Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 50

Xiao Zhang was already going bald but Brother Yu was still deviating from the main point.

“You don’t know that crazy girl. She’s so daring and drives so fast, she’s scary to death.”

Xiao Zhang: “……”

All right. The boss was really unreliable when it comes to this kind of things.

Forget it, let the studio handle it.

In fact, it wasn’t big news when a star met someone in private.

Lu Buyu was a top star. During the broadcast of the variety show, the Lu brother and sister became very popular, which led to the fact that this matter attracted a lot of peoples’ attention.

A lot of videos and photos of this evening had appeared online, but they were all blurry.

Most of the netizens commented that the relationship between brother and sister was very good.

Even after filming the show, they were still in contact.

Maybe Lu Buyu really regarded Lu Wan as his sister.

The audience of the variety show was very fond of the socialist brother-sister relationship, which was different from other romantic CP!

It’s just that their opponents and the black fans were planning to make a big fuss about it.

The job of an artist requires the sacrifice of parts of their private life, but Lu Wan was an amateur and should not receive too much attention, so it was necessary to issue a statement.

Xiao Zhang was still quite confident. Even if the two met privately, it was nothing.

Besides, there were more than a dozen students alongside them today.

At the very least, he still had a trump card in his hand— the two were real brother and sister.

There was no need to announce this now. But one day, he would use this trump card to smash the faces of those black fans.

Before 12 o’clock, Lu Buyu’s studio issued a statement.

It’s just a few lines and was not too serious. The focus was to hope not to disturb the normal life of Little Sister and other students, and to explain that many students gathered together today to celebrate the end of the youngsters’ final exams.

And attached was a group photo of a dozen people at the barbecue restaurant today.

The clothes and hat that Lu Buyu wore were the same as those in the video.

The time was approaching the early hours but there were a lot of active people online.

With the top star combined with the explosive variety show, there were already 30,000 comments in less than then minutes.

【I watched the video…… I had no other thoughts except, I envy the dog. Brother Yu hugged it, and Sister Wan also hugged it.】

【I envy the dog. I really don’t want to be a human anymore. Wuu wuu wuu.】

【Upstairs sister, I’ll give you five dollars, delete your comment and let me post it!】

【Lu Buyu is really in a hurry to show off.】

【Some of the commenters are sick in the head. If Brother Yu didn’t contact Little Sister, you would say that he’s hypocritical. If the two people have a good relationship you’ll have new ways to shade him?】

【Some people really argue senselessly.】

【Forget that they’re blackening Brother Yu, Little Sister is a regular person and can’t bear it. These troll’s were not as good-looking as her, not as smart as her, and not as lovable as her. Is this why they’re jealous?】

【Fortunately, the exams are finished today. Otherwise Little Sister will be affected and I’ll have to kill you.】

【Little Sister will definitely do well in the exam. Top student Little Sister carries her own brilliance.】

【Ahhhhhhh. This Socialist brother-sister relationship really hits me in the heart. Please always keep this good relationship ah!】

After this was posted, the official Weibo of 《Go to School Together》 also helped forward it, expressing its attitude: We hope to give the students privacy.

After a while, the official account of the show did something again. They took a screenshot of Lu Wan doing her homework in the show.

“Forwarding this. Little Sister must pass the exam!”

People who were still eating melons began reposting it for good luck.

Regardless of whether it works or not, forward it first and then talk about it later.

Lu Buyu looked up from his phone, thought for a moment and said, “Well now, everyone is waiting for your final exam results. Are you certain?”

Lu Wan folded her hands in front of her chest. “I’m not certain, but I think third place is guaranteed.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

This guy must be doing this on purpose!

Lu Wan changed the subject. She smiled and said, “Seriously, I really like Ling He. Can you get me an autograph? He’s super handsome.”

Lu Buyu: “Do you have a problem with your eyes? Can he be as handsome as me?”

Lu Wan replied without thinking, “Of course he’s much more handsome than you!”

Lu Buyu sneered. “You like Ling He so much, why don’t I take you to see him?”

Lu Wan looked surprised. “Really? Is that possible? Then remember to call me!”

