Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 54

This was the most revolutionary birthday Haley has had in the last five years.

President Lu was able to suppress improper conduct and the few madmen who were tempted by beauty even at the risk of their jaws being dislocated was dismissed.

Even an iron cage couldn’t hold these chickens made of water[1]too showy that they couldn’t be contained.

Fortunately, President Lu was an impregnable wall.

At ten in the evening, the crowd left the venue and went home. Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan took the same subway line.

The city center was still lively late at night. The subway entrances and exits were crowded with people, and as far as they could see were all well-dressed young men and women.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing walking side by side were too eye-catching. The attentions they’re getting were rising sharply and their head turning rate were more impressive.

Young men and women couldn’t help but be shocked. What kind of immortal looking couple is this?

The short-haired beauty was really cool and regal. With such long legs…… no wonder she could find such a handsome guy to be her boyfriend! Girls also naturally like to look at beautiful women!

It was not just the face but the style as well.

The gazes of passers-by changed back and forth between the two faces, and for a while they didn’t know who to envy first. Several girls touched their hair…… They suddenly wanted to cut their hair short with the same style as the beauty.

Before the two of them got on the escalator, Chen Nianqing took off his shirt, wrapped it around Lu Wan’s legs, and gently tied a knot around the other side’s waist.

The escalator was too long and the slope was steep. Pedestrians coming up from below, whether intentional or not, might see below girls skirts.

When the other party’s hand reached out, Lu Wan was stunned for a moment before she recovered and said, “Ah, thank you.”

Maybe it was because she didn’t have enough time to be a girl. She was too rough and far less careful than the other party.

Although Classmate Chen was a straight man, he’s quite gentlemanly. No wonder many girls like him.

Chen Nianqing: “The air conditioning on the subway is very cold. You’re legs are bare. You can return it to me when we get off.”


At this time, there were fewer people in the carriages and the two sat side by side.

Lu Wan lowered her head to reply to messages.

Lu Buyu was asking her why she still wasn’t home at this hour, where she had gone and with whom.

If you’re not careful, you can get robbed. Those hoodlums are very dangerous, okay?

You’ll be bullied so badly until you cry.

Lu Wan laughed. Can this guy say anything nice? She lowered her head and typed: Worry about yourself. It’s none of your business.

Lu Buyu responded with a row of bomb emojis in seconds.

Chen Nianqing looked up and saw their reflections on the opposite window.

He took out his phone and leaned a little in Lu Wan’s direction.

“Lu Wan.” The boy called the other party’s name.

The moment the girl next to him raised her head, Chen Nianqing pressed the shutter and freezed the image of this second.

Lu Wan was confused. “Are you taking pictures?”

Chen Nianqing brought his hand down and showed her the picture.

Lu Wan turned her face to admire it. The reflection of their faces on the window seemed to be covered with a thin layer of light. There was no need to mention that it was beautiful.

“It’s much better than my skill. Send me this photo on WeChat. I want it too.”

Judging from the photo, she doesn’t look like a guy wearing women’s clothing at all.

Chen Nianqing couldn’t help smiling, “Okay, I’ll send it to you.”

After he sent the photo, he adjusted the brightness and set it as his screensaver.


When Lu Wan returned home, she saw the guy who was like a doorkeeper at the door.

Lu Buyu has his hands on his waist. “It’s eleven o’clock. Don’t you know that our house have a curfew?”

“Oh, I didn’t know it before. Don’t you often go home past twelve?”

“I’m an adult and you’re a high school student.” Lu Buyu, who’d been an adult for five years, looked at the other person with his eyebrows raised. “Cool guy, why are you dressed like a girl today?”

Lu Wan picked up an apple on the table, tossed it in the air, and caught it.

“Try to say one more sentence.”


In plain words, he smelled danger, and for his own safety, Lu Buyu temporarily closed his mouth.

Seeing the other person’s back disappearing into the corner, Lu Buyu withdrew his line of sight.

What’s with this attitude?!

Lu Buyu knew where Lu Wan had gone. Haley posted photos of his birthday party on his moments and several of them included Lu Wan.

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan who was wearing a skirt in the photo and couldn’t help feeling aghast.

