Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 136

Extra 7

Lu Wan didn’t want to speak anymore.

With Chen Nianqing sitting next to her, no one came to strike up a conversation, so naturally there was no need to speak.

A circle of young men and women took sneak peeks at the couple.

It’s just…… the two people looked very well matched.

A pair of immortals both descended to earth today, but what does it have to do with them?

Chen Nianqing helped Lu Wan button up her coat and said with a smile, “Little friend, the sun has gone down, you can catch a cold with your belly exposed to the wind.”
“……Okay, Doctor Xiao Chen.”

As the night darkened, some students volunteered to perform their talents one after another in order to improve the atmosphere.

They all look forward to attracting the attention of girls.

The seniors were prepared, some singing with guitars, some dancing, and some doing recitations.

They performed their talents in public and naturally, it was quite passable.

It’s just that they were doomed to encounter defeat today.

After the end of the song, a young man with a guitar in his arms was unwilling to give up and ran to say hello to Lu Wan.

“Junior Sister, what do you think of my singing? Do you like it? As someone from the same department, I am very glad that you enrolled in the faculty of law. If you have any questions in the future, I can answer them for you. You’re always welcome. “

“Although it’s a bit presumptuous, that…… Why don’t we add each other as friend?”
The crowd of people didn’t mind big things happening and started to make noise.

Among other things, this senior was also outstanding. He’s a celebrity in the faculty of law, with an excellent family background, and was also somewhat of an Idol.

He came here today because of Lu Wan.

Lu Wan glanced at Xiao Chen next to her, then shook her head with a smile.

As a hen-pecked ‘husband’, how could she dare?

She’d already provoked Chen Nianqing.

“It’s just adding each other as friend. Don’t you even have the right to make friends? No one should restrict your freedom to do so.” The boy glanced at Chen Nianqing and pointedly added, “Your boyfriend shouldn’t be so petty, right? Can’t you even associate with boys in the future? What age is this?”

Besides, everyone could compete fairly.

As long as one wasn’t married, they could still have a chance.

Sparks flew all over the scene in an instant. Everybody was watching on the side and fanning the flames. They couldn’t wait for the two to start battling.

Fight, fight!

Chen Nianqing stood up and said frankly, “I am petty. After all, love has exclusivity. Can you lend me your guitar?”

“What?” The young man did not react immediately. Why was he asking to borrow his guitar?

“Wanwan doesn’t like the song you sang.” Chen Nianqing said again.

Lu Wan was stunned for a moment, feeling that Xiao Chen’s words were too direct. She contemplated and said, “Actually, it’s not that bad.”

Although it’s not exceptional, it could still be considered as up to standard.

Chen Nianqing turned his head and said firmly, “No, what you like is what I’ll play.”

Lu Wan: “……”

All right.

Chen Nianqing looked at the senior who played the guitar and sang. He asked him again, “Can you lend me your guitar?”

The male student looked shocked, “Aren’t you from the medicine department? Can you play?”

“I can try. Aren’t you also from the law department?” Chen Nianqing answered lightly.

The male student was a little surprised, and then he sneered. “All right. But be careful. Don’t break my guitar.”

Chen Nianqing took it over and politely said, “Thank you.”

Lu Wan was surprised. She approached Xiao Chen and asked in a low voice, “You know how to play it?”

“You’ll see in a minute.”

Lu Wan thought that both the cello and the guitar have strings.

It wouldn’t be strange if Chen Nianqing could do it.

Chen Nianqing sat down opposite Lu Wan with the guitar in his arms and did not go to the middle of the encirclement.

He played a few notes, then let go of the bottom string and said casually, “The tone is a bit off. Didn’t you notice earlier?”

The guitar owner: “……”      

Damn it.

The others: “……”

The posture was in place.

A few minutes later, Lu Wan found out that Chen Nianqing knew more than a little.

Usually the voice of the other party when speaking was very pleasant, but it was even better hearing him sing.

Low and lingering.

Chen Nianqing sang a song by Lu Wan’s favorite band. This song had been widely spread and many people have heard of it.

Like this, it was no worse than listening to the recorded version.

