Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 123

As soon as Lu Wan walked out of the school gate, she was stopped.

Lu Lin pushed his sunglasses up and said with a smile, “Brother especially came here to pick you up. Baby, aren’t you about to take the college entrance exam? I’ll hold a celebration party for you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

“Can I not go?”

Lu Lin: “Of course not. Everyone is already there, just waiting for you.”

Lu Wan thought for a moment and asked, “Does uncle know?”

Lu Lin wasn’t willing to inform him. He shrugged. “What about him? How old is he? He’s just a stodgy old man who has a generation gap with us!”

Lu Wan: “But I think…… there’s also a generation gap with you.”

“What generation gap can we have? You’re of age and so am I ah! Go, go, go, Brother will take you to relax and welcome the college entrance exam properly!”

Lu Wan: “……”

It doesn’t feel right.

Lu Lin took a few steps but notice that the other party didn’t follow. He turned his head and added, “Don’t just stand there. Get in the car. Lu Buyu is there today, and your friend, that one who can mix drinks.”

Lu Wan was startled. Lu Buyu followed to join in the fun.

And…… did he meant Li Che?

“Why is my classmate there too?”

Lu Lin: “Baby, do we have to stand in the wind to talk? Come on, let’s chat in the car.”

Lu Wan had no choice but to open the car door and sit in.

This was a very flashy sports car and Lu Buyu had a similar style.

“So, you hired that classmate of mine?”

Lu Lin: “Didn’t you ask me to help him conceal the matter of working in the bar last time? I could have solved it with a phone call, but baby, you asked for my help, so I have to be attentive ah. That’s why Brother ran there himself.”

Speaking of which, Lu Wan’s classmate was also a strange person. Shangde’s student went to work in a bar?

Although he was a high school student, it was illegal since the other party wasn’t an adult yet.

After bumping into an acquaintance in that bar, Li Che couldn’t stay any longer, so he requested Lu Lin to introduce him to a new job.

Out of curiosity, Lu Lin inquired to the bar owner.

The kid was amazing. In the first month of his arrival, he managed to rank in the top three in terms of performance, and had been number one since his second month.

He had some skills and a good face. Although he was not enthusiastic, he could read people.

Many people dig this kind of cool pretty boy.

He then did him a favor by recommending him to work in a friend’s club.

The guests of high-end clubs were either rich or influential people. In this way, Li Che could at most meet his schoolmates’ parents but never actually them.

Li Che only works at night and all day on weekends, but his performance was still in the top ten.

He only chats with the guests and make drinks for them, it was very proper.

However, if this kid was willing to take the plunge, with his figure, appearance and EQ, he would definitely be the king of ‘ducks’.

Today, Lu Lin hired two bartenders for the party. Thinking that Li Che and Lu Wan were classmates and had known each other for a long time, he specially called the kid over.

He just hoped that Lu Wan could be happy and have a good time.

Lu Wan: “……”

She paused for a moment, but finally decided to say nothing.


When the two arrived, the villa was already bustling.

Today, all of Lu Lin’s friends came, including rich girls and boys, and even some young stars from the entertainment industry.

Of course, there’s also a top star from the circle—— Lu Buyu.

Lu Lin told everyone in advance to behave since today’s protagonist was his younger sister!

She’s still a student!

However the atmosphere still has to be lively.

Lu Wan was stunned to see Li Che wearing a tie and a shirt.

He asked for a leave of absence for the last two classes this afternoon, saying that he wanted to go home first because he wasn’t feeling well, and the class teacher agreed.

Li Che does well in school and usually speaks softly. He was the kind of student that the teacher likes and trusts very much.

In addition, with his lean figure and pale complexion coupled with a slight frown and a pursed his lips, when he said that he was unwell, it looks genuine.

Li Che occasionally asks for leave and the frequency was not low. Lu Wan had even bumped into him twice. Like the teacher, she thought that the other party was really uncomfortable and didn’t have the slightest doubt!


If Lu Buyu had the same acting skills as him, what traffic star ah, he could directly become the best actor!

Lu Wan looked at Lu Buyu who was surrounded the crowd and sighed in her heart.

It doesn’t take much good acting skills, just that face was enough.

The women at the scene were all interested in Lu Buyu.

Although Li Che wasn’t bad, he was obviously a little younger and slightly immature, not the type these sisters like.

Lu Wan lowered her head and thought, if Dog Lu really goes as a princess marrying for peace, it would be worthwhile to negotiate a very high price.

When Lu Buyu saw her, he stood up and greeted, “Hey, Cool Guy~ don’t be so stiff. Have some fun. Come here.”

“Whoa, why do you call your sister Cool Guy?” A girl nearby asked.

“Yeah, that’s weird. Isn’t that for a man?”

