Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 138

Extra 9

The variety show invited five groups of guests.

Except for Lu Buyu who took his younger sister, the other groups were either father with daughter, or father with son.

The program group wanted to provide some contrast and have an additional perspective, which was why they were trying to find a pair of siblings.

On the other hand, Professor Lu and President Zhao were very busy and didn’t have time to accompany Lu Buyu to participate in the recording.

News of the show was very popular just after word got out and even before the recording began. Netizens couldn’t wait for its broadcast.

They never thought that there would be an after service from the Socialist Brother and Sister this summer!

The touching brother-sister relationship!      

Lu Wan picked and chose from Lu Buyu’s luggage, but every time she took something out, he would argue.

This is very useful, I can’t do without it! That is a necessity, you cannot take it away!

In the end, she had no choice but to put some of his things in her bag.

Just as Lu Wan closed the zipper, someone knocked on the door outside.

The crew came over as they need to record some materials for the early stage of show.

Lu Wan pulled open the door and the assistant director walked in with the camera.

Lu Buyu: “You guys came just in time, we are about to leave.”

The assistant director was a woman in her thirties, with a slightly chubby build and a very friendly smile. The shallow dimples make it easy for people to let go of their guard.

“What are the both of you looking forward to in this show?”

“Are we now recording?” After receiving an affirmative answer, Lu Buyu folded his hands on his chest. “I will take good care of Lu Wan.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The bad feeling was growing stronger.

When Zhao Jianing heard the movements, she guessed that the program team had arrived. She didn’t want to appear in the camera, so she didn’t go downstairs. She remained standing where she was and said, “Little Sister, take good care of Older Brother.”

The younger sister taking care of her older brother this coming half a month would free her and her husband’s hands.

Everyone: “……”

Lu Buyu coughed. “My mother is rather humorous. She’s only joking. Cut this part of the audio.”

The assistant director smiled. It’s impossible to cut it out. They needed to put it in the trailer to attract audience.

Lu Wan shrugged. “You’d better be prepared. This variety show may be more tiring.”

Lu Buyu turned his face on the side and smiled. “It’s okay, I have my sister with me.”

Lu Wan: “……”      

This guy had absolutely never read the flow process sent by the show and he looked fearless.

Lu Buyu indeed did not think much. After all, Xiao Zhang had confirmed the show to him.

His focus was all on the eighteen-day recording time.

If they went far away, let’s see how Lu Wan and that boy could still date!      

On the way to the airport, the two of them walked separately and did not take the same car.

The program team would conduct a separate simple interview with them.

Lu Buyu was sitting on the front car.

The assistant director asked with a smile, “After all these years, what kind of brother do you think you are?”

Lu Buyu was stunned for a while. Actually, it wasn’t that long. He had only been a brother for more than three years.

Lu Wan…… had grown so big in the blink of an eye.

In fact, in the selfish part of his heart, he didn’t want Lu Wan to grow up. How good was it if she remained small forever?

When he grew up and was capable, he could take care of her.

“Just…… No different from an ordinary brother.” Lu Buyu said in a faint voice.

The assistant director asked again, “Then does your sister have a nickname?”

“Oh, when she was young, our whole family called her ‘Pangpang[1]chubby’, because she was really fat, like a puffer fish.”

Lu Buyu could still remember, every day when he came home from school, he would open the door and call out “Pangpang”, and his sister would rush over from the corner all smiles.

He would squat down and open his arms, waiting for her to stumble into them and call him “Brother” in her milky voice.

The car behind.

The script supervisor asked Lu Wan the same question.

Lu Wan mulled it over. What kind of sister was she?

“It should be a little different from other people’s younger sisters.”


The assistant director was smiling as she asked Lu Buyu, “As a brother, how many points do you rate yourself, and how much do you rate your sister?”

Lu Buyu: “I’ll probably pass with six points. As for Lu Wan, nine points. One point must be deducted because she’s rebellious and doesn’t listen to me very much.”

On the other side.

Lu Wan thought for a while and said, “My score is nine and Lu Buyu’s is also nine. He can’t get full marks because he makes me shudder whenever he’s being so narcissistic.”


“Then what kind of person do you think the other person is?”

