Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 48

The final exam was over and the third year of high school would begin two months later.

Unlike Ning County’s No. 1 High School, Shangde never organized make up classes for their students during holidays.

Lu Wan thought hard about what she was going to do in the summer vacation.

After all, this summer vacation, she doesn’t have to work part-time, and all her time was at her disposal.

Haley stretched out his hand and hooked it on Lu Wan’s arm. “President Lu, to celebrate the end of the exam, let’s go have a meal.”

Lu Wan pulled back her arm. “Right now?”

Haley nodded. “Mm-hmm, the buddies from the Skateboard Club will go as well as some students from our class. Come on, come on.”

“All right.”

Lu Wan was quite a casual person, and she didn’t have any plans tonight.

Haley retracted his hand contentedly. It’s done.

After Lu Wan packed her schoolbag, she came out of the classroom and saw Lin Niannian cleaning the corridor.

Yu Shuai was standing by the side watching her, wanting to grab the broom several times.

But he knew that Lin Niannian wouldn’t agree. She was so stubborn!

This time, it was not just Yu Shuai who was watching, but Jiang Boyang, whom she had not seen for a long time.

Jiang Boyang came to find Lin Niannian. He knew that the other party had nowhere to go during the summer vacation, so he introduced Lin Niannian to work at his friend’s hotel.

He had already made a call. Not to mention the high salary, food and housing was covered, and the work was simple.

If anything happened, it was also easy to take care of it.

Jiang Boyang was stunned when he saw Lu Wan, then his expression turned complicated. He thought for a moment and said, “Lu Wan, look, Lin Niannian has been cleaning for more than a month. Now that this semester is over, why don’t we just let go of this matter.”

Lu Wan: “???”

“Just give us face.” Qu Yue said with a smile.

Qu Yue was a good brother who was inseparable from Jiang Boyang and he happened to be there today.

The tea house where Lin Niannian was going to work at was opened by his family. He was one of original F3 in the school.

Xu Yao had just come out and heard this dialogue. He had never liked these two guys so he sneered and said, “Who do you think you are? You can have a poor face!”

Xu Yao’s words were too blunt and Jiang Boyang immediately became angry. “Shut your f*cking mouth. This has nothing to do with you.”

Lu Wan said in a light voice, “I can always say something but I think Xu Yao said it well.”

Everyone: “……”

Awesome, President Lu!

Lu Wan knew that Lin Niannian had been with Jiang Boyang again recently.

She had vaguely heard it……

It seemed that Lin Niannian felt guilty and thought it was her fault that the marriage between the Jiang and the Lu family was cancelled.

Lin Niannian had always encouraged Jiang Boyang to take the initiative to clarify with Lu Wan. If the relationship between the two parties could be mended, she would feel less guilty.

But Jiang Boyang was annoyed. How’s that possible for him and Lu Wan?

After all, they have long detested each other.

A month ago, there was a rumor in school that Lu Wan would not accept Xu Yao and Su Rao because there was actually someone in her heart.

It was because Lu Wan likes him.

In addition to the surprise, Jiang Boyang was secretly glad.

Men have an inevitable desire to conquer. If Lu Wan took the initiative to show goodwill, considering various factors, he might not be unable to accept it……

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

Unexpectedly, the next day, there was a new rumor that Lu Wan refuted the gossips— even if she became a monk, she would have nothing to do with him.

Jiang Boyang was very angry.

Was this human words? And he’s not too bad……

Lin Niannian came to persuade him to rebuild his relationship with Lu Wan, but Jiang Boyang was so annoyed that he naturally wouldn’t agree.

However, Lin Niannian was diligent. After the two sides had more contact, they slowly…… got closer.

Although they had often met, recently the topic of their chat was completely devoid of Lu Wan.

Every time Lin Niannian mentioned Lu Wan, Jiang Boyang would be fuming. She didn’t want to make him angry anymore, so she simply stopped mentioning her.

She stopped mentioning her, so the relationship between the two naturally became closer.

Lu Wan groaned in her heart.

Could this be considered as being the emotion accelerator for the two of them?

Lu Wan had absolutely no opinion about these two guys. Everyone should stay away from one another.

She had so many things to do, there’s no need to waste time on messy guys.

But if they’re asking for trouble, then she wouldn’t put up with it.

Lu Wan’s voice was freezing, “Lin Niannian and I made a bet and it has nothing to do with other people. No one has the right to intervene. Today I’m leaving my words here; the agreement was three months or ninety days. I don’t care if it exceeded that, but it shouldn’t be a day less.”