Lu Buyu chuckled, “That’s because none of the men I met in the entertainment industry are as cool as her. What do you guys say, is she cool or not?”

“You’re right, she’s cool.”

“I’ve watched Young Lady’s variety show. I’m a fan of hers!”

“Well, she’s so cool.”

Lu Wan had black lines on her face. Before several people could have a chance to rush over, she turned around and walked back.

Her eyes roamed around and finally settled on Li Che who was mixing drinks.

She didn’t know this person well enough.

Lu Wan walked over directly.

“You asked my cousin to introduce you to a job?” Lu Wan lowered her voice and asked straight to the point.

Li Che kept moving his hands and said while smiling, “Yeah, my job is better now than before and I can make more money. I want to thank you too.”

Lu Wan: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Ah, sorry, I thought your brother told you.” Li Che shrugged his shoulders and then added, “You can drink. Let me mix one for you.”

Li Che thought that Lu Wan seems to like drinking cola.

He found a bottle from the pantry, added a juice of green lemon, stirred it lightly with rum, and then put in a few mint leaves for decoration.

His movements were smooth and a cup was prepared in less than two minutes. He gently pushed it in front of Lu Wan.

Lu Wan stared at the other side’s hand. It looked good…… but was different from Chen Nianqing’s.

The skin was white, the fingers were long and thin and the blood vessels could be clearly seen.

There was a feeling of fragile beauty.

“Beside from the drink, I’ll give you another gift.” After Li Che said that, he took out a beautifully wrapped box from the side and handed it over.

Lu Wan: “What’s this?”

“Although the tea fragrance is good, try the one I chose for you.”

Lu Wan’s head was full of question marks. “……Why are you giving me this?”

“Take it. I told you, this is a gift to thank you.” Li Che smiled, then added, “I think the lime one is also good. It fit’s you. It’s a bit like this drink, you can try it first.”

Thanks to Lu Wan’s help, he had made a lot of money recently. Of course, he should reciprocate.

In fact, the day Lu Wan’s adoptive father fell into the river and drowned wasn’t the first time he saw that man.

Li Che had examined his own conscience. He’s an extremely selfish and indifferent person. The so-called gentleness was just a necessary disguise in order to better mix in society.

He still remembered the night when he first met Lu Wan.

Her mother hurried home, and while packing and folding the waste paper that she planned to sell by herself, she said that she saw a child today about the same age as his little sister.

That child was very beautiful, with big eyes and short hair, looking especially like a little girl.

That she saw the child rummaging through the trash can, so thin with no one caring for her.

Tears fell as she spoke.

It just so happened that that man came back as he lost money again and immediately fell into a rage when he saw the crying woman.

“You do nothing but cry at home, that’s why this old man is losing money.”

Accompanied by curses, he started swinging his fists.

In the eyes of many men in small counties, beating their wives seems to be a very common thing.

This was a trivial family conflict and it was beyond the control of outsiders.

Li Che once had a younger sister whom he had never met because she died in her mother’s womb.

His mother was pushed down the steps by that man and his sister died due to it.

Li Che didn’t really feel much about his younger sister whom he had never met, but his mother often talked about her, and it appears that the emotion had also infected him.

Later, when he saw Lu Wan, he thought that it was better that his little sister died.

If the little girl was still alive, she would probably be just like this.

Because there was no one to take care of them, they had to go to the trash can every day dressed in rags. It’s better to reincarnate early.

So when Lu Wan came to ask him for help, he hesitated for the first time.

However…… this was something that needed to be considered for a long time.

Li Che didn’t immediately decide whether to do it or not. After all, it was a very big deal.

He spent a week following the drunkard and that’s when…… he found out that Lu Wan was a girl.

On the night of the accident, it was raining and the street lights were dim.

He followed fifty meters behind and watched as the drunkard walked up to the riverbank, then staggered and fell into the river.

After a splash, the only sound left was of the falling rain.

Li Che stood there for two minutes, and then returned home with his umbrella.

The rain washed away the footprints, as if he had never been there.

Lu Wan never looked for him again and neither of them mentioned this matter.

Of course he knew that the other party had doubts and just didn’t dare to ask.

At that time, he was less than fourteen years old, and Lu Wan was less than thirteen. Life wasn’t going very smoothly.

They were both so much more mature than their peers, but they were different from each other.

Lu Wan understands that one must resist when they were bullied and show the most vicious appearance so that the next time someone bullies you, they would have some scruples.

He thought about it more. Only by keeping deadpan could he have a better chance of winning.

Li Che had been very impressed watching the program 《Animal Kingdom》.

He knew that many animals must lower their bodies to hide themselves when hunting to find the most suitable opportunity to strike with one blow.

This way, it would put an end to it once and for all.


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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