Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 137

Extra 8

Xiao Zhang boldly mentioned that there was a show that invited the brother and sister to participate together which Lu Buyu refused.

In his heart, he didn’t want Lu Wan to participate in a variety show again. What if the incident last time happened once more?

The entertainment industry was quite complicated. Lu Wan would be a lawyer or a CEO, so there was no need to get her involved.

Later, Xiao Zhang came to persuade again, saying that it was a family observation program and the education sector was specially inviting Lu Buyu to participate, please carefully reconsider.

In the last two years, various parent-child programs have emerged in an endless stream, and the ratings and popularity were the best among similar shows.

Many variety shows were parents with young children. This show was different. Celebrity children would bring their parents, or celebrity parents would bring their children.

The youngest guest was eighteen years old. It was aimed to observe how modern youth get along with their families.

Lu Buyu’s image was very positive and he was the idol of young people. Lu Wan was a top student and had a good reputation.

The image of the two was very positive and their traffic was huge. It was normal that they would be specially invited this time.

Lu Buyu simply refused, but the next second, he looked up at the two people who walked in, and began to hesitate again.

There were three months of summer vacation after the college entrance examination. This guy was particularly annoying. He comes to find Lu Wan every day.

Not at all reserved.

A nuisance and a clingy person.

Lu Wan was also killing him. This one was more excessive. She asked to borrow his motorcycle yesterday.

“Brother, that Harley of yours is so cool! Can I play with it? I want to take Chen Nianqing for a ride.”

Lu Buyu originally thought that she could borrow it, but when he heard the latter half of the sentence, his expression changed in a second.

“What good is it for a girl to fall in love too early? What good is it for a girl to enter the marriage grave too early?”

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing: “……”

Here it goes, here it goes again.

Seeing that the two people ignored him, Lu Buyu stood up with arms on his hips and said, “Chen Nianqing is a man, of course he doesn’t care. To put it bluntly, girls are the ones in a disadvantage here!”

Lu Wan: “Brother, I didn’t notice it before, you’re mansplaining.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Ah, I’m so angry. Lu Wan is actually taking sides against her own.

“Taohua, drive out the person who shouldn’t be standing here and bite him!” Lu Buyu gave an order.

Raised a dog for a thousand days, but used a dog for a while.

It was impossible for it to bite people. Taohua’s wagging tail almost turned into a propeller while facing Chen Nianqing.

Lu Buyu: “……”

He’s so angry. Everyone was against him.

Lu Buyu glared at this unfilial daughter.

“Take this broken and stupid dog that chews all the slippers and trade this broken dog and stupid dog that chews all the slippers for a cat!”

Taohua whined and lie on the ground, conceding.

There was a smile on the corner of Chen Nianqing’s mouth. “Wanwan, I’m going home. See you again, Brother Yu and Little Taohua.”

After he had left, Lu Buyu raised his head and asked, “What does that boy mean? Is he provoking me again?”

Lu Wan: “Are you going through early menopause? He has a name.”

Every time it was ‘that boy’; it’s a bit unpleasant.

Lu Buyu: “What! Did! You! Say!”

She’s actually speaking up for an outsider?

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders, too lazy to argue with the other party, and walked upstairs quickly.

Lu Buyu was so angry that he called Xiao Zhang at once.

“How long did you say the program will be recorded?”

“Brother Yu, this is the only thing I don’t like. It needs to be recorded continuously for eighteen days.”

“Eighteen days? Can you leave halfway?”

“No, but I can arrange your schedule. If it happens last year, I’ll definitely not consider it but this year, you happen to have very little work and have been resting all the time.” Xiao Zhang took the opportunity to complain pointedly.

Though the boss’s career this year had upgraded to a higher level and had even received a lot of endorsements for women’s products, such as cosmetics and shopping websites.

However, it was true that he was suspected of rubbing off on Little Sister’s popularity.

Even the industry was ridiculing Lu Buyu on ‘depending on his sister for hot search’ with a sour tone.

Lu Buyu laughed loudly. “Eighteen days? That’s great! I’ll accept this show! This way Lu Wan won’t be with that boy every day.”

Xiao Zhang: “……?”

What kind of ideas are you having?

In order to separate his sister and her boyfriend, he agreed to take up a variety show?

Dear me. Boss, you’re so self-willed! It’s beyond my imagination!

Xiao Zhang tactfully asked, “Have you asked your sister for her opinion?”
“Humph, can it be that she’ll refuse? I’ll go and ask.”

Lu Buyu did so. He went upstairs and knocked on Lu Wan’s door. Frowning, he asked, “You accompany that boy every day, can you accompany your brother?”

Lu Wan: “Sure, what do you want to do?”

Lu Buyu: “Hmph, that’s more like it.”

Then he turned and left.

After going downstairs and sitting on the sofa, Lu Buyu sent a message to Xiao Zhang: No problem, she said yes.


Lu Wan, who was left standing at the door was dumfounded. What was that for?

Lu Buyu wanted her to accompany him to go target shooting? Or go for a run with him?

Two days later, when Lu Buyu asked her to sign the contract, only then did Lu Wan knew that the other party was going to take her to record a variety show.

Also, the duration was so long.

Lu Buyu: “This is going to be a trip and we will proceed to several places. It’s going to be fun.”

Lu Bainian threw a shoe over. “You stink of pettiness. You’re going to go for half a month, then don’t that mean I won’t be able to see Wanwan for a long time?”

Lu Buyu avoided flexibly. “Speak if you want to speak, what are you doing? Also, it’s just over ten days. Lu Wan promised me.”

