Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 52

Haley finished his shopping spree. He asked the familiar sales lady to send the goods directly to his home as usual. He would not take them away for the time being.

Lu Wan didn’t particularly want to buy anything. She was really shocked that Haley, a boy, actually love shopping so much?

“That…… You usually wear uniform at school. If you buy so many clothes, can you wear them all?”

Haley dismissed it. “Why can’t I wear them? Summer vacation has only started. I will wear one of these clothes to meet with friends. After meeting and taking pictures, it has already served its purpose and turned into old clothes.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Was that how it was? It really shocked her to the core……

Haley turned around after finally picking out suitable clothes for Lu Wan. He handed it to her.

“I think these suits you very well. I want to see you try it.”

Lu Wan: “I don’t need it. I’m not buying clothes.”

Haley shook the other party’s arm and said coquettishly, “Please satisfy me once. Today is my birthday. Please, please, I want to see it. If you don’t try it, I will have to go by myself.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She could do it, but he doesn’t have to do things like this.

The sales person next to them said with a smile, “Haley’s vision is great. Little sister, you have such a good figure, it will definitely fit well. In fact, you can try it out, it’s not necessary for you to buy it.”

Lu Wan just ate the drinks and chocolates provided by the sales lady…… Since she had done so, she couldn’t stand the persuasion of the two. She took the clothes to the fitting room.

After Lu Wan put it on, she lowered her gaze to take a look. The top was fine and she could accept the loose fit…… but the skirt seemed to be a little short.

After examining it, she pushed open the door of the fitting room and walked out.

Haley continued to act coquettishly. “President Lu, you came out just in time. I found you a pair of shoes. Try this one.”

Lu Wan: “……No need.”

The sales lady smiled and said, “Try it. This is our new style. Little sister, your legs are so beautiful, it’ll definitely look good on you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Fine. She’ll just try it on.

The sales lady smiled so sweetly, her voice was soft as if she had bewitching power. Lu Wan was completely unable to refuse.

Haley’s fashion taste was very good. He was studying fashion design outside and was planning on joining the art department afterwards.

He actually likes seeing Lu Wan wear skirts. Given that she always wore trousers, her long legs were unfairly hidden.

Then again, President Lu still had to retain her handsomeness, so he gave her the cyberpunk queen style.

Large black cargo shirt with a matching colored skirt.

The skirt was pleated and reaches until the middle of the thigh. Because it was dark and the fabric hard, it weakens the sweet vibe.

It appears beautiful and handsome.

Hollow boots have a great sense of design and could immediately catch the eye, but they were very particular about the leg shape and would magnify all the shortcomings. It was difficult to wear them well.

Lu Wan’s clothes seemed to be tailor-made, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her for a few seconds.

Even if it was a big-name, this kind of boots would not be complementing. And if the clothes were too sexy, there would even be a strange S&M vibe.

However, Lu Wan had a functional and casual style, and the stiff fabric of the clothes instead highlights the shoe’s design.

It won’t make people feel that it was obtrusive and weird.         

Lu Wan put on the boots and stood up. “Does it look a little strange?”

The sales lady looked incredulous. “How can it be strange? These clothes and shoes were simply made for you. I swear I’ve never seen anyone wear it better than you!”

Lu Wan didn’t quite believe it. “You say that to every customer, right?”

Sales lady: “……”

Well, she doesn’t deny that this was often the case, but today she was absolutely 100% sincere!

There were not many customers in the store at this time and other sales personnel have also come up.

“You’re figure is really good.”

“Yeah, especially wearing this outfit, it highlights the long legs and slender waist.”

“It’s so beautiful. Why don’t you buy it? No one looks better than you in this outfit.”

Lu Wan: “You must have been trained how to coax people…… I can say that I’m tempted.”

The others: “……”

No, no, no, the focus is wrong. This costumer, do you not notice your own charm?

Lu Wan looked in the mirror. “I’ll go and change my clothes.”

“Just let it be. It’s my gift to you.” Haley walked over and said with a smile.

Lu Wan: “No need.”

She could guess with her eyes closed that this shop would definitely not be cheap. It was legal robbery.

Haley came to Lu Wan’s side and when he was helping her smoothed the clothes, he tore off the tag without warning. He raised his hand to show Lu Wan. “Now I have to buy it. If the tag is removed, you won’t be able to return it. Just wear it like this. You can consider it as fulfilling my once a year birthday.”

“Stop messing around.” Lu Wan took the tag from the other party’s hand, glanced at the price and felt a little dizzy. She turned to ask the salesperson, “Do we have buy to it?”

“Yes, because the tag has been torn off.” The salesperson said with a smile.

“Forget it. I’ll pay. Haley, don’t do this next time.” Lu Wan took out a card and handed it over.

Haley’s eyes were twinkling. “All right. I know I’m wrong.”

The money Lu Wan made last time at the school festival just flew away.

Although dumbfounded, she was not a petty person. It would be fine to just remind the other party.

Today was also Haley’s birthday, and this guy has always been kind to her even though he was always running his mouth.

Lu Wan: “……My money ah.”

Haley said with a smile. “President Lu, there’s something wrong with your sentence. Do you think you can get to the top three in the next final exam?”

Lu Wan answered honestly, “Not big a problem.”

