Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 60

The plane ticket was bought by the school teacher and would be reimbursed by the program team for convenience.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were arranged on the same flight and were in the same row of seats.

In this way, they could take care of each other. The teacher thought that these two students were very stable. There would be no major problem travelling back and forth the capital.

However…… something still went wrong.

Lu Bainian, who was sitting across the aisle, took out an apple, wiped it, and handed it to Lu Wan. “Wanwan, are you hungry? Come on, eat this.”

Lu Wan took it over. “……Thanks, Dad. I’ll eat it later.”

She put the apple in her bag.

She just finished breakfast before going out and the plane hasn’t taken off yet…… But there was a kind of hunger called ‘Your father thinks you’re hungry’, so Lu Wan’s backpack has an additional biscuit, two chocolates, and an orange.

Oh, and now there’s an extra apple.

President Zhao, who was sitting in the front row, pushed her sunglasses up. “Oh my, it’s been two hours since we went out. Shushu, come and put sunscreen with mom. Sun protection is more important than anything else.”

Sitting next to President Zhao wearing sunglasses and a hat, Lu Buyu sneered, “Cool Guy is not afraid of the sun!”

As soon as his voice fell, Professor Lu stood up behind him and knocked his head. “How many times have I told you, is this how you talk to your little sister?”

Lu Buyu covered his head and closed his mouth.

Lu Wan: “……”

I knew it would be like this.

She was really afraid that when the show was being recorded, Lu Buyu would stand up and say, “Oh, Cool Guy, great job ah!”

Then Professor Lu would rush down from the mentor’s seat bursting out while knocking him on the head, “*sshole, is this how you talk to you little sister?”

Afterwards, the top star’s fans and the industry leader’s supporter would quarrel.

And then, President Zhao, who was wearing exquisite clothes, would stand up from the first row seat, pushed her sunglasses up and say, “Why can’t we wait and talk at home? How can Dad and Big Brother quarrel on this occasion while Little Sister is still on stage?”

Finally, everyone would turn their attention to her.

Then Lu Buyu’s fans and Professor Lu’s school admirers would go mad……

One must know that their physics teacher was once a student of Professor Lu. Because his studies were mediocre, he could only be the head of the physics team in a well-known school.

Those people would definitely advance wave upon wave and ruin her life!

At that time, Haley would probably put his hands on his hips and say, “Oh heavens. Darlings, come to me first to buy tickets— five yuan to see Lu Wan, ten yuan to shake hands, and one hundred yuan for her to take messages to her brother and father. Then again, because there are too many people to draw lots, I will only draw one every day. Only the ones that are selected can buy oh~”

Lu Wan was so frightened that she stopped her thoughts.

What kind of human suffering would that be?

Lu Wan grimaced. She put too much force on her hand, squeezing a large lump of sunscreen.

She looked at the person next to her, thought about it and asked, “Do you want?”

Chen Nianqing was stunned.

Lu Wan: “I squeezed too much. You can just put it in your arms.”

Chen Nianqing put his hand out. Lu Wan rubbed half of the sunscreen on the other person’s palm, then spread her hands and rubbed her face vigorously, just like how she usually apply moisturizer— the texture was similar anyway.

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Is this the way to wear sunscreen?

After Lu Wan finished wiping, she looked up and saw Chen Nianqing looking at her.

Chen Nianqing: “Your family……”

Lu Wan: “It’s a happy accident ba. It’s like we’re on a team building. The most important thing is that we are whole and everyone is happy!”

She squeezed out a smile to prove her happiness.

Chen Nianqing: “……”


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President Zhao booked a suite at Bulgari while Professor Lu was arranged by the program team to stay at a five-star hotel suite.

Lu Wan would stay in a four-star hotel.

It was a double standard room with two random contestants of the same gender sharing a room.

Zhao Jianing said with a smile, “Shushu, do you want to stay with me?”

Lu Wan contemplated for a while, then shook her head. “I can’t. I’d better stay at the hotel arranged by the program team so I’ll know as soon as there’s a notice.”

Lu Bainian: “Child, why don’t you come and stay here with me. The suite has two bedrooms. The environment is more comfortable so you can prepare well.”

Lu Wan: “……No, it’s fine.”

