Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 58

After Lu Wan finished the magazine shoot, she didn’t care about it anymore.

Whenever Lu Buyu was busy, he wouldn’t show his face at home all week.

Lu Wan disliked the other party’s chattiness, but when he was away for several days, it seemed that the house was a little too quiet.

Turns out that guy was the one responsible for creating the atmosphere?

Lu Wan had a very fulfilling summer vacation. She usually went to the training school and went swimming or rock climbing with her new friends on weekends.

During this period, Haley also called her out twice to meet his little sisters.

Lu Wan felt that Haley was…… special enough. Seeing three or four ‘Haley’ dressed to the nines accompanying him was even more surprising.

The group of ‘Haley’s’ bemoaned in unison: It’s a pity. If President Lu’s a man, she’d definitely be a fierce 1.

Ah, where love begins is also where it ends.

Lu Wan: “……My hair has grown.”

Haley: “Hey, it’s not about the hair. It’s the appeal, understand?”

Lu Wan: “……”

She doesn’t quite understand, because no one could misidentify her gender now.

Lu Wan looked at the real Haley’s newly dyed hair. He has changed his hair color twice this summer. She gave it some thought, “I think you and Xu Yao are actually quite alike. You both like to fiddle with your hair.”

Haley placed his hands on his hips. “No, no, no. That’s not true, President Lu. Those colors are for Shamate’s. This is the color concocted by the chief hairdresser. It’s very different.”

Who’s quite alike with that foolish straight man? The cute red panda was really angry.

He kept smiling nonetheless.


On the reopening day of Shangde High School, the magazine where Lu Wan and Lu Buyu was the front cover happened to be on sale at 12:00 noon.

In order to build momentum, the magazine’s official Weibo page released the highlights of the shooting day two hours in advance.

The official Weibo of 《Go to School Together》 also reposted it.

After all, in the fourteen episodes of this variety show, the first three episodes with Lu Wan and Lu Buyu were the most viewed.

Double killing the ensuing issues.

The program team was willing to worship the two as bodhisattvas! Their lucky stars!

Lu Buyu’s fans and the variety show’s viewers were all surprised.

This socialist sibling still provided an after service ah?

The first episode of the variety show aired when the summer vacation had just started. Today just when the summer vacation ended, they were featured in a magazine.

The brother and sister passed by the whole pleasant vacation, and the memories associated with them were light-hearted.

The highlights released by the magazine were also very funny, and the people who watched it had an aunt’s smile written on their faces.

But why was it only ten minutes? They wouldn’t mind if its 100 minutes long! We have a lot of time!

Lu Buyu’s fans have a high degree of favorability towards Lu Wan. With Little Sister, their idol suddenly became more grounded.

En. Every time he made fun of Little Sister, he didn’t realize that he would turn adorably silly.

There was no emotional exchange when the two people get along, only the plastic brother-sister and classmate relationship!

Many passers-by were attracted by the brother and sister’s cut portion, thinking that Lu Wan was a wolf slayer[1]ruthless person.

After watching the entire show, they found that it wasn’t the case at all.

As long as people didn’t offend her, Classmate Lu Wan was very gentle. She doesn’t usually talk much. She’s not the lively and noisy type, but somehow, it made people feel that she’s reliable, and they wanted to see more of her.

When classmates ask her about homework, she would patiently explain it to others.

Lu Wan was Buddha-like, and her whole person has a faint sense of Zen[2]peaceful and calm.

She only speaks when cued, otherwise she wouldn’t take the initiative to look at the camera and spend most of her time reading silently and doing her own thing.

Even the bashers couldn’t find fault with her and could only retreat.

Although she’s a regular person, she has gained a lot of fans through this show.

Many people in the comment section expressed that they would pick Little Sister and pre-ordered the magazine for her!

There’s no need to set high goals. Little Sister’s a regular person, so five hundred copies were enough!

The sale started at 12 o’clock on time, but it broke one million in ten minutes.

For Lu Buyu, this level was normal; after all, he’s a top star.

