Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 43

Lu Wan was quite a casual person. After being invited several times, she thought about it and was fine after a while. She could just go along for the ride.

After all, Lu Buyu was eager to give it a try. Anyway the other party taught her some skill this afternoon—archery.

She should be magnanimous.

Lu Wan planned to just sit and watch on the side, but Xu Yao wouldn’t let her, and dragged her to the middle of the court.

“It’s not like you don’t know how to play. Come on. Play with us.”

Lu Wan was dragged into the middle. She shrugged and said with a smile, “It’s not suitable for me to join. You boys play. Why should I come here?”

Though because of the archery class just now, she had switch out of her skirt.

“Hey, don’t be awkward. I don’t treat you as a woman.”

Lu Wan: “……”

This was too much ah.

Xu Yao raised his voice and asked everyone’s opinion, “President Lu said it’s not suitable for her to join. What do you guys think?”

The basketball team members: “Of course, it’s suitable!”

The audience outside the court was even more active.


“Here comes President Lu!”

“Sister Wan, go!”

Xu Yao didn’t mind fanning the flames and added with a chuckle, “President Lu used to play very well. Do you guys want to see it?”

The crowd’s attitude remained enthusiastic.

“President Lu, go for it. Don’t be a sissy!”

“I want to see President Lu play!”

“I want to see it!”

Lu Wan glared at Xu Yao. The matter had come to this point that she couldn’t justify declining again.

Then just play casually.

Girls developed faster than boys and Lu Wan in junior high school was taller than most boys of the same age. Therefore she participated in every class match and was always in the main line.

She was tall enough and had slender limbs. She played better than a vast majority of girls and better than most boys.

Lu Wan walked over, picked up the ball with her foot, and then reached out to catch it.

Just this one action showed that it was not on an ordinary level, and there was cheering all around.

Lu Wan said shortly, “I’ll just casually throw a basket and then I’ll go. It won’t affect you so you can continue playing.”


“Come on then.”

The boys on the basketball team were excited. Was this a perk?

Lu Wan slapped the ball twice, quickly took the ball and started to pass.

Considering this wasn’t a real game, although Lu Wan was serious, the smile on her face couldn’t stop.

Her smile was very infectious. Not only the onlookers, but also the team members who blocked the layup were drawn towards her.

A beautiful and handsome girl who could play ball was very attractive to sports students!

This was simply a goddess ah!

Well, even if the other party was someone who couldn’t be chased randomly, they still needed to brush up their sense of existence!

The goddess lunged forward with the ball and everyone on the basketball team was elated. How could they really rush up and stop her with all their strength?

It stands to reason that Lu Wan’s skills were much worse than their group, but this was not a regular game.

Whilst all of the guys from the basketball team were straight men, they were not foolish straight men ah!

If they provoke the other party and she doesn’t come to play next time, wouldn’t that be a loss?

Everyone could figure this much.

Lu Wan’s technique was really good. As long as the opponent’s defense was a little loose, she could easily break through, her movements fluid.

The screams from the side continued and the whole audience was boiling with excitement.

Haley let out a whistle. If Lu Wan joined the basketball team, various support might soar.

“Ah!” A girl’s hoarse voice attracted the attention of all the students.

“Oohhh!” The crowd hadn’t recovered yet when a roar belonging to a boy emerged.

Setting things in motion, the audience outside the court shouted at the top of their voices.

Haley covered his ears, looking like he got nothing else to live for.

These idiots, were they playing a competition on whose voice was louder, thinking that the prize was President Lu?

If so, he’ll drive in a sound truck!

Lu Wan passed the last person and found the right moment. She held the ball in both hands, bent her knees slightly and jumped up. She threw the ball while turning her wrists.

They watched as the ball was about to enter the basket, but it was suddenly knocked down by a hand.

Lu Buyu landed steadily on the ground and looked at Lu Wan proudly.

“Sorry, you still haven’t passed through me.”

Everyone: “???”

Boyfriend, what are you doing? How can you stop my wife from shooting!

What’s wrong? Boyfriend, you’re making this hard for me, right?!!

Lu Wan shrugged, not too disappointed.

“Almost. All right, you continue playing. I’ll watch on the side.”

After a few seconds of silence, the side of the court began to scream again.

Song Qianqian: “I really envy those guys on the basketball team. What does it feel like to be pounced on by President Lu?”

“Coach, is it too late for me to learn basketball?”

Haley sighed. President Lu was right not to play again today. In this way, the students could protect their throats, and he could protect his eardrums.

Lu Wan came off the court. She took the water that someone handed over and closely watched the boys play while drinking.

Forget that Lu Buyu was not a flamboyant person; he has performed quite outstandingly these two times.

His face was exquisite but he doesn’t look like a girl because he’s tall and his body was well managed.

During the half-time break, the scene finally quieted down.

Lu Buyu was sweating. He felt very refreshed. He couldn’t remember how long he had played so heartily.

Today’s opponents were all good, and they didn’t go easy on him because he’s a star.

The cameraman also felt that this series of shots was very good, full with the vigor of young people.

Lu Buyu’s deskmate was simply a treasure.

He bet that this girl would definitely be highly discussed after the broadcast, and her dashing looks and delightfulness would attract everyone’s attention.

Speaking of which, Student Lu Wan was very natural and comfortable whether she’s getting along with boys or girls.


While the game was on a break, a commotion happened ahead. It seemed someone else had come.

Lu Wan turned her head and saw Chen Nianqing walking over.

Behind him was a girl whom she had never seen before. She was pretty cute with twin ponytails.

