Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 46

Lu Wan was looking forward to the last day of Lu Buyu’s show recording.

She’d been waiting for a long time and it was finally today!

……Couldn’t this guy get another job? Why does he have to come to her school!

Because of the incident last time where she tore his clothes, Lu Wan had to change the way she addressed him as ‘Big Bro’ in the last few days.

But it was done with no lack of eye rolls.

Lu Buyu and Gao Ying were about to finished recording so the class held a farewell party for them.

After all, they have studied together for a week.

Haley originally thought that his deskmate had some strange ideas, but he didn’t expect the other party to be busy with her homework, crying every now and then, that she couldn’t muster other thoughts at all.…..

Aye, it was boring and also pitiful.

The class picked a few representatives to say goodbye to the special transfer students.

The show would continue inviting two other stars to experience high school life in another class.

As the top star’s deskmate, Lu Wan was naturally included in the list.

She really had nothing to say. She wished the two of them with an official-sounding ‘success in the future’.

At the end of the afternoon’s last class, Lu Buyu turned his face sideways and asked, “Will you get unused to it after I leave?”

Lu Wan answered firmly, “No.”

She naturally couldn’t be any happier to send the mythical beast away today.

Lu Buyu sighed and said in a cadence, “But I will miss classmate Lu Wan very much. Thank you for taking care of me; it has delayed your study.”


When did this guy suddenly change gender? Going the sappy route?

Ugh, can you speak reasonably?

Lu Wan looked at the other person suspiciously. She was…… very uncomfortable.

Lu Buyu: “You should eat fewer snacks. A girl eats more than I do especially spicy strips and potato chips. It’s best not to touch these things. You’re quite tall, lithe and thin. If you’re tall and muscular, you wouldn’t look very good. Now you’re already going in this direction.”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “Ha ha, don’t worry about it, my weight and body fat is within the normal range.”

Lu Buyu shrugged and continued to talk bitterly, “I’m saying this for your own good. Although you’re overweight, bad-tempered, and not gentle and pretty at all, but at any rate, you are my sis. Sincere words are hard to listen to and little girls don’t want to listen. Even if you are not fat for the time being, but you…… already have cavities.”

Lu Wan was shocked, “You’re talking nonsense.”

Lu Buyu: “Didn’t you find it yourself? Sis, there’s a black hole in your right tooth. If you think about it, it’s normal, there’s no problem eating for someone such as yourself, but you can’t follow a healthy diet.”

Lu Wan felt guilty and it was like she had seen a ghost. She actually thought that what this guy said was valid?

She borrowed a mirror from Haley to see if there were any cavities.

Lu Wan opened her mouth and looked around, wondering that there seemed to be no holes. Lu Buyu quickly threw the paper balls hidden in his hands into her mouth.

He burst out laughing.

Lu Wan spat out the paper ball with a “pei” and glared at the culprit.

“Lu Buyu! Today, you’re dead!”

The man who was named sensed the threat of death and ran out.

He was very experienced. Every time Lu Wan called him by his full name like this meant it was really bad.

The little assistant on the side was speechless.

This was the last day, why does the boss have to act naughty?

Was it to enjoy the thrill of ‘death is always with me’?

Even if he gets beaten up, he really don’t deserve sympathy at all.

Alas, the little assistant decided to express his gratitude towards Lu Wan. After all, this 300-month-old big baby was really hard to take care of.

Lu Wan was so angry that she chased after him and shouted, “*sshole, you stop right there!”

“I won’t.”

He had long legs, good physical fitness and full of short-range explosive power. He ran out early so he had a head start of over seven or eight meters.

There were a lot of people coming out of their classrooms at this moment. Lu Wan had to be careful not to bump into other students so it was even more difficult to arrest the criminal.

She was so angry that she had a headache, but when she got into the second floor, the villain had already left the academic building.

The camera brother hurried to follow. It’s here, it’s here. The ratings and hot topics are here again!

