Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 134

Extra 5

“Hello? Hello? School Grass! Idol! Please, this is the fifth time. Just go for a moment.”

The boy clasped his hands together and looked at his roommate expectantly. Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, he added, “Please, that girl earlier said that as long as you go, they will cover all the drinks. How about I kowtow to you?”

His tone could be described as very humble.

At the beginning of school, Chen Nianqing became popular with just a picture of his side face.

Although this was a university with a heavy learning atmosphere, most of them were impressed by ‘absolute beauty’.

Top students also have aesthetics. No one dislikes a beautiful appearance, not to mention that the other party wasn’t only good-looking, but also the first place in the medicine department this year.

There was a forum post where people were discussing this up-and-coming school grass, and one message was particularly conspicuous.

“A face and figure that even men can’t help but be moved by.”

Everyone was deeply convinced that this was true.

After the one-month military training, there were many organizations for freshmen and they were all eager to give it a try.

The other organizations all called upon Chen Nianqing to attend. If he was there, beautiful girls were bound to turn up as well.

The gender ratio in science and engineering departments were unavoidably unbalanced, with more males than females, so if one wants to fall in love, one have to be active and broaden their circle of friends to win at the starting point.

The college entrance examination was over, so for restless youths, who doesn’t want to have sweet love?

Love and study could be grasped by both hands. Top students should have outstanding achievements on both sides!      

Chen Nianqing: “Heh, not going.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. The one we’re attending today is from the faculty of law! You have acquaintance there, Lu Wan from the law department. I know you were schoolmates. She’ll also be there! Why not go to see a friend?”

Chen Nianqing looked away from the book he was reading and raised his eyes to ask, “Lu Wan?”

“No kidding! Our Goddess Lu’s roommate has given her word that she will bring someone. You know, Lu Wan is well liked in school! The venue will absolutely be packing today.”

Chen Nianqing narrowed his eyes slightly, his voice a little dangerous, “Well liked? You like her too?”

“No, no, no.” He Rui waved his hands quickly. “How can that be? I’m self-aware. The difficulty of trying to be with a goddess is too high! They can be seen from afar but can’t be touched!”

Chen Nianqing was the most focused on among the freshmen boys, while Lu Wan was the most focused on among the girls.

Chen Nianqing looked on indifferently. “Heh, touched?”

He Rui: “……I certainly don’t dare!”

My goodness, what’s wrong with this Mr. Perfect? Why does he look like he would eat someone?

He didn’t think he had said anything wrong.

Besides, Lu Wan was very valiant and cool, ​​with an aura of 2.8 meters. How could ordinary people manage her?

It was impossible for him.

He Rui gave it some thought. Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan should be ordinary schoolmates. After all, it has been two months since school started and he hadn’t seen the two people interacting frequently.

“So, what’s your relationship?” He Rui carefully asked to verify.

Chen Nianqing: “Worry about yourself. I’ll consider whether or not to go.”

He Rui immediately beamed with joy. “That’s great. Then I’ll take it as you agreed. I’ll go and reply right now.”

Chen Nianqing closed the book. Without talking, he walked out with the phone on the table.

He Rui looked at the other party’s distant back.

Hey, with such long legs, let alone a girl, even him who shared the same dormitory with the other party couldn’t handle it ah.

The university dormitory was a communal life. The last time He Rui went back to the dormitory, he was in a hurry to go to the bathroom, so he opened the door and rushed in.

The bathroom door was broken and couldn’t be locked.

At that time, Chen Nianqing had just finished taking a shower and was wearing a pair of boxer shorts.

That figure was absolutely great, with firm and tight long legs, wide shoulders and narrow waist, and six-pack abs.

The mermaid line stretching into the underpants and there was also a capital in the middle……

He Rui was astonished.

Chen Nianqing frowned and said, “Get out”. That was when he reacted and left in a hurry.

Holy sh*t, it was the first time he found out that men could also be so sexy.

That figure was fantastic.

Whenever He Rui saw handsome guys before, he could comfort himself that at least he had a smart brain, and people couldn’t be perfect.

But when he met Chen Nianqing, he was completely defeated.

He realized that Heaven was so unfair. Some people were not only smart, but also handsome.

How could the gap between the same species be so large?

