Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 55

Friends from the training school asked Lu Wan to go swimming together this week.

They were eight people from the class who were usually close to each other.

Summer was perfect for soaking in the water and Lu Wan wanted to go, but the problem was…… she couldn’t swim.

She never learned how.

In the county town where Lu Wan grew up, there were two open-air swimming pools, which were open for three months every summer, and the admission fee was 20 yuan.

But the pool was full of children on summer vacation. Not only was it noisy, but at first glance, the condition of the water was beyond tolerable……

Lu Wan had neither interest nor the time to plunge into it.

Lu Buyu looked at her in surprise. This guy couldn’t swim?

He touched his chin and said, “Oh, cool guy, there are things you don’t know ah.”


Lu Wan cracked her knuckles. She wanted to ask him how to swim, not to listen to this!

It seemed like he was itching for a beating.

Lu Buyu: “Relax. I can swim, but I’m not free this weekend. How about I find an instructor for you?”

Lu Wan: “You’ll look for an instructor?”

“You can go with your friends this Sunday. You can start learning on Saturday, and in one day, you can master the dog paddle.”

Lu Wan: “Who wants to learn dog paddle? What I want is backstroke and freestyle! I want the kind that’s good-looking!”

Lu Buyu: “What’s the use of looking good? The dog paddle is suitable for you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Forget it. She doesn’t want to quarrel with him.

This guy was really childish and boring sometimes.

He saw Lu Wan holding a book looking like she didn’t want to talk anymore. Lu Buyu walked to the other end of the sofa and sat down. He leaned over and asked, “You don’t seem to have a swimsuit, right?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll buy it myself.”

Lu Buyu shrugged and said, “Look, you’re angry again. Forget it, I’ll buy you a swimsuit. I’ll also prepare a swimming cap and goggles for you. Don’t be upset.”

“It’s good that you have your big brother. You don’t have to worry about the instructor and gears, you can just go over.”

Lu Wan raised her head. What’s going on? This guy has become a human?

“Thank you then.”

Lu Buyu said with a straight face, “Don’t mention it. An older brother is like a father.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You really dare to say that. It seems that Professor Lu’s not good at massaging the head with shoes.


At ten o’clock on Saturday morning, Lu Wan arrived at the address given by Lu Buyu.

The instructor had been waiting in the lobby long before. Lu Buyu sent him a photo of Lu Wan a few days ago, that kind of very genuine face shot.

As soon as Lu Wan walked in, the instructor recognized her instantly.

He walked in front of the student and hesitated for two seconds before saying, “Lu Wan, right? Little Miss is much prettier than the photos.”

Lu Wan: “……”

What photo did that guy send to the other party? She’s going nuts.

“I’ll trouble you then. I’ve never swim before.”

Lu Wan looked at the person in front of her. He was about forty-five years old and looked very honest.

The man smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m the coach of the provincial swimming team. As long as your body coordination is fine, I promise to teach you how to swim in no time.”

The instructor took Lu Wan to the floor where the pool was located.

The six-star hotel had its own swimming pool that was not open to the public. There were few people swimming in the morning but it was very quiet.

“Here are your clothes and swimming cap. After you change, we’ll meet by the pool.” The instructor handed over a large bag of things.

Lu Wan took it over and said thank you.

When she got to the locker room, Lu Wan took out the swimsuit and was completely stunned.

Of course she wouldn’t want to wear a high-cut style bikini. The ugliest thing she imagined was a short sleeved one-piece, or a short-sleeved split swimsuit.

Although it held no attraction to Lu Wan, she had caught a glimpse of the swimming events on the sports channel and knew what athletes wear.

This set was too frustrating. Was this a swimsuit?

The length of the shirt was to the wrist, the length of the pants was to the ankle, but the important part was that the fabric was still thick!!!

Lu Wan felt suffocated. What she was yearning for was the one-piece-skirted style…… Not revealing but cute.

What the hell is this?

The instructor was still waiting outside. There was no other choice. Lu Wan reluctantly changed her clothes and walked out.

