Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 57

Lu Wan was downstairs. She sent a WeChat message, asking the other party to come and get the contract.

She waited for five minutes and saw Lu Buyu’s assistant, Xiao Zhao running over.

The two of them met during the recording of the show last month. Xiao Zhao knew that Lu Wan and his boss were real brother and sister.

“President Lu, thank you for making a trip. Brother Yu is upstairs. He has something to tell you. Why don’t you go up with me to have a look?”

It was only after Xiao Zhao had finished that he realized there was a mistake. The younger sister was ‘President Lu’ and the elder brother was ‘Brother Yu’. The seniority was completely messed up ah.

Lu Wan: “No. If he has something to say, he can just tell me at home. I’m going to the training school now.”

“Aah, President Lu, don’t go. It’s something really important. It won’t take much time.” Xiao Zhao stepped forward to stop the person with a sincere expression.

Lu Wan had an epiphany and asked, “Lu Buyu wants to do something again?”

The assistant couldn’t say it wasn’t true. Won’t Brother Yu lose face?

However, in this situation, he should bring Lu Wan up first. He nodded and said pitifully, “Please understand.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She didn’t want to understand.


When Lu Wan walked into the dressing room, Lu Buyu was looking down at his mobile phone.

He was frowning slightly, not knowing whether he was chatting or playing games.

Seeing the person come in from the corner of his eyes, Lu Buyu put away the phone.

He surveyed Lu Wan from top to bottom, raised his chin slightly and said, “Although you are average, but today is your lucky day. I’ll let you join in a magazine shoot with me.”

Lu Buyu had eye makeup on and it added a bit of a demonic aura on his pair of peach blossom eyes. One didn’t have to look at the whole face. These eyes seem to hide countless stories, which were enough to make people fall in love at first sight.

Most female stars in the entertainment industry don’t want to be called a vase. One don’t have to worry about it when one stand with Lu Buyu, because basically only he can be called a vase~

After all, even Lu Buyu’s unswerving black fans admitted that this top star’s face value was impeccable.

Lu Wan: “Is there something wrong with your brain?”

Lu Buyu: “Heh. You don’t want to? Others are in a hurry to work with me but I turned them down. If we didn’t know each other, then will I give you this opportunity?”

“I don’t know you.”

After saying these words, Lu Wan didn’t bother to talk to him anymore. She turned around and walked out.


Three minutes later.

Lu Wan looked down at Lu Buyu, who suddenly flew over and hugged her leg, and said unbearably, “Let go.”

“I won’t let go unless you promise to take pictures with me.”

Lu Wan: “Let go at once. It’s impossible.”

“You’re too heartless. It’s just taking pictures. Can you still lose?”

“Aaaaargh, let go! I’m going to class!”

 “I won’t, I won’t. I’m your own brother.”

Agent Xiao Zhang and assistant Xiao Zhao exchanged glances.

Ah, it’s as if it wasn’t Brother Yu who was being arrogant and pretentious a few minutes ago.

The contrast was a little big.

However, they were not surprised that things have developed to this point.


The moment the door was pushed open, Lu Buyu stood up quickly.

Although he reacted fast, Du Xiao still saw it……

Were these two people hugging each other just now?

Lu Buyu returned to his cold appearance in seconds. He frowned and said, “You should at least knock before entering.”

This was his private resting place.

Du Xiao immediately apologized, “Sorry Teacher Lu. I was in a hurry to find you. I’ve already persuaded Xuerong.”

Jiang Xuerong was the female artist who’s collaborating with Lu Buyu today, and Du Xiao was her agent.

Lu Buyu: “No need to persuade her. If she’s unwilling, I won’t force her. I’ve already found a replacement.”

Du Xiao froze for a moment, then pursed his lips. “That’s unnecessary, right? Xue Rong is a little princess. Although she’s a little willful, she has no bad intention. The fans even think it’s very cute. You are her senior, please bear with her more.”

Lu Buyu often had temper, but he was very professional and never took the initiative to find faults.

