Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 49

Just another ten seconds and they wouldn’t be able to leave.

This situation was very serious. The two of them were surrounded in the middle and the unknown crowd behind them was continuing to squeeze forward.

A stampede might happen.

This was no joke. It was also possible that they could be carried off then and there.

Maybe they’ll be seen in the news tomorrow with the headline «The Lu brother and sister were crushed into mud, everyone pay their respects».

Lu Wan looked at the key hooked on the girl’s finger and asked urgently, “You drive a scooter?”

“Yes.” The young girl glanced at the pink vehicle next to her.

“Let me borrow it. At this time tomorrow, I’ll send you a new one at this location.”

The young girl was stunned silly and Lu Wan didn’t have time to wait for a response. She took the key directly from the other party’s hand.

She winked at the girl. “Thanks sister. It’s a Jianghu emergency. If you didn’t have a boyfriend, I would have given you Lu Buyu.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

“I’ll drive.”

Lu Buyu finished his words, only to see that Lu Wan had already inserted the key into the scooter.

“Hop on quickly.”

Lu Buyu hesitated for a second then sat down.

“Hold tight.”

Lu Buyu looked anxious. “……Are you going to drive? Don’t mess around!”

Lu Wan didn’t speak but directly turned the accelerator to maximum.

The vehicle drove out and Lu Buyu’s center of gravity was unstable, so his nose hit the back of the person in front.

His facial features were twisted together and he said painfully, “Are you made of cement? So hard.”

“Cut the crap, or you’ll find my fists harder.” Lu Wan’s voice drifted in the wind.

This was not the main road so there was not much traffic.

Two people ride in front and a group of people were running behind them.

The chasing crowd kept growing.

“It’s Lu Buyu!”

“Lu Buyu! Lu Buyu!”

“Lu Buyu! Don’t go!”

Within minutes, not only were they running after him, but there were also people riding bicycles and scooters.…..

Then eventually in taxis.

Lu Wan was convinced. This guy was really a top star and his popularity was the same as that of RMB.

Lu Buyu took out his mobile phone and quickly searched for a map of the vicinity.

For such things, he still had experience.

“Go in through the alley up ahead, then turn right.”

“You better not make a mistake.” Lu Wan swerved and the scooter turned into the alley.

Lu Buyu: “Turn left after the exit and drive straight ahead.”

Lu Wan was concentrating in driving, while Lu Buyu looked at the map and directed the way.

Five minutes later, the chasing crowd had been thrown away, and only some motorists were still chasing vigorously.

Lu Wan rolled her eyes in her mind. These people were so hard-working, as if Lu Buyu owed them millions.

Lu Buyu: “Hurry up! Hurry! Can you do it?”

“Grandpa, what can I do? This is the fastest speed.”

How could an electric scooter outrun motorcycles and taxis? These people were really reckless.

Seeing that they were overtaken by several cars, Lu Wan turned at the fork and took another road, which caught the chasers by surprise so they had to go back and chase on their tail again.

This went on and on and on. They had to figure out a way.

Otherwise, they and their pursuers were at risk.

Fans nowadays were really crazy, or perhaps, they were not fans, but people who had nothing better to do.

“Is there a place to hide around here?” Lu Wan asked.

Lu Buyu: “There’s a wholesale clothing market in front! It’s open until 12 pm and it’s not closed yet.”

“Then let’s go there!”


Ten minutes later, a group of people who were chasing saw the scooter parked outside the clothing market. They got off their vehicles one after another and rushed to find the person.

They were anxious to find Lu Buyu so they focused on men.

Several people just glanced at the two fashionable girls passing by and immediately looked away.

This was a wholesale market and many shops hired fitting models to try on clothes to show how it looks to the boss purchasing the goods.

So it’s not surprising to see tall women dressed in fashionable clothes, although…… it’s a little strange that they were wearing sunglasses indoors.

Maybe it’s for posing ba.

After Lu Wan and Lu Buyu changed their clothes, they walked out of the wholesale market openly.

Just now, Lu Wan found a shop selling masquerade props and costumes. She and the ‘boss’ bought two sets of clothes and two wigs.

They even borrowed lipstick.

The two spent five minutes re-doing their looks.

Lu Wan left her schoolbag on the store, saying that she was in a hurry to go to the party and would pick it up tomorrow.

The boss didn’t follow celebrities and didn’t recognize Lu Buyu, and upon seeing that the two clients were so straightforward and didn’t try to bargain, she agreed to help hold onto the schoolbag.

Taking advantage that no one had noticed them, Lu Wan beckoned Lu Buyu to hurry up. She mounted the scooter and Lu Buyu sat in the back.

Two men happened to pass by. They stopped to look at the two fashionable girls and discussed in a low voice.

“I like the blonde in the back.”