He was a special mentor so it would be inappropriate.

With his sunglasses and hat, Lu Buyu leaned and said with a smile, “President Zhao, how about I stay with you?”

“Not great.” President Zhao looked indifferent.

Lu Buyu: “Old Lu, why don’t I sleep with you tonight? Us, father and son can have a long talk all night.”

Professor Lu: “That’s a bit inappropriate.”

Lu Buyu was simply asking and he was not surprised by the answer.

The vast majority of celebrities would pay attention to protecting the privacy of their families and not expose them to the public.

Lu Buyu was of course the same. He’s a public figure. Although most of his fans were normal, it was inevitable that there would be at least 1% of obsessive fans.

Because of the large fan base, this 1% was absolutely terrifying.

Knowing was one thing, but Lu Buyu was still unhappy in his heart.

President Zhao and Professor Lu invited Lu Wan but awfully rejected him.

He was mistakenly paying as the stone of their love.


After separating from her family, Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing took the subway to the hotel.

Professor Lu has many friends in Beijing, all of whom were from the academic circle. One student heard that he was coming and directly came to pick up his teacher.

President Zhao also had to meet with a friend. She reserved a car by herself.

As for Lu Buyu, even if the star’s journey was low-key, it was inevitable that it would leak.

When the whole family got off the plane with him, they spilt up to avoid suspicion.

Traffic at the airport today was twice as high as usual.

There were people holding placards everywhere and there were all kinds of broken screams.

“Lu Buyu!”, “Lu Buyu~”, “Lu Buyu, I love you!!”.

Lu Wan stood watching and listening, more determined to stay away from that guy.


After getting off the subway and walking a few hundred meters, it was the hotel designated by the program group.

The hotel was not big so it was wholly booked by the program group. When Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing entered, the lobby was very lively.

Most of these contestants knew each other, have met at previous events, or were friends of friends.

After all, smart people like to play in groups.

“Wow, Lu Wan it’s really you. I thought it’s just a red herring released by the program team.”

“You’re so tall, President Lu. You look better in person than on TV!”

“Holy— The neck is thin, the back of the head is round, and the whole head is more stereoscopic than 90% of human beings.” A science student exclaimed.

Lu Wan: “……”

“Though…… I want to ask open-mindedly, Lu Wan, you like boys, right?” Another boy pushed his glasses up.


This was not the first time she has answered this question.

The men at the scene were immediately relieved. They were blessed.

After all, there were quite a few beautiful girls this time, and they don’t have much confidence that they would be able to compete with President Lu…… if she was an opponent.

Certainly, Lu Wan also belongs to the category of beautiful girls…… but who dares to go court her?

Just wait for the other party to come to you herself ba.

If President Lu was willing, of course they have no objection. They were also very willing.

The girls listened to Lu Wan’s words and their eyes fell to the face of the boy who travelled with her.

The boy stood there expressionless, with sharp eyebrows and dazzling eyes. He had been silent since he walked in, but it made people feel his gentle and quiet temperament.

……It was different from the other boys around them.

He didn’t seem to notice the glances around him and calmly said to the girl next to him, “Let’s go and see the room arrangement.”

En, good.” Lu Wan answered and followed Chen Nianqing to the front desk after greeting the people who came up to them.

The several contestants remained in place and looked at the two people who had gone away, then looked at each other.

Just looking at the faces of these two contestants, they really doubt if they were selected based on their looks……

Of course, they knew it was impossible.

Lu Wan quickly found her room on the listing. It was on the eighth floor and her roommate was a girl named ‘Qiao Lan’ who hasn’t arrived yet.

She took the room card and was about to put away her luggage when Chen Nianqing stopped her.

“Let’s meet in the lobby at 1 o’clock and have lunch together.”

Lu Wan: “Together?”

Chen Nianqing said with a straight face, “Yes, otherwise I don’t know what to eat if I’m alone, and it’s also easier to order food with the two of us. I only know you here.”

He said that he only knew Lu Wan, but it did not prevent many people from trying to get to know him.

Chen Nianqing’s cello skills were excellent. He won the first place in a prestigious international competition a few years ago and many people had watched it.

What’s more, he looked so handsome and had good grades, how could he be unknown?

Although they haven’t seen him in person, many people had seen his photos.