“You can dream, it’s faster!” Lu Buyu stood up and walked out.

Because of today’s news, Lu Buyu’s studio was working overtime, mainly to prevent their opponents marketing accounts from taking advantage of the issue.

Then, without talking about overtime, they had to face the boss’s crucial question: Who is more attractive, Ling He or I?

This was an easy question and everyone naturally wouldn’t answer it wrong.

And in all fairness, it was true.

Ling He was a popular member of a boy group, but even combined with the popularity of all the people in his group, he still couldn’t compare with Lu Buyu.

Ling He has gained a lot of popularity in the past year, barely ranking among the traffic stars. However, the list was usually different every year. Lu Buyu was on the top of the pyramid and stands firm.

No matter from which aspect the comparison was made, their boss was the complete victor.

Lu Buyu felt that the answers of the studio staff were very pertinent. In the final analysis, Lu Wan’s aesthetics were not good.

No, he had to prove it to the other party.

Not to mention Ling He, no one in the entire entertainment industry could compare to him save for a few people.


Lu Wan was completely idle during the summer vacation.

Recently, she was thinking about learning something and signed up for a lot of free trial masterclasses online.

She listened to trial classes every day and it’s all set for this week. The key was that it’s free.

Lu Wan finished French lesson and was about to go home when she received a call from Lu Buyu.

Lu Buyu asked where she was and said that he would send his assistant to pick her up.

Lu Wan was at a loss. Just as she was about to say no, the other person added that Ling He was among the recording guests.

So her mind changed.


The backstage of a TV station.

After Lu Buyu was done with his styling, he kept looking at Ling He from the corner of his eyes.

This guy looks average, doesn’t he?

Ling He was a little apprehensive and asked in a cautious voice, “Teacher Lu, do you have something to say?”

Lu Buyu: “Some people said that you are much more handsome than me.”

Ling He: “……That’s nothing. Teacher Lu saying this, I really don’t deserve it!”

This was a senior and a first-line artist, of course he couldn’t compare.

Lu Buyu contemplated about it and then added, “Can you give me a signed photo?”

Ling He put his hands together, stood up and bowed. “Teacher Lu, please don’t say that! I don’t deserve it.”

Ling He’s manager was also shocked. What’s going on?

One must know that although Ling He was very popular, he had limited resources due to his boy group background.

It was said that the TV station invited Ling He separately this time because of Lu Buyu’s recommendation.

Lu Buyu had been in the circle for five years and a casual sentence would be more useful than her even if she run back and forth for a week.

The question was, the two had never met before so why did Lu Buyu suddenly helped Ling He?

It’s not uncommon for things to happen in the entertainment industry. The manager had a bold idea in her mind……

Frankly, if Lu Buyu was willing to keep helping, let alone Ling He himself, the boy group he was in would climb a level—no, it should be several levels higher.

Ling He embarrassedly gave the signed photo to Lu Buyu, his whole person feeling uncomfortable.

Lu Buyu didn’t say anything besides telling his assistant to put it away.


Lu Wan sat in the audience sit, her eyes following Ling He all the time.

It’s a pity that most of the girls here were all madly screaming Lu Buyu’s name.

After the recording, Lu Buyu asked his assistant to bring Lu Wan backstage.

He had his own resting area, so naturally, he doesn’t have to crowd with other artists.

Lu Buyu: “How about it? After seeing him up close today, have you cured your blindness? I’m much more handsome than Ling He.”

Lu Wan: “Ling He is so handsome. His opening performance just now was awesome. I think I like him more.”

Ling He was from a boy group after all. He presented a singing and dancing performance at the beginning.

Lu Buyu: “Look at you. What’s so great about singing and dancing? I’ve even been to the Spring Festival Gala. Heh, I didn’t make any arrangements today, otherwise he would have nothing to do. After all, I want to give the younger generation a chance.”

Lu Wan: “Hah-hah.”


What does this sarcastic laugh mean?

Lu Buyu said indignantly, “You know what, tell me what else you want to hear. I’ll sing it to you now.”

