Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 125

When Lu Wan had lunch, she didn’t see Chen Nianqing in the cafeteria.

She was surprised. The two of them made an appointment to meet at the Music Club room, but there’s no need to rush to the point of not eating, right?!

For her, eating was top priority!

Besides, doesn’t that guy pay attention to wellness?

He was either reminding her not to eat too much or eat less cold food and to only drink cola once in a while.

Occasionally, he would make tea for her, saying it helps with digestion.

Was he kidding? Could she possibly eat herself to death?

Chen Nianqing was like a little old man.

To some extent, he was more like her father than Old Lu. He was inexplicably fatherly!

Lu Wan turned her head and asked Song Qianqian who was beside her, “Do you think that Chen Nianqing is sometimes very verbose?”

She had a lot of opinions about him right now and just wanted to find faults.

What the hell? Why didn’t you tell me that you want to go abroad?!

You should have said so early on!

Song Qianqian looked appalled. “President Lu! You don’t know how lucky you are! Heavens, ask around, our Club Pres usually cherishes words like gold!”

She even suspected that Chen Nianqing was a little autistic. Of course, Mr. Perfect shouldn’t be called like that, but instead, it should be ‘cold’.

How was Chen Nianqing so verbose? She could hardly recognize this word.

Lu Wan: “Oh, alright.”

Song Qianqian: “Honestly, he is only like this to you. Our Pres is very affectionate towards you!”

A lot of people agreed. President Lu, you saying that…… is a bit too much.

What’s this? You have to feed us your premium dog food for lunch?

Lu Wan was slightly surprised. She shrugged it off and said, “It’s not what you think, he and I…… Forget it. Let’s not talk about it.”

They just weren’t in that kind of relationship.

In the morning, she stopped Lu Buyu to ask him a question, “What kind of girl guys generally like?”

Lu Buyu laughed and answered, “Someone with a good figure and a gentle temperament. Anyway, someone who isn’t like you.”

Lu Wan gave the other party a kick and that ended the topic.

She thought about the girl that day. She spoke very softly, was beautiful, and had a good figure.

……No wonder Chen Nianqing would like her.

Although she could understand, her heart still felt empty.

“It’s meaningless for you to say that, it will only make people feel that you are showing off.” Zhao Yan at the next table sneered then added, “Don’t say that your and Chen Nianqing’s relationship is actually not so good. Everyone can see that Chen Nianqing has only you in his eyes. It’s too much for you to show off like this.”

Tang Tang: “I didn’t expect that…… President Lu is like this. You’re actually tricking a dog to kill it.”

Others nodded one after another.

Lu Wan: “……”

She didn’t say anything, did she? Why were they all reacting so strongly?

Wait, if she said that she and Chen Nianqing were pretending to be together now, everyone would definitely not believe it.

Chen Nianqing, that king of acting!

Naturally, it doesn’t matter to her, but doesn’t Chen Nianqing have someone he likes?

Sigh, that girl should mind.

Lu Wan’s mind was a bit chaotic, so she put down her chopsticks and stood up after eating casually.

“I’m done. I’m going to walk around to digest food.” Before taking off, she also carried two steamed buns.

Everyone’s expression showed their tacit understanding.

Hello! If you’re dating then you’re dating. Everyone understands. Why the need for excuses?

After all, the misunderstanding is resolved and it was now time for you to be lovey dovey~

After Lu Wan walked out of the cafeteria, Su Rao and Xu Yao also stood up.

The two followed secretly.


The office of the Music Club was on the building located at the hillside behind the school.

It was noon and the whole building was quiet.

The only sound around was of the wind blowing the leaves and the chirping of cicadas.

The door of the room at the end of the corridor was ajar and Lu Wan opened it with a light push.

She stood in the corridor and looked in. Chen Nianqing was sitting on a chair with his back against the wall, his eyes closed and his lips slightly pursed.

He seemed to have fallen asleep.

The air conditioner was turned on and half of the sunlight was passing through the white curtain, lightly scattering on his shoulders and shining on his face.