“No, no, the red curly hair in the front is also fine. The legs of these two are really long ah.”

Even for fitting models, these two people’s legs were too long.

Straight and white.

Especially the beauty in the back seat. Her long legs don’t match scooters.

The man let out a whistle. “Sister, where are you going? Brother will send you.”

The blonde beauty looked over. “Scram!”

The somewhat rough male voice made the two guys shook, their expressions turning rich.

“No wonder they’re so tall. It turns out to be ladyboys ah.”

“Forget about it. I don’t like ladyboys. That’s too heavy.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

You’re the ladyboys[1]renyao. Your whole family are evil spirits[2]yaoren.

Lu Wan rolled her eyes, turned the accelerator to the maximum, and left the two noisy men behind.

The two of them hurtled along the road.

Lu Buyu pulled down the corner of the skirt that was blowing on his face.

“You’re a girl riding a scooter, so you can’t hold your skirt down? It’s hiking up.”

Lu Wan: “I’m driving. How can I hold my skirt? If you’re not afraid of death, I can drive with one hand.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! Even if your life isn’t worth much, I’m different from you! I’m really scared for you. Forget it, I’ll hold it.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Twenty minutes later, after making sure that no one had followed them, Lu Wan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Buyu helped others hold down their skirts, but he didn’t hold down his own.

It didn’t matter to him. If it hikes up then it hikes up.

A car passed by and deliberately slowed down to wait for the scooter to catch up.

The man in the back row opened the car window and shouted, “The beauty in the back, you are so flirtatious ah. Nice legs. Do you want to go play with Brother?”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. Lu Buyu’s allure was really great. He was more beautiful than her in a skirt.

Lu Buyu: “F*ck off!”

Don’t look at my legs, I’m bigger than you under my skirt!

“Wow, why is it a man’s voice?”

“Are you a ladyboy? Hey, I don’t mind. Ladyboy Sisters, do you want to play together?”

Lu Wan was speechless. She turned on the corner in front and shook him off.

The scooter ran all the way with two people and the indicator light warned that there was not much power.

Lu Wan pulled over to the side of the road and then struggled to move the vehicle into the sidewalk. She turned around and said to the person beside her, “Remember to have someone come take it away and also retrieve my schoolbag. Tomorrow, give a new one to the owner of the scooter as thanks.”

Lu Buyu: “Oh.”

The two of them were in a hurry and didn’t have much choice. Lu Buyu’s blond curly hair and white dress were the classic look of Marilyn Monroe.

Lu Wan has red wavy hair and a green dress; a cosplay of The Little Mermaid……

Both were well-known characters.

Moreover, compared to the two of them, Lu Buyu’s form stood out.

He had a good face, and except for being too tall and having no chest, there was no sense of unnaturalness.

The two seemed out of place with their surroundings, and pedestrians cast their gazes one after another.

Lu Buyu felt hot, so he reached out and pulled off his wig, revealing the crew cut hair inside.

The passersby who were admiring the beauty suddenly looked panicked!!

They originally thought it was two beauties, but it turns out to be two men wearing women’s clothes???

Lu Wan held her forehead. “Can you act more normal and put the wig on? Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

Lu Buyu certainly didn’t want to be found out again so he quickly put the wig back on. “This is first time I’ve done this.”

“Do you think I do? This damn dress.” Lu Wan said as she took out her phone.

Then…… she took a picture of the other party without warning and saved it.

“Are you crazy? Why did you take pictures of me like this?” Lu Buyu came back to his senses and looked alarmed.

Lu Wan: “Didn’t you also take a picture of me last time?”

That picture of her with eggs on her the head.

She had kept it in mind. It was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

Lu Buyu: “You delete it for me immediately. I’m an artist! I’ll give you a million!”

Lu Wan: “I won’t. You’d better not mess with me in the future, otherwise I’ll sell the picture to the media. It will definitely cost more than one million.”

Lu Buyu: “?????”

Is this human speech?

“Good. You actually know how to sell pictures to the media? You said you don’t follow stars, so tell me, did you look up to me before?” Lu Buyu asked.

Lu Wan: “You’re thinking too much. Even if I follow stars, I wouldn’t like you.”

“Two-faced. If you don’t like me then who do you like?”

“How could I like a shared power bank such as you?” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “I actually like Ling He very much. I think he’s handsome and manly. Can you help me get an autograph?”

Lu Buyu wanted to say ‘you’re kidding, right’? But looking at Lu Wan’s expression, she’s actually serious?

“Do you know what manly is? Ling He is just a little white face. What’s so good about him?”

She actually wanted his autograph? That’s really something!

No girl could bear her favorite idol being blackened, and Lu Wan was no exception although she’d always been a Buddhist fan[3]refers to simply liking a certain star, watching his/her videos, listening to his/her music, but not participating in the fandom’s ripping, criticizing and other negative behaviors.