Besides, Chen Nianqing also played in the Olympiad. He was good enough to enter the national team, but he didn’t go.

Not only did he not attend the training camp, but he also took a year off from school at that time.

Otherwise, Chen Nianqing should have taken the college entrance examination last year. Becoming the provincial champion was guaranteed.

In fact, according to Chen Nianqing’s ability, it’s okay to miss a year. He just postponed it for a year according to this process.

He didn’t need to hurry to get back on track.

Everyone understood that it probably makes no difference for this person to take the exam one year earlier or one year later.

Most people were constantly making choices, but Chen Nianqing doesn’t have to. He could do several things at the same time without effort.

He inherited the high IQ of his parents— blue was made out of indigo but was more vivid than indigo[1]the young generation surpasses the old one; the pupil surpasses the teacher.

Chen Nianqing has never participated in other competitions except that Olympiad two years ago.

The name on the entry list this time surprised many contestants who knew Chen Nianqing.

There was no doubt that he was a popular candidate to win this championship.

Of course, there were several popular candidates. The program team gathered a lot of amazing people.


Lu Wan put her things away, washed her hands, and just went downstairs to meet Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing was standing at the doorway looking at the traffic outside. He heard footsteps coming from behind and turned around.

The corners of his mouth softened a bit, and he asked with a smile, “By the way, how about eating western food today?”

Lu Wan: “Steak? Sure!”

The two of them took the subway for half an hour and arrived at the restaurant.

Chen Nianqing was influenced by Su Rao’s environmental awareness and would opt to ride public transportation when going out.

Lu Wan doesn’t usually take taxis. She didn’t think about it so much, it’s simply because she was stingy.

The pricing in the capital was very high and could increase from tens to hundreds easily.

And in terms of traffic condition nearby, the subway was obviously faster.

The restaurant was on the 39th floor. Lu Wan looked at the decoration outside…… and felt that it would not be cheap.

“Have you gone crazy? Isn’t it very expensive here, Big Brother?”

“I’m treating you. It’s to thank you for inviting me to participate in this competition.”

Lu Wan: “……Why don’t we change to a different restaurant?”

Chen Nianqing: “Didn’t you say that you really want to eat in this restaurant?”

“Ah?” Lu Wan was startled. When did she say that?

She searched her memory and found that she really said it.

In the lifestyle magazine Haley was reading that day, there were restaurants and chefs introductions.

The editor’s writing was very good as if the words were full of flavour. She had said at that time that she wanted to try it.

But was Chen Nianqing there that day?

Chen Nianqing: “Let’s go. I’ve already reserved a seat and paid for it. Don’t worry, I brought my card today.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing: “It’s my own money. Reward’s from various competitions.”

Three years ago, he won first place in an international music competition with the prize money of $100,000, not to mention the scholarship for each semester, which should add up to over a million.

The tuition fee of Shangde High School was very expensive. The annual supplementary fee alone was more than 50,000 yuan. The cost of attending this school was very high, but if the grades were very good, in addition to not spending a penny, one could earn a lot of extra money.

The top three students in each grade were not only exempted from all fees, but also receive high scholarships.

Lu Wan sat down perturbed. She thought for a moment and said, “How about we go Dutch?”

“No need. You can invite me next time.”

“All right.” Lu Wan still thinks it wouldn’t be cheap, but she couldn’t avoid being attracted by the smell coming from the restaurant.

Its floor was high and the bustling city could be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Lu Wan was quite easy going. If she was alone, she would definitely not come to such a place, but since she was already here, she decided to have a good meal.

While waiting for the food to be served, Lu Wan felt that something wasn’t right…… There were roses on the tables beside them.

For a confession or a marriage proposal.

The environment here was very stylish and was indeed suitable for this kind of thing.

The food has not been served yet, but she’s already full from the dog food[2]public display of affection.

Lu Wan: “It’s not suitable for the two of us to come here.”

Chen Nianqing: “I don’t think we’re unsuitable.”

Lu Wan’s eyes widened and said a little surprised, “……I can’t believe it.”

Chen Nianqing looked up at the other person and asked with a smile, “Haven’t thought of it?”

Lu Wan said one word at a time, “How can you show off your wealth!”

