Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 56

Lu Wan was stunned for a moment before asking, “Second place? Uncle, do you know the score?”

Father Xu: “I didn’t ask, but it will be made public in the next two days. You’ll know by then.”

Xu Yao laughed loudly. “What’s going on with you, Lu Wan? You didn’t get the first place again this time? How unreal ba. You also have today.”

Lu Wan: “……It’s nothing.”

“Hahahaha, you’re ashamed to admit it.”

Lu Wan didn’t speak, but Father Xu, who was driving in the front row, couldn’t listen anymore. When the traffic lights stopped, he grabbed the half emptied mineral water and threw it at Xu Yao.

“Shut up. You’re the second-to-last in your grade, how could you laugh at someone who’s second from the top?”

Xu Yao quickly avoided it and cried dissatisfiedly, “Dad, are you mad? You actually want to murder your own son? How can it be the same? I used to always be the last, but Lu Wan has not been first in the exam for two consecutive times!”

Father Xu then thought, ‘Eh, I suppose that’s true’. Hence, he spoke in a comforting voice, “Lu Wan, don’t take it to heart. You’re already better than many people.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Actually, she wasn’t disappointed.

It was impossible to achieve one’s set goal every time, but as long as one was still moving forward, there would be a chance to turn the table.

Every experience in life was useful and every step was crucial.

She would definitely try her best to come first in the next exam.

This was her desire to win!

The car was parked in front of the house. Mother Xu found out that her son, who was at the bottom of the list, laughed at Lu Wan for not taking the first place, and that her son’s father also solemnly consoled the second placer…… Her whole person was astounded, okay?

Where did the father and son got the cheek? Sure enough, intelligence was inherited ba!

The Xu family’s husband and wife have a good impression of Lu Wan. Children with excellent grades were very popular with parents, and Lu Wan’s character had always been calm and steady. Xu Yao have such a reliable friend. They could rest assured even if they were not around their son.

Mother Xu cooked a table of dishes. She made Lu Wan stay to talk for a while after the meal.

Father Xu said that he wanted to drive Lu Wan home, but she said that the traffic was too heavy during the rush hour, so it would be more convenient if she took the subway.

“Uncle, it’s really fine.”

“You don’t need to drive her, Old Man. I’ll just take her to the subway entrance.” Xu Yao grinned.

The Xu couple agreed.

When Xu Yao returned back, he heard his parents talking about Lu Wan.

“That child is really good. In the past, we wanted to recognize her as a son, but at that time, Lu Wan’s adoptive parents did not agree. Now, I want to recognize her as a daughter.”

“Do you think I don’t want to? But now, she had already found her biological parents and the other party’s conditions are also very good, so I’m embarrassed to open this up.” Father Xu said with a sigh.

Xu Yao regained his energy in an instant. He rushed over and waved his hand as he said, “How can you recognize her as your daughter?! Wouldn’t she be my older sister then? Absolutely not.”

Lu Wan was a month older than Xu Yao.

The couple looked at each other. Their stupid son still had ideas for Lu Wan ah……

The other party was a very wonderful girl, but……

Mother Xu smiled and said, “Son ah, if Lu Wan is still a boy, I think your chances of success will be higher. Your dad and I have been doing business for many years and have seen the world. If you say that you don’t like girls and the person you like is Lu Wan…… Then maybe I can accept it.”

Xu Yao: “……”

“If you have this idea, your parents will support it. But let me say this, thinking is one thing and doing is another. Even if you failed to accomplish it, a boy should have a gentleman’s demeanor.” Father Xu said it in a more tactful way.

Xu Yao: “???”

“……Are you guys serious? You’re attacking your own son like this?” Xu Yao was so upset that he wanted to vomit blood.

Father Xu: “You’re our biological son, but we have to tell the truth. We can’t be complacent.”

Mother Xu nodded in agreement.

“You guys are too much aaaah!” Xu Yao buried his face on the sofa and thrash around.

So angry!

The couple looked at each other and became more determined.

Mother Xu pulled her son up and said comfortingly, “It’s not entirely impossible. We like Lu Wan, and of course we hope you can succeed.”

“Yeah, I’ve already prepared the dowry, a large villa and a sports car— as long as you have the ability.”

Xu Yao was momentarily stunned, then thought it over and asked, “Old man, didn’t you say that all our money has run out?”

In the past two years, he had purchased land and properties everywhere.

Father Xu: “It’s all spent, but I went out today to talk about business. Our factory building may have to be taken over again, and this time, we will be compensated more handsomely.”

Xu Yao: “……”

What the hell?

The Xu couple used all their savings to devote themselves to the manufacturing industry. They didn’t make any profit, but they chose good addresses.

In more than ten years, this was the third time that their factory would be acquired.

The first two caused a lot of losses. The annual net profit of the factory was only two million yuan. The couple also considered whether to continue.

But they contemplated for a while and found that it was better to do things to pass the time than to be idle at home. Moreover, if the factory closed, many old employees would lose their jobs, so they persevered all the way.

The third time, Father Xu chose a very remote place with a desolate surrounding area and the government drew up a large piece of land for him.