Lu Wan also has more than 20,000 connected sales alone……

Most of the more than 20,000 buyers were Lu Buyu’s fans. Their idol doesn’t need to PK with anyone. Since they didn’t need to worry about sales volume, it’s better to help out Little Sister.

After all, she helped take care of the child for this long.

On the contrary, the people in the circle were shocked…… Even if most of it were made up of the ‘brother and sister’ fans, or was bought because of Lu Buyu’s face, the sales of 20,000 were an actual achievement!

One must know that many celebrities couldn’t even sell 10,000 copies……

Jiang Xuerong almost fainted in anger when she saw that Lu Wan had sold 20,000 copies. If she hadn’t been replaced in the middle, then the one who was admired by others would be her now!

She was on the cover of a magazine last month and could only sell more than 10,000 copies. In order to make the data look good, the company paid form its own pocket to make it more than that number.

Jiang Xuerong bought hot searches like flowing water, which gained a lot of attention.

The fans she attracted all think she was very popular, so she was usually very arrogant and argues with fans of other starlets everywhere.

She had capital and a lot of media and fashion resources, which was much better than the newcomers who graduated from professional schools, creating an illusion of popularity. In fact, the spun data could barely be looked at.

It’s just……. a few were willing to actually spend money.

Seeing that Lu Wan had sold 20,000 copies, she could hardly wait for the other party to be hit by a car when she goes out.

Jiang Xuerong was not good at tearing faces. A month ago, she had said on Weibo that she was going to shoot a magazine with a top star.

There were blessings in the comment section back then, saying ‘good job’.

At that time, there were materials hinting that it was Lu Buyu…… But how did the person change to someone else now?

A fan asked in the comment section: Xuexue, have you been replaced?

Jiang Xuerong replied with an expression of ‘helplessness’, neither admitting nor denying, but her attitude made peoples imagination run wild.

The fans quickly exploded. Was the little princess robbed of resources?

And by a regular person at that?

Wasn’t this too cheap?!

Comments on the magazine’s official Weibo account were all discussing the cover.

They shouldn’t have chosen the one where the two looked dashing, but instead the one where they were wearing floral shirts with the silly style.

Mm. They like to watch idols’ embarrassed appearance.

【This time, I finally don’t have to secretly hide the magazine I bought because my mother likes Lu Wan very much and she’s really a fan.】

【I may have dozen layers of filters for this pair of brother and sister.】

【I just love Lu Buyu. I’m going to get Little Sister to be my sister-in-law and then we will be a one big family. (* ̄︶ ̄)】

【Wake up Upstairs. Sleep talking in broad daylight.】

【Lu Wan is so disgusting. Don’t you feel ashamed to grab resources? Are you preparing to debut?】

【I hate this girl with short hair. Why not find your own guy to shoot with you? They might as well choose our little princess Xuexue.】

【That’s it? She’s too far from Xuexue ba.】

【What happened to the comments? We are a socialist country, can you tell me where is this princess from?】

【Confused face. I just love to see Lu Wan and Lu Buyu together in one picture.】

【Some people are just jealous of the little princess. What’s wrong with Xuexue?】

【If we don’t like her, then were jealous of the Eldest Miss, is that it? If you love to quarrel then do it on your own. Can you get out of the comment area?】

【Jiang Xuerong? I’d rather not. I will die once I hear her pinched voice, but before I do, I’ll blew up her dog-head first.】

【Right? The brainless fans think that rich ladies are all like Jiang Xuerong? The rich little sisters around me are working hard, indicating that they won’t take this blame.】

【Shangde student passing by. Be a person. President Lu is second in the final exams for the whole grade.】

There was a quick quarrel in the comment section, but Lu Buyu’s fans killed the other’s water army[3]paid posters dozens of times.

They pretty much rubbed the other side’s nose in the dirt, teaching them how to be human in minutes.

Jiang Xuerong’s tactic was to bombard everyone with hot searches.

What puzzled a lot of people was that there were actually fans.

Her looks was hardly exceptional, and her acting, singing and dancing were also very ordinary, and she doesn’t even make any effort.

Could such a person be an idol?

