Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 59

Lu Buyu wasn’t worried that Lu Wan would not take this variety show.

Because the staff of the program group, in addition to approaching him, also contacted Shangde High School.

Lu Buyu was very opposed to Lu Wan’s entry into the entertainment industry. This circle was too chaotic and dirty with too many strange people. It was not suitable for girls.

Even when he was staying clean, it was rumored that he’s too good-looking in women’s clothes and was being kept by a big boss so he could have continuous resources.

What the heck. Was this f*ckin human language?

But this show was different.

This was a large-scale academic competition program launched by CCTV[1]China Central Television, PRC state TV network. The main purpose of the program was to make more young people enjoy exercising their brains and learn through the use of entertainment.

Rest assured that the production team has invited a famous host to take the lead and the industry’s big shots to be mentors. Every episode would be joined by starts to add to the viewer’s enjoyment, and not make it too insistent.

In short, this was a variety show for all ages.

This kind of program was completely made for Lu Wan, the study freak!

She must go ah! Let more people see her shine!

Top students have their own aura. Although Lu Wan was not as good-looking as him, she was better-looking than most people.

It’s better if the fans turned crazy and be pissed off at that girl.

Lu Buyu was very annoyed when he thought of Jiang Xuerong’s words.

What “She look peculiar with her short hair” and “Jiang Boyang is so handsome but she couldn’t recognize it. She must be a creep who likes girls”?

Let’s not say that Lu Wan was a steel straight girl, was it unusual to like girls?

And that Jiang Boyang was fart ah. Bullsh*t!

There were so many issue that Lu Buyu doesn’t even know where to start.

How could such a person be worthy of being an idol?

What the hell was all this?

Even with Lu Wan’s short hair, many stinky boys at school like her.

Where was she like that woman? Take the fans she’d attracted as an example, they expected her to act crazy every day. She was supported by female fans, but her male fans were very few.

That he did not swear and pull her hair at that time was him being well-educated.

Lu Buyu used his connections to snipe Jiang Xuerong.

The industry also vaguely heard that Jiang Xuerong offended the top star because of her temper during a shoot.

The little princess relied on money, but the current entertainment industry has long been filled with countless people with all sizes of capital.

Lu Buyu had been a top star for five years and was not at the same level as the little princess at all.

Jiang Xuerong’s opponents were delighted. Things went south ba. Not everyone has to yield to you. Forget that you bully small people with no background, but you still dare to provoke a top star?

After being nauseated for so long, they finally let out a breath.

If not because of the lack of job, Jiang Xuerong wouldn’t have accepted this variety show.

After all, her qualification as a high school dropout…… was not quite fitting.

The more Lu Buyu thought about it, the happier he was. Go, cool guy! Teach that bad woman to be a normal person.

He’s not demanding her to be a good person. Damn it. Just be a human being.

The agent and assistant looked at each other.

The elder brother striving to be his younger sister’s support wasn’t right.

It’s the Eldest Miss who’s getting more and more arrogant after having a backer.


Lu Wan didn’t take Lu Buyu’s call seriously.

After all, that idiot often did things without thinking. It’s okay to not pay him any mind.

Until she was told to make a trip to the office.


The vice principal looked at the student in front of him. There was a TV program that was selecting outstanding talents from all over the country.

An invitation was sent to Shangde High School, hoping that the school would recommend suitable students to participate in the selection.

There were no restrictions on the contestants of this program; they could be high school students or white-collar workers who have already entered the workforce.

As long as one was interested and confident, they could sign up.

However, the program team has set an assessment, and the test paper that would be sent to their mailboxes alone could eliminate 95% of the people.

In the second round of interviews, another 70% would be eliminated.

The rest will have the opportunity to participate in the recording.

The vice principal said with a smile, “I’ve discussed it with several teachers and decided to recommend two senior students to go. You’re on the list.”

Lu Wan was actually quite interested after listening to the other party’s introduction of the program.

