Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 122

Lu Wan woke up early the next day.

She recalled what happened yesterday and was still upset after a night.

Chen Nianqing’s too uncool ba.

If he had someone he likes or if he decided to go abroad to pursue his dreams, shouldn’t he at least told her?

Could it be that he was thinking she would stop him?

What a petty person! Seriously?!

The more Lu Wan thought about it, the angrier she grew, and she even missed half of her breakfast.

She just drank a glass of milk, plus a fried egg and a bowl of wontons.

Lu Buyu looked shocked. “No way, you’re actually started managing your figure? The sun had really risen from the west.”

Wasn’t this guy a cow? There were also times when she had a bad appetite?

Lu Wan raised her eyelids. “You’d better not mess with me.”

Looking at leaving figure, Lu Buyu picked up the apple on the table, lowered his head and bit on it.

“What’s the matter? Is it because she’s nervous about the college entrance exam and Cool Guy is afraid that she won’t do well in the exam? Oh~ that’s not cool.”

Zhao Jianing: “It shouldn’t be that bad. In any case, Wanwan can at least get 700 points in the exam. Oh, back then your dad was number one in science in the whole province and I also ranked second in the city.”

After speaking, the couple looked at their son who was eating apples.

Lu Buyu’s stomach dropped.

Why mention the past? Are you isolating me? What do you guys mean?

Now I’m unhappy.


At noon, the cafeteria.

Lu Wan saw Chen Nianqing approaching from a distance.

This guy was quite popular. Aside from the beauty in white yesterday, he was also chatting eagerly with two girls at school.

She had to hand it to him ah!

Why didn’t she sense it before?

Lu Wan took a hard bite of the bread, feeling that it suddenly tasted bad.


“Thank you, Club Pres. We’ll be going first.”

“Sorry to bother you. We also like Senior Lu Wan very much, please tell her for us.”

The two girls belong to the Music Club and came to ask about club related things.

Chen Nianqing nodded slightly, then turned to walk in Lu Wan’s direction.

Just as he sat down, Lu Wan put down her chopsticks. “I’m full. I’m going back to the classroom to do some questions.”

Chen Nianqing followed and stood up. “Are you leaving now?”

Lu Wan: “Yeah, who asked you to come so late.”

She thought for a moment and felt that there was nothing to talk about between the two of them.

After all, they were not familiar with each other. If they were, then why didn’t he tell her that he wanted to go out of the country?

Heh, even if he was only on the stage of considering about it, couldn’t he discuss it with her?

She had plenty of time!

At any rate, they were allies and they hadn’t even graduated yet. This guy was really hateful!

Yes, it was mainly because Chen Nianqing didn’t tell the truth and didn’t treat her as a friend that’s why she was angry.

Chen Nianqing turned his head and looked at the other party’s distant back, thoughtful.

He asked Haley who was drinking, “What happened?”

Haley grinned, bit the straw and said, “I won’t tell you unless you beg me.”

Chen Nianqing: “I beg you.”

Haley was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that this man doesn’t have any burden on him. He was so decisive.

He shrugged his shoulders and didn’t try to play tricks with the other person.

“Sigh, isn’t it because you’re having an affair?”

Chunyuan was amazing. He couldn’t fight with him and could only admit defeat.

Although Lu Wan didn’t say anything, Haley had clearly seen the other party’s mind wandering several times between classes this morning.

She had never been distracted in class. After all, President Lu was a master of time management.

Who else would she be thinking about except this male fox spirit?

He’s really seductive.

“Yesterday we saw you talking and laughing with a girl at the school gate. Lu Wan was curious about who the other party was. After you left, she took the initiative to go over to say hello, and that girl asked her to persuade you to go abroad and even said that…… she’d always liked you.”

Although he didn’t want to admit, it was obvious that President Lu was jealous.

And it was also a little cute.

Chen Nianqing was surprised. “I see.”

No wonder she hung up after saying a few words yesterday.

Fortunately, Lu Wan wasn’t the type to keep things in her heart, and he discovered it not too late.

Haley looked at the departing Chen Nianqing and shook his head.