Lu Wan deliberated about it. “I want to listen to 《Drunken Butterfly》[1]by Cui Weili.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Wan added: “DJ version.”

“Who can sing this? Ling He couldn’t.” After a pause, Lu Bu Yu turned around and asked his assistant to call Ling He in order to prove it.

Ling He’s legs were shaking a little. He couldn’t help it. Lu Buyu was his idol even before his debut.

What’s more…… Senior was too handsome! The temperament was so good! As expected of a top star!

“Teacher Lu, what can I do for you?” Ling He asked after forcing himself to calm down. While doing so, he also noticed that there was a girl in the room.

Ling He had watched 《Go to School Together》 so he knew Lu Wan.

Lu Buyu coughed. “I want to hear you sing a song. Do you have time?”

Ling He: “Absolutely. I’m willing to listen to Teacher Lu’s guidance.”

Lu Buyu came straight to the point. “Sing 《Drunken Butterfly》.”

Ling He was startled.

Lu Buyu: “The DJ version. Will you?”

Ling He nodded lightly. “I’ll do it. Then I’ll start singing.”

At the end of the song, Lu Wan applauded hard. “You’re really amazing, Ling He.”

Ling He: “Thank you, Sister. I watched the variety show you were in.”

Lu Buyu was surprised. How could this guy know this song?

Wasn’t he very young?

“All right, you can go out.” Lu Buyu waved his hand.

Ling He was about to leave but Lu Wan immediately stopped him. “Brother, I would like an autograph.”

Lu Buyu: “Don’t waste other people’s time. I already got one for you here.”

“Ah, okay.” Lu Wan nodded. She smiled and said to Ling He, “Brother, you’re awesome!”

Lu Buyu fell into a crazy brainstorming.

So why did he call Ling He today? Was it to slap himself?

And why did Lu Wan called this kid brother?

Lu Buyu: “What kind of aesthetic do you have?”

“What do you know? Even if you don’t like it now, you might like it in twenty years.”

Lu Wan didn’t bother to look at Lu Buyu and left contentedly.

She still had plans for the evening. She had chased stars today, but she couldn’t delay her studies.

Lu Wan became a fan of Ling He because she saw the video of him dancing 《Drunken Butterfly》. Even the aunties dancing on the square were full of energy and every movement was very powerful.

And how to put it, many people thought this song was tasteless, while the aunties and uncles don’t like young people’s rap, but they all wanted songs that could express their emotions.

Lu Wan had no feelings for this song at first, but after her idol danced it, just like all the fans, she felt that this song was buffed.

She thought it sounds pretty good!


Lu Buyu extended an olive branch to Ling He. Not only did he take the other party to a variety show, but it was said that after the recording was over, he also called Ling He alone to speak and gave him a lecture.

To be valued by such a big senior, the other group members were simply too envious.

As soon as Ling He came back, two of his members who lived with him crowded around him.

“What did he say to you when you went to his resting area?”

“Did he give you any good advice? Tell us about it.”

Ling He touched the back of his head. “There’s nothing. He just asked me to sing a song.”

“What song?” In an instant, everyone came over curiously.

“《Drunken Butterfly》” After a pause, Ling He added, “DJ version.”

Before his debut, he had been a dance teacher for a while. He taught the aunties dancing in the town square for the sake of earning a meal. At that time, the song was 《Drunken Butterfly》.

The boy group members: “……”

Although it sounded bizarre, since Lu Buyu said so, there has to be a reason.

That afternoon, the entire boy group was practicing the song.

“I couldn’t fly out of this world of flowers~ I just realized that I’m a~ drunken butterfly……”

When the manager came for her routine visit, she was completely stunned.

She asked incredulously, “《Drunken Butterfly》? That’s my mom’s favorite song. Are you guys from the ’60s?”

“What Aunt listens to is definitely different.”

“Yeah. This is the DJ version.”

The boy group members refuted one after another.

The manager’s vision almost turned black. The company arranged them as an idol boy group, not a square dance boy group.

What’s with Lu Buyu’s aesthetic? Did he do this on purpose?


1 by Cui Weili


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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