Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 44

The heads of the melon eaters turned in confusion.

Left, right, middle, leftmost.

Lu Wan, Chen Nianqing, the sweet Japanese girl, and finally, the human supercar who just intruded— Haley.

Frick! The frequency of them having to turn their heads was almost curing the neck pain caused by doing homework on a long-term!

Song Qianqian: “Although we should be friendly towards exchange students, but you’re being too greedy, Student Naoko!”

Everyone nodded. It was too much.

The exchange student expressed her interest for Chen Nianqing, and everyone tolerated it. After all, the exchange period was only a week and the time that they have to put up with it was short.

On behalf of the other side’s cute looks and that she would be gone soon.

But how could she say such things to President Lu after pursuing Chen Nianqing?

Student Naoko, it’s cheap to get them all for yourself! No matter how cute and sweet you are, everyone would definitely not accept this!

This is a matter of principle! You can’t set this bad example!

Naoko couldn’t help but take a step back. The way these students looked at her, why was it so scary?

Lu Wan held her forehead.

No. This was not what she intended.

Chen Nianqing’s expression was calm. He said in a faint voice, “Student Lu Wan, I happen to have something to discuss with you.”

He dropped these words, turned and walked out of the court.

“Oh.” She couldn’t stay here. Lu Wan hurriedly followed after him.

Student Naoko tilted her head, her pigtails drew a slant as she looked at the two figure who were leaving. She asked incredulously, “Where is Nianqing-kun and Wan-san going? Are they a couple—hm-mm-mm-mm……”

The female classmate who had a good relationship with Naoko quickly stepped forward and covered the silly child’s mouth.

You shouldn’t say these words! Even if you are an exchange student!

If those two were a couple, how many students’ houses would collapse? How many girls would suffer double heartbreak blows?

Who could handle it?

Naoko raised her head and found that there were something wrong with some of the eyes of the people around her.

She let her friend cover her mouth without struggling.

The students…… suddenly became unfriendly. She was a little scared.


Lu Wan chased him until the outside of the basketball court. She walked to Chen Nianqing’s side and sure enough, she saw that the other party was holding back a smile.

“Forget it. Just laugh if you want.” Lu Wan smash the pot.

Chen Nianqing: “No. Student Lu Wan was excellent just now. Your skills are great. Everyone likes you.”

Lu Wan shrugged. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“However, although many people like you, I’m sure I’m the one who likes you the most.” Chen Nianqing stopped and looked into the other person’s eyes, his expression serious.

Lu Wan: “Forget it, forget it, forget it.”

Chen Nianqing was thrown off balance. “Forget it?”

What this an answer?

“I originally thought that we could help each other. It’s fine now.”

Lu Wan gave up this plan. She’s the one who hates trouble and just thought that this idea would put things right once and for all.

But the other party doesn’t want to, so let it be.

Chen Nianqing: “……”

He was delighted with Lu Wan’s nonchalant attitude before, but now he was a little troubled by this trait.

Seeing that the other party was staring at her without speaking, Lu Wan magnanimously patted Chen Nianqing on the shoulder.

“No pressure. I don’t blame you. All right, then I’ll go back.” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “That—, Student Naoko is very cute. It’s not my intention.”

Chen Nianqing, who was standing in the same place for a few seconds, calmed down. He hastily chased after her and asked anxiously, “Wait. You aren’t thinking of finding someone else to pretend to be a couple with, are you?”

Lu Wan spread her hands. “What are you thinking about? Of course not. The grades should at least be similar to mine and have to be someone I get along well with. Do I look like such a capricious person?”

There were six boys in the top ten. Three of them had girlfriends and two students obviously regarded learning as their other half.

Chen Nianqing was the only really suitable candidate and only he was convincing.

Although this proposal was quite casual, she had also seriously thought about its feasibility.

Chen Nianqing looked at Lu Wan meaningfully. “Then I want to thank you for valuing me.”

Lu Wan waved at the person. “It’s a small thing. I’m leaving.”

The girl’s back disappeared around the corner and Chen Nianqing took back his gaze.

If Lu Wan did not propose to him to be her pretend boyfriend, but to be her real boyfriend instead, he would definitely agree.

