Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 120

Lu Buyu doesn’t feel as tired at work. He seems to have signed autographs for a whole day!

Damn it! Lu Wan was a devil!

Before the devil went out in the morning, she said with a smile on her face: Although they’re all my schoolmates, they can count as yours too. Jiayou!

Lu Buyu couldn’t refute.

The door slammed, and seeing the devil walking in, Lu Buyu threw the pen on the table with a ‘clack’.

His resentment was so great that he lay down on the table and said, “My arm is about to break. Are you satisfied?”

Lu Wan: “There actually aren’t many. If you go according to the schedule, you’ll be done today.”

It looks like a lot, but postcards were made of thick cardboard, so there were actually less than 5,000 copies.

Five thousand copies equals to 15,000 characters. If it’s not in regular script, it shouldn’t be too tiring.

Writing an 800-word composition while paying attention to her handwriting would take her 40 to 50 minutes.

If there was no need to think, the speed would be about 1.2 seconds per word.

There were less than 1,000 students in Shangde High School. After all, they were students in a private school with high tuition fees.

But there were primary and middle school divisions, plus the faculty, and the school cleaners.

That’s five to six thousand people in total.

Lu Buyu was a shared boyfriend. His charm ranges from children aged five to six to aunts aged fifty to sixty.

This couldn’t be blamed on her ah.

Now that everything was signed, of course everyone had a share. It’s better to take the initiative and give it all to them rather than have someone come look for her every day.

There were also students who expressed their desire to ask for a copy for friends and cousins ​​outside school, but Lu Wan refused.

After all, if everyone added a few, then Lu Buyu would have to be locked in a small black room for a week.

It would be too inhumane.

Lu Buyu leaned back on the chair and raised his hand to show the other party. “My hand hurts, and so does my shoulder!”

Lu Wan stepped forward. “Then let me knead and thump it for you?”

Lu Buyu watched the other party warily as he stood up, wanting to run.

“What the hell are you trying to do? Is it that ‘hit like a gas tank’ kind of thump?”

Lu Wan pressed Lu Buyu back into the chair. “The chair doesn’t have thorns so why can’t you sit still?”

“President Zhao! Old Lu! Your daughter is going to kill a person!”

But then Lu Buyu gradually realized that something wasn’t right. Why was it so comfortable?

He looked back and said with shock on his face, “You’re really skilled.”

Lu Wan: “Of course. I’ll relieve the muscles of your lower neck and shoulders. You’re working hard.”

Lu Buyu completely relaxed. There were times when this she-devil was good.

Lu Wan massaged him for more than ten minutes and asked with a smile, “Is it better now?”

Lu Buyu nodded with an “Mmm-hmm” and opened his eyes. Pushing his luck, he added, “Why don’t you help massage my legs too? I’m exhausted after all the signing.”

Lu Wan wondered, ‘Do you also use your feet to sign’? She looked at the other party, all smiles. “Is my massage technique not bad?”

“……Not bad.”

“Where I used to live, there was a massage parlor downstairs and I just learned a few skills. In addition to massage, I also learned how to dislocate people’s arms.”

The smile on Lu Buyu’s face faded away.

Lu Wan: “Brother, if your arm is dislocated, you won’t need to continue signing.”

Lu Buyu’s expression became solemn and he immediately sat upright. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. No matter what, I’ll finish signing it all today.”

Lu Wan: “Brother is so nice.”

After doing a dozen more or so, Lu Buyu looked up and said, “Then will you at least massage my shoulders?”

Lu Wan: “Okay, then I’ll do it for another ten minutes.”

This can be considered as labor costs.

Lu Wan used to do this for her adoptive mother. Because of overwork, that woman often suffered from pain and couldn’t sleep in rainy days.

Although the other party was dislikeable, she was indeed pitiful.

But Lu Wan still deplored her attitude of resignation more.

In truth, that woman didn’t treat her badly.

But when Lu Wan was kneeling in the mud, her kindness to her adopted daughter was nothing more than letting her stand up in the mud.

