Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 121

The peaceful days passed quickly.

In a blink of an eye, there’s only half a month left before the college entrance examination.

The atmosphere in the school was not too tense, but now it was even more relaxed.

There were various gatherings every day at noon and in the evening.

After all, it would be difficult to see each other again after the exam as they would go to university in different cities.

Half of them were even going abroad, so it would be hard to get together.

Haley was going to an art school in Paris, where he chose jewelry designing.

Lu Wan thought it’s good. It fits the other party’s personality.

“Honestly President Lu, if you want to keep me, I’ll stay and study at a domestic Academy of Fine Arts.” Haley said with a smile.

Lu Wan: “No don’t. I don’t want to affect your future.”

Haley shrugged. “Oh~ This is what horrible men do. I’ve made it clear but you still don’t get it.”

“Can you act serious for once?” Lu Wan scolded as she laughed.

Haley spread his hands helplessly. “No, Sir. Isn’t this legal? Then if I’m not being serious, will you arrest me and sentence me to life imprisonment?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Haley held his chin. “Hey, in fact, I’ve thought about it before. Prison seems to be quite good, but I want to apply to be locked up with an attractive and clean handsome guy with abdominal muscles. I want to meet a big man who does not flinch from difficulties[1]welcomes men.”

Lu Wan held her forehead. “Stop talking now.”

A group of students: “……”

As expected of you, Zhang Haley. Always racing at an extreme speed anytime and anywhere.

From first year to third year, his ‘driving’ skills became more and more proficient.

Lu Wan doesn’t plan to go abroad after graduating from high school.

If there’s an opportunity in the future, she can be a short-term exchange student, or go abroad for further study at the postgraduate level.

In fact, Lu Wan was pretty reluctant to leave her family. She didn’t want to spend just a short year with them and then be immediately half a world away.

It would take a few days to meet each other.

And Old Lu couldn’t stand it either.

During last dinner, Lu Buyu mentioned that she could go study abroad. Out of sight, out of mind.

Old Lu’s complexion immediately changed and he was not even in the mood to eat.

His tears almost fell.

Middle-aged men were particularly sensitive and frail, and they need care during menopause.

President Zhao coaxed for a while, and Lu Wan also promised to study in the country, until Old Lu gradually stabilized his mood.

In the end, he said despondently, “If you want to go abroad, Dad will naturally support you. You have your own life.”

As he talked, he became a little emotional again, as if Lu Wan was going abroad tomorrow.

Lu Wan and Zhao Jianing persuaded for a while before he calmed down.

Zhao Jianing gave his son a glare.

The daughter was a sweet little cotton-padded jacket while the son was a military coat in summer!

This kid was really touching a sore spot!

He’s spoiled by his fans!

That night, the couple lay in bed.

Professor Lu asked with a sigh, “If our daughter wants to go abroad, can I take two years off to accompany her?”

“I am worried after all. If the unit doesn’t grant my leave, I’ll find a way to retire early.”

Zhao Jianing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She reassured the other party that Lu Wan would not go abroad in a couple of years.

Besides, the unit wouldn’t let him retire early. Even when he reaches the retirement age, he might be re-employed with a high salary.

Lu Bainian devoted himself to his work and made great achievements in academics, but otherwise, he was very simple.

However, Zhao Jianing likes this simplicity. She had seen too many complicated people in her line of work, and she could completely relax in front of her husband when she returns home.

The most important thing for two people to be together was their suitability. They’ve been married for many years but love each other as before.

Lu Bainian wrote love letters to his girlfriend in his early twenties, and still writes love letters to his wife by hand.

Zhao Jianing kept everything well.


After finishing their drinks, a group of people came out of the dessert shop.

Lu Wan kept looking in the direction of the school gate.

The people in Class 1 just said that Chen Nianqing would come out later today.

That should be about right now.

Lu Wan had lunch with the other members of the Skateboard Club at noon.

She and Chen Nianqing were not in the same class so they haven’t seen each other today yet.

Lu Wan felt as if something was missing.

She was ready to wait for Chen Nianqing to come out. The two of them would talk through phone, but meeting each other wasn’t bad.

Seeing the target, Lu Wan quickened her pace that way, but was grabbed by Haley who was walking behind.