Although there was no result yet.

“That settles it then. Shangde gives each of the top three 60,000 yuan every year, and the top 30 all have their own share, which is about a few thousand yuan.”

In addition to the next generation of Shangde students, they would also recruit the general public and even set up high scholarships to attract outstanding students.

However, in the last two years, the first two have been occupied by Chen Nianqing and Su Rao, who were not lacking in money.

Sure enough, upon hearing that there was a huge scholarship, Lu Wan eased up a lot.

She actually thought…… that if she had to buy these clothes, then just buy it ba.

Ah, she’s been corrupted.

Haley: “President Lu, when it comes to clothes, it’s enough to have only one focal point for the whole outfit. In this way you’ll appear sophisticated.”

Lu Wan looked at the other party’s sunglasses…… necklace, headband, and ring, and couldn’t help but say, “You don’t seem to be like this.”

Haley: “I hate it. I want to be the brightest star in the night sky. Everyone must see me at a glance.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Okay, as long as you’re happy.

When the two came out of the mall, Lu Wan felt uncomfortable because people had been constantly casting looks at her along the way.

She looked at the leg chain one centimeter below her skirt and felt that it wasn’t good.

“How about we take this thing off?”

Haley: “No. I told you there must be a highlight.”

President Lu’s legs were so beautiful and were really suitable for leg chains, highlighting the advantages to the greatest extent.

Actually, he wanted to wear them too, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t work out when boys wear pants that were too short.

Lu Wan tried her best to ignore the gazes around her, and her head-turning rate was almost 100%.

As if she was some creature.

Haley sighed. President Lu really thought too much. This was the city center on weekends.

There were all kinds of coquettish men and fashionable women on the street trying to impress wearing all kinds of things. For instance, he himself went out to the hairdresser for styling at 8 o’clock this morning.

Being a beautiful man also required a lot of energy. It’s very tiring for fairies to come down to earth.

Although what President Lu was wearing wasn’t low-key, it was definitely within the normal range.

The restobar was right around the corner and was in a concealed location. If Haley hadn’t led the way, she probably would never have been able to find it.

It was in an alley and you have to walk in to see the discreet sign.

The entrance design was like a tunnel giving the illusion of being transported to another place.

After walking through the passageway covered with leaves, the front would suddenly open up.

Lu Wan forced herself not to care about being stared at just now, but at this moment, she felt self-conscious again.

This shiny thing on her leg…… was especially awful.

At the end of the passageway, Lu Wan stopped and touched the chain on her leg. “Don’t I look vulgar? Won’t I be taken away by the police uncle?”

She felt cheated by Haley. The sister from the store actually complemented that it looked good. It was a lie, right?

They were most likely flattering her to get her money.

Well, although she doesn’t understand, it had suddenly become popular in recent years to wear things…… around the neck and thighs.

In fact, it looked okay when she saw other girls dressed like this, but on herself, Lu Wan felt that it was wrong.

She seriously suspected that in the eyes of others, she was like a gangster wearing woman’s clothes.

Haley: “It’s nothing like that.”


Lu Wan’s words just started when Haley pushed her from behind.

Today was Haley’s birthday. He has many friends, so he booked the entire restaurant.

The place has been arranged, and there were many crystal lamps and fresh flowers to improve the atmosphere.

The birthday party starts at 8 o’clock in the evening which was only five minutes away, so most of the guests had already arrived.

Lu Wan who was pushed, staggered. She straightened up after standing firmly.

“Why are you pushing me?”

Haley: “Hello, everyone.”

Hearing the voice, the men and women who were chatting all looked over in an instant.

They first looked at Haley before finally fixing their eyes on the girl next to him.


Haley whistled. Although President Lu was handsome at school, that style was the aesthetic of a straight girl, a walking human wrench.

Today’s beautiful cool sister style was the next door lesbian circle’s type.

Unfortunately, this was a steel straight girl.

Since she couldn’t be a Top, everyone should be disappointed together ba.

Come on friends, let’s all doubt life together.

Haley looked around and was stunned for a second after seeing Chen Nianqing.

Eh? How come Mr Perfect came? Is my prestige that big?

Haley glanced at Lu Wan next to him. He always felt that Chen Nianqing appeared frequently wherever President Lu was.

He doesn’t quite believe in coincidences.

If Xu Yao was the very beautiful but stupid Concubine Qi, this was…… Chun Yuan[1]the late empress in ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’ who the Emperor pines for and whom Zhen Huan resembles who continued to live on?

After all, President Lu wanting to be a pretend couple with him…… was because Chen Nianqing’s grades were good.

Were good grades really amazing? Study slacker Haley thought for a while. Fine, it’s really amazing.

He woke up.

Chen Nianqing was talking to others. He rarely comes to such occasions.

Haley sent him an electronic invitation a few days ago. He thought that Lu Wan would be there, so he wavered and decided to come and have a look.

He went to France this summer to visit his grandparents and only came back yesterday.

At first Chen Nianqing didn’t realized that the girl wearing the skirt was Lu Wan, so he didn’t quite care. He froze for a moment after seeing her clearly.

Was this Student Lu Wan who’s discussing robot circuit problems with him on the Internet yesterday?


1 the late empress in ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’ who the Emperor pines for and whom Zhen Huan resembles


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