Since the participants were all very smart, they could exchange ideas to broaden their minds.

There were also prizes for the top three, and the first place would receive 500,000.

What if…… she got lucky?

Lu Wan felt that she could look forward to it.

The program would be recorded every month for a duration of three days and was scheduled on weekends, which basically meant they would not miss the school classes.

And as far as she herself was concerned, there was actually nothing to be held up.

She failed to place first in the exam twice. Lu Wan had thought about it seriously. In the Chinese subject, so long as one has about130 points, they don’t need to have a thick literary foundation. One just has to write more papers after reading the textbooks and master the tricks for answering questions. It was basically the same.

But to get above 140 points…… it’s really difficult.

She needed something.

Lu Wan used to think that a 130 in the Chinese test was enough. After all, her math and science added together was high every time.

She was also good at English.

So every time she could steadily place first in the exam with a big total score gap from the second place.

But now she had met a guy who was as good as her in science, but could get 10 points higher in Chinese than she can……

Her ranking was just lower by 10 points.

Take it slow ba. After all, the other person has accumulated knowledge for years. She didn’t have much time to read poetry and deepen her cultural literacy. It was impossible for her to catch up at once.

His efforts were not in vain. Just by looking at Chen Nianqing’s beautiful regular script, one would know that he was a tenacious person.

Lu Wan deliberated for a bit before saying, “I do want to go, but is it just me?”

Vice principal: “Two will be chosen from the second years and two from the third years according to the final exam ranking.”

Lu Wan: “Oh. Is Student Chen Nianqing going too?”

“Not necessarily. If he is not interested in this competition, then you and the third place, Su Rao, will go.” After a pause, the vice principal added, “Actually, Su Rao is also very good and highly talented. I look forward to your good results.”

Lu Wan: “??!!”

Lu Wan only said that she was interested, but she had not yet decided whether to go or not. The vice principal expressed his understanding that this matter should be decided after going home and discussing with the parents.

She hadn’t given an answer yet, but the news spread like wildfire.

There were even some students who spontaneously formed a support group. President Lu will definitely win this competition.

How did that saying goes? My wife is great, so that means I’m great!

The next day, the Skateboard Club was discussing this matter.

After all, Lu Wan and Su Rao were both members of their club. What was showing off? This was it!

Lu Wan has been practicing skateboarding for several months and was no longer a rookie. She could even jump occasionally.

When she was standing on the skateboard stupidly, all the girls passing by would look at her, not to mention now.

The male comrades from the Skateboard Club said that they were used to it. In this world where pretty faces ruled, what’s the use of practicing their skills!?

Su Rao: “Lu Wan, since we’re going to the show together, let’s look after each other.”

Xu Yao said passionately, “I’ll go too. Lu Wan, I’ll be your cheerleader!”

Lu Wan: “Heh. Our school’s cheerleaders all dance in skirts.”

Xu Yao deliberated for a while, then said hesitantly, “If you want to see…… it’s not impossible.”

Lu Wan tried to picture the muscular Xu Yao wearing a skirt and saying “Go for it!”.

She really couldn’t hold back making a ‘vomiting’ sound.

This picture was too provoking. Why should she endure such mortal suffering?

Xu Yao: “Lu Wan, what does that mean ah?”

Su Rao laughed. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“This has nothing to do with you.”

“It has something to do with me. Lu Wan and I will join in the competition together. It has nothing to do with you.”

Seeing that the two were fighting again, Lu Wan silently walked to the side of the road and sat down to rest.

She pondered for a moment, took out her phone to open WeChat, and clicked on Chen Nianqing’s avatar.

She sent a message over.

【Aren’t you going to that program?】

In seconds, there was a reply.

【Do you want me to go?】

Lu Wan mulled over it. It would be best to persuade this person to come with her. That would save her a lot of trouble.

