Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 53

Everyone from Shangde High School was shocked that their words all fell off their lips.

Unexpectedly…… President Lu, you are so rambunctious in private?

Holy crap. This style is a bit powerful. I absolutely can!

I’ll even give my life.

Song Qianqian: “Wuu wuu, I really want to be the little crystal on President Lu’s leg chain. I love long legs. Those legs seem to stretch through my heart. President Lu can directly make her debut in a girl group. No. Her aura is too large. She’s more suitable as a soloist.”

Tang Tang: “Stop talking. Your saliva is going to fall.”

Song Qianqian: “……”

What’s the matter, dude? How can you speak out the truth?

Tang Tang sighed. He really envied the girls. Because they were also girls, they could express their thoughts unscrupulously.

In the past, President Lu was handsome. This was how he felt as a straight man so he doesn’t get it.

Only when Lu Wan wore skirt every Friday does the Skateboard Club’s President would take a few more glances.

But today…… he felt his heart racing?

What the heck.

After all, there’s no use having butterflies in his stomach. There was too much competition here. He reckoned that the butterflies would be killed by others before he even got shortlisted.

Everyone was also surprised.

Haley actually knew such a girl with beautiful face and good figure but didn’t bring her out for everyone to know!

Wait a minute. She looked a little familiar.

Wasn’t this Lu Buyu’s top student classmate in that variety show?

Classmate, you are so beautiful and sassy, ​​there is absolutely no need to have a smart brain!

Haley doesn’t currently have a boyfriend and many people have applied to accompany him on his birthday, but all invitations had been turned down.

Now they suddenly realized that Haley’s choice could completely make up for the regret of not having a boyfriend.

The charm of beauties does not distinguish between men and women. Lu Wan’s way of wearing school uniform in the variety show was more heart racing.

Lu Wan: “Ah, they’re all coming towards you.”

Haley: “Oh, but I must warn you, I’m afraid half of them are coming for you.”

And they have bad intentions.

Haley didn’t mind being robbed of the limelight at all.

After all, President Lu’s clothes were chosen by him, which proves that he had good vision! Besides, President Lu accompanied him here, which was already a splendid display.

Lu Wan: “That can’t be right.”

Although she was dressed indecently, these people were not police uncles, so they were more tolerant.

Everyone gathered around to greet the birthday boy, then took out their mobile phones and looked at Lu Wan.

“Beauty, can I add you on WeChat?”

Haley turned his head and said half-jokingly, “President Lu, you are not allowed to give them your WeChat. Today is my birthday ah. I don’t want them to pay attention to you and steal my limelight.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, then I won’t.”

Everyone: “……”

Haley grinned, dissing madly in his heart.

These bad friends dared to attack President Lu in front of him. Do they think he’s dead?

Hehe. You can have more friends, but President Lu only has one.

The two walked past and took their seats. Haley asked with a smile, “President Lu, what would you like to drink?”

Lu Wan: “Water.”

Thirty seconds later, five to six glasses of water were handed over.

The people holding the glasses looked at Lu Wan with enthusiasm.

Lu Wan: “……”

Haley’s friends were really welcoming.

Haley stretched out his hand and slapped the backs of those guys’ hands with a chuckle, “Stand aside, you guys. Don’t overwhelm our President Lu with your adulation.”

Heh. Today, he had some words, and naturally, he must say it.

Haley asked the waiter to bring a bottle of water.

With him on guard, no one should ever think of succeeding!

Hmph! He brought President Lu here to show off and make everyone envy him, not for these guys.

Do you have a hole in your head? Dare to compete with this old lady, are you worthy?

Of course, Haley thought that Chen Nianqing could match him, but Chun Yuan and President Lu don’t click, so he was ruled out early.

The three-tier birthday cake was pushed to the middle of the stage by the waiter after lighting the candles.

It was a fondant cake with a little fairy made of Haley as the prototype on top, which was very elaborate and cute.

Haley turned his head and invited the person beside him, “President Lu, come with me to cut the cake.”

The man at the table on the right said with a smile, “Have you made a mistake, Haley? Calling a beauty ‘President Lu’ sounds strange. It should be Little Cutie.”

After a pause, he raised his eyebrows at Lu Wan. “Right, Little Cutie?”