He thought that he would not encounter a requisition again. Unexpectedly, three years later, a film and television company will take the lead to build a cultural town. Because it would occupy a large land and the slightly prosperous area was unsuitable, in the end, they took a fancy to their factory.

The other party talked a lot, but Father Xu didn’t quite understand. Anyway, it was a big project where there should be a place to eat, film, and be made as a tourist destination, so they had to acquire more than 400 acres of land.


Xu Yao thought for a while, then took out his mobile phone and called Lu Wan.

“Lu Wan, I’m still a virgin now, and my parents also like you very much. The dowry is ready. When we turn 20, let’s go get the certificate.”

“Fortunately, I already left. You saved your dog life today. Scram.” Lu Wan, who was taking the subway, hung up.

Father Xu was shocked. “You child is too stubborn. What did Lu Wan say?”

Was this a confession?

“Oh, she praised me for being handsome.” Xu Yao put the phone in his pocket and went back to his room.

He was hit a lot before. He didn’t take it very seriously.


The final grades came out the next morning.

The report cards had just been sent out and had not yet reached the hands of the students, but the teacher put the picture up in the class group.

1st – Chen Nianqing.

2nd – Lu Wan.

3rd – Su Rao.

The whole class was astonished.

After all, Su Rao had been second since long ago, but this time she was actually surpassed?

The Class 4 group brushed the screen very quickly; all of them genuflecting to President Lu, and people constantly tagged her.

The messages were flying too fast, but Lu Wan was not surprised because she knew the results way before, thus she only replied once in a while.

So everyone sighed with emotion. An expert is really an expert. How calm ah.

Such contrast made them seem to be too hyperactive. Whine.

Of course, the school’s QQ account was being updated even during the summer vacation. There was nothing about study-related things. It was full of gossip and confession walls.

The students speak more energetically than in school.

The forum immediately released the pictures of the top 100 for the first and second years.

Those who could have their names written on the list were all top students people looked up to and admire. The top 30 were super top students, and the top 10 were first-class top students.

As for the first three…… they were not human beings; they have to be geniuses.

The existence of these people simply transcends mortals. How on earth did they get such high scores?

This animated comment grew very fast.

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: Not to mention that my Brother Wan can be cool and cute, her brain is also powerful. Like I said, girls, why else would we want a big pig’s trotter if we have her?】

【Sit and play wherever you fall: Lu Wan unexpectedly moved up another place this time? Well, it’s normal to be beaten by Chen Nianqing, but I hope she can be first next time!】

【Green grassland: Go President Lu! Press Chen Nianqing under you!】

【Climbing on the wall and waiting for the wind to come: Lu Wan is really awesome! I’m convinced! My Shangde Boss have no shortcomings!】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: Goddess Su was actually suppressed? But it doesn’t matter. She’s only been exceeded by two points. She’ll bounce back next time! Goddess, I support you!】

【I can’t wake up every day: President Lu, don’t press Chen Nianqing. If you have the ability, then press me ah! I bet can’t handle it. (* ̄︶ ̄)】

【Fireworks: ……LuSu CP is killing me again! Genius X Genius! Constantly changing from top and bottom positions.】

【Bored Lady, Miss Xi: So dirty! All the drivers in the comment section should be handcuffed!】

【Secretly: Lu Wan is awesome, Lu Wan is awesome, Lu Wan is awesome! I’ll say it out loud a hundred times! My husband’s greatness is my greatness!】


Su Rao was a little surprised when she saw the ranking list.

Although she usually had a great learning attitude, she had never paid as much attention to an exam as she did this time.

She spent a lot of time reviewing.

Su Rao was a very good learner since she was a child. She originally thought that if she did her best this time, she could guarantee that she would not be surpassed in the ranking.

Unexpectedly, she still failed.

Although she didn’t want to be surpassed by Lu Wan, it was what it was…… Su Rao shrugged helplessly. Student Lu Wan said that she liked those with grades better than hers. She was only two points short. She still had a chance.

She glanced at the end of the list and was completely relieved after seeing Xu Yao’s results.

If the person who surpassed her was Lu Wan, it wasn’t unacceptable.

But…… next time she must try her best to return to the second place.


Lin Niannian looked shocked when she saw her report card.

She actually placed 120th? Compared with last month, she lost dozens of places…… and directly fell out of the top 100 list.

During that month’s examinations, Lin Niannian looked for Jiang Boyang almost every day. She wanted to persuade him not to have a cold relationship with Lu Wan because of her.

Convincing the other party that if he and Lu Wan could be open and honest, maybe their relationship would ease, then she would feel much less guilty.

Lin Niannian spent a lot of time on this matter and occasionally got distracted in class.

Being able to get into the top 100 means her capability wasn’t bad at all and it was normal for her to drop on the ranking.

She once thought that her poor learning state would affect her exam ranking.

But between studying and Jiang Boyang, she chose the latter.

In the month of the exam, because of frequent contact, the relationship between the two became much closer.

After seeing each other a few times during the summer vacation, their relationship became even better.