Since he said so, it must mean she’s stepped on his bottom line.

“Who isn’t a little princess?” Lu Buyu laughed. After that, he felt that this sentence wasn’t quite right, and added, “I’m not talking about myself. I mean who isn’t a little princess in their parents’ eyes? So is Lu Wan. I will team up with this princess, although she is not cute and is very fierce.”

Lu Wan: “……”

There’s no need.

The others: “……”

Lu Wan: “Why don’t you keep talking and don’t mind me. I’ll leave first.”

Lu Buyu was afraid that she would run away, so he walked over and put his arm around Lu Wan. “No. You agreed with me just now.”

Lu Wan turned to look at the other party. Was her memory failing her? She doesn’t remember agreeing with him.

The man who pushed the door in doesn’t look good. Lu Wan didn’t immediately deny.

Although this older brother was just making it up, she could let it go once in a while.

Seeing that Lu Wan didn’t make him lose face in front of the public, Lu Buyu was relieved. He said to Du Xiao, “You can go. Let your artist go back and have a good rest. Don’t also waste tomorrow’s work.”

Du Xiao looked alarmed and surprised. Lu Buyu was considered quite a Buddha-like person.

Since the other party was already a top star, there was no shortage of work and notability. He had left all male artists of the same age in the dust and there’s nothing worthy of his attention.

But what’s going on today?

Jiang Xuerong was a little petulant, and after being picky, she said, “I don’t want to shoot anymore”, but this was just words said in the heat of the moment!

Lu Buyu actually made use of the situation and replaced her halfway?!

In today’s shooting, Lu Buyu was the main person and Jiang Xuerong was second. It was originally because the top star needed someone to shoot this specific theme, that’s why they received the invitation.

Lu Buyu could surely insist on changing to another person.

After all, it was Jiang Xuerong who said she didn’t want to shoot!

Raising public opinion would not be good for them! Thus they could only swallow their anger.

But this was a rare opportunity. After all, the magazines that Lu Buyu made the cover of were basically sold out in seconds, and the sales easily exceeding millions.

Du Xiao’s original plan to let Jiang Xuerong get a wave of fans fell through.

Du Xiao knew about the variety show that Lu Buyu filmed last month. That female high school student used Lu Buyu to gain a lot of attention and fans.

The other party was just a regular person in all aspects.

Du Xiao said a lot of good things for a while, but Lu Buyu remained unmoved.

In the end, Xiao Zhang had to invite him out.

Xiao Zhang wondered why the Eldest Miss suddenly had such a tough attitude…… but it wasn’t inconceivable.

He didn’t have a good impression of the female artist either, so he didn’t want to speak for her.

Lu Buyu: “As you can see, I’ve already turned that side down. If you don’t help me, then I won’t be able to shoot. In the end, I can only show people nothing.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Can you do this? You first decapitate then present your trophy[1]do something without asking for instructions to cause a fait accompli before reporting to the superior.

The assistant and the agent looked at each other, and the two quickly reached a consensus.

Agent Xiao Zhang said in a quiet voice, “You can go, Little Sister. I’ll notify everyone to be prepared. This will require the entire team to work overtime for a week without sleeping, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a trivial matter. Brother Yu will just have a lot of black history of playing big name.”

The assistant’s smile appeared to be a bit forced. “I’ll call Old Li from operations and ask him to come back to work overtime. Although Old Li asked for leave half a month in advance and said he wanted to accompany his wife, who’s giving birth in two days. Nevertheless, work is more important. When his son is born, he won’t be able to see his father, but it’s the same afterwards. President Lu, you’d better go and do your own thing ba.”

Lu Wan’s expression loosened a little. “……Actually, I still have classes today.”

Lu Buyu snorted coldly. “Aren’t you going to the training school to make a robot? Although your teacher is a big shot, I know him. It’s okay not to go.”

Lu Wan: “How did you know?”

“I also know which classes you took and what your teacher’s names are.”

