Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 45

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Lu Wan was a little awkward. She tried to put the piece of cloth back on but it fell down after two seconds.

She reached out to put it up again, then two seconds later, it slipped off again.


Lu Buyu frowned and glanced at Lu Wan, then lowered his eyes to look at his bare chest.

He silently put his raised hand down.

Lu Wan: “Don’t move around, it’ll all be exposed.”

F*ck, Big Bro, can’t you see your own chest?

The onlookers felt their heart beat faster. They had recorded this scene with their eyes!

The national icon was perfect! Every part was impeccable!

The air was filled with hormones. This figure had muscles when undressed. They really couldn’t handle it ah!

So there was a reason why President Lu was so popular. Because she’s always thinking about how to create benefits for everyone!

Lu Wan tried putting back the piece of cloth four times and it also slipped down four times.

Lu Wan finally gave up and decided to find something to cover the other party temporarily.

The air-conditioning in the classroom was fully turned on. Lu Wan thought of Haley’s desk. She remembered that there was a jacket that he usually sleeps in to protect himself from the cold.

“Haley, can I borrow your jacket?”

“No problem. You have won us such a big benefit. What can’t you ask for?”


Haley’s desk was a grocery store. After taking out a series of things such as mirror, purse, spray, sunglass…… Lu Wan finally managed to get the jacket.

Lu Wan couldn’t help but admire that he was indeed a delicate boy, much more delicate than her.

“Put some clothes on.” Lu Wan grabbed the jacket and said as she walked to the other party.

Lu Buyu stepped back to avoid and snorted coldly, “I won’t. I’ve already been seen anyway so I’ll just stay like this. I have nothing that can’t be shown!”

Lu Wan: “……”

What kind of confusing speech was this?

A classroom is a sacred place. Grandpa, it’s inappropriate for you to be scantily dressed!

Lu Wan: “Come on, put it on, put it on.”

“No. I won’t. Stay away from me.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The assistant who came to deliver water during the lunch break took a few seconds to return to his senses after seeing the appearance of his own boss.

What happened here?

There were outlaws in broad daylight coveting the boss’s body?

……Oh, wrong. The camera brother and the surrounding students were all looking on indifferently.

The assistant asked the camera brother next to him in a complicated mood, “What’s going on?”

The camera brother held back a smile. “Teacher Lu was bantering with his deskmate. He deliberately raised Lu Wan’s mobile phone and the two of them fought over it. Accidentally, this happened.”

Assistant: “!!!”

He honestly couldn’t believe that this was something a twenty-five-year-old man would do.

The camera brother added, “The clothes are torn so Lu Wan found some garment for Teacher Lu that he could put on, but Teacher Lu refused.”

Assistant: “???”

Boss, what’s going on with you? Are you three years old? Please wake up ah!

Lu Buyu was stubborn and refused to put it on. Lu Wan could only go along with the other party.

Since this guy didn’t feel any burden losing his idol image, what else could she do?

Fortunately, the other party was sitting in the second row from the back and was not conspicuous.

She was going to stack a few more books on the other side’s desk to block the scene of springtime[1]exposed skin, so as not to scare the teachers coming to class.

The straight girl didn’t know how to coax people and the little assistant on the side was anxious.

This could be a big deal!

The little assistant knew that Lu Buyu and Lu Wan were brothers and sisters, but it had not been made public now, so he couldn’t reveal too much. He stepped forward and said, “Little Sister— Little Sister Lu, I have a few words to say to you.”

That was close…… He almost let it slip.

Lu Wan stood up and followed the other person to the corridor outside.

The little assistant looked at the girl in front and said sincerely, “Can you please persuade the boss to pay attention to his image?”

Lu Wan: “I tried, but it’s useless.”

The little assistant put his hands together and bowed. “Whatever works for you. I’m begging you. I’ll thank you on behalf of the whole studio.”

Since his debut, Lu Buyu has been paying attention to manage his image and there had been no scandal or negative news.

His opponents and the black fans couldn’t find anything to use against him, so they just cooked up a story…… His resources were so good ever since his debut. It was because he was too beautiful in women’s clothing, a rich person had taken a fancy of him and he was being kept.

Many female stars in the entertainment industry occasionally choose a tough look and wear suits, and there were also male artists who made cameo appearances as women to have a breakthrough or for the purpose of the show. This was a very common thing.

Lu Buyu wearing women’s clothes…… was really too beautiful that it was even on the hot search.

This rumor spread. And although it was nonsense, there were too many baseless speculations. The studio had to spend a lot of effort to suppress it.

If Lu Buyu used this ‘look’ in class today, the little assistant could imagine how it would be made a big issue and how the news would be a bloodshed tomorrow.

“If the boss is so self-willed and the show is broadcast, all colleagues in the studio will have to work overtime for a week to deal with the impact of this matter, so please, I’m begging you.”

Lu Buyu did not sign with a management company, but as a top star, he has a team of more than 30 people taking care of his itinerary.

For the sake of what the other party said, Lu Wan could only accept it. In any case, she could do whatever to make Lu Buyu maintain a good image.