Lin Niannian was mentally prepared. Even if she didn’t do well in the test this time, she would accept it.

But when she saw Lu Wan in second place, she suddenly couldn’t accept it.

Her phone rang and Lin Niannian glanced at the screen. It was from the class monitor, Yu Shuai.

Lin Niannian wanted some space and didn’t want to talk to others, so she turned the phone on silent mode.

Yu Shuai on the other end was a little anxious. Considering that Lin Niannian didn’t do well in the exams, she might be in a bad mood and do not want to talk, so he texted the other party.

【It doesn’t matter if Niannian did not perform well in the exams. You have to work and take care of a lot of things. It’s already amazing to be able to do this.】

【Don’t be sad. You are better than many people!】

Lin Niannian did not reply to the other party after reading the text message. Instead, she changed her clothes and prepared to go out.

She worked in the hotel owned by Jiang Boyang’s friend for the summer vacation and because she had met them early on, her colleagues were very kind to her.

Jiang Boyang would come to eat today.

It just so happen that she was in a bad mood and wanted to see the other person soon.

Of course Lin Niannian cares about her grades, but even if she was only over the hundredth place, it would not be a big problem to get into a key university.

Besides, she thinks there were more important things than studying.


On the day Lu Wan’s report card was sent home, President Zhao and Professor Lu also came back.

Professor Lu: “My family’s Wanwan can actually take the second place in the exam. This is so great. More amazing than Dad.”

Zhao Jianing: “Wanwan is awesome. You’ll definitely be very capable in the future.”

Lu Buyu: “What about me?”

Professor Lu: “You work in an art troupe. To be honest, your singing is really average, but you can make do with acting. Your overall professional ability is average.”

President Zhao: “Older Brother is quite resilient and is also very good ah.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

What is this evaluation?

He could see that Lu Wan was the crystallization of his parents’ love, while he was the ‘stone’ of his parents’ love!

Xiao Zhang happened to be there and he shook his head inwardly.

The eldest daughter of the Lu family, his Brother Yu, could obviously rely on his family background and power to eat, but he chose to rely on his face.

The second daughter of the Lu family, Lu Wan, could rely on her strength to eat, but she relies on her brain.

This brother and sister were real pieces of work.

Before Xiao Zhang left, he once again told the eldest daughter not to forget the shooting tomorrow.


The next morning, just as Lu Wan was about to go out, she received a call from Xiao Zhang.

“Little Sister, are you at home? Your older brother forgot to bring the contract. I’m in a hurry now, so do you think you can drop it off at the city center ?”

Lu Wan: “Yes. You can tell me the address.”

Xiao Zhang reported the address. After hanging up the phone, he turned to look at his artist and sighed silently in his heart.

The younger sister was much easier to talk to than the Lu family’s eldest daughter.

The theme of today’s magazine shoot was ‘Brother and Sister’. Firstly, it was to avoid speculation of lovers’ CP. Secondly, in the recently hit variety show, everyone was very happy to see the image of Lu Buyu as an older brother.

Lu Wan helped the eldest daughter attract a batch of ‘little sister fans’.

Lu Buyu was partnering up with a 20-year-old young actress.

The girl relies on money and connections, and regularly sells the ‘Eldest Miss’ and ‘Frank Rich Girl’ characters.

If it was the entertainment industry ten years ago, they would have been scolded and spat at. But now the entertainment industry was very sick. ‘I am not afraid of you being weird, but I am afraid that you are too boring and unmemorable’.

As long one established a character, there would be fans.

The little girl was willing to spend money on marketing. Now there were really a lot of ‘Family rules’ and ‘Money rules’. She buys hot searches to rise, and she also has works, so she has become very popular recently.

Xiao Zhang saw the real person today, and only then did he realize that she was also very good at it. She was probably too deep into the play in order to keep the character.

She had been nitpicking the long been decided styling and makeup, not only her own, but also Lu Buyu’s, and crazily complaining about Lu Buyu’s photographer.

She had changed clothes a few times but was not satisfied and even behaved strangely.

If Xiao Zhang had known that she was such a mischief-maker, he would definitely refuse to cooperate.

Heh, all kinds of ghost and monsters infiltrated the entertainment industry.

That person was marketing an Eldest Miss character, but his family’s Brother Yu was the real Eldest Miss of the Lu Family.

And the Eldest Miss ran out of patience after several times.

Lu Buyu: “What the hell is this?! Forget it.”

“You can’t. The photos will have to be printed tomorrow.”

Lu Buyu: “I only have one morning, otherwise replace her.”

He figured he wanted to play the big shot.

Xiao Zhang: “Where are you going to find someone? Why don’t you just stick with it?”

Brother Yu’s status was there; of course he was qualified to ask for a change of partner.

Though, it won’t be good for his reputation.

If it wasn’t to shoot this ‘Brother and Sister feel’, they really wouldn’t work together with this female artist.

Lu Buyu: “Didn’t you say that Lu Wan will come to deliver the contract? Then she’ll be fine. I can bear with it.”

Xiao Zhang: “……”

Then I’m going to say it. ‘You’re thinking sh*t’.


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