Lu Wan: “……”

I have no words.

Everyone from Shangde High School: “……”

Where did this man come from? He really has a big dog’s gall.

Haley: “……”

Damn. The greasiness is a little too much.

Haley glared at the man and pulled Lu Wan to the middle of the stage.

Today was his eighteenth birthday. Haley gave it some thought and made a wish——that there would be no shortage of fierce 1’s in this life.

He bowed his head slightly, closed his eyes and blew out the candle.

The light shone on him, like a delicate and lovely little prince.

The guests began to cheer.

Today’s atmosphere was wonderful. It’s a special day and a rare good opportunity. Haley looked at Lu Wan and said with a smile, “In Mediterranean countries, friends also kiss each other on the cheek. It’s a kind of etiquette. Can I kiss you? Take it as today’s birthday present.”

Social kissing was a ritual Haley used a lot. His father was an ardent Frenchman and he was influenced by him.

Half of the people present here have been kissed by him.

Lu Wan was taken aback.

Although she’s not used to it…… Alright. It’s actually nothing.

After all, Haley was French, and the etiquette there was different from that in China.

And they were indeed good friends.

Seeing that Lu Wan had no objection, Haley was ecstatic and was about to kiss her when a hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere to cover his mouth and pushed his head aside.

Haley: “???!!!”

Haley, who was pushed back two steps, looked at the culprit in disbelief.

What the hell is this, Idol? What are you doing?

Chen Nianqing appeared on the stage at an unknown time. After he pushed Haley away, he said calmly, “Okay, the candles are blown out. Schoolmate, cut the cake.”

It seemed as if he didn’t do anything.

Everyone from Shangde High School: “……”

Idol, when did you go up? How fast ah!

But well done!

Haley, you are so clever! If that works, then everyone who has birthdays this month would all line up and became French for one day to receive a kiss!

The people who were doubtful: “……”

That works? But this guy is really handsome. Shangde High School is a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ah. There are many handsome men and beautiful women.

Little friend, do you have a lot of questions?

Haley: “……”

This cute red panda who just came of age really have a lot of ‘WTF’ in my heart.

Haley was in a complicated mood. Idol, you’re going too far today, simply counting on my beauty filter to mug me.

If it was someone else, see if this old lady doesn’t scold him to death!

Chen Nianqing turned to look at Lu Wan. “Let’s go. Don’t steal the spotlight from the celebrant.”

Lu Wan snapped back and followed Chen Nianqing towards the sitting area.

Haley was absolutely bitter. It was such a good chance!

Forget it. Although the world was impermanent, he still wanted to live with a smile.

Chen Nianqing gave Lu Wan a profound look. “Your clothes today……”

Lu Wan interrupted the other party. “I know it’s a bit strange! I’ll change later. Sorry for frightening you.”

Chen Nianqing: “It was shocking. My heartbeat went out of control.”


Little Student Chen, there’s no need to be so honest.

Lu Wan: “I found that you’re quite upright. Of course I don’t mind, but don’t be like this with other girls.”

Though, she could be a bit thoughtless herself.

“I don’t care what other girls think.” After a pause, Chen Nianqing added, “If the person I like says she doesn’t want to fall in love early, I can wait for her.”

Lu Wan didn’t think deeply about the other person’s words. “Okay, you’re right. Who made you look handsome?”

He even adopted such convention. This guy was really interesting.

Chen Nianqing chuckled a little and looked intently at Lu Wan. “What I wanted to say just now was that your clothes are very pretty today.”

Lu Wan: “Thanks. Even if it’s a compliment among friends, I’ll take it as true!”

However, wearing skirt was very inconvenient. She has to keep her legs together when she sits.

Lu Wan’s legs were long. If the table was too short, unless it was standing upright on the ground at a 45-degree angle, her knees would definitely touch it.

But it’s a bit uncivilized to leave her legs in the open like this. She could only close her feet together with her soles vertical to the ground.

This was the trouble of tall girls with long legs. Every time they wear skirts, they have to back away from the dining table to make room for their legs.

Haley was still cutting the cake. The obstacle was not there so the others started to become emboldened.

With just one glance, Jiang Hongyu was mesmerized by the girl next to Haley, but he failed to find a chance to strike up a conversation several times.

