growth-essential-oil old men’s group!

This group of uncles knew that Lu Wan was going to take the exam and they came here to cheer her on. They were afraid of delaying her studies, so they chose to wait for Lu Wan in the car.

Three minutes later, Lu Wan was sitting on the Bentley.

The car drove smoothly on the road.

The old men looked at each other. There was no need to worry about the young miss’s results, so what else could they say?

“Young Miss, I heard what you and that young man said just now. He’s bold!”

“He actually dares to kiss you dizzy! No need to say it, as expected of the person that the Young Miss’s values! He’s not bad looking.”

“You can’t lose. You have to kiss that little bastard until he faints!”

Lu Wan held her forehead. What little bastard? I think you’re a bunch of old rascals.

Lu Wan looked numb.

They said it was to cheer her on for the college entrance examination, but as it happened, it turned into a few people passing by to teach her eighteen ways to tame men.

This was too wild, she couldn’t use it herself.

Well, it probably won’t be needed……


It’s the day of the college entrance examination.

In the last few mock exams, Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing kept exchanging places for number one.

This was the last time that the two of them would do the same set of test papers.

In the morning, Lu Wan received a message from Chen Nianqing.

【Chen Nianqing: Do you have the confidence to win against me this time?】

【Lu Wan: Of course! Do you still have to ask?】

【Chen Nianqing: Then let’s make a bet. If I get a higher score, you’ll call me husband.】

Lu Wan’s thoughts turned. Who could stand this?

Her desire to win was burning! She couldn’t lose!

She bowed her head and replied.

【Lu Wan: Okay! But if I win, you’ll call me husband!】

Chen Nianqing was stunned when he received the message and the phone he was holding fell to the ground with a thud. He recovered and picked it up to reply.

【Chen Nianqing: Okay.】


1 is a mythical animal from Chinese culture; a lucky symbol for wealth, good fortune, and protection; can be used as a powerful feng shui adjustment object; can also be made into be bracelets and jewelries
2 favor someone
3 empress’s palace; lawfully wedded wife


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