Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 41

He couldn’t figure the whole thing out from the other party’s few words.

But Lu Buyu and Lu Wan have been together for a month. Even if he didn’t know her 100%, he did 70%.

There’s no family filter between the two of them. According to Lu Wan’s ferocity when she’s hitting him hard, she obviously preferred to be direct and doesn’t like this set of intrigue.

What’s wrong with this glasses-wearing-guy? Too annoying.

Lu Buyu had been in the entertainment industry where fishes and dragons mixed in together[1]crooks mixed in with the honest folk seeking fame and fortune for five years, and has successfully reached the top of the food chain.

There were some things he disdained to do, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t know how to.

The boy said that he envied Lu Wan, which was really laughable.

Talking nonsense without knowing anything.

Lu Buyu really wanted to ask the other party, ‘Are you envious of her being kidnapped when she was under two years old, met a pair of crazy foster parents and forced to be a boy for seventeen years?’

‘Are envious of her never having enough food to eat that it caused her to consume large quantities? Although the current health concept advocates that it’s good to eat until one is seventy percent full, Lu Wan wouldn’t put down her chopsticks until she’s completely stuffed every time.

‘Or are you envious of her working since she was a child that her palms are full of calluses, and there are large and small scars on the back of her hands, which are completely different from the hands of little girls her age, not even boys?’

The more Lu Buyu thought about it, the angrier he got. He wanted to blow up this rambling moron’s dog-head.

A man being envious of a girl, does this make sense?

How can you even say that? Is it because Lu Wan looks different from other girls? Why are you so shallow?

Lu Buyu thought so in his heart, but he was extremely annoyed that he was disinclined to reason with people.

Yu Shuai was a little flustered and asked in confusion, “What are you— What do you mean? Are you feeling…… uncomfortable?”

Lu Buyu’s face turned completely black.

“I feel uncomfortable when I see you. Isn’t it normal to fulfill a bet when you lose? The loser didn’t say anything. Is it your turn to come out? What are you, a world police?”

Yu Shuai was scolded and became stunned that for a moment he even forgot to retort.

He originally thought that with such a sincere attitude, Lu Buyu would be on his side.

Why did the wind suddenly change?

Lu Buyu turned his attention to the girl who was cleaning outside.

Lin Niannian, right? She couldn’t disassociate herself from this either.

Leaving off the fact that she’s an ordinary high schooler, this was a scholarship student ba!

What was a scholarship student? Wasn’t it that the school board uses the money earned from other students to support the other person?

It was possible that the majority of the fund was from the Lu family.

After all, on the eve of Lu Wan’s transfer, Lu Jinye donated a large sum of money.

Lu Buyu was about to laugh from anger. How dare she use the Lu family’s money and throw dirty water on Lu Wan?

There was no reason for this.

It would be better to remove her spot as a scholarship student, so she wouldn’t cause a lot of trouble.

Lu Buyu stared coldly at the person in front of him. “I’m asking you now, did you also say these bullsh*t things to other people?”


Lu Buyu: “That’s good. You saved your own dog-life.”

Haley saw that the big star and Yu Shuai seemed to be talking about something. He hurried over to listen in the corner.

He doesn’t like Yu Shuai very much. Not to mention the he follows Lin Niannian all day long, the main reason was because this person obviously dislikes him and President Lu.

This could be completely felt…… Then why should he like the other party?

Haley was afraid that Four Eyes would talk nonsense, but he didn’t expect that he had guessed it right!

This son of b*cth was silently acting and was prepared to die! He’s actually slandering his family’s President Lu!

Most importantly, Lu Buyu was a star. If he believes it and questioned Lu Wan in front of the camera…… and it happened to be broadcasted later, it would not end well.

Alas, netizens were terrifying these days. The cute red panda rejected any form of cyberbullying. Usually, if someone scolded him on the Internet, he would just block the other person.

He couldn’t believe that this SOB would have thought of this. It’s clearly intentional.

Fortunately, the big star was very smart, and actually spoke for President Lu in turn.

Humph, I’m so mad at you ba. My President Lu has boundless mana.

Yu Shuai: “I did not say anything……”

Until now, he still didn’t know what was wrong.

After all, Lin Niannian was really pitiful, and students who ignored her were cold-blooded in his opinion.

Lu Buyu: “Have you become one of the school’s top three students? I’ll report it, you’re not worthy.”

Yu Shuai’s face turned pale and his mind shook.

He said defiantly, “By what right? You do not have the qualification to do that!”

Lu Buyu almost laughed from anger because of the other person, but he did not answer, and went straight to Lin Niannian, who was still cleaning.

The girl had been casting her eyes several times and trying to listen quietly.

Since the other party did not come to clarify, then it was the same if he goes over.

Lin Niannian put one hand on her waist and mopped the floor with the other.

Her figure was already thin and slender, but like this, it gave her a sense of a weak willow facing the wind.

The boys passing by would basically take a few more glances.

The light in front of her suddenly dimmed, and a pair of men’s shoes appeared within sight.

Lin Niannian knew these shoes. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized who it was.

Why did he came over to her? Did Yu Shuai said something?

Does Lu Buyu want to be deskmate with her? Or did he feel bad for her?

Just thinking about it made Lin Niannian’s heart tremble, and even her ears turned red.

Lu Buyu said indifferently, “A bet is a bet. If you don’t want to do it, no one will force you. You can start by dropping out of this school.”

Yu Shuai quickly caught up and explained, “Niannian didn’t say that. Don’t misunderstand her.”

Lu Buyu snorted coldly, “You’re not making any sense. She acquiesced by not objecting, inciting you to become aggravated.”

Lin Niannian’s eyes widened and a layer of wetness immediately filled her eyes.

“If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. If you can’t accept it, you can transfer out of this school. You did this thing on your own and it has nothing to do with other people.”

Straight man Lu Buyu finished ruthlessly. Without waiting for the other party to refute, he turned around and walked downstairs.

Haley, who was listening in, was really pleased. After the big star left, he couldn’t help but stand up and raise his hand to make a fist. Yes!

The movement was too large that the two people nearby noticed it.

Yu Shuai came back to his senses and comforted himself in his heart that it wasn’t a big deal. Even if Lu Buyu was super popular, he had no right to meddle in his school affairs.

Where was he qualified to bar him from getting into the top three?

Seeing Haley smiling happily, he couldn’t help but say, “Zhang Haley, what are you smiling at?”

Haley spread his hands. “What’s the matter? Can’t one smile now? You do not dare to quarrel with a big star so you came to trouble me?”

Yu Shuai raised his voice, “Rubbish!”

Haley covered his ears. “Don’t speak so loudly, I’m afraid of dogs barking.”

“Are you insane ah?”

“.…..It’s useless for you to scold me, because I’ll bounce right back!”

“What a psycho…… Looking at you is enough.”

Haley shrugged. What kind of idiot was this? He blinked his eyes and said with a smile, “Although your mouth is scolding me, but there’s no knowing what’s in a man’s heart. Who knows if you’re being duplicitous, and in fact, you think you can’t see me enough.”

Yu Shuai: “……”


“But that’s too scary ba! I’d rather you scold me.” A bitch inside out, Haley added insult to his injury. Seeing that his mood was completely broken, he left happily.

Lin Niannian looked at Yu Shuai with complicated eyes.

She really wanted the other party to help her, but definitely not like this.

Good thing there was only Zhang Haley around just now, otherwise, wouldn’t she be humiliated?

Yu Shuai moved his lips and said in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Lin Niannian was a little unhappy, but shook her head. “How can I blame you? I know you did it for me.”


1 crooks mixed in with the honest folk


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