They’re afraid those fans were envisioning themselves as the other party and wanted become a little princess who wins effortlessly without even trying.

To put it bluntly, she had no other merit except having a good family background.

Princesses in ancient times were at least proficient in the four arts[4]zither, go, calligraphy and painting and Disney princesses were also very good. What kind of princess was this?

Jiang Xuerong’s fans failed to criticize the magazine’s official Weibo account, so they turned a little aggressive and left messages on Lu Buyu’s Weibo instead.

Can a top star bully people?

Lu Buyu took out his mobile phone to surf the Internet during the break.

With his 5G internet speed, he would search his name on Weibo whenever he’s free.

If he encountered someone making rumors about him out of nothing, Lu Buyu would switch to his alt to scold the other party.

He won’t stand it. Generally, he would block the other party after scolding, as he wasn’t fond of fighting. However, the Eldest Miss was usually busy, so he would scold once or twice a month at most.

Lu Buyu opened the comment area and there were messages from fans in front. He set it in order of ‘time’, and saw the newly added comments a minute ago.

“Lu Buyu, why did you let an amateur replace the little princess? Do you have a secret relationship? Do something about your fan ba.”

This comment wasn’t that malicious, but Lu Buyu suddenly exploded.

He immediately replied: Md[5]ma-de; f*ck. We are siblings.

This reply was quickly picked up by fans and pushed to the front.

Half an hour later, it was successfully on the hot search.


In recent years, there have also been celebrities who called out netizens. If it was reasonable, the public would also express its understanding.

Many people pretend to be decent in real life, but the second they go online using sock puppets, they stop acting like human beings.

Lu Buyu’s fans think that it’s right. Brother Yu is very manly.

In addition to being funny, this socialist brother and sister was actually a little sweet???

Most passersby also think that the previous comment was a bit low. Lu Wan was still in high school, and in the show, she had said that she wouldn’t make a debut.

The other party was an underage regular top student. It was too ruthless to speculate like this!

But this brother and sister were really close.

Last time, the little sister took the final exam and the older brother went to see her, and this time they made the magazine together.

Like real siblings.

The first day of school was full of trivial matters and Lu Wan didn’t have time to surf the Internet.

Haley, whose hair was dyed black again, glanced at her as he handed his phone over for her to check.

She was wondering how Chen Nianqing could get so many points. The gap this time was smaller, nevertheless, it was still nine points higher than hers.

The final exam results had come out for a long time, but when the exam papers were issued today, it was inevitable that there would be discussions again. Some were happy while some were not.

The top three geniuses were still the focus of public discussion.

Chen Nianqing 731. Mathematics 150, Science 296, Chinese 139, English 146.

Lu Wan 722. Mathematics 150, Science 296, Chinese 133, English 143.

Su Rao 720. Mathematics 143, Science 291, Chinese 138, English 148.

There were five students in the whole grade that scored above 700.

The other two were just a little bit over, but although they were also first-rate top students, the gap between them and the three geniuses were still big.

Lu Wan had Chen Nianqing’s WeChat and the two of them would occasionally communicate during the summer vacation about learning matters.

Such as robotic circuits, programming by permutation and also French.

That guy was really powerful, as if he knew everything. Chen Nianqing even studied French for several years.

Chen Nianqing wanted to say that there’re still in fact a lot of things he knew, but the other side didn’t ask him.

He seems to be an intelligent learning machine in the other person’s eyes, so they should be considered…… close, right?

Lu Wan requested him to take pictures of the test papers for the two subjects that surpassed hers.

She wanted to take a good look on where she’s wrong, and learn through this experience to fight again next time.

Just one minute after Lu Wan’s message came, Chen Nianqing sent her the photos.

In fact, he had already taken them and was holding his phone, just waiting for the other party to message him.

Zhao Yihang witnessed the whole process and felt that his house collapsed on the first day of school. Club President, you’re too keen.

Lu Wan looked down seriously.

In the answer part of Chen Nianqing’s test paper, the hand written regular scrip was very eye-catching, even better than the printed questions.

