Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 124

“This is for females. It’s useless if I keep it.”

Lu Wan had no choice but to reach out and take it. “Thank you.”

Li Che sighed. Fortunately she accepted it, otherwise, he could only give it to one of the regular guests in the club.

Lu Wan mulled over it and asked, “Why do you have to……”

Go to the clubhouse to work?

Lu Wan didn’t utter the second half of the sentence.

It was so incomprehensible. If Li Che went to tutor, she thought there wouldn’t be a problem.

After all, this guy had good grades. Both his SAT and ACT scores were very high.

If Li Che got admitted to a foreign university and received a full scholarship, he basically doesn’t need to spend his own money. It would be enough to work part-time in his spare time.

This guy was really……

Li Che: “Because there’s a lot of money. The quality of the customers is relatively high and ‘friendly’.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The other party’s frankness left her speechless.

“Didn’t you apply for a scholarship?” Lu Wan asked.

“No one will dislike having more money.” Li Che remained unperturbed.

He applied for a scholarship in Shangde because many students from this school go abroad.

He could gather more information in this way.

Lu Wan: “All right.”

Anyway, it wasn’t like he was stealing or robbing.


Lu Lin looked at the two people chatting.

That kid was really capable.

When Lu Wan came, she didn’t pay much attention to anyone, except that she was talking to Li Che while drinking.

Even he, this brother of hers, was put aside!

Lu Lin felt sour. It was obviously him who organized this event, but in the end was it for this cheap kid?!

He pushed aside the people around him and strode towards the bar.

“Make me a drink.” After ordering Li Che, Lu Lin turned his head with a smile and said to Lu Wan, “Baby, you’re quite fond of this kid?”

Lu Wan: “What are you talking about?”

Lu Lin leaned against the bar. He lightly said, “It’s okay if you like him, but this kid is very slick. I’ll explain the rules to him clearly before sending him to you—” He paused as he realized that he said something wrong and changed his words halfway, “I mean, let him study before hanging out with you.”

Lu Wan was already a grown-up and it was normal to have a few good friends.

It’s just that this kid looks gentle on the surface, but he got a couple of tricks up his sleeves. How could he be popular in the club otherwise?

He was worried that Lu Wan would not be able to control him, so he wanted to warn the other side a few times.

Hey, it was the first time he had a younger sister.

But this brother should be able to score 90 points! Better than Lu Buyu!

How competent! How thoughtful!

Lu Wan said in a faint voice, “It’s really not necessary. Stop talking nonsense.”

Lu Lin: “Hey, what can’t you talk about with your brother?! Tell Brother whatever and whoever you want, I can get them all for you!”

After saying that proudly, he even glanced at Li Che pointedly.

Li Che’s hands kept moving and carefully mixed the drink without lifting his eyelids, as if he didn’t hear a thing.

Lu Wan gave Li Che a thumbs up in her heart. This buddy was too calm, someone who knows how to handle big things!

But she felt embarrassed.

Really perplexing. Can’t anyone manage this cousin of hers?

“Stop talking, or else I’ll tell uncle.”

Lu Lin: “I’m your older brother. We’re brothers and sisters! Everything your brother has, you can have it, or even better.”

Lu Wan: “No need, there’s really no need.”

Your group of ex-girlfriends and female confidants?

I can do without having that.

Lu Wan had a special person she really wanted to meet. Her idol, the lead singer of a band——Shen Huailin.

But seeing Lu Buyu’s ghostly appearance at home, the idea was dispelled.

In the past, her deskmate used to praise Lu Buyu through the sky. As a result, this guy dresses like an old man at home, acting foolish every day.

Together with his dog, it was like a comedy skit.

Could it be that Shen Huailin was the same in private?

As long as Lu Wan thought so, she couldn’t accept it.

It’s better to stay away from the idol’s life. I’m good, you’re good, everybody’s good.

“Your uncle? Don’t look at the old guy’s age, he’s well maintained and still has six-pack abs. His physical strength isn’t bad……” Pausing, Lu Lin stopped and said, “I shouldn’t talk about these things with a girl like you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You’ve already reached this point. What’s the difference?

Lu Wan: “If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll leave now.”

Li Che finished making the drink and pushed it in front of Lu Lin, maintaining a proper smile.