If they would end up together eventually, then it might as well be sooner.

But this was also fine.

Although he was sometimes anxious on when the other party would realize that he…… was different when it comes to her.

Very different.


Lu Buyu walked into the living room and noticed Lu Wan sitting at the dining table. He strode towards her.

“Why did you just leave me?”

“Didn’t you still want to play? That’s why I came back by myself.” Lu Wan felt that this question was baffling. Even if she didn’t go back, it was impossible for the two of them to leave in the same car ah.

Students would find some clues.

What Lu Buyu actually wanted to ask was: You left after playing so coolly. How come you didn’t watch me play?

Even though there were a lot of cheers, Lu Buyu felt that something was missing.

Lu Wan didn’t have the slightest respect for him, this big brother of hers, let alone admiration. Couldn’t she find any of his good points?

He’s so bright that it could blind people, okay?!

After all, he was the idol of millions of girls. Maybe Lu Wan wasn’t a girl?

Oh, she calls him a shared power bank.

Lu Buyu got angrier the more he thought about it. He continued, “I have to warn you that early love is absolutely not allowed in high school! Men are not good things!”

Lu Wan raised her head. Grandpa, what are you smoking?

Lu Buyu pondered and then added, “There’s also a lot of bad women.”

“Shut up.”

Lu Wan looked speechless. Does this guy know what he’s talking about?

She got up and walked upstairs.

“I’m being serious. What kind of attitude is this?” Lu Buyu yelled at her back.

Not getting a reply, he became even more annoyed.


Lu Wan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and heard someone knocking on the door.

She thought it was her dad who’s delivering a late-night snack. When she opened the door, she saw Lu Buyu standing in the corridor with his arms akimbo.

Lu Wan subconsciously wanted to close the door, but Lu Buyu hurriedly held it with his hand and even stuck one foot in, preventing the other party from closing it.

“I have something to say to you! You let me finish.”

Lu Wan: “Then say it.”

“I have thought about it carefully. If you are in a relationship, you can, but you’re still underage.” Lu Buyu gathered the fingers of both hands together, then touch the fingertips of the left and right hands with each other. While doing the action, he said, “At most, you can hold hands, ‘blah blah blah’, kissing is prohibited, understand?”

It couldn’t be helped. The two old people in their family didn’t pay too much attention to this aspect. Only he, the big brother, could remind her.

After all, the tastes of young people nowadays were quite diverse. This fellow was actually very popular in school.

Lu Wan had black lines on her face. “Do you want to die? Get out of here now!”

Can this guy be normal?

He was like this every day.

Feeling the threat of death, Lu Buyu mutely retracted his foot from the door.

The door slammed shut.

Lu Wan wordlessly sat back at the desk and continued to read.

Lu Buyu stood in the corridor with his hands still on his waist for a while until he remembered that he still had homework to finish so he hurried back to his room.

Lu Wan didn’t give him any reference for the questions. ‘One should toll the bell as long as one was a monk[1]even just one day in a post, one needs to fulfil that day’s duty’. Lu Buyu could only rely on himself.

Who would have imaged that the top idol’s room was lit late into the night because of homework; his face full of misery.


The next morning, at the dining table.

Lu Buyu didn’t sleep well because of his homework and he looked sleepy.

He was distracted by other things yesterday but after a night of sleep, he remembered that there were some students in Lu Wan’s class who were off.

“Right. Is the scholarship student in your class in conflict with you? If you feel uncomfortable, I can apply with the school board to cancel her scholarship.” Lu Buyu said lightly.

He grew up with excellent financial status and his parents gave him all the reasonable support that they could give him, so this man has always been full of confidence and said whatever he likes.

In Lu Buyu’s view, Lu Jinye donated a large amount of money to the school this year, which was enough to upgrade most of the classroom facilities.

The money was obviously donated for Lu Wan, to make her life better at school.

So it’s not too much to make such a request.

Lu Wan: “That’s unnecessary.”

She couldn’t say that Lin Niannian was bad, she’s just annoying.

This opportunity was won by the other party. Well, learning opportunities were important to everyone.

Lu Buyu: “Are you so generous?”