Haley was a gossip lover that he wishes he could live next to the melon fields. He followed Lu Wan’s line of sight and took the initiative to cut the melon, “That girl is called Naoko, an exchange student who came this week and the third generation of a Japanese consortium. She’s been clinging to Chen Nianqing recently.”

Chen Nianqing has an iceberg personality, so other students naturally dare not stick to him too much.

But this Naoko was different. After she declares that she liked Chen Nianqing, she followed behind the idol every day, calling him ‘Nianqing-kun’ every time.

Considering that she was a short-term exchange student, no one said anything. The girl won’t stay long.

When Student Naoko knew that Chen Nianqing was single, she became more motivated.

After hearing this, Lu Wan was stunned for a moment. She was at a loss, “It turns out many people are also pursuing Chen Nianqing ah?”

She looked at the other side’s expression and was not very happy.

Haley: “Isn’t that obvious enough?”

Lu Wan lowered her voice, “Then why didn’t he agree? I can be his cover and he can cover for me ah! Everyone helps each other.”

Haley: “……”

Lu Wan pondered and asked, “Could it be that he think I can’t hold them down?”

Haley: “Err…… That’s a possibility?”

Lu Wan: “He dislikes me?”

“That can’t be ba. Maybe he don’t think it’s fitting.”

Lu Wan: “Why not? I think it’s particularly fitting!”

Haley smiled and said, “You don’t have to take it to heart. Perhaps you can take the initiative to show your strengths.”

Lu Wan thought about it seriously and felt that it was necessary to strive for another opportunity.

In addition to Xu Yao, who was not afraid of beating and scolding, and Su Rao, who was very persistent, people often came to confess.

Both men and women.

If there were two students a day and one of them take 15 minutes to speak, it would add up to half an hour.

It was time consuming.

But Lu Wan couldn’t dismiss the other party with just one or two words.

It might be that fifteen minutes was a long time for her, or perhaps it took a long time for the other party to consider what to say and summoned up their courage.

The attitude of rejection was firm, but the tone should not be too harsh.

If it’s a girl, just make it clear. There’s no need to scold people till they cry. She couldn’t bear to.

Lu Wan was good-natured and easygoing. All the students who were still hesitating rushed altogether.

Regardless of what President Lu’s answer was, at least they would have no regrets in the future after they confess!

Spending more than half an hour every day rejecting others could mean three or four hours a week or sixteen hours a month.

If used to memorize words, she could memorize hundreds of phrases.

Very inefficient.

Lu Wan stood up. Yes, she was going to show her talent— basketball.

During the intermission, Lu Wan went to the court and requested to play again.

It only took her a couple of minutes to go pass an opponent exactly right after the halftime break.

The proposal was accepted by the basketball team, and seeing her playing again, everyone was excited.

Lu Wan scanned the area after catching the ball and found Chen Nianqing.

She smiled at the other person. It’s time to show her real strength.

This time, Lu Wan moved swiftly than the last time. Because she was doing her best, she soon came in front of the last player. When Lu Buyu moved to steal the ball, Lu Wan ducked to the side.

The people on both sides didn’t step back and they collided.

Lu Wan, eager to win, bumped into Lu Buyu who stepped back into Xu Yao, who was then standing behind him.

He had no idea how he tripped and the two fell together.

Lu Wan didn’t care about the injured and took advantage of this opportunity to make a jump shot.

Three point shot!

There was a cheer!

Lu Wan looked at Chen Nianqing proudly. How was I? Not bad, right?

Haley covered his face. My gosh, this is not how you display your advantages.

……Not in this context.

You are indeed President Lu!

Lu Buyu covered his shoulders. “Damn! Is she a cow? So much energy!”

Xu Yao who was being pressed on by the other person’s body said in pain, “You didn’t know? She used to play too hard and was often complained about.”

Also, can you get up from me first? My ribs are about to break!

Haley looked at the two men fallen on the ground. The big star was actually sitting on the foolish straight man.

He tutted, “Oh, you guys…… that’s a pretty bad posture.”

I won’t give you my blessings. After all, a Fierce 1 and a Fierce 1 will never be happy.

Like this, there will be 0’s fluttering everywhere and the sisterhood would have no ‘1’s’ to rely on.

Everyone: “……”

Here we go again! Is it necessary to drive on such a bad road?

As an old driver, there was no road in this world that Haley couldn’t drive in.

Lu Wan passed the ball to someone else, walked straight to Chen Nianqing, and asked with a smile, “How was I?”

Chen Nianqing hadn’t answered yet but Naoko on the side was emotional.

Naoko bowed to Chen Nianqing, “I’m sorry Nianqing-kun, I just found out today that you’re not the type of boy I like. I’m really sorry, but we don’t suit.”

Everyone: “???”

Naoko looked at Lu Wan shyly and said in a sweet voice, “I like someone like you, Wan-kun. Didn’t you look at me just now before you played? Your eyes are so charming! I was hit in one fell swoop!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Hang on, I was looking at Chen Nianqing.

Everyone: “???”

What’s going on? Idol’s charm was no match with President Lu’s?

The admirer climbed the wall on the spot?

Haley: “Ah…… I want to correct you, Miss Naoko. You should call her Wan-san, not Wan-kun. She’s a girl just like you.”

Although he was also very sad about this, it’s the truth.

Naoko was dazed for a moment. She looked Lu Wan up and down and after feeling tangled for a few seconds, wanted to say that she doesn’t mind.

Haley got ahead of her.

“Straight. President Lu is a steel straight girl. Give up ba!”

Naoko: “……”

Haley shrugged and looked at Lu Wan speechlessly.

This is really bad. Look at what you’ve done President Lu.

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao?[1]to relieve a besiege ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers

The way you help Idol out of the siege is really a bit bizarre.


1 to relieve a besiege ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers


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