Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 135

Extra 6

The eyes of the two people met across the crowd.

The corners of Chen Nianqing’s mouth turned down and he folded his hands in front of his chest, tapping his arm lightly with a finger.

He looked at the other party intently.

Lu Wan moved slowly towards him while thinking about what she was going to say.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Wow, what a coincidence?”

“Xiao Chen is also very handsome today.”

Lu Wan chewed over it. She might as well leave it since this wasn’t quite what it looks like.

Her boyfriend was too smart to be fooled.

For a moment, her blood froze, and she blamed her roommate for talking nonsense just now, which led her astray.

At this time, two girls happened to approach Chen Nianqing to ask for his number.

“Hello schoolmate, can you give us your contact information? We’re particularly interested in the Department of Medicine and we had a lot of questions we would like to ask you!”

Chen Nianqing’s voice was cold, “If you want a consultation, you can go to the hospital since that’s more scientific.”

The two girls looked at each other in blank dismay. This person was really as cold as the rumors said.

One of the brave girls smiled and asked, “Then do you have a girlfriend, Handsome Guy?”

Chen Nianqing’s gaze passed through the two girls in front of him and stopped on the oncoming Lu Wan.

He raised his eyebrows and said in a flat voice, “I have a girlfriend. I’m sorry I can’t give my contact information. Though, my girlfriend swore a few hours ago that I am her pretty little baby, but after a few hours she was actively meeting new ones.”

“What? Can someone at your level be used as a spare tire?” The girl opened her eyes wide in disbelief, doubting the world for a moment.

Lu Wan: “……”

How come she was feeling guilty?

Chen Nianqing: “Yes, but though she’s doing so, I still refuse to flirt with other girls for my partner’s sake. Who made me like her?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Crap, she’s already feeling guilty as it is.

The two girls left with shocked faces.

Although Idol said he had a girlfriend, such an affectionate appearance was more attractive!

They shouldn’t have asked for his number today!

Handsome, smart and passionately devoted; they’re afraid that the boys around them would be losers compared to him.

Hell! That girlfriend was really the lucky chosen one!      

He Rui, who was following Chen Nianqing, was completely stumped at the moment.

When do you have a girlfriend? Isn’t it a husband?

Although he still doesn’t want to believe that the popular Mr. Perfect had a husband behind the scenes, if it was true, how great the other party must be!      

But the truth was that he still couldn’t believe it.

He Rui looked around the place. Chen Nianqing’s husband……    

Well, the male version of Lu Wan could only be suitable.

On the other hand, Lu Wan looks hot dressed like this today.

Her small waist actually had vest lines and abs! Exceptionally sexy!

Lu Wan stood in front of Chen Nianqing and coughed, “That-, good evening.”

Chen Nianqing turned his face expressionlessly, giving his roommate a look.

His meaning was obvious. Go play elsewhere.

He Rui was reluctant to leave.

He wanted to rely on Chen Nianqing to meet more girls and he also wanted to talk with Lu Wan. If he could exchange contact information or something, then tonight would be very worthwhile.

However, He Rui knew that Chen Nianqing had a temper and he had already made it clear, so it’s not good to brazenly stay there.

He could only turn his head back every step he take.

“Old Chen, if you need anything, remember to call me. I’ll be ready at any time.” He Rui said lingeringly.

Chen Nianqing: “No need.”

He Rui: “……”      

You’re really ruthless. All right, then.

Lu Wan already knew that Chen Nianqing wasn’t good-tempered. At first, she thought that he was a do-gooder and very enthusiastic, but after an in-depth contact with him, she found out that this was not the case.

He was really aloof, spoke with few words, self-disciplined, liked to plan ahead, and hate it when it was broken.

It’s just that he was extraordinarily good-tempered and patient when it comes to her and could change his arrangements at any time though he usually presents an indifferent appearance.

She was surprised, so she wanted to be extra nice to Chen Nianqing.

Lu Wan: “That-, I’m accompanying my roommates.”

Chen Nianqing said with a smile, “What a coincidence, me too.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing waited for a while and seeing that the other party didn’t made any noise, he asked, “Why have you gone so quiet? Have you found some pretty little babies, President Lu? Let this senior see how good are your new little babies that you can’t bear to part with them. I’ll study and learn so you won’t get rid of me.”

Lu Wan: “……It’s not what you think. All right, I was wrong.”

Her scalp was numb, and at this moment, she was only thinking of how to appease the other person, so she resolutely gave in.

Chen Nianqing: “Oh, how can it be your fault?”

Lu Wan: “It’s my fault!”

Chen Nianqing smirked and said, “Then tell me, how are you wrong?”
Lu Wan: “Huh?”

This question caught her off guard.

She just wanted to pacify him, how could she think so much?

Chen Nianqing was not surprised to see the other person stuck.

He snorted coldly. “You’re just being perfunctory with me. You’re good ah, you’re bullying me just because I like you.”

Lu Wan: “It’s not like that, really.”

Where does this come from? When did she bully him?

Chen Nianqing: “Chen Shimei[1]a notorious character in a traditional Chinese opera, now a derisive title for a man who deserts his wife after successfully climbing the social ladder, Li Jia[2]from the folk story 《Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger》 written in the late Ming Dynasty; a rich young master who betrayed his promise to Du Shiniang and sold her to Sun Fu, and Sima Xiangru[3]he eloped with Zhou Wenjun, a wealthy lady, and opened a tavern with her. After Zhou Wenjun’s father heard about it, he compromised and recognized Sima Xiangru as his son-in-law. Sima Xiangru found … Continue reading also didn’t think so.”