“Don’t quarrel because of me.” Lin Niannian’s complexion was not very good, and after a pause, she looked at Lu Wan and asked, “Student Lu Wan, I don’t seem to have offended you in any way?”

Lu Wan: “Stop with that. Who put forward the bet first? Now you want to go back on it?”


“That’s good if you don’t. You offended me when you made the bet. I just want to tell you, one must honor the spirit of a contract. You must do what you promise and complete the target day.”

Lin Niannian said in a dry voice, “……Student Lu Wan is right.”

Lu Wan: “If you think what I said is right, then you must abide by the contract. If you go back on your word, I have other ways to make you do it.”

Lin Niannian: “……”

Jiang Boyang: “Lu Wan, why are you embarrassing her?”

Lu Wan stopped Xu Yao who wanted to come forward and smiled, “If it wasn’t for you trying to get attention, I wouldn’t even bother to give you a glance, so don’t be emotional.”

After a pause, Lu Wan stopped smiling and said in a cold hard voice, “I don’t care if you’re acting like you’re in an idol drama, don’t impinge me, or you’ll regret it. When I really embarrass you, you’ll know how bad my temper is.”

Lin Niannian: “Lu—”

“It’s annoying hearing you talk. Just continue sweeping.” Lu Wan interrupted the other party.

Yu Shuai glared at Lu Wan. “You’re going too far.”

Lu Wan chuckled. “You really don’t need to be so dedicated when you’re just a suck-up and a plot tool.”


“Perhaps you can save yourself by reversing your course. I think it’s still fine right now. Strive for self-improvement.”

Yu Shuai knitted his brows. After Lu Wan left, he whispered, “I don’t know what she’s talking about. Crazy.”

Jiang Boyang clenched his fists and slowly loosened them again.

Lin Niannian stepped forward and grabbed the other person’s arm. “Let it go. Don’t clash with her; I don’t want to see it.”

Although school was over, most of the classmates hadn’t left yet and were still packing up.

In that scene just now, it could only be said that President Lu was too A[1]alpha.

Lu Wan was usually good-natured and unassuming that everyone almost forgot that she was the young lady of the Lu family.

But as long as she wanted to, there was nothing she couldn’t do!

The students who watched the excitement were very calm on the surface, but who could know that what they’re thinking at the same time was: I like. Please take responsibility for me.

Probably, because President Lu was too bright, it seemed like…… they hadn’t heard Jiang Boyang’s name for a long time.


There were quite a few students who had the same idea of having a meal together before the holiday. In the restaurants near the school, Shangde uniforms could be seen everywhere.

They were crowded this time, and they had no choice but to go to a farther barbecue restaurant because they had no seats at all.

Haley searched for the highest rated one on the Internet. It only took ten minutes by taxi.

Twelve students divided into three taxis.

Lu Wan, Haley and Xu Yao were on one car.

Sitting on the taxi, Xu Yao looked unreconciled. “I should have beaten that guy just now. Why did you stop me, Lu Wan?”

“I wasn’t stopping you. I just found it troublesome. It’s unnecessary to waste energy for such nuisances.”

Xu Yao grinned. Although he wasn’t able to fight, he was completely appeased by what Lu Wan said.

It’s not worth it.

When everyone arrived at the barbecue restaurant, everyone split into two tables and took their seats. After ordering, it was already dark.

Although the interior was average, according to the smell, the taste should be very good.

There was no class tomorrow so Haley ordered a pint of beer. Just drink it if they could and milk if they couldn’t. He didn’t force it.

The boys who drank some beer started telling jokes to amuse the girls.

Lu Wan was eager to try. “Let me tell a story, too.”

Xu Yao’s heart jolted. He quickly waved his hand and said, “No more!”

Su Rao: “Why not? Go ahead, Lu Wan. I want to hear it. Everyone wants to hear it.”

The students at the table all nodded to give her face.

“Then I’ll tell a story about barbecue.” Lu Wan cleared her throat.

Xu Yao covered his face. He had a bad feeling.

“One night, in front of a barbecue restaurant, a calf knelt down and said, ‘Mother, you died so miserably. Humans killed you and roasted you.’, a little rat from the sewers kicked the calf away, cursing ‘F*ck off. This is my father.'”

The table of people: “.…..”

President Lu, you are too much ah. The beef skewers and grilled steak that just came up suddenly don’t taste good.

Xu Yao rolled his eyes. “I knew it! I knew it!”