It wasn’t only him that thought that with Chen Nianqing’s figure, wearing clothes every day was a cursed thing.

It’s no wonder that those girls were enthusiastic about the handsome guy. If not because he was firmly straight, he’d probably become bent.

Though if it was Old Chen, it’s possible.

Every time he wanted to touch the other person’s abdominal muscles, he was coldly rejected.

Of course, he was just thinking about it. After all, Chen Nianqing had never accepted anyone. Every time girls tried to strike up a conversation with him, the handsome guy was indifferent. He would refuse the other side with no room for imagination and crushed their hearts.

He Rui looked at Chen Nianqing who was standing on the balcony making a phone call, wondering what kind of girl the other party would find in the future.

Wait, what’s going on, the handsome guy was actually smiling?

Who’s he talking to? His girlfriend? His mother?

Curious, He Rui went over to hear what was going on.

Chen Nianqing’s voice was very soft, apparently having a pleasant chat with the person on the other side of the phone. He was confused to hear the word ‘husband’.

He Rui froze, almost breaking out with sweat in his fright.

He deliberated over a dozen times in his mind to make sure that he had heard correctly, and his whole person was in shock.

Who would have thought that Chen Nianqing, who had very sexy legs, this Idol who was loved by countless girls, had a husband behind the scene?

A husband!


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Chen Nianqing was also very helpless. The previous month of military training was very busy and although the two of them shared the same school, he and Lu Wan could only met in private on Sundays.

Finally, the military training ended last week but Lu Wan went to work on other things again.

She made new friends and joined clubs. She seemed busy.

At this rate, this person would completely forget him.

Definitely not.

Lu Wan was really busy.

The passing grade for the faculty of law was very high. The freshmen were all selected from thousands of people and were extremely outstanding.

In a class, there were too many top scorers of the college entrance examination in the city level that they were lost in the crowd. Even top scorers of provincial level were a lot and weren’t so rare.

The students around her were exceptional and Lu Wan’s desire to win was once again aroused!

In addition to studying, her extracurricular life was also very rich.

Lu Wan’s skateboarding skill was very good so they called her to the gathering of the Skateboard Club’s new members in the evening.

Because of her joining, the Skateboard Club has absorbed three times as many new members than in the previous years…… All of them were harboring evil intentions and wanted to be the fish in that sea.

Since they’d been stifled for a long time in high school, they were very enthusiastic when they came to university.

There were confessions after confessions. It was a lot compared to high school.

Lu Wan chatted with Chen Nianqing on WeChat every day for half an hour, the same as before they took the college entrance examination.

She hung up the phone just when her roommates came up to her.

“President Lu, who are you chatting with?”

“Chen Nianqing.” After a pause, Lu Wan turned around and asked, “Why do you call me ‘President Lu’? My schoolmates from high school also call me that.”

Someone called her that at the beginning of the semester and a week later, everyone started calling her ‘President Lu’.

“Because you’re a queen!”

Lu Wan thought for a while. “No. No one calls me that even when I was in middle school.”

“Oh, then what do they call you?”

Lu Wan: “Brother Lu? Master Lu?”

Her three roommates laughed. How exactly can you mislead yourself?

Lu Wan: “……”

Fine, it’s a little off.

Her phone vibrated and Lu Wan lowered her head to check the new message from Chen Nianqing.

The other party reposted a small essay on the forum and she clicked on it.

「Title: How to be a good husband」

Lu Wan was stunned. No wonder Xiao Chen called her husband on the phone just now. Normally he wouldn’t budge no matter how she coaxed him and would even bite her when he got impatient.

「Rule 1: Should be physically fit.」

Lu Wan thought about it. She should be considered as physically fit, after all, she runs every day.

「Rule 2: Respect the other party and never lie.」

Lu Wan shrugged. Of course, it doesn’t seem necessary to lie.

「Rule 3: Don’t hurl accusations or physically hurt the other party.」

OK, she had no violent tendencies.

「Rule 4: Always show your love to the other party.」

She would try her best to do it.

「Article 5: Resist any temptation from other people.」

Lu Wan thought this was completely fine. After all, other than Chen Nianqing, other people weren’t considered as temptations to her. What of it?