Lu Wan was stunned. It took her a few seconds to realize that these were all famous scumbags in history. The other party was making a comparison!      

She couldn’t agree to this. After all, she was determined to be a good husband!

How could she be like these scumbags?! She must firmly draw a clear line.

“You’ve misunderstood me very much.”

Chen Nianqing chuckled, leaned closer and said, “I told you, you can’t do it.”

Lu Wan: “No, I can do it! This gathering seems average. Let’s just go.”

In order to show her determination, she wanted to run away after she finished speaking, without any regrets.

Chen Nianqing pressed down on the other party. He tutted, “Why are you in a hurry to leave? Since we’re already here, why don’t you sit down and take a look? I can also find pretty little babies for you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Please stop. I’m wrong, okay?

Holy sh*t, this is too embarrassing!

Lu Wan: “I swear, my pretty little baby is only you.”

Chen Nianqing wrapped his arms around Lu Wan’s waist and hugged her.

He gently rubbed the exposed skin with his fingertips and said, “A pack of lies. If it’s true, why are you wearing clothes that shows you waist? We’ve known each other for so long but you haven’t worn them for me.”

Lu Wan: “I can explain! This is the new clothes from my brother!”

Chen Nianqing: “Yes, clothes can be new but behavioural traits can’t. You even put on lipstick today for you new baby, President Lu.”

Lu Wan: “……My roommates helped me choose it.”

Chen Nianqing was overwhelmingly jealous. Today, all the people present be it men or women, was staring at Lu Wan.

Staring at her exposed waist.

Heaven knew how much willpower it took to restrain the urge to pick her up and take her away directly.

The point was that it was also the first time for Chen Nianqing to see Lu Wan like this. He was extremely tempted, let alone others.

He understood these lurking guys, but he couldn’t accept it.

Chen Nianqing approached and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “I think it looks pretty. Next time I’ll kiss your mouth red and swollen so you can save on some lipstick and won’t need your roommates.”

Lu Wan: “T-that’s not necessary.”

That’s a little extreme.

This guy was so wild today. She was a bit overwhelmed with all of his bold statements.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing stood together talking and the viewer ratings broke the charts right away.

This freshman gathering was the idea of the seniors. They want to use this kind of activity to look for younger students. Of course, the younger students were not willing to lag behind and were also very active!

In the polytechnic university, there were more boys than girls. Today, the few girls were all looking at Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing.

There’s nothing for anyone else at all.

Girls prefer pretty girls!

With someone like Lu Wan, why would they want big pig trotters? Chen Nianqing was also fine. Just give them any of the two.

They weren’t picky! Any of the two would do!

The boys also wanted to strike up a conversation with Lu Wan but Chen Nianqing was there.

The handsome guy’s aura was very strong. After silently comparing themselves with Chen Nianqing in their hearts, they became timid to start a conversation with Lu Wan.

At first, everyone was just wondering if there was something going on between these two…… It shouldn’t be.

In a blink of an eye, Chen Nianqing hugged Lu Wan and the two of them started whispering to each other.

F*k! What’s happening?

This action was the final nail in the coffin. A minute later, the field was full of broken hearted young men and women.

He Rui was once again shocked. Chen Nianqing was hugging Lu Wan while he had a husband on the back.

Wasn’t he too unrestrained?

Idol, you can’t be so wayward even if you have good looks, right?

He Rui was crazily thinking, filling up his brain with all kinds of dog blood.

So Top Student, you go to bed on time every night, get up early for a run, and have a fixed hot chat with your husband at eight. How can you still handle Lu Wan at school?

I study so hard, but my grades are still not as good as yours.

Is that you? The master of wild time management, Master Chen?

Lu Wan’s three roommates looked at each other and fell silent.

Well, although they had known it long ago, they were still a bit surprised.

On the first day of living in the dormitory, they asked Lu Wan if she has a boyfriend and she admitted it.

However, this was a personal matter and there was no need to publicize it everywhere.

Besides, the number of law school students chasing Lu Wan couldn’t be counted with two hands and two feet.

It’s only the beginning of freshman year, if Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing break up in the future, the mess would be really bad.

But now it seems that there was a high probability that they would not break up.

Chen Nianqing held Lu Wan’s hand and sat naturally in the circle surrounded by fellow students.

“We’re already here. Of course we have to have fun with everyone before we leave, right?”

Lu Wan: “R-right?”

Chen Nianqing: “Yeah.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She suddenly had a bad feeling about this.


1 a notorious character in a traditional Chinese opera, now a derisive title for a man who deserts his wife after successfully climbing the social ladder
2 from the folk story 《Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger》 written in the late Ming Dynasty; a rich young master who betrayed his promise to Du Shiniang and sold her to Sun Fu
3 he eloped with Zhou Wenjun, a wealthy lady, and opened a tavern with her. After Zhou Wenjun’s father heard about it, he compromised and recognized Sima Xiangru as his son-in-law. Sima Xiangru found the life he wanted, found a partner in life, got a sum of money from his father-in-law and began to walk the road of becoming an official. He lived a happy life and achieved his goal


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