Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 51

It took Lu Wan ten days to listen to all the trial lessons she’d signed up to.

In the end she chose French and Introduction to Programming.

Although there were also learning videos available on the Internet, she, as a miser…… found that going to class was more efficient after a careful comparison.

In face-to-face classes, one could not only communicate with classmates and make progress together, but could also ask the teacher at any time if one have any question.

And learning from a reliable teacher was naturally more effective than self-study.

Lu Wan signed up for the adult class and the price was not cheap. Many of the students in the class were from prestigious universities, not only domestically, but even from internationally renowned ones.

For this week’s programming class, an industry leader was invited to give a lecture and additional payment was required.

Therefore, there were also foreign and international students who have made a special trip to fly back to take these two-day classes.

Lu Wan swiped the card painfully.

She found that there were a lot of brilliant people in the class, so her inner desire to win was raging once again!

Lu Wan was the most popular student in the training institute. After all, that variety show was too popular.

She was young and smart, so everyone was willing to get close to this little classmate.


The training institute was closed on weekends but Lu Wan did not go out. She stayed in the study room with Lu Bainian to discuss some new ideas about his project.

Professor Lu’s short-term goal was to publish a co-signed SCI[1]Science Citation Index; an international, open access journal which covers all research fields paper after his daughter goes to college.

In the world of top students, Lu Buyu couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but he could get involved. He could show his face occasionally, cut fruits, serve tea and water, and so forth.

The big star had no status at home. When their housekeeper was off duty, he takes over.

“Don’t you feel tired? You study every day…… Can your brain handle it? Are you abnormal?” Lu Buyu asked with a frown as he looked at the person coming downstairs.

Lu Wan said lightly, “Your mind is empty every day but I don’t think you’re abnormal ah.”

How could she feel tired? Whenever she was in the middle of doing her homework in primary school, she would be too hungry to concentrate and could only drink water to fill up her stomach.

In high school, she had to spend a lot of energy figuring out how to earn money to support herself.

And now she only needed to study. This was the life she had always wanted to live.

Every single day was very wonderful.

Lu Buyu, who suffered 10,000 damaged points, completely shut himself off.

Lu Wan went to the gate of the community to pick up Xu Yao. After the vacation, the two met twice in total.

Xu Yao joined a sports training this summer vacation and his schedule was also very full.

The two met in a hurry in the city center, stood on the side of the road drinking a bottle of Coke together, and then separated.

Today, Xu Yao said that he had something for her so he came all the way here.

This was the first time for the other party to visit her house and Lu Wan informed the guard.

……But something went wrong. Xu Yao still couldn’t come in.

The guard refused to let him in and asked her to confirm it in person.

Lu Wan was still puzzled at first, until she saw Xu Yao standing on the side of the road…… and realized that the security guards were not letting people in because they were being responsible.

Xu Yao’s skin was tanned several degrees. He was wearing a vest and his exposed arms reflected a dark luster.

Carrying large bags in his hand…… he looked like an actual delivery boy.

The community was strictly managed. In order to ensure the privacy of the home owners, delivery boys were usually not allowed to come in.

Lu Wan walked over to fetch Xu Yao. She asked with a chuckle, “Why did you bring so many things?”

Xu Yao raised an eyebrow. “Get off my back. It’s not like you can’t eat as much. Let’s go.”

“Need help?”

“No. This young master is strong.”

Lu Wan shrugged and led the way with empty hands.

She thought for a while, then turned to give Xu Yao a heads-up, “By the way, my dad and my brother are at home today. Later…… don’t be too surprised when you see my big brother.”

Xu Yao, this blabbermouth, doesn’t know her relationship with Lu Buyu yet.

Lu Wan didn’t take the initiative to mention it and the other party missed it too.

Xu Yao: “Don’t be long-winded, I won’t swear in front of your family.”

Of course he had to behave well!

Ten minutes later.

Xu Yao, who had just put the things down, saw Lu Buyu coming out in his shorts and his eyes instantly widened.

“This guy…… How did he appear here?” Xu Yao turned to ask Lu Wan.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Lu Wan said.

“Nope. You only said that your father and brother were at home, not that there were guests.” After a pause, Xu Yao frowned. “I remember you said that your brother is very immature and silly. Do you want me to give him a warning?”

Lu Wan held her forehead. She shouldn’t have overestimated the other person’s IQ.        

Xu Yao went on to say, “I’ve seen a lot of that kind of nasty dude. The other side is your big brother. It’s inconvenient for you to make the relationship too stiff. It’s okay, I’ll come forward to help you intimidate him.”

After speaking, he gave himself a compliment. I’m such a considerate man.