Lu Buyu then said several names, each of them right.

Lu Wan was completely shocked. How much free time does this guy have?

Lu Buyu: “See how much I care about you. Let me ask you, do you know the name of the character I played for the first time?”

Lu Wan: “……It should be a man.”

“I care so much about you, but you don’t care about me at all! Now, apologize to me right away.”

“……I’m sorry.” Lu Wan apologized resignedly.

Lu Buyu thought for a while and then added, “All right. If you help me, I’ll give you the first row ticket for Ling He’s concert, which you can’t buy online.”

Lu Wan hesitated for five seconds before saying, “In addition to Ling He, I also want tickets for Planet Band and Shen Huailin’s autograph.”

Although she was not in the fan circle, she usually likes listening to songs and has more than one artist she likes.

Lu Buyu frowned slightly and began to feel unhappy.

“What are you thinking, Lu Wan? You like those wild men? Then why don’t you follow me?”

In what point am I inferior to others?

“You’re not bad, but don’t think about it.” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “If you think its ok, I can help you this time— just this once.”

She has no interest in the entertainment industry, nor does she have any prejudice. She just felt she’s not suitable for that job.

Lu Buyu: “All right.”

Today he’s going to bring Lu Wan for a photo shoot.

When the photographer saw that Lu Buyu had changed his partner, unexpectedly, he felt that this partner would be better.

He had also seen that variety show.

Lu Wan quickly put on makeup. She was a regular person and a high school student so she doesn’t need heavy makeup, a simple one was enough.

There’s nothing to criticize with Lu Buyu, and Lu Wan’s condition was also good.

Both of them have defined jaw lines and three-dimensional facial features, so they quite match one another.

Lu Wan was pretty and heroic; she has a cold temperament, but her smile was very infectious, while Lu Buyu was handsome and charming.

The photographer planned for three sets of looks.

The first set consisted of two people in suits and ties. They looked cool. Lu Wan had skirt and Lu Buyu had pants.

The second set had a completely different style. The two people changed into floral shirts, shorts, and colored sunglasses.

The style suddenly became amusing and silly. It was both trendy and hip, that was— their appearance was great so they could pull it off.

The photographer directed the two people to pose.

As requested, Lu Buyu put his chin on Lu Wan’s shoulder, but secretly pressed down hard, at the expense of his own facial management.

Lu Wan: “What are you doing? Your head is so heavy!”

After three minutes, the cameraman asked Lu Buyu to sit on the ground, and Lu Wan put one foot on his shoulder.

The physical interaction between the two people made the picture lively and vivid.

Lu Buyu: “What’s up, little brother? I told you to eat less food. Are you trying to trample me into the mud? Tell me the truth, do you weigh 180 pounds?”

Lu Wan: “Shut up. You are so annoying ah.”

In this set of photos, both of them have unhappy expressions, and they looked frustrated and disgusted with each other.

However, it’s full of playfulness and feels very quirky.

They weren’t smiling, but people who look at the photos couldn’t help but laugh.

This fake brother and sister seemed like they would pull each other’s hair in the next second.

The third set leaned towards the old style matched with clean colors, finally not making waste of the brother and sister’s appearance.

The three sets of photos have completely different styles, and the photographer was very satisfied.

He felt that today’s shoot would make him laugh his head off whenever he looked back.

Usually, both sides will address each other politely with ‘teacher’. But the two really scolded each other throughout the whole process.

It’s like watching an extended version of that variety show.

If they put out the behind-the-scene on the day of the sale, the result must be good.


When Du Xiao came back, Jiang Xuerong was fixing her lipstick. She asked without looking up, “How is it? Have you talk to him? I can go there and take pictures right away.”

“……Lu Buyu said you didn’t need to go. He had found someone else.” Du Xiao hesitated before deciding to tell everything.

Jiang Xuerong’s hands shook and drew a slanted line of lipstick on her face. She didn’t wipe it immediately, but stood up and asked incredulously, “Are you kidding me? You mean they replaced me? Who is it? Wen Shuhui? Yu Shicui? Guan Taoran?”