Yesterday’s event was spread all over the school. Everyone was discussing that if Lu Wan stayed in the country and Chen Nianqing went abroad, the two might break up.

Maybe they didn’t even have to wait until graduation.

Most people felt it was a pity. Although they were shocked at how these two got together at first, they had later accepted it and thought that they were a good match.

……Eating too much dog food was actually a bit addictive.

This couple’s dog food was different from others though. The latter could be avoided, but these two couldn’t.

Because their dog food was too advanced.

In each exam, the rankings of these two were always next to each other and only they could answer the additional big questions in mathematics correctly.

A bowl of dog food was thrown without warning and there was no way to avoid.

The impression of the young couple working hard together was quite positive.

Together, they were a fairy CP, and separately, they were a boy and girl crush. They were good no matter what.

Even if they broke up, it would do no damage to their charm.

Everyone was enthusiastic in supporting their CP but they were also looking forward to their breakup. Some were even beginning to stir.


Just after the classes were over in the afternoon, Lu Wan was called to the office by the teacher.

The class teachers of the two classes were melancholic. Although the school doesn’t strictly control dating, it absolutely doesn’t support it.

But who cares about the first and second year of high school? The third year was especially the critical stage as the college entrance examination was approaching!

In order to prevent students from badly handling their emotions and too much emotional fluctuations affecting their study and exams, teachers like them would basically persuade not to break up!

Even if they want to break up, it would have to wait until after the college entrance examination.

The class teachers of Class 4 and Class 1 looked at each other. It’s so difficult for them!

Ever since they ate the melon about the two students’ separation yesterday, they’ve been feeling trepidation all day long!

Of course, even if Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing didn’t perform well in the exam, they could go to any school in the country since their foundation was there.

For students like them, it was not the school that picks them, but it was them who pick the school.

Lately, these two top schools have been competing for students.

Before they had even taken the college entrance examination, the admission teachers on both sides came to contact the two, hoping that both of them would apply for their schools.

A full scholarship was the most basic and the admission teachers also said that as long as the proposed conditions were reasonable, it could be negotiated……

There was even an admission teacher who, through their relationship with Lu Bainian, wants their senior to persuade his daughter to apply for Tsinghua University.

After all, the father graduated from Tsinghua University, how could the daughter apply for the one next door?

This doesn’t make sense!

The other school disagreed, and said Lu Wan would most likely study economics and management in the future, and that their Guanghua School of Management[1]the business school of Peking University in Beijing, China understands! They’re obviously better and more suitable for her!

The two didn’t have to worry about school, but a bad frame of mind affects the exam and wasn’t conducive to ranking!

One must know that after getting 700 points in the entrance exam, the gap between five points and ten points was very large!

Judging from the mock test, it wasn’t a big problem for the two to rush into the top ten in the province and they might even place number one!

But if one fails the test because of emotional problems, the loss outweighs the gain!

It was an obstruction at the final leg! It’s not worth it!

Although Shangde doesn’t have an exam-oriented teaching system, the students who have taken the college entrance examination over the years have performed well.

The teachers of this year’s senior three group held high hopes for Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing.

Not just the two class teachers, all the teachers were worried.

They couldn’t wait for the two students to reconcile and go on a date! Show them their affection!

Li Yixian, the homeroom teacher of the Class 4, wanted to know the situation, so he called Xu Yao, who was usually close to Lu Wan, to the office.

He wanted to ask the state of affairs.

If possible, he hoped that Xu Yao could act as an intermediary to persuade and make peace.

After all, they were all schoolmates.

Xu Yao knew that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were going to break up, and he wore a grin on his face all day long.

He said loudly, “Lu Wan finally opened her eyes. What’s good about that little white face Chen Nianqing?! Breaking up is good! It was long overdue. Hahahaha!”

Li Yixian’s mood instantly became heavier.

“Enough, you get out! Stop talking!”

This wasn’t what he wanted to hear! Jerk!

The homeroom teacher of Class 1 deliberated and called Su Rao to the office to ask about the situation.

After all, she and Chen Nianqing were cousins ​​so she probably know more.