His skin seemed fairer than usual and his lips redder.

His thick black eyelashes drooped downwards, casting small shadows on his lower eyelids.

The surrounding seems to have become still and there was a feeling of peacefulness.

Lu Wan walked over with light steps. She intended to wake the other person up but dismissed the idea.

She sat on the chair next to Chen Nianqing, sighed softly, and looked sideways at him.

Lu Wan wondered for the hundred and first time if this guy was really not wearing lipstick?

How come his lips were so red and beautifully shaped?

There’s nothing bad about him. Even the collarbone extending out the neck of his shirt was beautiful.

His adam’s apple was nice too.

Lu Wan couldn’t help approaching slowly, trying to see the other party more clearly.

In order to verify her own thoughts, she stretched out her fingers and gently pressed on the other party’s lower lip.

It was soft to the touch and no color transferred to her fingertips.

She was envious.

Lu Wan looked at it and her heart skipped a beat. Thinking that Chen Nianqing was asleep anyway so he wouldn’t know, she boldly stretched her index finger again and touched his lips.

This time, instead of removing it as soon as it made contact, it stayed there for two seconds.

It’s really soft and bounces back.

Lu Wan’s heartbeat gradually accelerated, hitting her eardrums.

This was a strange feeling that she had never felt before. She felt very bad. Just as she was about to withdraw her hands and run away, the boy suddenly opened his eyes.

Chen Nianqing’s face was expressionless as he asked, “Did you just steal a kiss from me?”

“I—I didn’t.” She was so shocked that she began to stutter.

Chen Nianqing: “I felt it. Twice. It woke me up.”

Lu Wan stood up. “It’s not—, I just—”

Chen Nianqing turned sideways, stretched out his hand and tugged at the other person.

He placed his hand on Lu Wan’s waist and gently brought Lu Wan to sit on his lap.

Chen Nianqing: “Do you like me that much? You actually stole a kiss from me?”

Lu Wan: “……I really didn’t kiss you. I just touched it with my hand. Your lips are very soft.”

Having been caught doing something bad, she was now a bit flustered and desperately tried to explain herself.

Chen Nianqing: “I don’t believe it, little liar. Since you stole a kiss from me, it’s only fair that I kiss you back.”

After that, he lowered his head and kissed the other side’s trembling eyelids and then gently place a kiss on the corner of her lips.

Lu Wan froze. Her heart beats faster. She knew that her face must be red.

Her whole face was burning. It was too hot.

Chen Nianqing’s hands tightened. “What about now, do you still think my lips are very soft?”

Lu Wan: “……”

She refused to answer that question.

Chen Nianqing put his chin on the other person’s shoulder and chuckled softly. “If you don’t speak and not refuse, then I can’t help it, I’ll want to kiss you again.”

The hot breath sprayed on her neck and shoulders made it feel as if her skin was being scorched. The tingling sensation on that small piece of skin gradually spread.

Lu Wan’s whole body tensed up, unable to speak a word.

Her mind was fuzzy, but she still managed to find time to think that Chen Nianqing’s lips were really soft.

He was so strange today. This was a side of him that she had never seen before.

Dominant and possessive.

Chen Nianqing wrapped his arms around her waist, forcing Lu Wan to get closer to him.

He murmured uncontrollably, “Don’t you know? I really like you.”

Then he kissed her again.

Because of that murmur, Lu Wan’s whole heart started beating wildly.

She had never encountered such a thing before and she forgot to push the other person away. She could only let him part her lips and invade her mouth.

This guy had always been gentle and polite, rarely being so forceful and unreasonable.

The root of Lu Wan’s tongue was numb and she subconsciously bit the other party lightly.

Chen Nianqing was stunned for a moment, then on the next second, he pinched her cheeks making her lips open slightly and kissed her again.

It turned more passionate.

Lu Wan was completely muddled by the kiss.

Her heart was beating so hard that it seemed like it would jump out of her chest and her whole body was hot.