The door wasn’t closed, and when Zhao Jianing passed by, she took a photo of the two.

Five thousand pieces was to be signed by Lu Buyu for two days.

She’d estimated that yesterday, this boy only signed for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

So it was postponed to today. Signing while playing, he’s afraid that it would be too fast and he wouldn’t be able to sell his misery when his little sister came back.


Recently, the news had been bubbling with noise. It had been more than a week since Lu Buyu’s family background was exposed but the heat had still not completely subsided.

Xiao Zhang simply gave Lu Buyu a few more days off to keep a low profile for a while.

The area was surrounded by reporters everywhere and even the faintest whisper made headlines. Too frequent exposure wasn’t good, as if one’s living in hot searches and headlines.

What does this make other colleagues who pay for hot searches feel?

Many artists say that they only become stars because they like to sing, dance and act, not because of money. Everyone felt it’s a bit unbelievable.

But when it comes to Lu Buyu…… everyone really believed it!

Generally speaking, descendants of wealthy families would try to keep a low profile unless necessary. Who could have thought that Lu Buyu would hide his identity to become an artist?

Passersby thought this was new.

Even the black fans thought…… This dude is so interesting!

Obviously, he could be a young master with a share of dividends, but he went to struggle in the entertainment industry.

In the first two years of his career, he was so tired that his feet didn’t touch the ground and was almost hospitalized, which can be called inspirational.

The population of the Lu family was small and each member holds certain shares. If these shares were exchanged for money, Lu Buyu should be among the top five celebrities in the entertainment industry in terms of wealth.

Maybe even be the first……

Lu Bainian was recognized by his brother Lu Jinye later on. This happened in recent years, so they were able to conceal it.

But leaving aside the Lu family, Lu Buyu’s father was a big name in the industry and his mother was the boss of a company, which was also very superior!

Still a shocking family background.

But the young master just didn’t mention anything!

Even when he was starting out, because he wore famous brands and looked good in women’s clothing, the anti’s spread a rumor that a big boss liked his appearance dressed as a woman and only after he was kept was he able to afford those famous brands.

It was like that but Lu Buyu remained calm and didn’t say anything.

As a top star, he had a lot of fans and a good reputation.

He didn’t accept endorsements that require fans to buy a targeted volume, therefore he missed a lot of business.

But this also had an advantage, making the businesses that Lu Buyu received recognized by all. Most of them were big names and there were also first-line luxury brands.

The gifts given at his concert were more expensive than the lowest ticket price and the fans of other houses say that rich people were really ridiculous.

Lu Buyu’s fans were very worried that the idol wouldn’t be able to make money. They once hinted that although they wanted Brother Yu to appear more sophisticated, he could occasionally pick up other brands.

They can afford it too!

Now we understand. It turns out that working in the entertainment industry for a year isn’t enough to keep up with your shares dividends! We were worried for nothing! So that amount of money is nothing in your eyes?

We didn’t expect you to be such a Lu Buyu!


The rich Lu Buyu spent two days signing all the cards.

Lu Wan found the video camera.

They would record the greeting videos one time to save trouble.

“You don’t need to use your hands this time. You just need to move your mouth.”

Lu Buyu kept smiling and took six soulful shots.

“Hello, students, I’m Lu Buyu. Happy Girls’ Day!”

“Hello, students, I’m Lu Buyu. Happy Women’s Day!”


“Hello, students, I’m Lu Buyu. I wish you all success in the college entrance examination and that you will all be admitted to the University of your choice.”

He was smiling on the surface but inside, he wanted to kill someone.

Lu Wan had gone too far. She captured the sheep and even plucked its wool. His face was almost stiff from smiling.

While watching the videos, Lu Wan said, “Very good, I’ll keep this. Thank you.”

Lu Buyu: “That’s all? You’ll just express your gratitude verbally?”

Lu Wan looked up. “What do you want?”

“You should at least be sincere.” Lu Buyu said, crossing his arms.

Five minutes later, 【I am also overeating today】 with three million followers posted on Weibo.