She was very restrained, but seeing the other person’s calm face, she couldn’t help asking, “My clothes……”

“Oh, Lu Buyu said that you want to wear a thicker diving suit to lessen the amount of ​​exposed skin. I was also a little surprised. This is the first time someone has made such a request. But it doesn’t matter. It won’t affect your ability to swim anyway.”

Lu Wan: “……”

That dog.

“And the fabric is also cold-proof. In fact, this set is quite expensive. Let’s go into the water first. Swimming is easy, as long as you can float, learn how to breathe properly and swing your arms. You can practice more in the future.”

Lu Wan: “En.”

She reluctantly put on the oversized swimming goggles that covered half of her face.

Although it can be used, it was too ugly. What kind of a strange style was this?

How cool and handsome were the swimming goggles worn by other people ah…… She looked silly.

This outfit was so out of place.

Even the pair who were swimming near her…… ran to the opposite side in fear, as though her head’s not right.

Lu Wan: “……”

To be honest, she now has a choice. In addition to being practical, she also wanted to choose something pretty.

Lu Buyu was really a dog. She shouldn’t have trusted him.

That guy doesn’t act like a human being all the time.

There was no sweet little sister, and certainly, there was no gentle and considerate older brother.


During the break between photo shoot, Lu Buyu saw the question sent by Lu Wan, but he didn’t think anything was wrong.

Although he held little interest in it, many men like to see beautiful women dressed in revealing clothes.

Lu Buyu never looked at other people’s appearance when making friends. After all, no matter how good-looking, no one could look better than himself.

He couldn’t control what other girls wear, but not his little sister.

This would attract a lot of creepy gazes like last time at Haley’s birthday party.

His agent, Xiao Zhang said, “There will be another shoot tomorrow with a recently popular female star. The theme is brother and sister.”


Xiao Zhang shrugged his shoulders. Because of the ‘brother and sister’s’ popularity, Brother Yu indeed reaped a lot of benefits.


The gold medal coach was very efficient in teaching. Although it was Lu Wan’s first time swimming, she had good reflexes and learned quickly.

After a morning’s practice, she was basically able to swim by herself.

Good physical strength was a big advantage. She could swim back and forth several times in one breath.

Lu Wan took this pool water as Lu Buyu and smacked it hard with her hands.

In the afternoon, the pool became livelier.

The guests of the six-star hotel were a little confused when they saw a girl with long arms and legs, wearing a diving suit and a huge swimming goggles, and using it to cover herself tightly.

Many people wonder whether it was more convenient to swim in this fashion?

Lu Wan left the hotel at around 3 pm.

There’s no need to mention that she found swimming to be quite addicting.

She swam for a while today and rested for a moment, but the instructor said that she’d been in the water for too long.

It’s not necessary if you weren’t a professional athlete.

Lu Wan decided to go back and check to see if there was a swimming pool near her home. It would be nice to swim for an hour every day.

Of course, she had to place an order to buy swimsuits right away. She wanted to buy three sets!

After leaving the hotel, Lu Wan went to look for Xu Yao.

Xu Yao has been doing sports training this summer. Shangde High School has no special training for sports students, so recently, he had been practicing with students from the sports school, which was very intense.

Lu Wan and Xu Yao agreed to go to his house for dinner today.

She mainly went to visit Xu Yao’s parents, who had helped her a lot before. Last week, they had also asked Xu Yao to bring the pickled vegetables she liked to eat when she was young.

Therefore, she should go there for all reasons.

There were few students in the sports school during the summer vacation and Lu Wan saw Xu Yao at a glance.

The other party wasn’t done training yet.

Lu Wan had been swimming for most of the day. She felt nothing at that time, but now her arms were aching.

As she waited, she swung her arms to move her joints and ease the soreness.

Xu Yao noticed Lu Wan early on. He ran over after the training.

As he wiped his sweat, he said, “You still have to wait for me for ten minutes. I’m full of sweat. I have to go take a shower.”

“Oh. Go ahead.”