“Is the conflict between those two students very deep? Is there a good chance of reconciliation?”

Su Rao said in a faint voice, “I’m not surprised that they will break up. After all, the two of them are not suitable. Moreover, a forcibly picked melon is not sweet. Please give up, Teacher.”

The homeroom teacher of Class 1 suffered a heavy blow and waved his hand tremblingly. “……Alright, you should go.”

This wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

Su Rao walked out of the office, took out her mobile phone, and released the blocked Xu Yao.

The two of them fit in easily. Maybe this time they could cooperate briefly.

Kick Chen Nianqing out first, and then, whoever has the ability could go.


Shocked by the attitude of Xu Yao and Su Rao, the teachers in the office decided to find the parties concerned to ask!

They would personally persuade the two not to break up!

Li Yixian coughed, “Actually, I think Chen Nianqing is handsome, tall, has good grades, good temper and he can also play the cello. There’s no shortcoming at all. Yes, there is nothing he can’t do!”

He’s so excellent. Would you like to reconsider?

Lu Wan frowned. She felt that the class teacher was weird today.

After thinking for a while, she corrected, “That’s not right. He can’t give birth to children.”

Li Yixian froze, ruffled his thin hair, and said hesitantly, “Actually, that’s not necessarily true. After all, you are only eighteen years old. Ten years later, maybe there will be such a technology that will let men bear children. You can still look forward to it.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Why would she look forward to this?

“Teacher Li, what do you teach?” Lu Wan asked, changing the subject.

Li Yixian: “I teach physics ah!”

Wasn’t that obvious?

Lu Wan: “Physics is a rigorous science. Do you think what you said just now is appropriate?”

Li Yixian: “……”

Lu Wan shrugged. “Your evaluation of Chen Nianqing is objective and fair, but it’s best not to spread your thoughts casually. He probably doesn’t want to have the skills to give birth to children.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Teacher exaggerated.”

Lu Wan: “It’s alright. Science may also need a little fantasy. Then I’ll go first. See you tomorrow, Teacher.”

Li Yixian didn’t react until Lu Wan left the office.

He was deceived by the other person’s words just now. He asked her to come here not to talk about science but to act like a close elder and persuade the young couple not to break up.

He totally forgot about this!

His side wasn’t good, so he had to pin his hopes on Old Xia, the homeroom teacher of Class 1, wishing that the other party could live up to his expectations.


Chen Nianqing was stopped by his class teacher on the way out of school.

“That—, Teacher has something to say to you.”

Xia Xiaodong felt that this was too difficult. He’s been single all his life and never had a girlfriend. How could he persuade the students not to break up?

It was simply cruel.

Because he was a single dog, Xia Xiaodong had absolutely no experience in this area. Fortunately, Old Li from Class 4 had run this through with him.

Telling him Chen Nianqing’s possible reaction and how to deal with it.

In this way, at least he had a scope in his mind.

“Okay, Teacher.” Chen Nianqing followed the other party to a deserted path.

Xia Xiaodong thought carefully and said, “Actually…… I think Lu Wan is excellent. She’s beautiful, tall, smart, enthusiastic and responsible. She’s a very good girl. Do you know all these advantages?”

Chen Nianqing: “No, I think she’s so much better than what you said.”

Xia Xiaodong: “Huh?”

Wait, this was completely different from the answers that Old Li told him. It was not a complaint or a grumble, not even a justification.

He’s out of scope again.

Chen Nianqing: “Don’t you think so, Teacher?”

Xia Xiaodong: “……”

He had never taught Class 4 so he only knows that Lu Wan had good grades and nothing else.

Seeing that the other party was a little lost, Chen Nianqing smiled and said, “We’re fine.”

He had guessed the other party’s intention.

“You’re fine, then why—”

Chen Nianqing: “We have a good relationship. Thank you Teacher for your concern.”

“Oh, I see.”

Looking at the back of the person leaving, Xia Xiaodong scratched his forehead.

He came to persuade Chen Nianqing. How did it become the other party appeasing him?

But this was for the best. He could save himself from worrying.


1 the business school of Peking University in Beijing, China


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