【I suppose.】

Lu Wan waited for ten seconds, but the other party didn’t reply. While thinking about how to persuade Chen Nianqing to agree, she continued to send messages.

【No. 1 in the whole grade. You have no excuse.】

【You’re so excellent, it’s a loss for the program group if you don’t go!】

【Brother Chen, won’t you think about it? While you’re still young?】

Lu Wan sent three messages in a row and then realized that she was a little too aggressive.

Forget it. He’s not going. Just as she thought so, the other side finally replied.

【Since you want to, I’ll go.】

Chen Nianqing had already entered these words in the dialog box just now, but someone came to ask him something and was interrupted so he could not reply immediately.

Then he looked at the screen again. The other party sent a full screen of very purposeful compliments.

Such a fast hand speed, it was clear that she hadn’t given it any thought.

Chen Nianqing pursed his lips and sent a WeChat message to ask the other party.

【Do you always praise others like this?】

Lu Wan was very happy at the moment. Wasn’t this an easy solution to all her problems? She continued to reply in a light mood.

【This is how I praise you.】

Lu Wan could tell that Su Rao respected Chen Nianqing as her elder brother very much. This guy could shake everyone.

Chen Nianqing also had a different vibe from Xu Yao, so it was likely that the other party wouldn’t tag along.

Perfect! By borrowing others strength, she solved the problem perfectly without resorting to force.


School was a collective life— there were no secrets.

This news spread in the afternoon.

“Say, do you think those two can get good results when they go to the competition?”

“It’s hard to say, but isn’t Study Genius not interested in competitions?”

 “I heard that Lu Wan invited him. The relationship between them is really good.”

From a distance, Zhao Yihang could hear his fellow members talking about the students who were going to participate in the program recording, but couldn’t hear it clearly.

As the vice president of the Music Club, he felt it necessary to express his opinions.

“You mean Lu Wan and Su Rao? Our Club President is different. He is superior yet low-key, so he won’t go record the show.”

“What are you talking about? This time President Lu and Club Pres will go together? Are you surfing with 2G?”

Zhao Yihang’s face was full of bewilderment. “What? That’s impossible.”

“Really. I heard that President Lu personally invited him. A study genius really gets along well with other study genius.”

Zhao Yihang: ” Impossible! It must be false rumor!”

“It’s true.” Chen Nianqing, who walked in, confirmed the matter.

Zhao Yihang: “……”

Why? Was he here to just eat melon? Why did his house collapsed again?

How many times has this been?

His idol has been too abnormal lately!


Lin Niannian heard about this while cleaning the corridor.

She also wanted to participate in that variety show…… Unfortunately, the school only recommended four people.

Lin Niannian felt that she did well in the test this time, with a total score of 625, which was well higher than the passing line for undergraduate degrees.

There was still a year before the college entrance examination, and she was sure to raise her score to 660 points.

But when she saw that Lu Wan scored seven hundred in the exam, she was completely dumbstruck.

After all, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t score above 700.

Last semester ended 23 days short of the promised three months of the bet, so she had to continue cleaning in the new semester.

Lin Niannian thought that no one was paying attention so she pretended to forget about it……

She didn’t expect Haley to find her a new mop.

Haley said with a smile, “To do a good job, you must have tools at your fingertips. I specially got you a new mop from the storage room. Classmate Lin doesn’t need to thank me. It’s only proper.”

The new mop was very water-absorbent, heavier and could certainly clean more.

Lin Niannian was about to cry. However, as Haley was well-intentioned, she couldn’t quarrel with him.

Haley snorted inside after delivering the mop.

He had to find some work for this little white lotus to pass the time. Otherwise she would either hook up with men or scheme against President Lu in her spare time.

He must make this girl remember this lesson.

Heh. It’s useless for the Lotus to be angry. He’s a green tea with a higher rank.


Shangde High School was a prestigious private school after all, and the students in it were crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Those who could get to the top were all very powerful.