「Brother is great! The best brother in the world!」

Since the brother and sister’s relationship was exposed, this Weibo account had gained millions of followers.

Lu Wan lifted her head and asked, “Is this enough?”

She doesn’t talk disgustingly. This was posted in accordance to the content specified by Lu Buyu.

So silly.

Lu Buyu: “You should add a few expressions at the end to make it more vivid, but you don’t understand these things. Forget it, I can’t ask you for more.”

Lu Wan looked indifferent. “Oh, I see.”

Lu Buyu waved his hand. “Go out, I don’t want to see your face for the time being. Whenever I see it, I remember that I was forced to sign for two days.”

Lu Wan: “It just so happens that I don’t want to see you either.”


This Weibo post by Lu Wan became popular an hour later.

Sweet sibling love!

The little sister actually praised her big brother!

As they got older, they feel that it was safer to support sibling love than to support a CP!

Lovers might break up, but relatives would always be relatives!

Moreover, both Lu Buyu and Lu Wan were gems! Their personalities were too complementary!

Lu Buyu had lots of big fans. They took the lead in supporting the brother and sister’s sugar. Don’t be too sweet! There’s no loss in investing!

The front page of Weibo was full of support for the brother and sister.

【Three meals a day: This old aunt is rewatching that variety show with an auntie smile on my face.】

【Staying up late every night: The younger sister beats the older brother on the show, but they look very sweet now! There’s no sense of isolation at all!】

【Purple Aegean Sea: Dang, I never chase stars but I fell into Lu Buyu’s pit. After finishing the previous variety show, I feel that he’s a silly handsome guy.】

【The little white rabbit is whiter than white: Lu Wan’s cool! Lu Buyu’s character is too cute! Their personalities have won over a lot of hearts! Silly and cool!】

【Strawberry milk rolled ice cream: I hope that after Little Sister’s college entrance examination, the two of them can have another variety show!】

【There are trees in the mountains and branches in the trees: I hope that the brother and sister can go on variety shows together +1.】

【Sister can only drink vinegar: I hope that the brother and sister can go on variety shows together +2.】


Lu Buyu has reduced his exposure, but the launch date for the magazine shoot he did has already been set and was not affected.

Normally, Lu Buyu could easily sell one million copies.

Fans scatter to buy it in one day.

The day of the sale happened to be the weekend and the time was set at nine in the morning.

Song Qianqian liked to stay in bed on weekends and slept until 9:30. She opened the official link page of the magazine and sat up from the bed in shock.

What happened? She was only half an hour late this time and the magazine was sold out?!

Not available?

Song Qianqian ran to the group to ask. It turned out that it was sold out in three minutes.

Then at 9:10 and 9:20, the goods were added again, which was cleared out in two minutes.

The magazine said that it can no longer be added so there was no way to buy.

Many fans in the group voiced their problems. What the hell. If they had known it was so popular, they would have set an alarm clock!

Their family doesn’t need to raise funds for sales nor break any records so everyone was very chill.

Anyway, the total number of magazines ultimately sold must be the most in the whole year.

This data was the most convincing and there’s no need to argue about the others.

Who could have thought of such a situation? If they knew it earlier, they would’ve set an alarm advance!

Fans found that Lu Buyu seemed to be more popular than before…… There were many new and passerby fans.

Many people who were not interested in celebrities, even those in other circles, have fallen into the pit after watching the advertisement video.

Before coming here, everyone thought that Lu Buyu…… must be a male protagonist with a domineering CEO setting, but after having an understanding, they moved on and it turns into a well-educated little princess.

After becoming a fan, everyone went to grab a copy of the magazine.

If the little princess couldn’t make money in the entertainment industry, wouldn’t he want to go home and inherit the family property instead?

How could they let that happen!

Wasn’t it just selling magazines? Buy it! Buy it all for him! Give the little princess a face!


When Xiao Zhang saw Lu Wan’s post, he didn’t need to guess to know that it was Lu Buyu’s doing.

Either Brother Yu asked the other party to send it like this, or he grabbed the phone and sent it himself!

Astonished, Xiao Zhang called to ask the person in question.