Knowing that she couldn’t catch up, Lu Wan simply stopped chasing. She leaned on the guardrail and shouted at Lu Buyu’s back, “Your uncle! Shared Power Bank, I won’t spare you! Wash your neck[1]prepare the neck for beheading and wait! *sshole!”

You’ve ran away now, but won’t we meet at night?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Lu Wan really wanted to take off her shoes and throw them over.

Reason made herself hold back.

The surrounding students followed the direction of the sound and looked over one after another.

Wasn’t this Lu Wan?

Then look at the silhouette of the person who had run far away…… was that Lu Buyu?

Aah, these two were bickering again?

The same thing happened several times this week and every student were already accustomed to it.

It could only be said that President Lu’s temper was really explosive and was never perfunctory once she got started. The other one was also too lively and frantically tried to skirt around death without any of a celebrity’s self-awareness at all.

Since the last time when his clothes were torn off, all the students in Class 4, both male and female, had become Lu Buyu’s body fans.

They wish the two of them could fight each other. It’s better to tear off his clothes again. They were all very willing to see it.

Lu Buyu ran back to the van and waited for a while before the little assistant arrived.

He leaned back on the seat and carelessly asked, “What took you so long? Too slow.”

The assistant said, “How am I slow? You’re just too fast. You’re gone in a blink of an eye. Really, if there is a celebrity athletic championship in the future, Brother, you should sign up for all the running events. I’m sure you’ll get good results.”

“Let’s talk about that later.”

The little assistant sighed in relief, “We won’t come to school tomorrow. Brother, you don’t have to be afraid of being beaten.”

Lu Buyu: “What are you talking about? Am I afraid of her? I’m a gentleman and don’t fight with women!”

The little assistant nodded. “If you fight, you’ll find that you won’t be able to win.”

“Do you want to have no bonus?”

Little assistant: “……”

Lu Buyu thought for a bit and then added, “Well, what you said is actually right. Forget about how a gentleman shouldn’t fight with a woman. When I was fighting with my sister before, I should’ve tried my best to strike; now it’s too late.”

He couldn’t get started now.

Little assistant: “……”


Lu Buyu pissed Lu Wan so badly so he didn’t go home that night.

His agent had arranged his schedule for the next week or so, flying all over the country.

Lu Wan didn’t see the person, but the variety show was broadcast first.

The program 《Go to School Together》 was broadcast while it was still recording. The part with the first few guests was completed so it was time for it to be aired.

This weekend, the first one-hour pilot episode would be released.

Lu Buyu was paid the highest, and his part was the most interesting, so he took up the most time.

As a die-hard fan of Lu Buyu, Xu Danlei was looking forward to it after learning that her idol participated in the recording of the program 《Go to School Together》 .

After a month’s rest, Brother was finally open for business!

On the official Weibo account of the program group, they would occasionally mention the ‘Lu brother and sister’, but she rejected this in her heart.

What older brother and younger sister…… They’re not lovers so just drop it ba. It felt weird to hear.

It’s not because she wanted to suck blood from her family’s brother, right? If that girl wanted to use some kind of brother-sister CP to get traffic, she could forget about it!

They as fans were very strict! If she’s really harboring evil intentions, don’t blame them for being rude.

Of course, she was not the only one who thought this way. The star-chasing girls who were also her Weibo friends were more or less resistant to the ‘Lu brother and sister’.

Because the first impression was not good, Xu Danlei turned on the show with a critical attitude.

Ten minutes later…… Lu Buyu’s deskmate appeared on camera for the first time, and her eyes were instantly attracted.

Was this girl really an amateur? She looked strangely beautiful and handsome…… The third in the whole grade, that’s a bit powerful. Unexpectedly, she was a top student.

It doesn’t seem like she’s a siren.

The first impression has flipped, so she decided to take another look.

Forty minutes later.….. She felt that there was something with this girl. Was it because she was too calm and gave off a feeling that she was very wise? She looked smarter than her own idol.

An hour later, after watching the variety show, Xu Danlei’s blood was pumping.

She turned on this variety show for her Brother, but who would have thought that she would become a fan of a girl after seeing her rolled her eyes!

Lu Buyu’s deskmate was a little too attractive.