How come she changed her clothes?

Wasn’t Lu Wan’s skirt a little too short? After all, several guys in the photo were all looking at Lu Wan’s legs?

This was a bit too much.

Does Lu Wan have any consciousness of being a girl? Does she know that a lot of men weren’t good things? Does she know that bad women were everywhere?

This was too careless!

Lu Buyu originally didn’t want to take charge. But President Zhao went on a business trip and Professor Lu also went to Beijing to hold an academic conference this afternoon.

Even the helper aunt said that her daughter was getting married and asked for four days leave.

There was no one at home, so he became the pillar. He has great responsibility and must look after Lu Wan.

What if that guy did something foolish?

Lu Buyu went to complain to his agent Xiao Zhang that he was doing so much for this family.

Xiao Zhang was at a loss. Didn’t he used to say that his sister was like a study freak and all she knew was to read books all day, unlike his boss?

It’s great that the other person went out today, but you’ve still got something to say ah?

Oh, Xiao Zhang understood. The boss wanted to brush his presence.

Lu Wan certainly wasn’t a bad child, as for whether he’s a bad parent or not, it was obvious.

Xiao Zhang’s attitude was perfunctory, so Lu Buyu found Haley again to chat.

Haley was quite willing to talk with the other party and chatted with him warmly.

He deliberately didn’t invite Su Rao and Xu Yao for his birthday today. After all, he’s a green tea jerk, so of course he would monopolize President Lu if he has the opportunity.

Xu Yao was very attractive but stupid while Lu Buyu was absolutely gorgeous and arrogant.

But Haley could endure it because he’s obsessed with good-looks.

Lu Buyu’s genius was all in his appearance, which exactly pricked him.


Lu Buyu got up the next morning, thinking that since there was no one else at home today, he had to be responsible for making breakfast.

An elder brother was like a father!

At half past seven in the morning, Lu Wan looked at the…… dumplings on the plate?

Well, looking at the color and shape, it resembled dumplings a bit.

Lu Wan looked up at the other party and said, “You hate me so much that you want to poison me?”

Lu Buyu: “Don’t talk nonsense. These are the dumplings made by Aunt Wang and I even checked how to cook it online. Please speak with respect.”

He’s a rich boy who couldn’t tell wheat from beans[2]ignorant of common things and his ten fingers do not touch spring water[3]a common saying which means that in March, the weather is very cold, so one don’t have to wash ones clothes themselves. Metaphor for people who have good family and do not need to do laundry or … Continue reading. It was his first time to cook.

After Lu Buyu finished speaking, he ate one himself to prove that it was not poisonous.

……Although it’s hard to swallow, it doesn’t matter. Celebrities should eat things that were hard to swallow, so as not to increase their appetite and become fat.

Lu Wan: “All right.”

Just half an hour after the two of them finished breakfast, Lu Buyu’s expression did not look right and he hurried to the bathroom.

He had an upset stomach, but Lu Wan had a cast iron one and didn’t react much.

Lu Wan shrugged. She looked at Lu Buyu and asked, “Didn’t you check how to cook dumplings? What happened?”

Can you even fail cooking dumplings?

Lu Buyu: “That’s right. The food blogger recommends that dumplings be put in cold water, which is more nutritious.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The beauty blogger was advertising that lipstick could be used as eye shadow and blush, which she tried on Lu Buyu. It was very frightening.

The food blogger successfully taught Lu Buyu a little trick to give himself diarrhea.

Though maybe the problem was their own?

Lu Wan held her forehead. “I’ll make something for lunch.”

“That will not do. I’ll do it.” Lu Buyu straightened his shoulders. “I can learn from another food blogger. It’s alright.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Is your next goal to send yourself to the hospital?

Lu Wan sighed and said helplessly, “You can cut thin slices of vegetables and meat, and boiled it in a hot pot broth. If you want something sweet, just chop vegetables and meat then throw it into a pot to cook. Finally pour the water out, add some curry and stir for a while.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Sounds simple. He should be able to do it.

Lu Wan: “That, you can actually order take-out.”

Lu Buyu: “Yes, but take-out is not good.”

