Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 42

Lu Buyu’s mood was affected and he didn’t want to eat anymore.

But it doesn’t matter. Celebrities were supposed to not eat meals.

He came out of the teaching building and wanted to see what that guy was doing.

So irritating.

Lu Wan just came out of the school cafeteria. The weather had been hot recently, and she had an ice cream cone in her hand.

After a meal in summer, an ice cream or something alike…… was heaven sent ah!

“Student Lu Wan!”

Someone suddenly pushed her from behind. Lu Wan’s hand shook and a big lump of ice cream fell to the ground.

The cleaning aunt happened to be cleaning at that place and she shoveled it away with a loud laugh.

It all happened so quickly that she didn’t even have time to mourn the sudden separation.

Lu Wan glanced at the bald ice cream cone in her hand, turned her head and asked sullenly, “Are you tired of living?”

Lu Buyu: “Don’t lose your temper. You should thank me ah! You’ll get fat if you eat it. Look, your face is more swollen than mine.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You’re f*ckin swollen! That’s an apple cheek!

A girl’s unique apple cheek! If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense!

“Stay away from me in the future! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Lu Buyu: “You are so heartless! I specifically came to find you!”

The students nearby laughed out loud. The big star seemed to be getting along very well with President Lu.

If Lu Buyu got too close to other girls, everyone might have some ideas.

But changing it to Lu Wan, they wouldn’t have any at all.

Could it be that our President Lu wasn’t handsome? She’s perfectly qualified!

The cameraman who followed him also found it funny and recorded this scene.

Not to mention, in the three groups of six guests invited this time, Lu Buyu really did the best.

Yesterday, the staff of the program group looked back to watch the footage, and when it came to the part where Lu Buyu smiled, they almost died on the spot.

As expected of a top star. Although expensive, but it’s good value for money.

No wonder all kinds of shows find him for cooperation.

In this variety show, in addition to filming the daily life of celebrities while they’re learning, there were also various interactions between them and their classmates.

Given that they’re celebrities, it was difficult for their classmates and teachers to treat them normally…… But Lu Wan was different; she got along with her deskmate without any barriers.

The top star who’s usually sought after by all kinds of people was disliked in all kinds of way by his top student deskmate.

After all, going to school meant more than just attending it. In Lu Wan’s eyes, the sparkling top star doesn’t work and he was a dummy who couldn’t study.

Although occasionally, it was unknown whether it was a sudden kindness or she was just too annoyed that she had no other choice, but she would also help her deskmate out.

Lu Buyu was like a big boy. If others ignored him, he would insist on brushing up his sense of existence.

It’s kind of infuriating, but it’s more hilarious.

It turns out that there was another side of the idol like this.

Lu Buyu has a strong youthful air and he doesn’t look incompatible wearing a school uniform and mixing among the students.

His face could outshine female stars in the entertainment industry. During filming, female artists didn’t dare release pictures indiscriminately, because they would be publicly executed by their opponents or black fans with pictures of the male and female protagonists in the same frame.

His skin was whiter and his features more refined than the female artists. There was no harm without comparison.

But Lu Wan was a real teen, and the two were of different types, each having their own appeal.

And student Lu Wan doesn’t take her deskmate seriously, so the two of them get along like buddies. They had no intention of stirring up a CP at all. After the broadcast, fans wouldn’t have any issue.

Lu Wan ate the cone in her hand in three bites.

No matter whether there was a camera or not, she couldn’t bear it. Right now, at once, she must kill the other party!

The school’s area was large and had more escape routes.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Lu Buyu withdrew his legs, and the two of them ran for more than ten meters like a gust of wind.

Everything happened so suddenly, the cameraman came back to his senses and hurriedly chased after them.

……But he did not catch up.

After waiting for half an hour, Lu Buyu returned to the classroom. The cameraman didn’t dare to ask him if he was caught by student Lu Wan afterwards.

Caught and got beaten.

In order to increase the highlights and viewability of the show, the program group communicated with the school and chose archery for the afternoon PE class.

Archery wasn’t a compulsory subject in physical education. Sports like golf and tennis were the electives.

The school has a golf course and an archery range.

Lu Buyu won second place in the World Youth Archery Competition at the beginning, relying on the title of sports student to enter his previous school.

The staff of the program group felt that the icon’s aura could not be completely lost, and they still had to arrange for the other party to show his handsomeness ba!

Lu Buyu’s assistant brought the boss’s special bow with a wink.

It had nice long limbs and looked light, but it required 40 pounds of draw weight.

Lu Buyu had been very easygoing and approachable these past two days, and the students were all eager to try to see if they could draw this bow.

The three classmates who tried all failed. Xu Yao was the fourth one to come out. Lu Buyu smiled and passed the bow over.

“Take it easy. Don’t break my bow.”

Xu Yao didn’t care at first, but then he put on his three fingers, and only managed to pull it a little.

He felt like he lost some face. After thinking about it, he handed the bow to Lu Wan.

“President Lu, come and give it a try.”