Now that the third wheel was finally gone, he naturally had to seize the opportunity.

He walked over and sat on Haley’s seat. He said casually, “Hello. I just want to introduce myself.”

Lu Wan: “Oh…… Hello.”

Jiang Hongyu was an expert at picking up girls and was well-known abroad. Seeing the other party’s indifferent attitude, he added, “Actually, I’m also French. When I met you for the first time, I should greet you with a cheek kiss.”

Lu Wan: “It’s really unnecessary. Don’t come near.”

Jiang Hongyu didn’t care. He knew Haley’s sexual orientation, so there must be nothing between this beauty and him.

In this case, he has to be more proactive.

He leaned over and said, smiling, “Are you afraid of me? So cute. I won’t eat you.”

Lu Wan: “No. Keep away.”

There was a lot of food served in the restobar, but everyone was busy chatting and not many were reaching for it.

However, Lu Wan was eating very seriously.

She hasn’t had dinner yet.

“Then how about you come closer? Let’s be friends. You don’t have to be too wary of me, I’m a good guy.”

The man who gave himself the good guy card laughed loudly, and felt even more that the other person was cute.

“Seriously. Don’t come near. I’m scared of you.”

Lu Wan had nowhere to retreat. She had no choice but to reach out her hand to hold onto the other person’s jaw.

This guy had a hard time communicating, but wearing a skirt was really inconvenient, so…… she just dislocated the other person’s jaw.

Jiang Hongyu only heard a “clack”, followed by some soreness.

A few seconds later, after he tried and found that he couldn’t speak, his whole person became anxious.

The man tried several times to no avail, and in a panic, he swept the glass on the table to the ground.

The crisp sound attracted many eyes around them.

Chen Nianqing’s parents were doctors. When he came over, he immediately noticed something was wrong and asked, “Lu Wan, what did you do to him?”

Lu Wan: “I told him…… to not come near me. He didn’t listen. So I accidentally dislocated his jaw.”

Song Qianqian’s eyes widened. “What did you say? Wait, how did you do that?”

The person who was getting restless: “……”

That could be done? He could feel his jaw hurting somehow.

Lu Wan: “I learned it from a bone-setting master I knew before. But he only taught me how to dislocate jaws and not how to put it back on…… Comrade, don’t panic. It’s a small problem. I’m willing to compensate for the medical expenses.”

Everyone: “……”

They looked at Jiang Hongyu with his dislocated jaw and unable to close his mouth…… That was close. Fortunately, they restrained themselves just now and didn’t try to take the lead.

The students of Shangde High School looked at each other.

As expected of you, President Lu. You never disappoint.

Now these ignorant guys should know why they call the long-legged beauty President Lu.

Chen Nianqing glanced meaningfully at Lu Wan. Turning his head, he said to the man with the dislocated jaw, “Well, you can go to the nearest hospital and let the doctor place it back. Quickly, I have an acquaintance over there that will help you. You can go directly.”

I’ll ask the doctor over there to help you with your jaw and let you suffer some more.

Although there were no physical aftereffects, he would definitely remember this lesson in his mind and learn to respect girls’ opinion in the future.

Lu Wan: “Get going now…… I told you not to get close.”

The man who couldn’t close his mouth hurriedly left the venue while everyone was watching.

Haley said in a light voice, “President Lu, you’re too much, but I love you a little more today.”

Lu Wan: “……”

There’s no need.

Song Qianqian: “I want to learn this too— how to dislocate jaw!”

Lu Wan: “……”

It’s possible, but this shouldn’t be an essential skill.

Chen Nianqing thought for a moment, then asked with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “You won’t do that to me, will you?”

Lu Wan: “……No.”

“What about the others?” Tang Tang quickly asked. He was actually a little bit afraid.

Lu Wan hesitated for a second and then said with embarrassment, “……I don’t think so. I don’t have this hobby, as long as you don’t lean over me on purpose like the guy just now.”

Everyone: “……”

That’s what it is ah.

In the ensuing birthday party, there were indeed a lot less people who came to Lu Wan’s side, and they were all very polite.

Adhering to normal behaviour, nary any obscene words were uttered.

“Would you like to try this?”

“Can I sit down a little?”

“Excuse me. Can I have your WeChat? It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

 As if they were in a temple, they even used honorifics.


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