Lu Wan knew that this guy was a bit of an unusual germaphobe. That was, he had to keep his bruises clean and tidy.

However, this does not prevent him from wearing socks straight for three days and then wearing them inside out for another three days.

Anyway, it would be covered by shoes. No one else could smell it……

Xu Yao rushed out quickly, only to see the coach talking to Lu Wan.

“What are you talking about?”

When the coach saw Xu Yao, he hurriedly pulled him over and started talking, “Is this girl your classmate? Look at her long arms and how strong it is. I asked her just now but she wasn’t following the path of a sports student. Please help me talk to her. Her condition is perfect; it would be a waste not to do triathlon!”

Xu Yao glanced at Lu Wan, who was holding her forehead and was remaining silent.

Coach: “Just her hand is really suitable for throwing discus.”

Xu Yao: “Actually…… a PE teacher has said that before.”

Coach: “Ah, really? It seems that I’m not the only one with vision. So why didn’t she agree? With such good conditions, she has a high probability of being admitted to Beity[1]Beijing Sport University!”

Xu Yao: “Because the PE teacher knows that she’s the first in the whole grade every time, and the academic teacher is arguing every day with Lu Wan what major she should choose after going to Tsinghua.”

Coach: “……I suddenly feel hungry. You guys chat. I’m going back to eat.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Waiting for the coach to leave, Xu Yao couldn’t stop his laughter. He thought that what he did just now was evil, but who asked the coach to be hard on him all the time?

“Let’s go. My dad will pick us up. He’s already at the school gate.”

After picking up the two children, Father Xu kept staring at Lu Wan.

He naturally knew that Lu Wan was a little girl. Xu Yao had told him this a long time ago, and he also watched every episode of the variety show filmed at Shangde High School.

Lu Wan was indeed a little girl. Why didn’t he see it before?

Truly a pair of blind eyes. So was his son. Their relationship was so good but he still missed it. His brain wasn’t really good ah.

“Does Uncle Xu think I’m not like a girl? Are you surprised?” Lu Wan asked with a smile.

Father Xu: “Kind of. You are a little girl. I want to thank you for taking care of my family’s Xu Yao all the time.”

“It’s nothing. He also helped me a lot.” Lu Wan said.

“It’s nothing. We help each other.” Xu Yao said.

“Why do I like to listen to Lu Wan talk, but if it’s Xu Yao, it makes my hands itch?” After father Xu finished, he scolded his son for being a jerk, and then said again, “By the way, the principal of Shangde told me today that your final grades for last semester have come out.”

The statistics have only been finished the last few days. The results were estimated not to be announced until tomorrow, and afterwards they would send the transcripts separately.

But Father Xu rented a large piece of land to the school.

He was technically the ‘owner’ of the school. When talking about things today, the other party purposely revealed his son’s test results.

Father Xu didn’t care much about his child’s academic performance which wasn’t Xu Yao’s strong point.

However, recently his son had inexplicably worked hard, so he had also become very interested. No matter what, hard work was a good thing.

It’s just…… probably the time was too short, and the opponent was too strong, but there was no obvious change, and almost every score was in the red.

The person on the other side of the phone mentioned his son’s grades, obviously holding back his laughter. At that time, Father Xu wanted to get back and since he was also curious, he asked again, “Can you help me look at Lu Wan’s grades? It should be right in the front. It won’t be hard to find.”

The person on the other end of the phone said okay, and after a quick check, he asked in shock, “What‘s her relationship to you?”

Father Xu felt proud. “My son’s good friend. I watch the child grow up and she almost became my adopted daughter.”

“That’s awesome.” The person over the phone wholeheartedly concurred. After all, if one could rank this high, they would have a promising future.

This was not just a matter of effort; one’s brain should be very smart ba —one in a million.

If one look at it backwards, Xu Yao’s name could be seen at a glance.

Coincidentally, if one look at it in the order of numbers, Lu Wan’s name could also be seen at a glance.

Second place.


1 Beijing Sport University


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