It took two minutes to read the whole article. Lu Wan couldn’t help laughing. She turned around and picked up the phone to call him again, “Where did you find this?”

She was shocked that he would send such a thing.

Chen Nianqing: “I searched it on the Internet. How about it? If you can’t do it, let me be the ‘husband’. I’m sure I can do it and be your dear husband.”

Lu Wan contemplated about it. That’s no good. She won this identity through her ability, she couldn’t give it up.

Besides, she hasn’t heard him call her ‘husband’ enough.

Chen Nianqing didn’t even call it out once a week, so she hasn’t gotten enough of it yet.

“No, I’ll be the one playing the husband part.” Lu Wan said firmly.

“Ok ma’am, now please fulfill the fourth item at once.”

Lu Wan opened the article again, glanced at the fourth item, and said with a smile, “All right, husband loves you the most. Pretty little baby, Husband will be good to you for life.”

The other three girls in the dormitory were all dumbfounded.

……They were fudging shocked!

Lu Wan had told them that she and Chen Nianqing was a couple, but the two sides didn’t have much contact.

Besides, many high school couples would break up in college.

That’s why the three of them thought that maybe this pair wouldn’t last long.

Who would have thought that these two get along like this in private?


They were shocked and inexplicably ate a mouthful of dog food.

Thinking of Chen Nianqing with his usually cold and aloof appearance passionately calling the other party his husband, was really too fudging stimulating.

And it somehow felt a bit sweet.

Chen Nianqing on the other side of the phone coughed. Maintaining his composure, he asked, “Where are you going this evening?”

“Oh, husband has a freshman activity. My roommate pulled me to sign up. When I come back, I will call you. I’ll continue to study how to be a good husband.”

“All right, you must do what you say and be responsible to me.”


Chen Nianqing hung up the phone and sighed softly.

There was no need to wait until the gathering was over to meet again, he’ll go over there anyway.

Lu Wan, because I like you so much, everyone on your side is all rivals in my eyes.

It was better to stake his claim to prevent those men and women from circling around Lu Wan all the time.

Even though he couldn’t see it, it was annoying whenever he thought about it.

Chen Nianqing was originally distraught for missing one point in the exam, but he could let Lu Wan call herself his husband for the time being.

Thinking about it now, it was not a loss.

The little girl was now actively trying to be a good husband.


Lu Wan wore a pair of high-waisted jeans, a close-fitting short tank top, and a black oversized jacket, revealing a little waist.

Below were black lace-up Martens shoes.

Her short hair was up to her ears, highlighting her slender neck and clavicle line.

Lu Wan’s clothes were casual and loose, but she wasn’t opposed to feminine items, so she looked beautiful and cool.

This wasn’t her preferred style of dressing but should be what Lu Buyu likes.

Lu Buyu chose the clothes for her and she just put them on.

This was all sent by the brands sponsoring him and costs nothing.

Among them were also many men’s styles. Lu Buyu would wear the large sizes, while she would wear the smaller ones.

After she went to university, she didn’t need to wear her brother’s old clothes anymore.

Her brother bought a lot of new clothes and accessories for her.

A girl from the same dormitory painted Lu Wan’s lips dark red and her complexion immediately improved.

“OMG, President Lu, you look so charming like this. No doubt, everybody will constantly look at you.”

“Yeah. Dressing up so beautifully behind your boyfriend’s back to go to a gathering, he would go crazy if he finds out.”

“Isn’t it exciting?”

This kind of mature lady vibe was especially popular with girls! Not to mention others, even they themselves love it!

Lu Wan: “Not really. Aren’t I just accompanying you guys?”

“Well, your boyfriend still doesn’t know.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The girls took selfies for more than ten minutes before rushing to the agreed location.

Singles and couples could participate in today’s gathering.

When Lu Wan arrived, there were already many people there.

She saw Chen Nianqing right away.

Chen Nianqing was wearing a white shirt with two buttons undone at the neckline and the sleeves rolled up, making it a little more casual.

It’s clearly an ordinary style, but the other party wore it very well.

Lu Wan was reminded of what her roommates said: Going to a gathering behind your boyfriend’s back, isn’t it exciting?

It was obviously not the case, but she actually had the absurd feeling of being caught.


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