Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 47

《Go to School Together》 had been broadcast for 3 hours and the number of playback had reached 60 million.

The first episode easily topped the amount of clicks on streaming sites and became number one on the hashtag list.

……This was even better than the staff of the program group expected. It exploded directly in the first episode.

The platform released it at 8 o’clock, and at 10 o’clock in the evening, it successively occupied several hot searches.





Lu[1]different character for Lu Mengjia was an office worker. She just wanted to watch some mindless TV series or variety shows during the weekends off. She browsed on Weibo and saw the hot search term 《Go to School Together》. She thought, ‘what the hell is this’?

Why is everyone talking about this show?

What can be good about going to school ah.

With curiosity, she turned on the variety show on TV.

“Jiajia, I don’t watch these programs. Show me TV dramas.” Mother Lu came over, glanced at the TV and said.

“Oh, I’ll give you the remote control after five minutes. Let’s check out why this show is so popular.” Lu Mengjia said dismissively.

She said five minutes…… but she failed to change the channel until the pilot episode of the variety show ended.

Including the mother who wanted to watch a dog blood TV series. She did not remind her to hand over the remote control but watched it with relish instead—an auntie smile on her face.

Lu Mengjia even thought, ‘why is the pilot episode only one hour long? Aren’t variety show episodes nowadays two hours long?’

This is too stingy!

And why was it called 《Go to School Together》? It should be 《Go Where It Smells Good[2]From 2014 TV show X-Change Season 8, on which Wang Jingze said: “I, Wang Jingze, would rather starve, die outside, or jump out of this building than eat the food you give!” at first, but … Continue reading Together》.

Yep, smells so good.

After Lu Mengjia watched it, she finally understood why the show was popular. After all, viewers who had finished a busy week of work and study, like her, tend to watch shows to decompress and relax.

This variety show was so healing. The stars scratching their heads while facing homework and getting along with classmates were funny and warm.

This variety show was for all ages. The style was relaxed and occasionally inspirational.

Their whole family was not interested in celebrity traffic, but they unexpectedly became a fan of Student Lu Wan.

Her mother said that girls with short hair were easier to take care of. That’s fine. The key was that this child was steady and had a correct learning attitude. It’s no wonder she had good grades.

In order to have a contrasting effect, the cameraman filmed Gao Ying, who was crying over the test paper, and Lu Buyu, who was frowning deeply, then focused the camera on Lu Wan.

……It’s so comfortable to watch Lu Wan studying.

Efficient and quiet; even the scratch paper for calculation was neat.

Unlike the male star at the same table, write a line here and write a column somewhere, as if lining up infantry.

Shangde High School was well-known. There were a lot of people who could study well. If one could rank third, the ability of the other party could be imagined.

A top student among top students.

In the show, Lu Buyu went to ask his deskmate a math problem.

This part was cut by many film and television bloggers, and the title was: The final question was transferred to this top student who did not fail.

Given that it’s almost the exam season…… there were already 30,000 repost.

In the video, Lu Wan calmly spoke to Lu Buyu.

“This problem can only be solve by finding the original function. According to the more complicated part of the function, use the derivative formula to figure out the format of the original function in reverse. After figuring it out, take it’s derivative. You see, in this problem the function is generally related to the constant. Then you can multiply the corresponding constant in front of the function you found. Do you understand?”[3]robbin: Hell, I don’t understand a thing. If someone know how explain this, please feel free to correct me. I tried learning how this works but my mind is all blank.  (○´ ― `)ゞ) … Continue reading

Lu Buyu: “I don’t. Is this within the scope of high school students?”

Lu Wan thought for a second and said collectedly, “I don’t know either. Presumably?”

Lu Buyu was shocked into speechlessness.

The audience was also dazed. They were shocked into speechlessness even though they didn’t understand what’s going on.

Later, someone analyzed this problem and it was beyond the level of high school students. The math teacher set an incomplete question and there’s a missing portion.

Lu Wan’s method…… would only be learned later in college.

A top student was really a stop student. Little Sister was simply amazing!

After the pilot episode was broadcast, the program team saw the show’s popularity rising and released the first preview.

There were still the brother and sister quarrelling with each other.

In the three-minute preview, there was a shot of Lu Wan wearing a school uniform.

And to everyone’s surprise, the Little Sister wearing a skirt was actually a little nice!

Lu Wan’s hair was a little longer at the front, but she still couldn’t tie it into a ponytail.

So she imitated Haley and occasionally ties an apple hairstyle on top of her head so that it wouldn’t block her sight while she’s doing schoolwork.

She doesn’t do it every day. It depends on her mood.

Lu Wan’s hair was tied up, revealing a full forehead and a pair of eyes.

She doesn’t laugh and had a cold temperament, but the fullness under her lower eyelashes was obvious, and her smile was very contagious.