Lu Wan suspected if there was anything wrong with her memory. “……When did I promise you?”

“You said you would spend more time with me. Why, you’re afraid you won’t be able to see that boy?”

Lu Wan: “That’s not it. Don’t be ridiculous.”

She subconsciously retorted when she heard him talk.

“I’ve made an agreement with the program team. If you don’t go, it’s okay. At worst, I will just lose face.” Lu Buyu sighed after saying that. “It’s nothing. If you bail then you bail. After all, your brother is not as important as your boyfriend. Love is more valuable than familial affection.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu: “If it were me, I would definitely not be able to do this.”

Lu Wan: “Don’t be like this. I didn’t say I won’t go.”

Lu Buyu took out the contract and a pen and handed it to her. “That’s the way to go. Come on, sign the contract quickly.”

Lu Wan wrote down her name.

Lu Buyu was afraid that she would go back on her word, so he immediately put away the contract, turned to his parents and said, “This is no good. When we’re gone, you guys have the house for your own. Maybe we’ll soon have a younger sister or brother.”

Lu Bainian threw the other slipper over.

This little brat was getting more and more arrogant. He even made fun of his elders after tricking his sister.


Lu Wan packed her bag.

Fortunately, it was now summer and the clothes were light and thin. Considering that it was cold in the mountains at night, she also brought a set of thicker ones.

When Lu Wan went downstairs, she saw Lu Buyu who had packed four suitcases, and couldn’t react immediately.

“Is this all yours?”


Lu Wan: “……”      

To be honest, she suspected that the other party was going to the moon and would be stationed there for a year.

Xiao Zhang said helplessly. “Brother Yu, the program team said that you can only bring one suitcase. Why don’t you make it simple?”

“Just bring one suitcase? How is that enough?”

Under the watchful eyes of Xiao Zhang and Lu Wan, the top artist reluctantly opened his suitcases.

Lu Buyu spent half an hour choosing and picking, and finally picked out one suitcase of stuff.

Lu Wan sighed, squatted down and tried to close the zipper of the suitcase, but found that there were still too many things.

“How about you take some out?”

Lu Buyu: “Why do I still have to take some out? These are all necessities! No way!”

Lu Wan casually rummaged through his luggage, raised her head and asked, “Why do you even have to take this with you?”

What she held in her hand was a little bear doll about the size of a palm, which was quite cute.

But…… its appearance was very abrupt.

Although it doesn’t take up much space, it had no use.

Xiao Zhang: “Oh, that’s Brother Yu’s favorite toy. He has to take it with him wherever he goes, either hanging it on his bag or putting it on the bedside. Maybe it has been blessed so it can ward off evil spirits?”

Lu Wan looked at Lu Buyu wordlessly.

I can’t believe you have such interest.

Lu Buyu: “Don’t take it out. I want to take it with me!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Are you three years old? Kidult!

Xiao Zhang: “Who can’t be a princess?”

Lu Buyu: “Shut up.”

Zhao Jianing walked over with a smile. “Are you leaving now? Be careful along the way.”

Lu Buyu: “I’ll take care of Lu Wan. Don’t worry.”

Zhao Jianing went passed his son and looked at Lu Wan. “Be more patient with your brother. Come back and tell me what he did. I’ll clean him up for you.”

Lu Wan: “Yes, I got it.”

Lu Buyu: “?”

Zhao Jianing noticed the doll in Lu Wan’s hand.


She didn’t expect her son to still have this.

Many years ago, Zhao Jianing took the pair of children to visit a friend’s house.

Her friend gave Lu Wan a little rabbit doll.

Lu Wan liked it very much and wouldn’t let go of it, so she teased her daughter and said, “Aunt gave baby a gift. What’s baby going to say?”

Lu Wan had just turned two years old at that time and could already speak simple sentences.

Lu Wan thought for a moment and said in a childish voice, “Brother likes. Brother wants.”

Zhao Jianing was a little surprised. She thought her daughter would say ‘thank you’, but she didn’t expect this sentence.

All the adults around laughed. This child was so small, but not only did she took the gift, she also wanted one for her brother.

Then her friend, in turn, gave Lu Buyu a small bear.

Lu Buyu likes to play with Transformers and not this kind of girls’ toys, but since his sister gave it to him, he reluctantly accepted.

Then the sibling took the little rabbit and the little bear to play.

At that time, Lu Wan was still tottering when walking. She couldn’t walk for too long at one time and would cry when she was tired.

“Brother, sit.”

Lu Buyu, who was following behind, stepped forward, and Lu Wan sat down on his shoes.

There was only a little distance from the ground. She could put down her chubby legs and was more comfortable than sitting directly on the ground.

Brother was her mobile chair.

Lu Wan couldn’t put down that little rabbit and had to hug and play with it every day.

The little fatty was holding a smaller rabbit, pink and tender, extremely cute.

On the day she disappeared, Lu Wan was also hugging the little rabbit.

A week later after that, her daughter was still missing, and so was the little rabbit.

When Zhao Jianing saw this little bear doll, she suddenly remembered everything again.

She felt a little uncomfortable but didn’t show it on her face. She just patted Lu Wan on the shoulder and left.

Lu Wan rummaged through Lu Buyu’s box again, taking out a few unnecessary things.

Fortunately, there was only one bear doll and there were no Barbie dolls or fairy sticks.

Otherwise she really wouldn’t be able to look directly at him……      

It’s not that boys couldn’t play with them, but that it’s too far from Lu Buyu’s style.


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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