Lu Wan: “But even if it’s not good, at least you can eat it.”

She had a bad feeling. In addition to doing biochemical experiments in the kitchen, this guy would also blow things up.

He didn’t want to demolish the whole house while cooking, did he?


Song Qianqian said yesterday that she wanted to learn from Lu Wan how to dislocate jaw.

Other girls were also eager to try.

She didn’t say it casually. It just happened to be summer vacation, and now was the best time to do the things she wanted. She asked Lu Wan if she was free today. Song Qianqian would come with her sisters.

The boys knew that the girls were going to learn how to dislocate jaw…… and were all horrified.

Were the girls trying to ascend heaven now? They could feel an unexplainable pain in their jaws.

But after a few hours, they recovered…… and felt that society nowadays was dangerous and boys were not necessarily safe.

They also wanted to learn this skill, so…… they would also come.

Then a problem arose again. Every time her schoolmates would come, Lu Buyu happened to be at home.

What terrible luck.

Lu Wan was able to bend and stretch. He coaxed Lu Buyu to take the initiative and hide. “Brother, you have to avoid them. It’s better to stay in your room and not come out. If you appear in front of my schoolmates, you will have to cover your face.”

It’s inconvenient to disclose the relationship between them right now, although this wasn’t something that needed to be kept secret.

High school students live a three-point-one-line life, and it was easy to be seized by Lu Buyu’s fans.

Although Lu Wan was not afraid, if she could avoid in advance, it would really save her a lot of trouble.

Lu Buyu was really popular. Ever since he came to the school to record a variety show, the gate of Shangde High School has become a sacred place for many fans to clock in.

Until the end of the term, many people came.

Many fans even squatted to wait for Lu Wan and rushed up to ask for a group photo.…..

It was still vivid in her mind how they were chased down by a group of people the last time they were suddenly recognized.

Things would be much better when she go to college as she wouldn’t be living a three-point-one-line life and it would be difficult for them to squat outside and wait to her.

Lu Buyu: “I refuse, I refuse. I’m allowed to see anyone.”

Lu Wan: “Just think of it as helping me ba. When my college entrance examination is over, I will announce to the whole world that you are my great brother.”

“I know your schoolmates. I want to say hello. I will, I will! Yesterday you called me shared power bank.”

Lu Wan kept smiling. “What are you talking about? You must have heard wrong, brother. I think you’re too handsome. So good-looking.”

This guy is really…… Forget it. Just bear with it.

After Lu Wan said nice things for a long time, Lu Buyu’s attitude finally loosened.

He snorted coldly. “Forget it. You’re really troublesome.”

Although he was impatient on the surface, Lu Buyu was actually looking forward to it. After all, there was an actor from the same crew with a little sister and she was super cute ah!

Maybe this time he could have a sweet sister who put his big brother as top priority?!

If Haley was there, he would definitely say ‘President Lu, how is this coaxing your big brother? Heh. It’s almost like deceiving your silly son’.


At two o’clock in the afternoon, more than ten students came to their house.

Almost all of them were the ones who attended Haley’s birthday party yesterday.

After a brief greeting with the guests, Lu Wan began to teach.

Tang Tang was pushed out as a human model. After being held by Lu Wan in the chin, he reminded very nervously, “President Lu, take it lightly ah! Don’t really dislocate my jaw!”

His heart was beating so fast! This bloody sweet burden!

Lu Wan: “I won’t. I know what I’m doing.”

“There are many ways to dislocate the lower jaw. I will say two. If you have a lot of strength, you can hit the opponent under the left ear, so that the jaw will immediately be dislocated. It’s little bit violet but it’s effective. However, ordinary girls don’t have that much strength.”

“The second way is to hold the opponent’s jaw. As long as the force is applied in the right position, the jaw can be disconnected. Usually, it’s the depression on the side of the jawbone. First push it towards the other party’s side, then twist it outward quickly and forcefully. En. This is how it works. I used this method yesterday. It is a more elegant method in comparison.”

The circle of students looked very seriously, trying to remember the key points taught by Teacher Lu Wan.