Faced with this question, the sibling both seriously thought about it.

Lu Buyu: “How should I put it? She should be quite smart, not the same as other little girls, kind of cool and even cooler than me. I call him Cool Guy at home.”

Lu Wan: “He has a little princess syndrome and is very proud. But he’s also quite simple. Many people basically love him as he’s everyone’s shared boyfriend. However, my brother is actually worthy of being loved.”


“Are you afraid of the other person?” The assistant director continued asking with a smile.

Sure enough, they were brother and sister. While dissing each other, they did not forget to save each other’s face.

But this family that dares to dislike one another showed that they really have a good familial relationship.

Lu Buyu: “Me, afraid of her? How can that be possible?”

Lu Wan: “……Of course I’m afraid. If I don’t follow him, he’ll turn into Tang Seng[2]Longevity Monk; Tang Sanzang is a central character in the 16th century novel 《Journey to the West》 by Wu Cheng’en. Tang Sanzang is based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang. He is … Continue reading and kill me with his chanting. It’s not physical but a magical attack.”

Script Supervisor: “……”

Like that oh.

What a surprising answer. Lu Buyu was an Idol who usually shoots trendy blockbusters. Was he a simpleton in private?

There was an inexplicable contrast from someone like a chatterbox.


Lu Buyu sneezed and asked suspiciously, “Are you also asking Lu Wan the same question? She’s not speaking ill of me, right?”

Assistant Director: “Probably not. Going on a trip together this time, what do you expect from your sister?”

Lu Buyu: “I hope she will not rebel and listen to me.”

In another car.

Lu Wan: “No expectations. Just come back alive.”


Assistant Director: “So, do you guys often quarrel?”

Lu Buyu: “Sometimes. Mainly because of she’s in a rebellious age.”

Lu Wan: “Not a lot. He just talks too much.”

After selling each other out, the car arrived at the airport, and the two got out to meet up.

The burden of being an Idol was still quite heavy on Lu Buyu. He was worried that Lu Wan would say bad things about him but he was also curious about what Lu Wan actually thinks of him.

Before she could get out of the car, he walked straight over, opened the car door and asked, “How did you answer just now, Lu Wan?”

“I answered truthfully.” Lu Wan smiled.

Lu Buyu: “……”

What does she mean with truthfully?

The siblings finally reunited and the assistant director asked one last question.

“When do you think your younger sister is ready for a relationship?”

Lu Buyu glanced at Lu Wan. A sneer rose from the corner of his mouth. “Twenty five. When she’s twenty five years old, her thinking will be more mature.”

Lu Wan: “Didn’t you say twenty before?”

Lu Buyu snorted. “Are you questioning me? This conversation ended when you’re eighteen.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu turned his head and said to the assistant director next to him, “Cut out the last two sentences and don’t broadcast it.”

The assistant director nodded, they naturally had a sense of propriety. Lu Wan was a normal person after all. There was no need to pay too much attention to the other party’s private life.

After the interview was over, the two of them followed the crew onto the plane and took a three hour flight from the airport until they finally arrived at the first stop of the trip.

A remote mountainous village with picturesque scenery and was very peaceful.

The guests of the program finally met successfully.

Among the five groups of ten people, the youngest was Lu Wan, and the oldest guest was a male artist who had debuted for many years. He was 60 and brought his 20 years old daughter to participate in the variety show.

Everyone wasn’t too familiar with each other so it was hard to avoid having a barrier when they met for the first time.

After the long and windy journey, most of them were listless.

Lu Buyu was particularly conspicuous.

His skin was fairer than the three young girls present and his pores couldn’t be seen even when the camera zoomed in.

He even showed up without any makeup.

Lu Buyu’s hair was a bit long, combed and tied into a small bun at the back of his head, revealing a smooth forehead, a very high nose, and thin lips that were naturally red.

Wearing black cotton clothes, he was tall and looks a bit like a floating immortal.

As if he came with his own fog and was separated from the surrounding environment.

Several veteran artists have only heard of Lu Buyu’s name before. After all, the other party had been very popular in recent years, but they were actually quite unfamiliar with traffic.

They saw him today and understood why this kid was so popular.

He was born to be an idol.