There was no smear on the whole paper. It could be seen that this guy was very stable, and his mentality and skills were f*cking great.

Correcting such a paper must be a treat to the teacher.

How did this boy do it?

Before Lu Wan finished reading, her vision darkened.

She looked up and saw two people sitting in the front table.

Su Rao: “Student Lu Wan, long time no see. How about I invite you to drink milk tea this noon? Congratulations on surpassing me and getting the second place, but it won’t happen again next time.”

Xu Yao propped his hands on the table. “Don’t talk so much nonsense. We have been friends for so many years, we must get together at the beginning of school.”

Su Rao and Xu Yao glanced at each other, and saw three words in each other’s eyes: You shut up.

Lu Wan held her chin. This was the first day of school…… How come the summer vacation has passed yet these two guys were still the same?

Nothing has changed at all. When will you two get tired?

Haley whistled. Wonderful, days like this are finally back.


Lu Buyu finished scolding people online and Xiao Zhang thought that all the studio staff had to work overtime to fight against the public opinion.

……They didn’t expect that it was unnecessary. Most were very gentle and didn’t feel he did anything wrong.

Public figures were obliged to accept public criticism, but they were by no means obliged to endure cyber violence.

Getting rid of keyboard warriors who slander and abuse people might be the idols and many people’s dream.

Not only was Lu Buyu not affected, but two women’s shopping websites and milk powder brands came to ask about business.

Xiao Zhang mentioned a sentence and Lu Buyu laughed in anger. Forget about the women’s shopping website, what baby products?

He just had a little sister, not a daughter.

There was also a quiz program. Seeing that Lu Buyu and Lu Wan have such a good relationship, they directly contacted Lu Buyu’s studio and wanted to invite Lu Wan to participate in the competition.

Lu Buyu wasn’t very interested until he knew that one of the star guests was Jiang Xuerong.

How did that underachiever Jiang Xuerong get into this show?

Was there something wrong with the people behind her? Did they somehow forget to do a check?

Heh. Lu Wan, that little study freak, could completely beat that little princess to the ground.

Xiao Zhang didn’t think about it too much. He sighed and said with great regret, “Lu Wan is a girl who looks like a boy. Even if she is comely, she’s stubborn and looks like someone not to be trifled with. Her features are easily recognizable and can be molded—very suitable for making films. It’s a pity not to make a debut.”

Assistant Xiao Zhao nodded. “That’s right. President Lu can participate in sports variety shows and can also participate in knowledge oriented programs.”

She might be widely popular than the Eldest Miss.

“Okay, then we’ll take this show for Lu Wan!” Lu Buyu declared.

Xiao Zhao and Xiao Zhang looked at each other. The siblings were too different from one another.

In fact, Lu Buyu has already revealed that they were brother and sister, but others still think that it was the kind that was not related by blood. At most…… they just shared a table. Anyway, it would never be a relative.

It’s unscrupulous of the Eldest Miss to be like this. Jiang Xuerong doesn’t look smart at first glance, but he’ll still deliberately stuff President Lu in. It would be strange if the other party didn’t receive trauma.

Xiao Zhang asked curiously, “So what did the little princess say that day to offend you?”

Lu Buyu turned to look at the person and couldn’t help but sing, “I won’t tell you~ I won’t tell you~”

It wasn’t a good thing so he didn’t tell anyone.

Xiao Zhang: “……”

So angry.

Lu Buyu just went for it. He immediately called Lu Wan and straight out said, “I have a competition program here, which is very suitable for students. I’ll help you sign up.”

Lu Wan was also very direct. “Not going. Busy. Bye.”

Hearing the busy tone on the other end, Lu Buyu asked with a bewildered expression, “What’s wrong with Lu Wan? Playing big with a big name like me?”

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Zhao: “……”

They‘d already guessed this result.

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Zhao: “……”

Eldest Miss, haven’t you already gone through this?

Since your sister came back, you’ve been often acting immature.


1 ruthless person
2 peaceful and calm
3 paid posters
4 zither, go, calligraphy and painting
5 ma-de; f*ck

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