Lu Buyu: “???”

So, was this how Lu Wan described him to others?

Ok. In Lu Wan’s heart, he was an immature shared power bank???

Lu Buyu’s mentality completely collapsed.

Lu Buyu looked at Xu Yao with a dark face. “Why are you here? You’re not welcome here.”

Xu Yao: “Aren’t you here too? Che~ Everyone is a guest. Who is nobler than the other?”

Lu Buyu was dizzy. Does this guy have a brain?

He said word by word, “Mine and Lu Wan’s names are on the same household registration book.”

Xu Yao retorted without thinking, “You’re shameless! I will only share a household registration book with her in the future.”

Lu Buyu was about to spit out blood. It’s like a chicken talking to a duck[2]as if they were not speaking the same language. Was this guy trying to be funny?

Was he doing this on purpose?

Lu Wan couldn’t stand it anymore so she took the initiative to explain, “Lu Buyu is my brother—the next of kin—in the household registration book.”

Xu Yao: “Huh?”

Lu Buyu: “You still want to share a household registration book with Lu Wan? Haley is more suitable than you.”

Xu Yao was a little anxious, “Brother, there’s no need to say that. Haley?”

Lu Buyu snorted coldly. His impression of Haley was that of a flashy gay.

He also knew that Lu Wan was well-liked at school. After all, her big brother was a top celebrity. No matter how bad the younger sister was her popularity couldn’t be low. It was normal.

At that time, when the exam was approaching, Lu Wan stated that no one could affect her study. Xu Yao and Su Rao reached a consensus and temporarily ceased fighting.

Haley was not surprised. He said that Xu Yao was Lady Gūwalgiya, Concubine Qi[3]from the show ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; Initially friendly with Zhen Huan, she later sabotages the Zhen family under the Empress’ orders. Ordered to be beaten to … Continue reading, who was very beautiful but stupid. How could he possibly beat Lady Niohuru[4]also from ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; Zhen Huan’s maid and illegitimate half-sister, who desires to become a concubine herself. She pledges her loyalty to Zhen Huan … Continue reading, Su Rao?

Later, Su Rao took an unprecedented effort to review, not wanting to be surpassed by Lu Wan. The less Su Rao came, the more opportunities there were for Xu Yao to brush his sense of existence.

The straight man Lu Buyu was shocked by Haley’s analogy and asked, “Then who am I?”

Haley said, “Brother Yu is the version of Xia Dongchun[5]from ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; An obnoxious concubine who picks on An Lingrong and offends Nian Shilan with her brazen ways. Paralyzed after being punished by Nian early … Continue reading with an infinite resurrection. You will never die again. Don’t worry!”

Lu Bu Yu asked again, “What about you?”

Haley gave Lu Buyu an exasperated glance, “Hah~ Of course I’m a cute red panda. Please, it’s obvious.”

Lu Buyu was immensely shaken at that time. For the first time, he realized the generation gap between him and young people.

What kind of guys were these around Lu Wan? Was this really okay?

Needless to say, it was Xu Yao who was immensely shook at this moment.

How could Lu Buyu say that Haley was better than him?

“I’m sorry, Brother. I was joking just now.”

Lu Buyu: “Stay away from me. Don’t infect me with brain damage.”

Xu Yao: “……”

“Enough. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. You should have a common language, so why are you arguing?”

Xu Yao and Lu Buyu: “……”

They were offended.

Lu Wan: “I’m going out later. You two get along well. By the way, Xu Yao, help me thank your mother. I’ll go visit her in a couple of days.”

Most of the things that Xu Yao brought today were marinated dishes from his mother. Lu Wan loved to eat them since she was a child.

“Where are you going? Isn’t today the weekend? Are you meeting someone?” Lu Buyu asked with a frown.

Lu Wan: “I’m meeting with Haley because today is the weekend.”

The other party has already made an appointment several times and it’s not good to push it back again.

Moreover, Lu Wan wanted to go out for a change of scenery once in a while.

After all, Haley was a very playful person~

Xu Yao’s eyes widened. “Lu Wan, don’t take it so seriously. Your older brother’s just casually talking. You’ll actually go to find Haley?”

Lu Buyu looked wary. “How come I’ve never seen you listen to me like this before??”

The tough guy and the gay were not suitable.

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “Haley and I made an appointment a long time ago. Although the brain only accounts for 2% of the body weight, the two of you are so big, please use your brain. After all, in theory, the less you use your brain, the more brain cells die. The vicious cycle will follow.”

Xu Yao and Lu Buyu: “……”

They were seriously offended.


Lu Wan arrived at the agreed meeting place. After waiting for two minutes, she saw Haley approaching.