Xu Yao’s original intention was to tell Lu Wan that it was really difficult to pull this certain bowstring, not that he’s weak and has no strength!

Unexpectedly, after Lu Wan took it over, she drew the bow in full view of the public and held it very steadily.

Xu Yao: “……”

He knew that Lu Wan was strong, but wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Haley: “President Lu’s so handsome! I love President Lu a little more today.”

All the students: “……”

That’s right! President Lu’s so handsome!

He thought that the other party wouldn’t be able to pull the string, but Lu Buyu, who was preparing to show off, also froze. He dwelt on it for a moment then asked, “You haven’t tried this before so how can you draw the bow?”

Lu Wan: “When you demonstrated just now, I carefully watch the position of your thumb and the bowstring. It’s actually nothing to pull it back ba, it’s just that you’re more skilled.”

The strong boys in the class failed to draw the bow because the force was incorrect and the muscles used were completely wrong.

Just now, when the second classmate couldn’t pull it back, Lu Wan noticed this, and took out her mobile phone to check the correct way of pulling the bow on the Internet.

She’s also really strong.

Lu Buyu’s face was a little stiff. He originally wanted to keep a low profile and not show off too much. He didn’t care so much now.

He shot five swords in a row, three of them hit the bullseye and none missed the target. He was relieved.

Look, your big brother is still great.

Archery was basically a minor sport and many people couldn’t do it. The scene suddenly burst into applause.

“How about you try shooting arrows ba?”

Lu Wan took the 20 pound bow again and tried it.

She looked handsome straightening her body and drawing the bow, she also looked very handsome squinting her eyes and aiming at the bullseye. Then she shot five arrows in a row, all of which miss the target, getting no score.

Lu Wan’s face was calm. This was a normal outcome. After all, she had never learned it before.

Although she just checked the know-hows of shooting an arrow, there was still a difference between theory and putting it into practice.

Lu Buyu folded his hands together. “Why don’t you beg me? I’ll teach you if you do.”

Lu Wan: “Heh. No need.”

Other students: “……”

Can I beg you ah? Idol, look at me!

Lu Wan didn’t beg, but Lu Buyu still took the initiative to give her guidance. After all, having won an award in archery, there was absolutely no problem in him being a coach.

Lu Buyu’s words were concise and comprehensive, and he pointed out the essence with just a few words. Lu Wan also understood it very quickly. Although she was a novice, after seven or eight times, at least she could not miss the target.

Naturally, other students have coaches to guide them. Archery was a minor sport in the country. Even if the school has an archery hall, many students have never been there, and only a few were good at it.

“Niannian, don’t worry, many students also couldn’t do it.” Yu Shuai reassured her.

Lin Niannian took her eyes away from Lu Wan. She gritted her teeth and pulled the bowstring in her hands. Before it could get out, the arrow slid down.

She was not reconciled. Could it be that she was inferior to others in all aspects? But the more she tried, the more anxious she became, and the more anxious she became, the less she could do it.

After the coach came over, he took the bow and arrow from Lin Niannian’s hand.

“It’s dangerous if you control it like this. Don’t rush the process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn today. After all, there’s gap between girls and boys when it comes to physical strength.”

Lin Niannian didn’t speak and looked at Lu Wan again unconsciously.

The coach followed the other side’s line of sight, but he said without paying much attention, “Lu Wan is very talented and learns better than many boys in our class. You don’t need to compare yourself with her.”

Lin Niannian: “No, I’m not comparing with her.”

The coach smiled and said, “All right, then. You practice what you can and be sure to protect yourself from injury.”

En. I understand.”


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After Lu Buyu instructed Lu Wan in archery, he regained his self-confidence.

Now you know how handsome your big brother is!

In the last two classes for this afternoon, the entire sophomore year was having physical education class.

Because it was an elective course, it was convenient to arrange.

When they came out of the archery hall and passed the basketball court, Xu Yao asked, “Lu Wan, do you want to play basketball with me?”

The two would play ball together in junior high. But when Lu Wan started high school, she was busy studying and working, so she had no time.

Lu Wan: “No. I’m going home.”

Lu Buyu: “Why are you in such a hurry to go back? Let’s go check it out.”

The school basketball team seemed to be practicing. They were divided into two teams with three players. It looks very exciting.

The onlooking students would erupt into cheers from time to time.

Many boys were interested in basketball. Even if they were not good at playing, they enjoyed watching it.

Lu Buyu was tall and was on the school basketball team in high school, but he rarely touched a ball after his debut. First, he didn’t have a practice partner, and second, he didn’t have time.

Haley: “Let’s go. I want to see it too. So many tough guy, it’s simply a feast. How about staying together, President Lu?”

Lu Wan: “……”

“Let’s go.” Haley whistled. He loved watching tough guy’s playing so much that he was so happy.

But it’s not because he’s embarrassed that he didn’t come to watch often, instead every time he watch this, it’s like a festival for him.

If a festival was celebrated every day, there would be no excitement.

And…… it’s not good for one’s health either ah.


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