Lu Wan had a lot of stories in this style. He was afraid that the other party would suddenly tell a story since he was already traumatized.

The table of people chatted about their plans for the summer vacation while eating. Some said they wanted to learn skills and some said they wanted to travel. Lu Wan listened to them as a reference for her summer vacation.

A man wearing a hat and mask came over and Lu Wan noticed him at a glance.

She immediately recognized who it was.

Lu Buyu sat next to Lu Wan and greeted with a low voice, “Hello, classmates.”

Before everyone reacted, he hurriedly hushed, “Discreetly, discreetly.”

Only then did the students restrained their excitement and tried not to scream.

It was absolutely unexpected that Lu Buyu would come over to hang around after finishing the recording??

So did he come to find Lu Wan? After all, their relationship was…… good?

Lu Wan: “What are you doing here?”

She hadn’t seen this guy for half a month, but fortunately, her previous anger was gone.

Lu Buyu: “I happen to be free.”

He saw Haley talking about coming here for dinner on his moments half an hour ago. He happened to know this store and it was nearby, so he came over.

Lu Wan didn’t ask any more questions.

Because Lu Buyu was sitting there, everyone spoke more frequently.

It was almost nine o’clock in the evening when the group of people came out of the barbecue restaurant and went home.

It has dragged on until this late.

Lu Buyu left first.

Lu Wan separated from her schoolmates and turned the corner to see Lu Buyu standing there.

Even if this guy wore a mask and a hat, he was still eye-catching.

Lu Buyu asked, “Where are you going now?”

“Taking the subway home.”

Lu Buyu: “My assistant drove over. Shall we go back together?”

Lu Wan: “No, there’s a subway entrance ahead. Today’s a weekend. The road will definitely be blocked so I might as well take the subway.”

“Then I’ll take the subway with you?”

“Okay, if you insist. But never take off your mask and stay away from me.”

The two walked along the road for a few minutes. When passing by a cafe, a corgi suddenly rushed out.

The corgi was plump and followed the two of them for several meters. It had a leash around its neck, so the owner was probably nearby.

Lu Buyu picked up the corgi and called out Lu Wan, “Look, this dog looks very similar to you whenever you saw food.”

Lu Wan: “……Where is the resemblance.”

Lu Buyu: “The face and body are the same.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Please be a person ba.

But…… it’s really sort of similar.

“Hold the dog. I’ll take a picture for you.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu was still analyzing how much the dog resembled Lu Wan when a couple rushed out of the nearby cafe.

“Why are you taking my dog away? You’re a dog thief? Someone is stealing dogs!” The boy shouted a series of accusations and the people around them looked over instantly.

Lu Wan: “……”

Why did this guy hug someone else’s dog, but she was caught while it was in her arms?

This sounded a lot like outlaws.

The girl reached out to take the dog back, saw Lu Wan and was stunned. She said in a small voice, “I know you. You’re Lu Buyu’s younger sister. I’m following the variety show. Many people say that my dog looks a bit like you. I don’t mean it as an insult.”

It’s not the features but the charm.

Lu Wan: “……”

The girl has some suspicion in her heart. Since Lu Wan was there, the one wearing the mask couldn’t be……

“Ahhhhhh, Lu Buyu, do you brothers and sisters hang out together in private? Oh my gosh, I met the real person!”

The girl exclaimed in shock. She didn’t expect that the socialist brother-sister relationship she supports was actually real?

Were these two in contact privately?

Lu Wan: “……”

It’s too late. Why does Lu Buyu have to cause trouble?

It was the weekend; a lot of people was looking over and formed a trend of gathering…… They were all coming at a rush.

Lu Wan had seen a video of Lu Buyu being chased.

On the way to the airport, it appeared like there was a field of dark mass behind him, just like a surging sea.

In the video, there were also many male fans who shouted Lu Buyu’s name until their voice cracked…… which was extremely bewildering.

Many passersby were not fans of Lu Buyu, nor do they know this guy, but upon seeing others chase after him, they joined in on the pursuit, and it became terrifying in an instant.

Lu Wan was flabbergasted when she saw it at that time.

She didn’t want to personally experience it. She might be trampled.

This guy was simply a suicide bomber. If he’s stuck here, it would be troublesome.

Although she was the first to be recognized, if Lu Buyu didn’t frame her like ‘a lady holding a dog’, there would be no such thing at all.

What’s strange was that this dog had a common face.

They said the dog looked like her. But with its staring eyes and half-opened mouth…… it could also resemble many other people.


1 alpha


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