Therefore, the students recommended by the school were exempted from the interview and could directly participate in the program recording.

The first phase of the recording was the preliminary selection which was necessary to sift out the 500 contestants.

In these three days, only 80 players would remain. It was highly competitive and the passing rate was less than 20%.

Although it was September, the recent weather was still hot. Lu Wan didn’t have much luggage to pack. After all, she would only go there for three days.

She was carrying a bag containing few things.

Lu Wan brought two sets of clothes to change into, a facial wash and a moisturizer so her face wouldn’t feel dry.

Well, there’s also a sunscreen.

The moisturizer and sunscreen were given to her by Lu Buyu before. That time he specifically told her that she must bring it and wear sunscreen every day.

“You aren’t very good-looking, and you will look even worse if you get tanned.”

Lu Wan: “???”

Lu Wan hadn’t started yet, when Professor Lu, who just heard this sentence, rushed up and knocked him on the head.

“How can you speak like that to your little sister? How many times should I tell you?!”

The Eldest Miss covered his forehead, considered it for a moment, and said, “Lu Wan, you must do your best for me. At least make it to the finals. Don’t get eliminated in the first round ah.”

Lu Wan: “I know. Don’t worry, I won’t.”

It may be difficult to win the prize, but it wasn’t a big problem to reach the finals.

Lu Bainian coughed. “There’s something I want to say. On Wanwan’s flight tomorrow morning, Dad is coming with you.”

Lu Buyu’s face showed a question mark, “Old man, you’re going to accompany her? Why didn’t you do that when I was still studying?”

Not to mention, he would always call President Zhao after his debut.

President Zhao coldly said that he should just tell them if he wanted money and contacts, but do not mention them in front of outsiders.

As expected, he was the stone of their love.

Lu Wan: “……Actually, I can handle it alone.”

Professor Lu: “No, no, no, the instructor invited by this program was my student, but I volunteered to come and said that I wanted to see the younger generation, and they agreed.”

Lu Bainian was a PhD advisor, a true leader in the industry.

The other party offered to come. How could the program team disagree?

As an ordinary contestant, Lu Wan would only be reimbursed for economy class, while Professor Lu, as a specially invited mentor, could be reimbursed for first class flight.

Lu Buyu and Lu Wan looked at each other. Why did the old man suddenly become interested?

Lu Bainian: “Don’t worry, Wanwan. I will be my own judge and will never affect you. I won’t grab the attention of the crew and pretend that I don’t know you in the show.”

“Heh. Your acting skills are a bit rotten.” After pausing, Lu Buyu turned around and said to Lu Wan, “You have to watch out.”

Lu Wan was really worried. “Dad, you must be careful with your actions.”

Lu Bainian: “Don’t worry ba, I know.”

He didn’t have much time, so he would just go to the recording twice.

Lu Buyu: “Old Lu is a specially invited mentor and judge and I will also be on next recording. Thinking of it this way, our family is going to meet on this show. It’s truly fate.”

Lu Bainian thought for a while and said in a strict manner, “That’s not true. Your mother won’t go.”

President Zhao heard this sentence when she came in. She smiled and said, “I won’t crowd with you on the stage, but I bought a VIP seat in the first row. I can watch my family’s Shushu more clearly.”

The other three: “……”

What was this coincidence?

Lu Wan felt that something bad was going to happen and it could cause problems.

Supposing that Professor Lu talked nonsense and blurted out “Daughter, you……” when commenting on her.

That would be ‘interesting’ to watch.

Most of the other parents accompanying their child to participate in the competition would not enter the site ah.

It’s fine for these two to stand on the same stage with her, though it’s already nerve-wracking.

In any minute, the program team’s thunder could get stolen because of her family matter.

A judge, a contestant, a special guest star and a front-row audience, mm, it’s a family.

As long as it was exposed, both the staff and the audience could reach the highlight instantly.

It would blow out on the spot.


1 China Central Television, PRC state TV network

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