Lu Wan said while eating fruits, “That’s not true. Since she has accepted the scholarship, she must fulfill the contract and work on the place of her registered residence after graduation. I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Lu Buyu was a bit surprised. “You don’t mind if she stays at school. Why do you care where others go to work in the future?”

Lu Wan said frankly, “Because I’m annoyed with her.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

That works too.

Lu Wan stood up. “I’m going right now. You can set out in half an hour. We’ll arrive at school with about twenty minutes’ interval.”

“You dare to dislike me?”

Lu Wan replied very perfunctorily, “No, it’s me who’s not worthy of you.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

I do not believe you!


Lu Wan occasionally thought about whether she was strange compared to other girls?

After all, she had only been a girl for less than two months and was not familiar with this undertaking.

She turned her eyes to Haley and asked straightforwardly, “Am I…… not very cute?”

Haley: “There’s no such thing!”

President Lu, you asked this sentence so earnestly, this contrast was a bit too cute.

“You’re right.” Lu Wan nodded, her doubts quickly dispelled.

Haley turned sideways, looked at Lu Wan, and said seriously, “President Lu, although you and many girls are cute in different ways, but in Class 4, I am first when it comes to cuteness. You can be the second ah!”

Different cuteness? What does that mean?

Lu Wan gave this some thought. Haley had more common topics with other girls and could fit more with them than her.

In addition to being a human supercar, he was also a friend of women[2]woman’s best friend; a type of man who knows women well enough to respect them; can be good friends with the opposite sex.

In the past few days during lunch break, Haley and a few girls in the class would often chat while smiling…… weirdly.

She had always been curious, and now that she thought about it, maybe this was the difference?

Lu Wan asked him about it at this time and Haley told her that they were discussing a game.

And as a krypton gold expert[3]players who spend a lot of money into the game, Haley also helped Lu Wan download the game 【Money and Wild Men】.

This was a love strategy card drawing game on how to get along with several different handsome guys.

With the idea of exploring, Lu Wan tried to figure it out.

Although she was really confused.

When Lu Buyu walked into the classroom, he saw Lu Wan frowning while playing a game. He leaned in to take a look and asked in shock, “Cool guy, you’re playing this?”

Lu Wan: “Be quiet.”

Lu Buyu: “Wait, there’s such a big handsome guy sitting next to you but you’re immersed in playing this kind of game and ignore me instead?”

“What do you know…… In-game characters are different from real people.”

Lu Buyu: “You can completely consider me as a virtual one.”

The surrounding classmates gasped. You saying this, gorgeous fellow, who can bear it?

Lu Wan was too lazy to care. Although this game was strange, but she was wondering why this game was so attractive to many people and wanted to figure it out.

Lu Buyu didn’t get a reply, so he reached out and pulled Lu Wan’s cell phone.

He raised his hand. “Am I no match with these drawings?”

Lu Buyu was 190cm tall and could lift his arms to a very high position.

The cameraman hurriedly aimed the camera. Here it comes!

Top star and his deskmate were at it again! The ratings are here!

Lu Wan couldn’t reach it, so she grabbed the other party’s clothes.

She swore she really didn’t put a lot of strength!

But with a tearing sound, the fabric in the middle of Lu Buyu’s clothes was pulled off by her, revealing his entire chest. All of a sudden, his clothes turned into a low cut shirt.

Lu Wan: “……”

It really wasn’t intentional. Was the quality of the school uniforms bad?

Other students: “!!!”

Although it’s not very good, I’m sorry, but I want to see more.

The cameraman: “!!!”

Can this be aired?

The human supercar Haley covered his face. “Oh my goodness. President Lu, I get that you’re unwilling to spend money to draw cards, but this is a bit too hasty.”

Sure enough, the naked men you draw from a mobile game were far less exciting than the real one.

Thank you President Lu!

Not to mention that the big star had first-class body management, in addition to having defined pectoral muscles…… they were quite white and delicate.


1 even just one day in a post, one needs to fulfil that day’s duty
2 woman’s best friend; a type of man who knows women well enough to respect them; can be good friends with the opposite sex
3 players who spend a lot of money into the game


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