And because it was live, it was more contagious and people couldn’t help singing along, attracting attention.

It wasn’t just Lu Wan who was shocked, the surrounding young men and women started whispering to one another.

Everyone’s jaws were about to drop. With this voice, they could make their debut directly.

Gosh! Boy group’s C!

A great master came and the eye-catching performance just now set off as an example to school other students.

“Is there any mistake? Is he really from the Department of Medicine, not the Department of Music?”

“Holy sh*t! He can really debut on the spot! I’ll definitely pick him! So awesome!”

“This sounds so good. Hurry up and get your phone to record!”

“What do you guys know? This person can actually tune with his ear alone. I’m self-taught. Is he perfect pitch?”

Chen Nianqing finished playing a song and returned the guitar to the male student next to him, who’s mouth already opened into an ‘O’.

He gently put Lu Wan’s wind-blown hair behind her ears, and said with tenderness and certainty, “You like my playing, don’t you?”

Lu Wan nodded repeatedly, getting drunk from his beauty. “Yeah, yeah, yeah! I like it a lot.”

The singing was also very nice!

She felt like the two of them were an old married couple. Just now, her heart beats a little faster when the other party looked into her eyes while playing the guitar.

Chen Nianqing: “En, I also like you a lot.”

Lu Wan regained her senses and asked, “But why didn’t you tell me before that you can play the guitar?”

“Music is interlinked. I can play more than that.”

Lu Wan’s eyes lit up. “What else can you play?”

“Piano, drums, and…… I won’t tell. Discover it slowly for yourself. There’s also the part ‘only you can see’, waiting for milady to explore.”

Lu Wan rubbed his face and praised sincerely, “I see, all right, you’re amazing, little baby.”

Though she’s a rough fellow and doesn’t have much talent, she had a boyfriend like him!

Thinking of this, Lu Wan couldn’t stop the smile on her face.

The crowd of onlookers: “……”      

What happened? Was this a gathering for a club or to eat dog food?

Goodness, aren’t you being too sweet? Is that a guitar?

No, that’s a knife for slaughtering dogs.

Idol’s smile was too good-looking. When people who were usually expressionless smiled, it looked bright and vivid.

They’re sour. Being nourished by love was really different.

Chen Nianqing looked at the senior student on the side. “As I said, Lu Wan only likes me.”

Senior Student: “……”

All right, all right, you’re formidable. I’ll take it.

Chen Nianqing looked at the male student who was reciting a moment ago.

Didn’t this guy write an original love poem?

He looked down at Lu Wan and said, “I can recite too. Do you want to hear? I can also write love poems for you.”

Lu Wan: “No need for love poems.”

There’re so many people so it’s kind of embarrassing.

Chen Nianqing: “Then what do you want to hear? I’ll recite it for you.”

Lu Wan thought that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right, so she said with a cough, “Then how about you read Zhu Ziqing’s 《Retreating Figure》[1]a retrospective prose written by Zhu Ziqing in 1925. The author uses simple words to express the father’s love for his children in a profound and delicate way, showing the father’s … Continue reading.”

But what’s wrong with this guy? Why the strong desire to express himself today?

The crowd of on looking students: “……”      

Someone laughed out loud. Goddess, you really are interesting.

Chen Nianqing took out his mobile phone naturally, bowed his head and began to read aloud.

“When I think about it now, I was really too smart for that time.

I said, ‘Dad, you should go.’

He looked out of the train car and said, ‘I’m going to buy some oranges. You stay here. Don’t walk around’

……My father is a fat man, so it will take more trouble to walk over there.

I originally wanted to go, but he refused, so I had to let him go.”

The sound of his voice was pleasant to hear and the cadence was also handled well.

Many students were stifling their laughter, but they later fell silent and couldn’t help but listen carefully.

After all, this was a very touching essay.

Chen Nianqing’s tone had the capability to carry strong emotions, which was not inferior to professional announcers at all.

Everyone was amazed. This was too powerful!

Chen Nianqing put down his phone after he was done reading and Lu Wan took the lead in applauding. “You’re too good!”