In the preview, Lu Wan was wearing a skirt and walking out of the cafeteria while holding an ice cream. The scene was full of youthful air!

It’s so beautiful that people who saw it with an auntie smile on their faces turned into mom fans within minutes!

It’s a pity that Lu Buyu was still immature as before…… He walked over from a distance, obviously wanting to make trouble again.

Unfortunately, this part of the footage stopped abruptly here, leaving countless people in suspense.

The audience was curious whether Lu Buyu would do some unexpected tricks next.

The barrage of comments on the preview kept climbing.

【Little Sister, is this a girl group’s legs? No, these are supermodel’s legs. Hilarious.jpg】

【Such legs shouldn’t be hidden by pants. It’s unfair to these legs.】

【I like Lu Buyu.….. My parents especially like Lu Wan.】

【Our whole family are all fans of one person. We’re all sister and mom fans!】

【My dad scolded me. After saying that as long as my grades are as good as Little Sister’s, I can sit at the same table with Lu Buyu…… I couldn’t refute.】

【She’s so cute with the apple hair and skirt. I looked at it with an auntie smile. I’ve become a mom without pain.】

【Mom fan here. Little Sister should study hard first. It’s not too late to enter entertainment industry afterwards.】

【Student Haley is very handsome. Is he the school grass of Shangde?】

【Shangde student passing by. I’m making it clear that Haley participated in the school flower competition. He signed up by himself.】

【Haley have so much character……】

The audience who watched the preview had a new dissatisfaction. Why do they have to wait until next week to see the full-length episode?!

They had to count until seven days and they couldn’t wait the day the program was broadcast.

《Go to School Together》 had already received over 100 million views just by relying on the pilot episode and the preview before the full length was released.

Lu Buyu had always been a top star and he had taken this show to a higher level.

Even though he only did a little bit in the show, it seemed very genuine and rather cute.

Mainly because if he didn’t do it like this, the show would only be decent and wouldn’t be as much fun.


This show was so popular that even in the not so big Ning County, many people had seen it.

Including Lu Wan’s former good brothers.

All of them were shocked!

Brother Wan not only found ‘his’ biological parents and was recognized back…… but also turned into a girl?

Lu Wan knew this would happen after the show was broadcast.

But that’s fine. Even if she’d tried hard to explain, everyone wouldn’t believe her and thought that she was talking bullsh*t.

The news exploded on her QQ friend list. Lu Wan simply pulled everyone that used to have a good relationship with her in a group.

Make it clear once and for all, so she didn’t have to explain it one by one.

It was a fact that she’s a girl. They must accept it even if they don’t want to.

As soon as the group was complete, messages kept coming inside.

【F*ck, Brother Wan, are you actually wearing a skirt to avoid us?】

【Yes, yes, yes, Boss, that’s absolutely right. There’s a mole on the tip of the nose, and the position is exactly the same! Even if they have the same name and looks alike, the location of the mole can’t be the same, right?】

【……You didn’t go to Thailand, did you? Were you forced to go…… or did you want to?】

【Ahhhhhh, what the hell is all this? Is it a twin sister?】

【I’ve gone mad. I actually f*cking think Boss’s legs looks good?】

Lu Wan first posted a photo of her ID card, and then made a unified reply: It was a mistake in my previous household registration and it hasn’t been corrected. I just played along. Now it was put to right.

The messages in the group flew faster.

Xu Yao got word and ran to apply to join the group. Lu Wan thought that it would be better if he could help clarify, so she passed the verification.

【Lu Wan is indeed a girl. I’m chasing her. Hehehehe.】

Everyone: ……

Then you’re awesome oh.

Lu Wan held her forehead and kicked Xu Yao out of the group immediately.

Enough of this guy.

The head slash math teacher of Ning County’s No. 1 High School fell completely silent after watching this variety show.

He originally wanted to see an advanced school and find what could be learned from them.

He never expected…… to see Lu Wan in a skirt.

Even if Lu Wan transferred schools and left, why did ‘he’ have to participate in a show? He could still understand ‘him’ participating, but how did ‘he’ became a girl?

It seemed…… that scoundrel won’t be coming back.

He had no hope at all.

Shocked and frustrated, the head teacher took out his cell phone and called Xu Yao.

Xu Yao was just kicked out of the group and was really speechless. He answered as if he got nothing else to live for, “What you’re imagining is right. What you’re thinking is right. What you see is all true.”

Then he hung up.

Head teacher: “????”

Mathematics is a precise science. As a mathematics teacher for decades, Old head Li believed that the world should also be precise and rational.

For the first time, he began to question if the world was sometimes too crazy?

Of course, if Lu Wan was willing to come back to study, he could accept the madness of this world.


The variety show was very popular and agent Xiao Zhang was also relieved.

