Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 40

The leaders of the school had already been informed for a long time that there would be a program group coming soon to record for two weeks.

There might even be stars.

If it was an ordinary variety show, the school board would not agree at all, but this show has positive educational significance.

As a private aristocratic high school, many students of Shangde have excellent family conditions and were very experienced.

But a star was a star, and Lu Buyu was Lu Buyu.

In the face of the former, one could maintain your poise, but in the face of the latter…… one would completely go haywire.

When Lu Wan was sitting in the classroom, the corridor was crowded with spectators during the class break, making her eardrums ache from the noise.

“Ahhhhhhh, it’s Lu Buyu, oh my gosh!”

“He’s at the same table as Lu Wan! I really want to become Lu Wan ah!”

“There’re two handsome people sitting together. I am so envious of Class 4’s students.”

When Lu Wan went to the toilet, the girls nearby were also talking about this.

“Have you seen Lu Buyu? The real person is tall and handsome! His face is really small. Wuu wuu wuu, I am unworthy.”

“He’s in Class 4 and sits at the same table as Lu Wan. I don’t know what the two handsome people are talking about together.”

“This I know. It must be ‘you’re so handsome’, ‘you’re just as handsome’ and so on.”

“My girlfriend and boyfriend are actually at the same table. If I can sit between them, I’d definitely die from happiness on the spot.”

There was a large-scale star chasing scene everywhere, and the school forum has already updated 20 posts today.

Seventeen of them were about Lu Buyu.

Lu Wan was convinced. She really felt that the guy was very popular.

Girls couldn’t be blamed for being excited. After all, it was their shared boyfriend. This time, it was not on the screen, but the real and breathing one.

Lu Wan was very glad that she didn’t tell others about her relationship with Lu Buyu.

Otherwise, don’t think about reviewing for the next month and hitting the top of the grade.

The last class in the morning was physics.

The physics teacher assigned them schoolwork before the break and asked the class representative to hand out the test paper that he had made.

They must finish and hand it in before the afternoon class started.

The amount of questions in the test paper was not large, mainly to consolidate the knowledge points learned recently. It would take about 35 minutes to complete.

Lu Wan did the quiz very quickly and finished it in two breaks.

In the afternoon, seeing that the last class was approaching, Gao Ying began to worry.

Although she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t fail to hand in her homework ba.

She stretched out her hand and nudges the top student classmate in front of her. When the other party turned her head, she expectantly asked, “Hi. Can you let me copy your schoolwork?”

“No.” Lu Wan finished and turned back.

Gao Ying: “……”

Top student, you are so heartless.

Haley wasn’t surprised at all. He always writes his homework by himself and was too lazy to copy President Lu’s.

He was a foreign student, and the competition was not for the majority of students taking the college entrance examination, but for overseas students who want to study in China.

So the bar for his university admission score was set very low.

Moreover, he could also consider taking the path of an art student, so he doesn’t have to worry about not being able to go to a big university. His mentality was very stable.

Lu Buyu’s physics paper was written from noon to afternoon. It made him feel that his hairline had receded a little.

Even when he was just mostly guessing.

He was mainly looking at Lu Wan’s relaxed expression, feeling unhappy, and his competitiveness was awakened. He felt that being the big brother, he couldn’t lose too badly, he had to be positive.

Gao Ying turned her gaze to Lu Buyu and said pitifully, “Teacher Lu, can you give me your schoolwork for reference?”

Lu Buyu: “Can. Yes, I can. But you can’t blame me if it’s wrong. “

This sentence was very irresponsible and crappy.

Gao Ying took the test paper very humbly. “It’ll definitely not be so bad, and I believe in you.”

Haley: “Place it in the middle. Let’s copy together.”

He didn’t care whether it was right or wrong. He mainly wanted to borrow the handsome guy’s schoolwork and get some of his luck.

Lu Wan, who was reading a book, was amused by the conversation between the three people.

She shook her head and burst out laughing. One person dared to show it, and the other two dared to copy.

Lu Wan glanced at it just now. The accuracy rate of this guy’s schoolwork was no more than 30%.

Just like that and he could still look proud that he’d done it.

Seeing his deskmate laughing, Lu Buyu asked proudly, “What are you laughing at? Are you shocked that I’m so smart?”