“How can you call other people little white face? Isn’t your face whiter than his?”

“That’s different. I have the strength!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t see it.”

Lu Buyu was about to faint. He looked at Lu Wan with his hands on his hips. “In any case, delete that photo right away.”

Lu Wan shrugged and put away the phone.

Obviously not planning to follow the other party’s order.

“You’re going too far!”

Lu Wan ignored him. She walked straight to the side of the road and hailed a taxi.

With such a delay, it’s already ten o’clock in the evening.

A taxi stopped.

Lu Wan opened the car door and sat in, then said to the person on the side of the road, “If you don’t want to come, I’ll go back by myself.”

Lu Buyu hesitated for two seconds but got inside with a frosty face.

Just now the driver saw two women on the roadside from a distance.

They were tall and dressed strangely, but in good shape.

At this late hour, standing on the side of the road dressed like this…… It’s really hard not to make people think.

The driver asked, “Younger sisters, are you going to work?”

Lu Buyu felt suffocated and said coldly, “If you’re driving then just drive! What nonsense are you saying instead of keeping your hands on the wheel?!”

The driver was frightened by the man’s gruff voice. Suddenly losing all thoughts, he hurried to drive the car seriously.

Lu Wan: “……”

This guy was dressed like this today and spoke in a rough voice. It should have caused trauma on countless men.

The taxi was about to enter the community.

Lu Buyu pulled down the window to show his face, expressing that he was a resident of the community and asked the guard to let them pass.

The community management was very strict and usually, only the homeowners could come and go at will.

When the security guard saw Lu Buyu wearing a skirt in the car, his face turned frightened within seconds.

Dressing like this was awful.

If he hadn’t known Lu Buyu’s gender, he would have been swayed.


After reaching the entrance to the house, Lu Wan hesitated before stepping in.

Lu Bainian knew that her daughter was having dinner with her classmates today so she would be back later.

Seeing that it was getting late, he stood at the door with a teacup in his hand.

He waited while drinking tea.

Looking at the two people approaching, Lu Bainian became vigilant.

Waiting for the other party to approach until he could see them clearly…… Professor Lu, who was usually as gentle as jade, couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of tea.

Were these his two children?

Lu Wan and Lu Buyu?

Lu Wan was quick to dodge. She squatted down, so Professor Lu sprayed Lu Buyu’s face.

Lu Buyu touched his face and asked looking like he had nothing else to live for, “How is it, old man, aren’t you pleasantly surprised?”

Zhao Jianing also walked out of the house when she heard the movement.

She was stunned for several seconds before she regained her senses. She turned to her son and said, “Where exactly did you take your little sister? She just finished the exam today. Lu Buyu, don’t push it. Haven’t I always told you?”

Lu Buyu: “Why am I always the one to get hurt?! Lu Wan asked me to wear these clothes! Aah!!!”

“Stop shouting, it’s hurting my head.” Lu Wan shrugged, “I’ll go wash my face and change clothes. Then I’ll come back down.”

Lu Buyu didn’t know what he looked like, only that it was deceptive.…..

When he looked at the person in the mirror, he completely froze.

No wonder Lu Wan didn’t let him take off his sunglasses when they were at the roadside, saying that wearing them would prevent him from being recognized. The guard in the community was even more frightened.

“Lu Wan! What did you put on my eyelids?” Lu Buyu rushed up like crazy.

Lu Wan: “Stop yelling…… It’s just a lipstick. I saw a makeup blogger who said that lipstick can be used as eyeshadow and blush so I gave it a try. I should have known it’s a lie.”

This time she found that it didn’t look right…… so she only did it for Lu Buyu and didn’t put it on herself.

This was a non-mainstream Marilyn Monroe.

Lu Buyu still wanted to speak, but the ringing of his cell phone broke the peace.

He glanced at the caller ID. It was his agent, Xiao Zhang, so he answered the phone.

“Why are you calling so late?”

“My gosh, you’re on the hot search. You and your sister are on the hot search together. They said that you and Little Sister met in private tonight to go shopping. After being exposed, you drove a scooter and speeded away from the scene with Little Sister to get rid of the fans.”

Lu Buyu: “That’s not it.”

Agent Xiao Zhang: “No? It’s not you in the video?”

He watched that video and it was taken from the back, so it might not be Lu Buyu.

Lu Buyu: “It’s not me who speeded away but Lu Wan. It was that crazy girl who’s driving. She took me to speed away.”

Agent Xiao Zhang: “????”

Wait. Does it make any big difference whether who’s driving?


1 renyao
2 yaoren
3 refers to simply liking a certain star, watching his/her videos, listening to his/her music, but not participating in the fandom’s ripping, criticizing and other negative behaviors


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