“Boss Lu, your wine.”

Lu Lin picked it up and took a sip. “Then I won’t say anything. The little girl has grown up and has her own little secret that she doesn’t want to tell her brother. Alright, you two talk. I’m leaving.”

He was a little hurt.

Lu Wan: “……”

She sort of understood why President Zhao said that the men of the Lu family were very showy and unpredictable.

Lu Bainian was the least among them.

The tsundere and aloof Professor Lu just hit Zhao Jianing’s heart. The others were really a bit unbearable.

Lu Wan turned her head and said to Li Che, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing, I want to thank you. After all, your brother recommended me to work.”

Those people who were aware that he knew the Lu family would be more polite.

Lu Wan: “It’s also nothing.”

The corners of Li Che’s mouth turned up, revealing a carefully calculated smile.

It was that kind of genuine and extremely harmless smile, making people feel that he was sincere and gentle.

The one that could make anyone let go of their vigilance and have a good feeling about the other person.

“In our country’s legislation, the crime of rape is only for women and girls. If it’s an adult man, the most serious situation is for it to be sentenced as an indecent assault[1]The law amending male rape didn’t take effect until November 2015.” Li Che said.

Though it’s quite sombre, it’s much more convenient to put up protection.


Seeing Lu Wan’s wide eyes, Li Che laughed.

“Just kidding.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Li Che: “Okay, remember to try the perfume I gave you tomorrow. It’s also good to change occasionally. The smell is very light so I think you’ll like it. But if you don’t, you can also just use it on the bathroom.”

Lu Wan: “We’ll see.”

Seeing the perfume, she thought of Chen Nianqing again.

Yes, that guy gave her a bottle of perfume too.

Li Che looked at Lu Wan who was deep in thought, and as if he could see through the other party’s thoughts, he said, “I’ll tell you a secret; men like to cheat. Even if you like someone, you should remain vigilant.”

Lu Wan was surprised. She raised her head and returned, “You’re a man too.”

Li Che: “I’m certainly not trustworthy either.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Oh, you’re being very honest, Big Bro.

Li Che continued mixing drinks. On second thought, Chen Nianqing could be trusted, at least so far.

After all, no one knows what could eventually happen.

That person was from a good family. He grew up with integrity and was outstanding in all aspects.

Although he was somewhat distant, it was okay for him to be proud with his qualification.

Always standing in the sun as if there was no shadow.

Since the feeling was already there, he might as well push Lu Wan.

He sent a bottle of perfume to accelerate the chemistry between the two people.

There was no particular reason. He just wanted to do so.


Several girls were attracted by Li Che’s smile and the number of people at the bar gradually increased, so Lu Wan left with the perfume.

She was walking halfway when she heard the sound of footsteps and sensed the wind behind her, so she reflexively moved aside.

“Cool Guy—”

Lu Buyu, who originally wanted to take the opportunity to retaliate, wanted to push Lu Wan to the swimming pool but was met with empty air.

Unable to stop the inertia, he rushed to the swimming pool by himself.

With the splash, everyone looked over.

Lu Wan squatted down and looked at Lu Buyu who was drenched in the pool.

Lu Buyu looked bewildered. “Do you have eyes behind your back? How can you dodge? It’s not scientific.”

Lu Wan: “I’ll teach you. Shake your little head.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Although he felt something was wrong, he did it anyway and shook his head.

“Do you hear the sound of water? Brother, the water in your brain is almost overflowing. Get more sunshine.” Lu Wan stood up after speaking.

Lu Buyu: “!!??”


It was already nine o’clock when Lu Wan got home.

Her mobile phone had already run out of battery and turned off automatically. She hadn’t turned it on after charging and fell asleep directly after taking a shower.

The quality of sleep improves after exerting ones physical energy.

It didn’t take her long to fall asleep after closing her eyes.

After Lu Buyu came up from the pool, in order to save his face, he told everyone that she was very strong, otherwise he wouldn’t miss.

After all, Cool Guy’s fitness warm-up method was deadlifting, such a hardcore was rare! It’s definitely not because he’s weak!

There were many fitness enthusiasts present and they were immediately interested.

It started with the girls wanting to be picked up by Lu Wan and take pictures.

Later, a 150 pounds man also came to try it out. After Lu Wan picked him up, he shyly expressed that he would also like to take pictures.