She decided that she would find various writings in the future and let Chen Nianqing read it to her!      

She even had sinister thoughts, wondering what it would be like to read about topics not allowed to write about in Jinjiang[2]Jinjiang Literature City also known as JJWXC.

He Rui was astonished.

Chen Nianqing was too strong. He could play guitar and his recitation was also at a professional level.

Truly remarkable.

This…… Was there anything the other party couldn’t do?

A real master of time management!      

Chen Nianqing took Lu Wan’s hand and looked at the group of people in front of him.

“It’s not that I’m not allowing her to make friends. However, next time there’s such an event, I hope you invite the two of us to participate. She’s usually busy with her studies and I want to spend more time with her when I can.”

“Are you accompanying her or monitoring her?” The senior with the guitar frowned. This was too controlling.

“We’ve known each other since we were two years old, and we also know each other’s elders. I promised Lu Wan’s parents to take good care of Wanwan. You won’t understand.”

Senior Student: “……” 

Chen Nianqing turned to Lu Wan. “This noon, Uncle told me he wants to come see you this weekend.”

Lu Wan: “He’s coming again?”

Lu Wan had been in school for less than two months and Lu Bainian had already been here three times.

This was even counting the National Day holiday, where she went home and stayed for a week.

Researchers work all year round, but now, Lu Bainian wasn’t willing to work overtime on weekends. He wanted to see his daughter whenever he’s free.

To see her in person, not inside a screen.

Since transportation was now advanced, he could fly to Beijing on Friday and then be back on Sunday night.

Chen Nianqing smiled. “I persuaded Uncle because I was afraid that he would be tired on the road. He’s worried about you, but I repeatedly assured him that I’ll take good care of you, so Uncle eased up a lot.”
The conversation between the two contained a lot of information.

So he had met her parents before and they were dating with their permission?

They’ve known each other since childhood?

This was completely different from the nature of casual dating in college.

Lu Wan: “Ah, that’s good.”

Chen Nianqing: “Fortunately, Uncle and Aunt have a good impression of me.”

Lu Wan shrugged. “Not only is it good, they like you very much. They even say you’re much more stable than me.”

Chen Nianqing chuckled softly and glanced over the crowd. “You like me and so does your parents. You have to be responsible to me then.”

This was the indifference of someone who’s sure they would win.

The onlookers: “……”      

Heartless. This was a wholesale of tons of dog food.

Chen Nianqing touched Lu Wan’s head. “Wanwan, shall we get engaged when we’re twenty?”

“Twenty years old? I’ll think about it.”

Lu Wan thought that it was too early. Moreover, Chen Nianqing was too unusual today.

But with so many people watching, she didn’t directly refuse so the other party wouldn’t lose face.

Chen Nianqing: “Then tell me when you’ve thought about it. I‘ve designed the rings.”

Lu Wan: “……You drew it yourself? When was it?”

“I finished it before we graduated from high school.”

The onlookers: “……”

All right, this time they were completely stuffed with dog food.

You show your affection and don’t care about the lives of other dogs.

Lu Wan was a little embarrassed by the look given by others. She thought for a while and said, “I have to ask my family’s opinion.”

No wonder you scored lower than me. You have to take the exam but still have the leisure time to draw rings ah.

En, I’ll wait.”

Chen Nianqing took Lu Wan’s hand. “Why don’t we go for a walk? I’ll accompany you.”

They could now go since the he’s done with his work here.


It wasn’t until the two left that the people in place reacted.

Well, they now understand that these two were practically sealed to one another.

First of all, it was difficult to compare to Chen Nianqing.

Second, they had already received the blessings of their elders, so it was unreasonable to intervene.


When they reached a less crowded place, Lu Wan asked, “Why did you say that just now?”

Chen Nianqing stopped. “Do you think I’m not serious? I meant what I said. Shall I decide the date of our engagement while you decide when we’ll get married? That way, I can feel more at ease.”

Lu Wan: “Today you’re…… a little too active.”

Chen Nianqing: “I just want to let those people quit and not waste both of our time. Except for studying, my time belongs to you. If you think it’s not enough, I can improve the efficiency by spending more time studying with you.”