Not having to go to school in the summer, Haley dyed his hair bluish-gray, carefully trimmed his eyebrows, and wore cross earrings and a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses on the bridge of his nose.

Complete with a floral shirt, shorts and limited-edition sneakers.

The whole look was very eye-catching, just like a trendy handsome guy, except that he was a little thinner.

There were a large number of people turning their heads towards him.

Lu Wan was surprised. “Why are you dressed like this today?”

Like a peacock with its tail feather spread.

Haley pushed his sunglasses up. “I should be the one asking you. President Lu, did you come out in your pajamas? Although your face looks good, you shouldn’t waste it.”

Lu Wan looked down. She was wearing Lu Buyu’s discarded old clothes today.

Anyway, it was just sitting in the closet and these clothes still looked new that she didn’t bother to buy new ones.

These clothes were also comfortable to wear and more convenient than a skirt. People wouldn’t touch her thighs on the subway.

White shirt and black sports shorts; how does these look like pajamas?

Haley: “Oho~ It doesn’t matter if you dressed like this, but I’ve boasted in front of my sisters that you are very dashing. Everyone have high expectations.”

Lu Wan placed her hands on her hips. “You didn’t tell me that there will be others today.”

Haley: “It’s nothing. We have to eat at night anyway. Let’s go shopping first.”

“Okay, I’m going to the stationery store.”

Haley laughed.

They hadn’t seen each other for a while but President Lu was still so interesting.

He put his arms around the person beside him. “There’s no hurry. Accompany me to see the shop’s new arrivals first. Maybe there’s something suitable for President Lu there. If you found anything you like, I can buy them for you.”

After considering it for a while, Lu Wan said solemnly, “No need. I brought a card. I got my own money.”

Haley was in stitches.

Passersby all around cast their gazes. What were the handsome boy and the short-haired girl talking about? Such a good laugh.

But both of them had very good appearances.

Lu Wan’s hair had grown a bit longer. Though occasionally, there were people who got confused whether she’s male or female. After all, her height was very gender neutral and she had no particular preference for her clothes.…..

However, because her hair has grown a lot, they were more inclined to think she’s a girl.

Lu Wan: “What are you laughing about?”

The corner of Haley’s mouth couldn’t help but rise. “Nothing. President Lu, you’re so cute. There will be many Shangde students at the restaurant later. I don’t want to show you to them anymore.”

Lu Wan: “……Thank you for the compliment. You’re also very cute.”

The two overly cute people went shopping together.

Haley thought for a while and asked, “How was your summer vacation? I heard that you’ve been taking training courses?”

“It’s okay. Right, Xu Yao came to my house today.” Lu Wan mentioned.

Haley: “Then did he found out that Lu Buyu is your brother?”


Haley shrugged. That guy’s jaw must have fallen to the ground.

In fact, he had already guessed it the very next day.

He just pretended not to know in front of Lu Buyu.

Of course, Su Rao also guessed it.

The other students had no idea, because after all, they were not that close to Lu Wan, and it would simply not enter the mind of the audience at all.

As for Xu Yao…… this foolish straight man that was very beautiful yet stupid, it was normal for him not to realize.

Haley was contemplating on what clothes to buy for Lu Wan. Handsome? Or pretty?

Odd. It was men who had always bought gifts for him, but now he was even willing to take out money from his own pocket.

Well, he’s afraid that President Lu wouldn’t accept it.

After all, although President Lu was frugal, she was actually richer than him.

If the rumors were true, it means the descendants of the Lu family would all hold shares in the Lu group.

……In this way, if he married President Lu, it was guaranteed that he would be a domineering president’s wife.

In the circle of noble ladies, one could definitely swing ones tail and delicately look down ones nose at people.

This display…… Thinking about it made him kinda excited!


1 Science Citation Index; an international, open access journal which covers all research fields
2 as if they were not speaking the same language
3 from the show ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; Initially friendly with Zhen Huan, she later sabotages the Zhen family under the Empress’ orders. Ordered to be beaten to death after trying to incriminate Zhen Huan of having an affair with Wen Shichu.
4 also from ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; Zhen Huan’s maid and illegitimate half-sister, who desires to become a concubine herself. She pledges her loyalty to Zhen Huan after being confronted with colluding with Cao Qinmo and Nian Shilan. She stays by Zhen Huan’s side outside the palace and is later adopted into the Zhen/Niohuru clan before her marriage to Yunli
5 from ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace’; An obnoxious concubine who picks on An Lingrong and offends Nian Shilan with her brazen ways. Paralyzed after being punished by Nian early in the series


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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