The earnings for the second half of this year would be nothing to worry about.

Xiao Zhang smiled and said, “Brother Yu, you’ve been invited to participate in more than a dozen reality shows recently, half of which are shows with children.”

Lu Buyu: “No, do I look like an old father with a child? I’m still a handsome guy in my prime.”

Xiao Zhang suppressed a laugh. “That’s not true. We are negotiating business. In addition to two new feminine care products, there are also children’s medicines that I want to ask you to endorse.”


Xiao Zhang coughed and said sternly, “The company said they think you and the children’s image are very close, and the little ones will like you.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

“What the hell is all this nonsense? Put those companies in the blacklist immediately.”

Xiao Zhang suppressed a smile and nodded, saying that he would handle it himself.

He also didn’t expect that Lu Buyu, as a top star, would one day be able to enjoy benefits from his little sister.

He, the agent, couldn’t think of it, and neither could the antifans and his opponents.

Something was wrong with Lu Buyu recently ah. Last time he was removed by a fan three times in a row and that Weibo account occupied No. 1 in the hot search.

This time, after picking up a variety show he actually started to stir a socialist brother-sister relationship?

This guy’s team was really impressive! Traffic stars[4]hyped celebrities who drive high digital traffic would be beheaded when they fall in love, and it was even more taboo to create a CP.

But a brother-sister relationship wouldn’t!

This angle was very powerful. Why didn’t they think of it before?!

But if you want to imitate this approach, where would you find a little sister who could draw in the fans?

After all, only with good cooperation could there be a ‘1+1>2’ effect.

The first-line resources in the entertainment industry were not that many.

Only when Lu Buyu was pulled down could others compete for endorsements and activities.

It’s like fighting monsters. Only when the boss was dead could the equipment burst out and others could grab it.

Many entertainment companies that were on the rise were watching closely. Even if Lu Buyu did nothing wrong, they would create one to bring people down.

Fortunately, the top student deskmate wore a skirt in the next issue…… unlike wearing pants and being neutral in this episode, which didn’t arouse the resistance of fans.

After all, Lu Buyu was only 25 years old, and they were not really brother and sister. They could guide public opinion in the ‘ambiguous’ direction.

The day when the first full-length was broadcast happened to be the final exam of Shangde High School.

Lu Wan couldn’t wait. She was fully prepared.

She just didn’t know if she could come first this time!

According to last week’s preview, Lu Wan would be wearing a skirt this time.

As expected, Lu Wan, who was wearing a skirt in the episode…… made people have an inexplicable feeling of ‘my family’s young girl has grown up’.

Sure enough, Lu Buyu was not a human being. He deliberately patted Little Sister’s shoulder hard from behind, causing her hands to shake and the ice cream to fall on the ground.

Aah, they could feel Little Sister’s heartache across the screen!

Not to mention the passersby, the fans were all angry. They wish they could buy ten ice creams to compensate her.

Lu Buyu’s fans finally understood that it was no wonder Brother has a sense of youth. He’s obviously a wild kid!

They really couldn’t blame Little Sister for rolling her eyes. If their own brother did this, they would go berserk all the time ah!

But there’s no other way. Whoever let it be their idol? Of course they chose to forgive him!

The audience thought that in this part with Lu Buyu, there would be many scenes of Lu Wan wearing a skirt and the mom fans were readying to adopt her.

They didn’t expect that the program group would do something again……

Brother taught Little Sister archery. With rare warmth, he finally became a person.

But what happened when he got on the court with Little Sister again?

The main point was that Little Sister’s popularity in school was really high.

She looked too cool and handsome while playing basketball ba!

Either way, they had absolutely no resistance to girls who could play basketball.

In this episode, the program just cut to the second half of the game where Lu Wan pushed Lu Buyu to jump up and shoot.

As for whether she scored, they had to wait another week! The program group really know how to whet their appetite!

【What’s going on? Although it’s different from what I imagined, Little Sister is too cool!】

【Wuwuwuwu. Little Sister personally came to slay her mom fans, few remain unscathed.】

【Bye bye. I’ve changed from being a mom fan to a girlfriend fan. This is too confusing, right?】

【No wonder the students call Little Sister President Lu. The little sister is actually more handsome than the elder brother! I’ll call her President Lu too!】

【Brother Yu, can’t you live a day without being naughty? Thank you President Lu for tolerating Brother.】

In front of the screen, the black fans and other opponents who were ready to seize the opportunity to make trouble had question marks on their faces.

What is this direction?

Lu Wan in a skirt was merely…… not as fascinating as when she’s playing basketball.

Brothers and sisters quarrel with each other like this, so it was a bit difficult to make an issue.

After the first full-length episode was broadcast, many companies tried to contact Lu Wan.