Lu Wan: “……It’s unnecessary.”

Chen Nianqing: “Well, it’s really my problem. Seeing those people approaching you, even though I knew you’ll reject them, I’d still have wild thoughts and get upset.”

Lu Wan was a bit surprised. “You’re also prone to thinking nonsense?”

“Of course I do. I really hope that you’ll share with me the things you encounter every day and the new friends you meet, whether you think it’s meaningful or not. After all, to me, everything about you is meaningful. Even if you don’t want to talk about it, it doesn’t matter. We can study together at night through video call. It’s okay if you don’t speak, I just want to look up at you occasionally.”

“But you’ve been ignoring me recently.”

“Well, it’s not that I’m ignoring you, I’m just a little busy.” Lu Wan mulled over it before adding seriously, “If we want to get engaged at the age of twenty, my parents won’t be a big problem, but my brother won’t agree.”

Chen Nianqing: “I’ll be responsible for convincing him.”

Lu Wan: “Then we’ll see when the time comes.”

After all, there were still two years left, so it’s too early to talk about it now. They’d only been together for how long. How could they think of getting engaged?

They’re still young.

Chen Nianqing: “I’m still angry. In the future, you must bring a family member with you or tell me in advance before participating in such activities.”

“Okay, don’t be angry. I’ll give you a kiss.”

After Lu Wan said that, she tilted her head up and kissed him on the nose.

Chen Nianqing: “Do you think a kiss is enough?”

Lu Wan: “Then what else? All right, you say what you want and I’ll try my best to do it.”

After all, she wanted to be a good husband, so she should acknowledge her mistakes.

The corners of Chen Nianqing’s mouth gradually widened.

“At least…… you have to kiss me twice.”

Lu Wan: “That’s not a problem. I’ll kiss you three times.”


The news that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were dating with the approval of their parents and that they would get engaged at the age of twenty quickly spread in the medical and law faculties.

Soon it spread to the entire university.

As a result, the students who used to confess their love to the two had disappeared as expected.

Zhao Yihang was also in this university studying business management.

He was absolutely shocked. He didn’t expect that their aloof club president would be quite impressive when he’s jealous.

As expected of Club Pres! Always an ace!

Zhao Yihang was now unafraid of his house collapsing, because he followed Song Qianqian…… to support Lu Wan and Club Pres’s CP.

He’s an exclusive CP fan.

Song Qianqian formed a group after the college entrance examination with three other people.

She, Zhao Yihang, and Haley, who ate sweets with tears in his eyes.

Zhao Yihang immediately posted what happened in the school vividly in the group.

Song Qianqian and Haley were now studying on the other side of the world.

After the message was sent, the other two group members responded quickly.

【Song Qianqian: Ahhhhhh, I hate that I’m not there!】

【Haley: As expected of Chunyuan. Not only had he successfully landed on President Lu’s sea, but also viciously dumped dichlorvos[3]an organophosphate widely used as an insecticide to control household pests, in public health, and protecting stored products from insects in the water, killing all other fishes.】

【Zhao Yihang: Zhang Haley! You’re not allowed to say that about Club Pres.】

【Haley: Chunyuan might even want to say that ‘As long as I am alive, none of you can even dream of becoming concubines’.】

【Song Qianqian: Oof! It has that smell! The pure Club Pres rushes!】

Haley still wanted to express his opinion. But ten seconds later, he unexpectedly found himself kicked out of the group by Zhao Yihang.

What the hell? Why does he have to treat this cute red panda like this?

Zhao Yihang was simply a brain-damaged fan of Chen Nianqing, but fortunately he wasn’t toxic and now has turned into a CP fan.

Haley cursed and reapplied to join the group.

It was impossible for him to withdraw from the group. Only by eating melons could he sustain himself.


1 a retrospective prose written by Zhu Ziqing in 1925. The author uses simple words to express the father’s love for his children in a profound and delicate way, showing the father’s care and love from ordinary events
2 Jinjiang Literature City also known as JJWXC
3 an organophosphate widely used as an insecticide to control household pests, in public health, and protecting stored products from insects


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