Lu Wan: “No, I just thought, ‘sure enough, it’s easier for a fool to live a happy life’.”

This guy was 100% an utterly beautiful fool.

Lu Buyu: “……If you’re going to be like that, I’ll call you sister in public.”

Lu Wan was not affected by the other party’s threat.

She forwarded the ‘black men carrying coffin’ video Haley sent her to Lu Buyu.

“Maybe you can use it right away.”

After watching it, Lu Buyu frowned and said, “Why did you sent this to me? I don’t need this kind of service.”

Lu Wan’s voice was calm, “You’re wrong. This kind of service, whether you need it or not, is not up to you, but it’s I who will have the final say.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

This guy was too hateful!


An hour after Lu Wan returned home, Lu Buyu entered the door.

The Lu family couple were also very speechless. Their eldest son had been a salted fish at home for a month. It wasn’t easy for them to await the other party to start working and they happily sent him away……

Unexpectedly, he went to school to disturb their daughter again.

They wouldn’t believe it if he said it was a coincidence.

This guy Lu Buyu seems to be…… sticking to his sister. Although he was always mean with his words and the two of them bicker with each other every day at home, he would chase her from the first floor to the third floor, and then he would be hit from the third floor to the first floor.

With such a large amount of exercise, Lu Buyu doesn’t need to workout any more. So he was beaten a few times, but it was still worth it?

The conflicts between the siblings, eight out of ten times, Lu Buyu provoked it, and the two times was Lu Wan retaliating.

Lu Buyu yawned, “I’m really exhausted today.”

“Serves you right.” Lu Wan was done eating and was about to go upstairs to review. When she stood up, she put both of her hands on the table and looked down at the other party. “What you’re doing is not my concern, but I want to warn you, if it affects me, then you’re dead.”

Lu Buyu raised his voice, “Did you hear that? She’s threatening me! Is this reasonable?”

Zhao Jianing: “Your little sister is studying hard, unlike you. The exams are coming and she’s under a lot of pressure, so stop adding trouble.”

Professor Lu: “Oh, how old are you? I really can’t understand.”

Lu Wan: “Hehe.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

Goodbye, this home without the slightest warmth!

Where was Lu Wan’s hard work in studying? He saw the other party doing her schoolwork as smoothly as breathing. On the contrary, he suffered a lot like he was having dystocia[1]difficult or obstructed labor. He didn’t know how many of his brain cells died this day.


The next morning, Lu Wan was about to go out after breakfast when Lu Buyu stopped her.

“Why don’t we go to school together. After all, it’s the same place. My company sent a car.”

Lu Wan scanned the other party from top to bottom, and then said sluggishly, “No need. I’ll just take the subway.”

In order to better integrate into high school life, the program group was very thoughtful and found Shangde’s school uniform for the guests.

Lu Buyu put on a school uniform with a white shirt and trousers without the slightest sense of discomfort, as if he was a gorgeous high school grass.

Lu Wan sighed, “Perhaps we should exchange uniforms. You should wear a school skirt. You’ll definitely be the school flower.”

Today Lu Wan wore the school skirt. She thought trousers were much more convenient, but for various reasons…… she would wear a skirt once a week.

This could let those unsuspecting girls realize that she was not a man, so don’t rush forward.

In this way, in addition to the handsome President Lu, there was a special series of Sister Wan in a school skirt for four days every month.

Someone at Shangde High has already figured out this pattern.

Typically, it would be on Friday, because school ends at 4pm on this day

The special series of Sister Wan with long legs was a must-see for masculine men! Many girls expressed that a masculine girl also can!

More girls also expressed that although they weren’t fierce[2]meng but cute[3]mengmengda, they also can!

Lu Buyu’s eyes circled Lu Wan, “You are too girlish today.”


Lu Wan took a deep breath and said patiently, “I’ll go out first. Wait half an hour after I leave before you start.”

Lu Buyu: “All right.”


The cameraman looked at the image in the camera. Yesterday, Lu Buyu’s deskmate was wearing pants, so she was less prominent.

Today the other party changed into a skirt and it suddenly became balanced.

Lu Buyu was indeed a top star. The classmate he picked was very photogenic. The two appeared in the same picture harmoniously and was pleasing to the eye.