Some want her to sign a contract. After all, the other party’s potential was good, and now that she had an audience, maybe she would become popular.

There were also those who had ulterior motives, wanting to use her to fight the boss and pick up equipment.

It’s just that before they could come into contact with Lu Wan, these people were sent back with a warning.

How dare you have an idea on the Lu Family’s Miss ah? Ah Biao really thought these guys were very bold!

Despite that it’s a hot summer day, Lu Jinye couldn’t only say ‘It’s getting colder[5]a line from the novel 《My Fire Bodyguard》said by a domineering president: ‘It’s getting colder, let the Wang Group go bankrupt’’, the heat had no impact on him.

The people who were warned were petrified. It was absolutely unexpected. After all, Lu Wan…… doesn’t seem like a young lady.

Now, many insiders felt that Lu Buyu was a scheming dog.

Not only was he reaping the rewards of the ‘Lu brother and sister’ gimmick, he was also currying favor with the young miss of the Lu family.

Sure enough, men who could become top stars were unfathomable.

They gave far more efforts than others!

Lu Buyu’s studio was also full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. For example, his agent, Xiao Zhang, looked friendly on the surface but had won a lot using his shrewdness.

This statement reached agent Xiao Zhang’s ears. He felt it was inconceivable and turned to his own artist in consternation.

Even if the brother and sister were not together, they could still quarrel with each other every day.

During the interval of his modeling job, Lu Buyu frowned while sending a message with a lollipop in his mouth.

The message at the top of the screen was just sent by him: No matter what you say to me, I’ll bounce back.

Then he sent half a screen of bomb emojis.

Lu Wan replied with two words.

【You’re dead.】

Agent Xiao Zhang’s expression was complicated, meaning……

He couldn’t speak ill of his boss. He could only say that his family’s Brother Yu doesn’t look like a man with the script of the Great Demon King.

Those antifans and opponents overestimated them—really overestimated them.

He wasn’t worthy, and neither does his family’s Brother Yu.

It really doesn’t fit.


1 different character for Lu
2 From 2014 TV show X-Change Season 8, on which Wang Jingze said: “I, Wang Jingze, would rather starve, die outside, or jump out of this building than eat the food you give!” at first, but after only 2 hours he said “真香 (literal: really fragrant)” when he was having supper; an internet slang used to describe someone doing something that he or she had previously sworn never to do
3 robbin: Hell, I don’t understand a thing. If someone know how explain this, please feel free to correct me. I tried learning how this works but my mind is all blank.  (○´ ― `)ゞ) Here’s some explanation if you wanted to know more: How to find the original function given the derivative of that function. (link:
4 hyped celebrities who drive high digital traffic
5 a line from the novel 《My Fire Bodyguard》said by a domineering president: ‘It’s getting colder, let the Wang Group go bankrupt’


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  1. aantia has spoken 1 year ago

    The maths in this chapter isn’t actually that advanced, if I understand it correctly (and if the Quora page you linked is talking about the right thing). I did it in Additional Maths (CIE syllabus) when I was 16, and China is famously into maths so they certainly would do advanced integration in high school. The question is difficult because there are multiple steps to get to the final answer, but it’s not testing lots of different skills, basically just ‘integrate the formula twice’.

    Lu Wan is actually being really unhelpful here! She’s explaining the concept of integration (which is just what this process is named), but not giving any information to do with the actual question. There is absolutely no way anybody would have been able to solve it based on what she said – if you don’t know how to do it you need examples or a step-by-step explanation. Lu Buyu would have been helped more if she just said ‘this is integration, the opposite of differentiation’, and hoped that the key words jogged his memory.

    To explain it, imagine a nice, simple formula: f(x)=x^3+x^2+x+1

    So f'(x)=x^2+x+1 (graphically, this is the formula for the gradient, the steepness of the line at any point on the graph. It’s a formula and not just a number because the original line is curved, so its gradient is different in different places.)

    So f”(x)=x+1 (if you drew a graph of f'(x), this is the gradient of that curve. You have multiple levels of doing this because the original x was to the power of 3, and you can see that each time we’re basically just dividing the formula by x and dropping the constant)

    The question the Lu siblings have to answer is to do this in reverse. They are given f”(x) – the gradient of the gradient – and need to find the formula for the original curve. To help them do this, they are given a point on the graph f'(x) and a point on f(x).

    In my example f”(x)=x+1; in their test the 1 might have been replaced with any constant. Where Lu Wan is saying ‘multiply the corresponding constant’ she’s saying ‘multiply that 1 (or whatever number it was) by x’.

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      I loath calculus, integral, differential etc.. i survived but i still loath it

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      I used to understand this 17 yrs ago…

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      Wow. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I kinda understand it now somehow. Though, math really makes my nose bleed. I really appreciate your help. Thank you~ 💚


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