In order to maintain their image, many male artists put on exquisite makeup and various kinds of ‘packaging’ all the time, but this one was different.

He looks much better in person than on TV and there were no dead angles.

The TV camera even brought down Lu Buyu’s appearance.

This kid was also too handsome, shockingly good-looking.

Just a casual smile like this, which girl could resist? No wonder he’s so popular.

Lu Buyu folded his arms. “After tossing and turning on the road, we’ve finally settled. The rest should be easy.”

Lu Wan: “I feel like you’re wrong. I think the difficulties have just begun.”

Lu Buyu: “Impossible. The program team won’t be so inhuman.”

Everyone in the program team: “……”

We have to let you down, Little Princess. You will soon find out that we are indeed very inhuman.

The director came over with a loud speaker.

“According to the procedure, we must search your luggage before entering the village. Please take out irrelevant trinkets, snacks, mobile phones, and sundries.”

Lu Buyu: “No way? We brought them all the way. Do you still have to take it out?”

Director: “This is the rule. Now please open your suitcases.”

The five groups of guests had to open their respective luggage.

Everyone had more or less prohibited items, but Lu Buyu’s suitcase…… was particularly eye-catching.

Rope, disposable life jacket, helmet and a pink bear.

The crew and other guests were dumbfounded.

Lu Wan was extremely speechless. With these, people would suspect that he was going to settle on Mars.

The director asked the crew to take out all the things, but Lu Buyu was still defending himself.

“This is a mountainous area and it rains a lot in summer. In case of a mudslide or flash flood, I can save myself.”

The director walked over and took out the pink bear from his suitcase. “What about this? Is this for you to soothe your spirit? Is it also a necessity? “

The guests and staff nearby couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Lu Wan covered her face. She knew it would be like this. She told him not to bring it.

This shameful fellow!      

The director held back his smile and said, “We will keep this toy for you and return it after the recording is over. But I’m curious who gave it? Why do you have to carry it with you all the time?”

Lu Buyu mumbled, “Can you not take it away?”

Director: “No. So is this a gift from a girl?”

Lu Buyu frowned and nodded slightly.

The director heard this and knew that this was something explosive. A top star brought a girl’s gift with him? What f*cking big news did he found out? This could rack up views.

If this segment was cut into a trailer, their show would already win!

Lu Buyu also calmed down at this moment. Knowing that he couldn’t let the program team make up a story, he added, “This is given to me by Lu Wan, my sister.”

Lu Wan was stunned. “I gave you this?”

Lu Buyu snorted coldly. “Of course. You think you can only give gifts to outsiders, not your brother?”

For example, that pesky clingy person.

Lu Wan: “That’s not it. But when did I give this to you?”

Lu Buyu was a little indignant by the question. “Think about it yourself. I won’t tell you. Bad guy.”

Intentionally asking this question in front of many people. Bad guy.

Lu Wan: “……”      

How did she become the bad guy again? She didn’t do anything?

Ever since their luggage was searched, Lu Buyu’s face had been dark.

It was getting late. The five groups of guests would draw lots to allocate houses and they could prepare dinner and rest.

These were the only arrangements for today since they’d been exhausted from the journey.

The draw was random.

No one knows what kind of house the corresponding number was until they see it for themselves.

But what was certain was that there must be good and relatively bad houses.

It’s a matter of luck.

Lu Wan: “Brother, go on and pick.”

“I don’t want to.”

Lu Wan: “You’re lucky so you must draw a better one than I can.”


Lu Wan: “Go, this concerns our living environment for three days. You can do it.”

Lu Buyu hesitated for two seconds. Since the other party had repeatedly asked him to, he walked over to give her face and took out a slip of paper.

He drew the number 2 and handed it to Lu Wan.

“You’re so troublesome.”

“Two is good. It’s my lucky number.”

Lu Wan thought this place was pretty good so it doesn’t matter where she live.

If Lu Buyu was willing to answer her, then it meant that his tantrum had subsided.


1 chubby
2 Longevity Monk; Tang Sanzang is a central character in the 16th century novel 《Journey to the West》 by Wu Cheng’en. Tang Sanzang is based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang. He is also widely known by his courtesy name, Tang Seng, or Sanzang


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