After all, it was very expensive here, a thousand per person!

Chen Nianqing: “……”


Lu Wan went to Professor Lu after eating.

The hotel where Professor Lu was staying at was only 2 kilometers away from hers, and was just one bike ride away.

Professor Lu called Lu Wan since he’s got nothing to do. First, he wanted to see his daughter, and second, for motivation.

Of course, it wasn’t him motivating Lu Wan; it was his daughter motivating him.

Professor Lu was uncertain what to do. It was his first time to participate in a variety show, and the key was that his daughter was also there, so he couldn’t make a mistake.

When Lu Wan finally calmed his emotions, it was almost seven o’clock.

The two of them ate dinner in the room. President Zhao ordered exquisite takeout for the father and daughter.

“Remember to lock the door before going to bed. If someone knocks on the door outside, be sure to see who it is first before opening the door. If there’s something, you can call me or the front desk of the hotel. The restaurant is on the fifth floor and the gym is on the eighteenth floor.” Lu Wan explained while walking.

His father was an academic and a little ignorant in life.

“Right, right, I know.” Lu Bainian sent his daughter to the door, and when the other party’s back disappeared around the corner, he closed the door in melancholy.

Why does she have to leave? Obviously, he has an empty room here.

Lu Wan took the elevator and left. She wanted to go back quickly, so she didn’t notice the person who was taking photos with their mobile phone.


This show was knowledge-based, which was very different from other entertainment variety shows.

Jiang Xuerong’s agent attaches great importance to this job. If she performed well, she could attract fans. If her performance was mediocre, they had no choice but to accept it. The point was that they were scared of making a wrong move and attracting haters.

The agent thought…… based on his understanding of Jiang Xuerong, she was very likely to do such a thing.

Thus he figured out a way that could help them. Because the mentors weren’t from the inner circle, they couldn’t even go up and say hello to them.

In that case, why don’t they take the initiative to give them a visit?

There were only four mentors in total and they also know the hotel they were staying at. It was better to visit them one by one and say that they hope to have a pleasant cooperation in the future.

Make a professional appearance first to leave a good impression on the other party.

This time, the judges were all industry leaders and would naturally be able to adapt.

The agent was also a little clever, but Jiang Xuerong wasn’t very happy. Even if they were powerful judges, they’re yearly salary wasn’t as high as her taking advertisements. What was there to be proud of?

The agent made sure she goes, so she had no choice but to do it.

Just when Jiang Xuerong and his assistant went to visit the second person, the door opened before they could come near.

Then she saw…… Lu Wan coming out?!!!

“A contestant appeared in a mentor’s hotel room in the middle of the night. There must be something here!” Jiang Xuerong became energetic at once.

Jiang Xuerong had a bad temper and had changed personal assistants thrice this month.

The newly appointed assistant looked confused. Even if it was surprising, your first reaction should not be to take out your mobile phone and take photos……

This was definitely not what an idol should do.

“It should be nothing. Lu Wan is still a high school student, and the manner of them saying goodbye to one another was very normal ah.” The assistant couldn’t help being honest.

Jiang Xuerong was a little irritated. “What do you know? Shut up. Are high school students all pure? And this is not the first time. That Lu Buyu has a good relationship with her. I don’t think it’s that simple.”

The assistant’s eyes widened. What the hell did she heard?

She also watched that school variety show, but it wasn’t like that at all.

Jiang Xuerong frowned and continued to add fuel to the fire, “Since you’re my assistant and take salary from me, you can’t side with an outsider, got it?”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then I’ll quit.” After a pause, the assistant thought that since she quit her job, of course she had to say everything that was in her heart. She raised her voice and said, “You’re such a f*cking lunatic. Little princess? Phooey, save it! The nurses in the mental hospital have a better job than me.”

With an internship salary of more than 3,000, forget about serving this difficult woman, she still had to undergo mental brainwashing?

After the assistant left, Jiang Xuerong couldn’t help yelling out.

She hasn’t received a new job for half a month. When she came to the capital this morning, there were only three female fans waiting for her.

No matter what, if Lu Wan gets in her way again this time, don’t blame her for being rude.

After all, she already has a card up her sleeve.


1 the young generation surpasses the old one; the pupil surpasses the teacher
2 public display of affection


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