Ms. Xu immediately posted on Weibo.

【Sisters, go watch 《Go to School Together》! The Lu brother and sister are so funny! I’m willing to pay to see 100 episodes of their daily life! This socialist brother-sister relationship is much better than a CP! Omg, my facial mask cracked from laughing!】

Lu Buyu brought his own traffic and the first episode of the show received a lot of attention.

Today was the weekend. Many passersby and fans who have watched this variety show thought it was good and they recommended it to the people around them.

Although reality shows had scripts, this one was quite real.

After all, there were many high school students, and it was impossible for them to delay their study in order to meet the requirements of the program recording.

The first class was a pop quiz, which caught the audiences’ eyes.

The female guests in the same group as Lu Buyu was crying at the paper and it looked so real. It was both pitiful and funny.

In the end, she had no hope other than getting a zero. The pretty boy sitting at the same table with her gave her a heartfelt comfort: In the afternoon there’s still an English dictation—a hundred words.

The female artist cried even more.

Although there were only a few shots, the ‘helpful’ teenager’s appearance brightened the audiences’ eyes.

Lu Buyu was shown again. Although the top student deskmate was a little cold, she looked super photogenic when she’s writing.

Hardmouthed but softhearted. She finally wrote a formula for Lu Buyu that he could use.

It doesn’t count as helping people cheat, but also helped the other party.

The operation was as fierce as a tiger, and Lu Buyu, who had graduated for many years, happily got a good score of 25 points.

Even the fans were surprised. The idol who was usually composed and charming was a very naughty big boy in private.

It’s inexplicably cute?!

It’s no wonder that the program group used the label ‘Lu brother and sister’. Passersby expressed that it was true! This was how they got along with their brothers on a daily basis!

Well, Lu Buyu was a little more active than ordinary people, but he’s handsome, so they could tolerate it.

It’s quite normal for the top student classmate to roll her eyes.

Fans that initially resisted being roped in immediately went to the official Weibo to apologize and thank them.

They misunderstood. Little Sister was really a precious sister ah!

【Brother is a three-year-old cub. Troubling Sister Lu Wan to take care of him.】

【Brother Yu is a little indebted. Top Student Sister has to bear the burden. You have sacrificed too much for this show.】

【Classmate Lu Wan is amazing and handsome. Have you never thought about debuting? You’ll definitely be my pick.】

【Inexplicably became a fan of Top Student Sister! The socialist brother-sister relationship is so good!】

【Lu Wan is really impressive. It’s really hard to manage Brother while studying. If you can’t control him, it’s fine if you beat him.】

【Lu brother and sister charged ah. Heaven owes me a big brother, and Heaven also owes me a little sister. o(╥﹏╥)o】

【What kind of immortal brother and sister are these? I love Sister’s fiery temper! Brother Yu was beaten and I feel a little fresh.】

Lu Buyu knew that the show was broadcast today. He did not disclose his true relationship with Lu Wan to the program group so he didn’t expect the director to use siblings as a selling point?

Lu Buyu asked his assistant a little worriedly, “Will the audience not accept it? Should I post a Weibo and say a word for Lu Wan? I’m afraid my fans will be hard on her.”

She had a lousy temper and didn’t know how to be restrained. He had to worry about it himself.

The little assistant who had watched the pilot episode shook his head like a rattle.

“No, it’s not necessary.”

Lu Buyu grinned, “Why is it unnecessary? Although she’s indeed too much, but who made me kind?”

The assistant replied truthfully, “Your fans didn’t scold Lu Wan. They feel that you gave her a hard time, and expressed their thanks and apologies.”

He estimated that it was possible that they would climb the wall after a few more episodes.

Lu Buyu: “???”

Little assistant: “They also said that it doesn’t matter if she beat you up. They absolutely wouldn’t slander your little sister. They let her have free rein. Just avoid the head since it’s easy to be stupid.”

Lu Buyu: “!!!”

Who wants them to apologize? What is ‘just avoid the head’?

Listen, is this human words? These fake fans!


1 prepare the neck for beheading


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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