“Wait, President Lu, there seems to be a situation.”

Lu Wan halted and saw a girl in a white trench coat appearing at the school gate.

Long hair, big eyes, fair, good-looking.

It’s a beauty.

Chen Nianqing and the other party chatted for a few minutes before they separated and he disappeared into the subway entrance.

Haley’s hand grabbing Lu Wan tightened. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that you’ll encounter this, President Lu. You can also be green? This is nuts. This cute red panda is extremely disappointed with this world.”

Lu Wan pulled back her hand. “You’re being paranoid.”

Haley shook his head. “No, no, no, how can you say that I’m paranoid? You don’t know, Chunyuan— Chen Nianqing doesn’t pay much attention to others except you. Oh, yes, that reminds me, you’re a girl. “

Lu Wan: “……”

Isn’t that obvious?

Although my chest is flat, I should look like a girl, right?

Haley asked secretively, “You won’t hit him, will you?”

“No! Stop imagining things. There’s nothing between them. They just casually exchange a few words.”

Besides, even if there’s something, it seems like it wasn’t her place to speak.

Lu Wan felt a little uncomfortable.

If Chen Nianqing had someone he likes, he would’ve told her beforehand, right?

There’s no spirit of contract but was she such a stingy person?

Haley: “President Lu, you have to stand up. Letting men get away with too much is bad. He looks like an alluring spirit. You can’t let your guard down.”

“Nonsense, how can he be an alluring spirit? You even said he was a cold person last time.”

“He can hook you, so he has to be a more powerful than me. It’s very annoying.” Haley paused and added unreconciled, “As long as he’s himself, if you don’t keep an eye on him, there will be other moths rushing to him. I have more experience than you in this area. This is the words from the heart of someone who’ve been through this.”


Haley: “You don’t get it. Men understand men better. Compared with you who can’t really tell, I’m indeed a man.”

Lu Wan: “……”

No, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t compare your gender with mine.

“Was that girl just now pretty?” Haley asked.

Lu Wan said honestly. “Pretty.”

“That’s right. If you’re a man and I’m straight, do you think we’ll like her?”

Lu Wan contemplated about it. There’s no need to mention that…… she would’ve really like her.

The girl was gentle and fragrant at first glance, with shiny lips.

Very beautiful.

The girl looks young, so…… what was the relationship between her and Chen Nianqing?

Just now, the two were talking and smiling, obviously very close.

Was she the girl he likes?

Lu Wan: “I’m going to ask.”

Haley: “Are you going to ask directly?”

“What else?”

Haley: “……”

As expected of you.

Chen Nianqing left, but the girl was still standing there. Instead of guessing, it’s better to ask the person concerned directly.

Lu Wan walked straight over and stopped in front of the girl.



Mu Jing was thinking about what Chen Nianqing said just now, when she was interrupted. She raised her head and was a little surprised to see the person in front of her.

The other party was wearing the school uniform of Shangde High School. She was tall, not the traditional pretty girl, but was also good-looking.

Her eyes were bright, as if hidden with vigorous vitality.

She thought for a moment and asked with a smile, “Hello, are you a friend of Chen Nianqing?”

Lu Wan: “Yes, we are friends.”

The girl stole her line.

Mu Jing was surprised. Chen Nianqing’s friend?

She looked her up and down, and suddenly felt a sense of crisis that she had never felt before.

It was an intuition.

“Hi, Chen Nianqing and I used to learn cello from the same teacher. I have known him for ten years and we participated in many competitions together.”

Lu Wan: “I see.”

That was, they’ve known each other since they were young. What’s the word for it, childhood sweetheart?

Mu Jing: “Since you’re his friend, I want to ask you a favor.”

“A favor?”

“The professor I am talking about is an internationally renowned cellist. Two years ago, the professor wants to let Chen Nianqing go to the Conservatory of Music, but he didn’t agree, so I went there alone. Although it’s two years late, the professor still hopes that he can continue his studies.”

Lu Wan nodded. “Did you tell him just now? Then how did he answer?”

“He promised me that he would consider it, so I hope you can help me convince him, because Chen Nianqing is very talented, it would be a pity to stop learning.”

Lu Wan: “……You really care about him.”

Mu Jing was frank, “I’ve liked him for a long time.”

“It’s like that ah.”