What she mentioned was the name of all the hot newcomers right now and her opponents.

“None of them. It’s a regular person, but I can’t really say that she is. She’s been on a variety show with Lu Buyu recently, and you’ve mentioned her a few times before.”

Jiang Xuerong was alarmed and her heart missed a beat.

“What are you saying? Is it Lu Wan?”

“It’s her. I’m also surprised how she got here so soon, but…… you don’t need to worry too much.”

When he was finished, he realized that his artist’s face was very bad.

Jiang Xuerong calmed her mind and asked carefully, “Does Lu Buyu seem…… to have a good relationship with her? If so, then it’s no wonder.”

“No wonder what?” Du Xiao was confused.

Jiang Xuerong: “We talked about Lu Wan just now.”

At that time, the managers on both sides were not there. Jiang Xuerong wanted to get close to Lu Buyu so she always took the initiative to talk to the other person.

In order to shorten the distance between them, she said a lot of industry gossip that she knew.

Including the private matters of her close friends.

Lu Buyu just listened casually. He debuted a few years earlier than the other party and he was tired of hearing all kinds of gossip.

However, it was unwise of this person to use her friends’ secrets as a way of getting closer to others.

The other party’s exaggerated tone and actions…… was far from a little princess. Lu Buyu felt like she was a clown.

Then he’ll just listen to pass the time and regarded it as a comedy dialogue. As for the other party asking him to help recommend movie resources, he wasn’t going to do it.

Lu Buyu felt that he was not considered highly talented; rather barely recompensing with hard work.

This one has no talent and doesn’t work hard. After all, she’s a little princess.

Since she’s a princess, he doesn’t need to introduce her any job.

Jiang Xuerong saw that Lu Buyu hadn’t been very interested, so she changed her course and focused on the other party.

It’s a pity that she met Lu Buyu for the first time, so they were not familiar with each other.

Thinking of the recently popular show, Jiang Xuerong found a starting point and opened the topic. She asked with a smile, “Did you really do homework and write words every day when you filmed that variety show? It must be filmed only for the camera, but in fact, there’s someone helping with the work.”

Lu Buyu, who kept pulling an all-nighter far into the night, smiled and said, “Aren’t you really smart?”

“I knew it was like that! How is your relationship with your deskmate? What do you think of her?”

Lu Buyu gave it a little thought. “So-so.”

When Jiang Xuerong heard “So-so”, she knew that the relationship between the two was not very good, so she could speak without any scruples.

“Lu Wan, that classmate of yours, I know what happened to her in the past. Do you want to hear it?” The girl pretended to be mysterious.

“What is it?”

Lu Buyu was of course interested if someone spoke ill of Lu Wan with him, after all, everyone around him would praise her.

“Although she’s the Eldest Miss of the Lu family and seems to have a good family background, in fact, she has only been recognized not long ago. I heard that she was raised as a boy for more than ten years. It’s horrible.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

She’s not the eldest, but the second.

The Eldest Miss is me.

“Are you wondering how I know? It’s because my cousin[2]elder male cousin with the same surname used to be engaged to her, but it was dissolved.”

But that cousin was distantly related and was several branches apart. She had only heard of him from her elders.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Jiang Xuerong saw that the other party was still silent and thought that he was shaken by her whole family background.

So she went on to say, “Look at how quick-tempered she is. How is she a girl? On top of that, she’s really sick. Her hair used to be pretty short. Though it’s a little longer now…… Anyway, I don’t like her. I don’t understand how there are audiences who like her.”

“Shut it. You should stop.”

Lu Buyu glanced at her, stood up and walked out.

He wanted someone to speak ill of Lu Wan with him, but definitely not to hear slander.

If you don’t like her, then I’ll insist on making Lu Wan do the photo shoot.

There are more people who like my sister than you. After all, this world is very unreasonable.