She lifted more than a dozen people in one night.

The people who were lifted were all in admiration for Lu Wan, this Astro Boy[2]Manga about a young android boy.

Lu Wan slept until dawn without even having a dream.

When she woke up the next morning, she saw the new bottle of perfume. After thinking about it for two seconds, she decided to use it as a change.

Although others might be surprised, Lu Wan likes perfumes.

The house she used to live in was dank and dilapidated so it had a lingering smell of damp wood.

When Lu Wan was a child, she would often pick fragrant flowers and put them at home, such as magnolia, gardenia and osmanthus. These flowers made her feel that there’s still hope in life.

The smell of this bottle of perfume was a bit like the grass after the rain. Like lemon and mint mixed together in a summer. It had a bit of tartness, extremely refreshing and suitable for this season.

Not strong at all, but rather fresh.

Lu Wan unexpectedly likes it.


Haley sat down and a few seconds later he asked with a shocked face, “Did you and Chen Nianqing really break up?”

Lu Wan: “……Why do you ask that?”

Haley: “You smell of another person’s perfume~”

Lu Wan was stunned. She lowered her head and sniffed, “Is it obvious?”

She simply sprayed it. She thought that only she could smell it.

“What do you think? Why did you change your perfume?! This fragrance is a bit strong and the smell is good. It can be seen that it wasn’t picked by you. Let me guess, it was given to you by a man? Is it a straight man?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Haley was excited. “Could it be an expert? Is he a white lotus man? Well done! You want to seamlessly slap Chen Nianqing in the face!” 

His mind was filled with thousands of dog blooded plot. The overbearing president wanted to get free from her white moonlight, sweet and abusive, but in the end it would be a HE[3]happy ending.

“It’s not what you think.”

Haley: “So are we still having lunch with Chunyuan— oh, Chen Nianqing today?”

Lu Wan: “Not sure…… Let’s see once we meet him.”

It wasn’t even noon when Chen Nianqing came during the second class break.

“Lu Wan, I have your hairclip right here.”

Lu Wan’s hair was short but it could be seen that she’s a girl.

When she first transferred to the school, she went to a boutique with Su Rao and bought a little strawberry hairclip which she could finally use now.

The weather was hot recently and sometimes Lu Wan would clip up a lock of hair in front of her face.

It keeps her forehead cool.

It couldn’t be help since her hair was thick and it was hot in the summer.

This made many students gasp. President Lu with the hairclip was actually kind of cute.

Simply illegal!

If not for the fear of having their legs broken, many people would have come up to her.

Lu Wan walked out and glanced at the hairpin on the other person’s palm.

It was indeed hers.

She hadn’t seen it for a few days so she thought it was lost.

“Thank you.”

Lu Wan felt that there was no need to make a special trip, as there were so many people watching.

It’s not too late to give it the next time they meet.

All the students understood in their hearts that the two did not break up.

What’s going on, why do they feel relieve and somewhat regretful at the same time?

“You……” Chen Nianqing frowned slightly when he smelled the scent of the other party.

Chen Nianqing’s heart was turbulent. Who gave her the perfume? Lu Buyu?

If it was someone else, then when did it happen?

He remained calm on the surface. “Come to the Music Club room this noon, I have something to say to you.”

Lu Wan was stunned. “I may not have time. I’m a bit busy.”

So he decided to show his hands? She doesn’t necessarily want to listen.

Chen Nianqing: “It won’t take long.”

Lu Wan looked at the other person. What does he mean that it won’t take long?

He’ll dismiss her in two sentences?

This is going too far. Is this how you treat your ally?

“Okay! I’ll go.”

Chen Nianqing raised his hand and fastened the hairclip on Lu Wan’s head.

He then rubbed her hair.

“Then I’m off. See you later.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She raised her hand to touch the clip on her head. It’s as if the warmth from the other party’s palm was still there.

Who wants you to put it on my head? Do I have no hands?

Everyone: “……”

Ahhhhhh, what’s going on? They also want to be patted on the head by Mr. Perfect.

Damn, damn, what’s going on? They also want to rub Lu Wan’s hair— If they could still live after doing so.


1 The law amending male rape didn’t take effect until November 2015
2 Manga about a young android boy
3 happy ending


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