Teacher Lu contemplated for a while and encouraged the students. “Actually, the lower body strength of girls and boys is similar, but there will be a big difference in physical strength. It’s because the upper limbs of boys are stronger and powerful. Therefore, girls can do more core training of the upper limbs as a routine. In this way…… it will be easier to dislocate a jaw.”

She has a lot of strength in her arms and everyone often complained about it whenever she played with them in junior high school.

Song Qianqian: “All right. I’m gonna give it a try!”

“Me too!”

“I think I get it. I want to try it too.”

Seven to eight girls lined up to touch the jaw of the today’s human model.

Tang Tang felt that this was one of the pinnacles of his life. He had never been so popular among girls.

Moved? He doesn’t dare ‘move’ at all. He was trembling like a quail.

Lu Wan finished teaching how to dislocate a jaw and someone asked another question, so she also demonstrated the shoulder dislocating method, the elbow dislocating method, and the wrist dislocating method……

These methods were basically the same. As long as the upper body strength was sufficient, it was completely possible if you found the right position.

All of these were learned from the chiropractor master downstairs. But she only learned how to dislocate the bones. She wouldn’t be able to set it back.

Teacher Lu instructed, “You must be careful. This will definitely not cause any serious injury, but it will be very painful.”

The onlooking students nodded in succession and their mouths kept saying “mmm-mmm” to express their understanding.

It’ll hurt! It’ll be painful!

Lu Buyu couldn’t sit still and walked down with his helmet on.

He wanted to hear what Lu Wan and her schoolmates were talking about.

This guy barely managed to act like a person today so he’s in a good mood.

Little sisters should respect their older brothers and put them first.

Song Qianqian noticed the man coming and asked in surprise, “President Lu, isn’t this the gardener from last time? Is his face still allergic?”

It has been a month.

Lu Wan: “Yeah, he has to keep out of the light until the end of summer.”

Song Qianqian looked at the green plants that looks like a dog gnaw on them and said in shock, “His gardening style.….. has a lot of personality.”

It’s confusing. She once suspected that the other party was a wanted criminal, but that criminal has been caught, and this guy has also been cleared of suspicion.


Alas, President Lu probably didn’t replace this gardener because she saw that he has been suffering from allergies and was pitiful.

Song Qianqian stared at the man. She still felt that he looked familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere, the kind that she often saw.

Lu Buyu was completely stupefied.

Hold on. What did he hear?

Lu Wan was teaching others how to dislocate jaws? Was this really okay? How could she do such a thing?


……Sweet little sister or something was really just a dream.

There was no sweetness, only fierceness.


Seeing that her teaching was almost done, Lu Wan changed the subject and asked if everyone was interested in going for a run around the lake. Didn’t they fail to finish the run last time?

Everyone dispersed en masse, saying that they had to leave first.

Haley put on a facial mask and looked at his friends’ moments before going to bed. He was confused.

What’s going on here? Suddenly, many of his friends started to post pictures from lattes in to.….. lifting weights?

Stating that they’re training their upper body?

Why do they want to learn how to climb trees or how to break apples with their bare hands like monkeys?

Under Song Qianqian’s photo, Su Rao commented: Is it to make your arm lines look better? You work hard. Fighting!

Song Qianqian replied: No, goddess. I want to have the strength to tear others from limb to limb. Smile.jpg

Su Rao: ????

Su Rao was at a loss. She went to a summer camp abroad for training. What had happened?

She enlarged the photo that Song Qianqian posted yesterday, and eventually saw a familiar back in the background.

The one wearing a skirt…… was Lu Wan? Why doesn’t she know?

Haley put away his phone and gave a cold hum. Of course Su Rao and Xu Yao wouldn’t know.

When he posted on his moments yesterday, he deliberately blocked Niohuru and Gūwalgiya.

Although other people also posted photos, under his precaution, there was no front view of President Lu in the photos, only the back and side profile.

He’s such a green tea jerk that he doesn’t want those two guys to see it.


1 too showy that they couldn’t be contained
2 ignorant of common things
3 a common saying which means that in March, the weather is very cold, so one don’t have to wash ones clothes themselves. Metaphor for people who have good family and do not need to do laundry or housework by themselves; refers to people who are leading a pampered life


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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