Chen Nianqing said that he likes kind-hearted girls, and this one looks like a kind girl with a gentle smile, generous and decent.

Mu Jing clasped her hands together. “Please help me persuade him.”

Lu Wan didn’t think too much as she nodded vaguely. She watched the other party leave before returning to her senses.

Why did she nod? Was she really going to help persuade Chen Nianqing to study cello abroad?

Although…… that’s not bad.

If Chen Nianqing left the country, would he be with the girl just now? Would they get married?

But that guy told her that he wanted to be a doctor?

Was it just a casual remark, or did he changed his mind?

Lu Wan couldn’t figure it out until she got out the car.

It’s too complicated, much harder than math and physics problems.

She was agitated for some reason and just couldn’t calm down.


At the family dinner.

Lu Buyu raised his head and looked at Lu Wan in surprised.

“What’s wrong with you, Cool Guy? Did you encounter difficulties in your studies? Or did you get dumped by your cabbage? You only ate a bowl of rice.”

Lu Wan: “Shut up. I’m full.”

She put down her chopsticks and walked upstairs.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Something’s really going on. She’s not going to perform apple breaking today?

Lu Wan was a little annoyed so she simply took out a set of papers and started to do it to avoid wild thoughts.

It had become a habit for the two of them to make a call every night.

Chen Nianqing would call on time, but if the other party failed to do so, Lu Wan would dial his number.

When the phone rang today, Lu Wan hesitated for a few seconds before picking it up.

“I haven’t seen you all day. When I passed by your classroom on the way to the bathroom, you weren’t there either.”

Lu Wan: “That’s a coincidence, I saw you.”

Chen Nianqing: “When?”

Lu Wan thought of that beautiful girl again. The other party asked her to help persuade Chen Nianqing to go abroad.

She agreed in a daze, but she didn’t want to speak at all.

“I’m going to sleep. Good night.” After Lu Wan said this, she hung up the phone.

She lay sprawled on the bed.

This was really killing her. Even the quilt smells like Chen Nianqing.

She shouldn’t have sprayed the perfume that the other party gave her randomly.

Lu Wan got up from the bed. She was inexplicably sentimental today.

In this case, it’s better to memorize French words for another hour.

Lu Wan took a photo of the desk and posted it on Moments.

「Learning makes me happy! A book holds a house of gold[2]be diligent in your studies, success and glory will follow!」

Soon this post was liked by a bunch of people and the comments continued to increase.

【Haley: What am I seeing?! President Lu actually posted on Moments?】

【Zhao Yihang: There’s one more sentence though it’s unnecessary. My Club Pres is the ‘beauty[3]The whole proverb literally means: in books are sumptuous houses and graceful ladies’! Jiayou!】

【Song Qianqian: President Lu, you already have a golden house! No need to work so hard!】

【Zhao Yan: Classes during the day, parties after class, studying at home. Lu Wan, the master of time management. Smiley.jpg】

【Tang Tang: Really don’t want people to live. With your good grades, you still study at night? More handsome than me, smarter than me, richer than me, and have more hair than me. I’m going to lose sleep……】

【Dog Lu: Are you sick? It’s so late at night.】

【Dad: Lu Buyu, is this how you talk to your sister? Is your skin itchy? I’ll come and remedy it for you.】

【Mom: My daughter is incredible!】

【Cousin: Studying every day is so boring, I asked you to find a handsome scumbag guy, have you found one?】

【Uncle: Darling, pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Finger heart. Lu Lin, do you want to die, or are you tired of living? Talking nonsense, this old man will beat you to death!】

Chen Nianqing was a little surprised.

Didn’t Lu Wan just say that she was going to sleep? Why was she studying again?

He sent a message to remind the other party to have an early rest and not stay up late.

Reading through the comments, Lu Wan did not find Chen Nianqing, so she wondered if the guy was asleep?

Is he sleeping now?

After exiting Moments, she opened the chat interface, and when she saw the message sent by the other party, Lu Wan was relieved.

Humph, that’s more like it.

She coolly replied with one word: OK.

All right, now she could concentrate on memorizing words!


1 welcomes men
2 be diligent in your studies, success and glory will follow
3 The whole proverb literally means: in books are sumptuous houses and graceful ladies


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