From the corner of her eye, she looked at the reflections of them in the window. She was sitting on Chen Nianqing’s lap with her hands on his neck, as if she was the one who took the initiative.

Lu Wan thought in a daze, ‘What happened’?

Didn’t Chen Nianqing want to clear things with her? How did this happen?

Something’s wrong— No, no, no— everything’s wrong.

Chen Nianqing was weird and she became weird too.


Su Rao looked inside through the crack on the door and was startled.

Was she really wrong?

Were these two really dating? Not to mention their kiss was really intense.

Well, as expected of outstanding top students who were excellent in all aspects.

Xu Yao asked in a whisper, “What are they saying? Let me have a look.”

Su Rao took a step back and pulled Xu Yao.

“There’s nothing to see.”

After walking five or six steps, Xu Yao began to struggle. “What’s going on, I haven’t seen it yet! Let me look before leaving!”

Su Rao turned her head and teased, “Children shouldn’t look. Come along.”

Xu Yao: “What do you mean? Who’s a child?”

Su Rao was a little helpless and said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Tsk, so stupidly cute.


Lu Wan regained her composure and stretched out her hand to push Chen Nianqing. “S-stop. My legs are numb.”

In fact, her tongue was also numb and she could hardly speak.

“That’s fine.” Chen Nianqing adjusted his posture and continued to let the other party sit on his lap.

It became two people facing each other.

Lu Wan: “……What the hell are you doing?”

This situation was very strange but this posture was even stranger!

Chen Nianqing: “You seem to have misunderstood something and I can probably only use actions to make you understand. Do you get it now? You’re the only one I like.”

Lu Wan was stunned. Her heartbeat that had finally calmed down began to lose its balance again.

“But aren’t you going abroad?”

Chen Nianqing: “Who said so? Did I say it? I just like you. If you want to go abroad, I might follow you.”

Lu Wan: “But, didn’t we only agree to pretend to be together?”

Chen Nianqing: “No, I’ve been serious about dating you since the first day. Why, now you don’t want to admit it?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Was that how it was?

Chen Nianqing hugged her and asked, “You’ve kissed and hugged me but you don’t want to take responsibility?”

Lu Wan: “That’s not it.”

Chen Nianqing laughed. “I don’t like anyone else, from beginning to end there will only be you, so can you consider liking me? I will work very hard.”

Lu Wan’s face was burning. “Then do so, it’s not impossible.”

Chen Nianqing began to smile. “If I knew you’re this slow, I should’ve just kissed you like this on the first day. The next time you spray a perfume given to you by another man, I’ll…… kiss your lips swollen so you can’t talk to others.”

Lu Wan: “!!!”

This was too exaggerated. For a moment she felt that her tongue was even number.

Chen Nianqing smiled and couldn’t help getting closer to her again, rubbing the other person’s nose with his.

He seemed to be addicted. When Lu Wan came to tease him, his self-control completely disappeared.

He just wanted to hug her and kiss her eyes, nose, and lips.

It turns out that being intimate with someone you like feels so wonderful.

Lu Wan placed her hands against Chen Nianqing’s chest, creating a distance between them.

This guy appeared like a beast today, completely different than usual.

However, she didn’t hate it…… She wasn’t just used to it.

Chen Nianqing tilted his head. “What’s wrong? You don’t want me to kiss you? Or would you rather kiss me secretly?”

Lu Wan: “No, no, no, Big Brother, you haven’t eaten lunch.”

Chen Nianqing’s voice was a little hoarse, “En?”

Why suddenly mention this? Was she concerned about him?

Lu Wan took out two buns in a plastic bag from her school pants pocket.

“I knew you’ll be hungry so I brought you something to eat!”

It’s even your favorite bean stuffing! How thoughtful, right?!

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Lu Wan handed it to him. “You crushed the buns a little bit, but the taste is still very good. Eat it quickly while it’s warm. Don’t starve.”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Lu Wan: “Why are you just looking at me? If you don’t want to eat, then I’ll eat it myself ah.”

It just so happens that she rushed over and was only half full.


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