Alas, she couldn’t avoid responsibility with this matter after all.

Wasn’t it just coaxing people? Fine.

Lu Wan walked back to the classroom. After sitting down, she turned her face to the side and said with a bright smile, “You should put on your clothes ba. I’m afraid you’ll catch a cold. I was wrong just now.”

“What can you do wrong?”

Lu Wan asserted, “What did I do right? I’m not right about anything!”

Lu Buyu: “Are you a cow? You have so much strength.”

Lu Wan: “I’m sorry, I’m a cow.”

Lu Buyu stared at her for a while before he asked angrily, “Then what am I to you?”

“You are my big bro!”

“Oh, I am your big bro?” He pressed on. Didn’t this fellow refuse to admit it before?

Lu Wan said firmly, “Of course you are my big bro Bull!”

The surrounding students finally couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

It has deviated from the correct path of development.


Lu Wan noticed that her tongue slipped and hurriedly corrected herself, “You are my devilishly handsome and super smart older brother.”

Lu Buyu: “I don’t deserve it.”

Lu Wan: “No, you are! So put this on. You’ll be even more handsome when you wear it! No one can compare to you.”

“Hmph, I look good with or without it.”

Lu Buyu did not object and Lu Wan quickly acted to put the jacket on Grandpa.

“Yes, yes, yes. Hurry up and put it on. I can even call you old uncle if you like.”

I’m afraid that you’re messing up the seniority. Today, I’ll go back home standing. After the show was broadcast, I would be carried out of the house lying down.

“That’s unnecessary.”

This time the big star didn’t avoid it. He stretched out his hand sensibly and allowed Lu Wan to wait on him and put his arms in the sleeve.

The students beside them all laughed crazily.

It was the first time they saw Lu Wan worked so hard to coax people, and it was also the first time they saw the handsome top star be in a mood.

After Lu Buyu put the jacket on, he lowered his head and sniffed. “What does this smells like?”

Harry: “The fragrance of a cherry boy— Mine.”

Other students: “……”

You really deserve to be the human supercar, Zhang Haley. He would seize every opportunity to hit the road.

Lu Buyu rolled his eyes. “This is the smell of milk. Stinky boy, you’re still wet behind the ears.”

He recognized the fragrance as Terre d’Hermès. It was one of his favorites so he didn’t dislike it.

Lu Wan said half perfunctorily and half seriously, “Yes, yes, yes. What big bro said is always right.”

The students in the class laughed so much that their faces hurt a little.

The cameraman didn’t turn off the camera. He thought about it. He could cut out the scene of Lu Buyu’s chest being exposed or perhaps censored it, but the other parts could be used.

And this would attract a degree of attention!

It’s improper to create a CP for the top actor, whether it’s with female artists participating in the show or high school students.…..

Maybe Lu Buyu’s fans would tear up the program group.

Just now while he was filming, he heard the little assistant called Lu Wan ‘little sister’, and an idea formed into his mind.

Lu Wan ‘actively’ called Lu Buyu ‘big bro’, and this idea became clearer.

This show does not engage in CP, but it’s okay to engage in a brother and sister relationship ah!

Moreover, for a variety show of this nature, it was very strange to create a CP. It’s not as natural and suitable as brother-sister affection.

Coincidentally, they both happen to have the surname Lu. Although their looks and styles were different, their jaw lines were somewhat similar.

Labeling them as brothers and sisters, it was really such a bit of fate.

The key was that Lu Buyu and Lu Wan get along with each other in an obviously completely different way from other people!

As a top star, Lu Buyu was usually amiable and gentlemanly, and was very polite to other girls in the class.

But as soon as he run into Lu Wan, he would open his mouth and made fun of the other person, and within a few words, it would escalate as the two of them scorn one another.

Eventually, Lu Wan would menacingly invite the other party to eat apples.

They became plastic brothers and sisters in minutes, ready to fight and argue at any time.

Even so, it made the onlookers feel that the relationship between them was actually very good.

After all, only in front of people one knows and trust could one really let go and don’t have too much scruples when speaking.

Lu Buyu was just like Lu Wan. In front of other students, he was still a dream guy. He was good at basketball and archery, and he was also very handsome. There was no dead angle on his face.

After all, he was a national idol. He was actually quite Sue.

Yet Lu Wan didn’t regard the other party as a big star. Other students didn’t have such a strong heart.

The more the camera brother thought about it, the more he thought it was feasible. When their next meeting was held, he would propose that the ‘Lu Brother and Sister’ should be the focus of publicity.

The daily life of this pair of plastic brothers and sisters, who have nothing to do with tenderness, would definitely attract a lot of viewers.

On top of it, Lu Wan had good grades and a free and easy personality, which would be very popular with the viewers.

You could see this by looking at how well liked the other person was at school.

According to his years of experience in the industry, Lu Buyu’s fans and the show’s viewers should have a high degree of acceptance of her.

Even if the ‘Lu Brother and Sister’ were not real siblings, they would definitely be a hit.


1 exposed skin


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