“Brother Yu, you’re marketing yourself?”

President Lu posted on Weibo the day before the magazine went on sale, then the magazine’s official blog thoughtfully commented on it, so it was pushed to the front row. That’s how many passersby fans came to buy.

Lu Buyu: “What are you talking about?”

Xiao Zhang: “I don’t mean it in a bad way. It’s normal for siblings to rub traffic. Look how good the effect is. You have 90 million Weibo fans! It can probably break through 100 million in half a year! Little President Lu is awesome!”

He analyzed his boss’s new fans, many of whom were stock investors and those who have never followed stars.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Xiao Zhang: “Many artists are envious and wish they have a younger sister who will soon turn eighteen! With good grades and a smart brain!”

Lu Buyu: “You…… don’t want a year-end bonus?”

“Whatever you like, Brother Yu. Thanks to you I’ve made a lot of money from the stocks I bought recently oh.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Generally, if you talk like this, you will be beaten.


Lu Buyu was struggling, and the knock on the door interrupted his train of thought.

He thought it was the auntie, but didn’t expect it to be Lu Wan.

Lu Wan: “My schoolmates asked if they could buy your magazine for group buying, but I declined.”

Lu Buyu gave a cold ‘hum’ and raised his chin. “How about it, because of me, you are very popular in school, right?”

Your brother, I, is a top star!

Lu Wan: “En, because of you, I’ve been taking the family car to go to school recently.”

The news was raging. Before, Lu Wan could be recognized by a few people, but now, only a few people couldn’t recognized her.

She could only go to school by car and avoid public transportation.

Lu Buyu: “What’s wrong with that? It’s a multimillion dollar car.”

Lu Jinye’s car and driver have the highest level of bulletproof body.

Lu Wan: “If you want to put it that way, I used to outride tens of millions of vehicles.”

The subway was fast and there were no traffic jams.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Wan: “Recently, a lot of your obsessed fans have come to block me at the gate. It doesn’t matter to me, but they crowded there, and the cars picking up students can’t park easily.”

Lu Buyu felt guilty for some reason. If those proxy photographers hadn’t caught up to him, the relationship between them wouldn’t be exposed.

President Zhao’s company had very strict security and no one could enter without an employee ID. Professor Lu was part of a military organization and irrelevant people weren’t allowed to approach, there were sentries.

Lu Wan was the most affected.

Seeing a shift in the other party’s expression, Lu Wan knew that it was almost time. She said with a smile, “Let’s have a negotiation. On the day of our graduation party, you will perform.”

Lu Buyu: “……Why?”

Lu Wan said with a face full of sincerity. “Everyone welcomes you and I hope you can come.”

“You want me to come?”

“Of course, after all, you’re my brother.”

Lu Buyu began to smile and then coughed, “Since you’re inviting me so sincerely, I’ll have to come.”

After closing the door, Lu Buyu walked back to the bed and gradually figured out that something was wrong.

Why does it feel as if he’s been tricked?

Obviously, it should be Lu Wan begging him, but instead, it turned into him smiling and promising to go.

Lu Buyu dismissed the idea. It shouldn’t be.

En! He’s just thinking too much.

He really wanted to attend Lu Wan’s graduation ceremony.

Long ago, before Lu Wan came back, he had a similar dream.

He dreamed that he was attending his little sister’s primary school ceremony and it took him a long time to wake up and get over it.


Haley swiped Lu Wan’s Weibo and immediately knew that it was definitely not her.

Steel Straight wouldn’t talk like this!

He sent screenshots of the most popular comments to President Lu.

All of them were brother and sister sweets. They feel that the relationship between the brother and sister was really good while they and their older and younger brothers were killing each other every day.

They’re too envious.

【Haley: What do you think?】

【Lu Wan: Everyone thinks too much.】

Sibling harmony was simple.

As long as one side understood that they couldn’t win by fighting, then there would be no killing, only peaceful reasoning.

After all, Lu Buyu made it clear that he regretted it. There’s no need to fight if he couldn’t win, so now he could only reason with her.


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