The two of them looked…… kinda similar but also very different at the same time. That was, the jaw lines were somewhat similar, but in fact, their appearances were two different types.

However, the top student classmate was so aloof and didn’t pay much attention to the top star.

Lu Buyu had another difficult morning.

He lamented ‘Isn’t the curriculum of domestic high schools so heavy’? He felt like he doesn’t have enough brain.

Gao Ying’s tears were running dry.

At noon, after class, Lu Buyu was just about to go to the nanny van to rest when he was stopped by Class 4’s monitor.

Lu Buyu actually wanted to go to the cafeteria, but considering that he appeared there yesterday and almost caused congestion, and remembering Lu Wan’s eyes rolling to the sky, he could only go back to the nanny van to eat boxed lunch in a low-key manner……

Yu Shuai: “That…… The thing is, the class teacher asked me to see how you’re doing. Mr. Lu, is there anything I can do to help you?”

Lu Buyu: “Just call me by my name. After all, we are classmates now. I appreciate it, but I can handle it for the time being.”

“Then do you feel any inconvenience?”

Lu Buyu: “No. Everything’s okay.”         

Yu Shuai was surprised that this star was so popular but he wasn’t arrogant at all. He gave it a little though and ask, “How about you and your deskmate? She has a nasty temper. There isn’t any friction between you, is there?”

Lu Buyu said honestly, “There’s a little bit of friction, but it can be resolved.”

Yu Shuai breathed a sigh of relief. As expected, it was similar to what he thought.

He knew it would be like this.

“Then M—Classmate Lu, why don’t I help you make a request to the teacher to change seat? Is that okay?” Yu Shuai suggested with a smile.

Lu Buyu: “That’s not necessary. It’s pretty good now, and I’ve finally gotten familiar with my new deskmate. It’s not good to keep switching.”

Yu Shuai: “That’s not true. I’ll choose you another one with a very good temper.”

Lu Buyu could recognize that this one seemed to have plenty of opinion on Lu Wan.

In the past two days, he could see that Lu Wan was very popular at school. There were boys and girls who gave her gifts and strike up conversations.

It’s rare to find one as peculiar as this.

Lu Buyu smiled and asked, “Why, you know that my deskmate has a bad temper?”

Yu Shuai: “Of course I do.”

“Yeah? I’d like to hear it. Come on, come on, tell me.”

Yu Shuai was a little hesitant, but seeing the other party’s high-spirited expression, he considered it for two seconds, then lowered his voice and grimly said, “Lu Wan, she…… is not very united with other students, and she’ll hit people when she’s pissed.”


That’s it ah? He already knew this. It’s nothing new.

Lu Buyu: “Tell me more. What else?”

Yu Shuai was stunned. What kind of reaction was this? Sure enough, he was someone who had seen the world.

Lu Buyu’s smiling peach blossom eyes were indescribably compelling.

In order to win the trust of the other party, Yu Shuai racked his brain for a while, then he added, “You can see, she is very popular at school because she is the young miss of the Lu family, but I don’t think she’s worthy. She doesn’t deserve to be so popular.”

Lu Buyu’s face changed. He expressionlessly asked, “Not worthy?”

Yu Shuai nodded, pointed to Lin Niannian who was cleaning outside, and said with a sigh, “That classmate’s family background is average, but she’s very hardworking and kind. Last time, she lost a bet with Lu Wan while trying to help others. Lu Wan forced her to clean the corridor…… for three months— three full months.”

Lu Buyu: “It appears you resent her? You’re a little worked up.”

Yu Shuai had been suppressing it for a long time. After all, he hadn’t been able to help his beloved classmate Lin Niannian. She had to clean the corridor every morning and noon and receive the pointing fingers of passing students.

Now he was like an opened chatterbox. With a complicated expression, he said, “Actually, I’m quite envious of her. If I have such power, I definitely wouldn’t bully my classmates.”

At any rate, the person in front of him was a star. Maybe he could help admonish Lu Wan with a few words.

Lu Buyu: “Listen to your fart.”

He was excited for nothing. Looking at this mushy expression, he almost threw up.

Yu Shuai: “Ah?”

He was confused. He looked up and found that there was no smile on the other party’s face.

“Listen to your bullsh*t. And you call yourself the class monitor.”


1 difficult or obstructed labor
2 meng
3 mengmengda


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