Before Lu Wan came, Lu Buyu had already told several business agents that he would not go to any future collaboration with Jiang Xuerong to avoid unpleasant cooperation.

Recently, many rich second generation had made their debut in the entertainment industry. After all, as long as they have some presence, it was not a big problem to make millions a year. And what’s more, they were also adored by fans. It was promising.

Basically an amazing job.

If one spends money on marketing a character for themselves, combined with some presence, there would definitely be fans. It would be fine to slowly whitewash at a later period.

The rich second generations had their own resources and capital, which was more advantageous in this regard.

Although Lu Buyu would not say to block the other party, it was still possible to avoid her.

The two people were not the on same position. Most partners would choose Lu Buyu and give up the other person if they could only choose one of the two.

Lu Buyu wanted a sweet sister very much, and he once had it.

When Lu Wan was less than two years old, she was very sweet and adorable.

Not long after the little guy started walking, she would wobble, waved her hands to make him crouch down, and then sneakily give him a kiss full of milky smell on his face.

However…… he felt that the current Lu Wan was actually better.

After all, girls whose family environment wasn’t very good should be fierce in order not be bullied.

That night, he left his work and rushed over thousands of miles. At the first sight of her, he breathed a long sigh of relief.


Du Xiao was completely dumbfounded when he knew that his artist had badmouthed Lu Wan.

He hesitated, bit his lips and said, “I can tell you clearly that Lu Buyu and that girl are on good terms. When I pushed the door in, they seemed to be hugging each other.”

For a moment he thought he was seeing things.

“What did you say? Was it just them at that time?! This is a studio!” Jiang Xuerong look shocked.

“That’s not actually true. Lu Buyu’s manager and assistant are also there, and I didn’t see it clearly. It seems like they’re holding one another? I’m not sure that’s possible. It’s like Lu Buyu was squatting down to tie the shoelaces for the girl.”

“What??” Jiang Xuerong snorted coldly. “What’s impossible? Managers and assistants are not outsiders. No wonder they replaced me! I guess it was prearranged. I will not let it go! I’ll tell everyone about it.”

A top star dating someone would be beheaded by the public, and Lu Wan wouldn’t have a good end either. She’s still a high school student but fans would definitely attack her crazily.

Du Xiao’s eyes widened. “Don’t be like this. We don’t have any evidence. We’re just speculating.”

After all, the two have no sense of CP. No matter how people look at it, they’re like siblings. No one would believe them even if they say so.

Jiang Xuerong thought about it carefully. There was indeed no evidence.

But if she didn’t do so, wouldn’t she get screwed for nothing?

She couldn’t say anything about Lu Wan either. This was too much.

That girl, don’t look at her short hair, her thoughts were actually very deep. Not only could she please Lu Buyu, but she also secretly dealt with her.

The deep-thinker Lu Wan finally finished the shoot before she got into a fight with Lu Buyu.

She changed her clothes, wiped her face casually, and was ready to go to the training school.

It was nearby and only three stations away on subway.

Lu Wan came out of the studio and happened to see a girl looking at her.

It was a very direct and unfriendly look.

She tilted her head and asked the little assistant who was sending her off, “Who is that girl?”

The little assistant whispered honestly, “You shouldn’t call her ‘that girl’. That’s the little princess.”

Lu Wan: “Oh. The princess’ eyes are a little squinted.”

The little assistant got carried away. “You don’t understand. How else can they be princesses? Squinting at other people for that long, their eyes won’t be sore.”

“To be honest, her eyes are actually pretty good.”

The two looked at each other. It’s kind of impressive.

When they passed by the princess, they cast admiring glances.

Jiang Xuerong, who went to look for someone because she was dissatisfied, was completely choked when she received the two people’s glance.

Only when they had walked away for a few meters had she recovered, and she became even angrier.

Intentional, it must be intentional! Her scheme was too deep!


1 do something without asking for instructions to cause a fait accompli before reporting to the superior
2 elder male cousin with the same surname


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