Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 39

Gao Ying was a little unhappy. The beginning of the show was bad.

……It was much worse than what she had imagined.

She hadn’t figured out what to do next when the math teacher walked in with papers in hand and announced with a smile that there would be a quiz today.

Gao Ying was dumbfounded. She hated mathematics since she was a child and became a star because her academic performance was not very good.

But why does she have to do math problems even after debuting?

Gao Ying was completely panicking. The lethality of the math test paper was too great. She had no idea what to do.

And this paper was terrible. Because it was a 50 minute pop quiz, there were no multiple-choice questions, only ten fill-in-the-blank questions and three problem solving questions.

One couldn’t use luck. They could just end up scoring zero.

Who could accept it?

Gao Ying racked her brains but still did not understand the question, so she could only cast her gaze to the deskmate next to her.

Haley raised his head. “It’s no use looking at me. I don’t know either.”

Gao Ying didn’t think so. The boy had been continuously writing and halting on the scratch paper just now.…..

Haley noticed the other party’s suspicion. He picked the scratch paper and raised it.

Gao Ying saw that the drawing on the paper was a vivid…… turtle.

“You’re a student. Shouldn’t you know mathematics?”

“I know a lot of things, but mathematics is not one of them.”

Haley could sing, do Latin dance, draw and was good at literature and romantic things. He hated mathematics.

The two looked at each other and their impressions of one another became a little better. It was a kind of shared bitterness of study slackers……

So they turned their attention to Lu Buyu in the front seat.

Gao Ying knew that Lu Buyu had dropped out of Stanford, so from this point of view, the other party was at least a top student in his high school days.

Lu Buyu’s high school education wasn’t top-notch, but not too bad.

But the key was that the teaching materials domestically and abroad were different. He graduated from high school for seven or eight years and had already forgotten all about it.

Lu Buyu was very entangled. Is the high school mathematics in China so difficult now?

He could do a few fill-in-the-blank questions, but there was no guarantee that he could do them right. There was no way for him to do the question and answer part.

With difficulty, he turned his eyes to his deskmate’s…… paper.

Lu Wan noticed his line of sight just when she finished answering the last question. She retracted the test paper, folded it in half and stuffed it in a book.

She would wait until the group leader came down to collect it before taking it out again.

Lu Buyu: “……”

This is too ‘great’ ba. You really did it!

Seeing that there was still some time left, Lu Wan simply began to memorize French words.

She would use all her spare time to study, hoping to keep up with the progress of the school’s elective class as soon as possible.

After all, the tuition of this school was very expensive.

Lu Buyu thought angrily, ‘it’s not a big deal if you don’t show it to me, I’ll do it by myself’.

It’s just that mathematics was not only a matter of determination.

After another failed attempt, Lu Buyu said discontentedly, “Hey, what do you mean by this? Lend it to me for reference. It’s just a pop quiz. It doesn’t need to be too strict.”

Lu Wan didn’t even bat an eyelid. She was too lazy to talk to him.

Five minutes later, Lu Buyu was completely frustrated. He coaxed, “Let me take a look ba. I’m a celebrity. If a lot of fans know that I can only get a few points, it’ll really be embarrassing. Don’t I still need face?”

“Shall I call you Big Brother Cheng?[1]a sequel to the Hong Kong hit crime drama ‘The Teahouse’ by Kuei Chih-Hung. Written by On Szeto, it follows the eponymous character as he continues to protect his community from thugs.

“Big Brother Lu! Say something ah.”

Lu Wan: “Heh.”

Serves you right. Do you have nothing better to do so you came here to disturb me?

She tore a piece of paper, wrote a list of formulas on it, and impatiently pushed the paper next door.

These were all mathematical formulas that could be used in the quiz. Lu Buyu had finished high school anyway. After he had the formula, he racked his brains and finally finished most of the fill-in-the-blank questions, and even tried to do a big problem.

It had only been two hours, and he felt very bored.

Coming to participate in this variety show, does he really have nothing better to do so he’s doing this unnecessary thing?

Math was too difficult.

It’s better to be an idol than to study, and it’s better to be a star than to do papers.

Lu Wan was simply not human!

Gao Ying, who was sitting in a slantwise direction from behind Lu Wan, saw that Lu Buyu had written a lot on his paper. She didn’t want to lose face by handing in a blank paper, so she anxiously asked for help, “Teacher Lu, let me borrow yours as a reference!”

Straight man Lu Buyu had worked hard. He didn’t know how many of his brain cells have died to obtain success. He certainly wouldn’t give them out easily.

He tossed the formula written by Lu Wan to other person. “Calculate it yourself.”

Gao Ying was stumped when she saw the formula. She couldn’t understand it, and even thought ‘what the hell is this’?

Is this really math? Why are there so many English letters in between?

This was too cruel.

An hour ago, Gao Ying was still thinking about how to show off her skills and arranged everything in vain.

She was so angry with the math paper that she cried.

It was a real cry and tears pitter-pattered as it fell down, soaking the piece of spotless test paper.

She really couldn’t do any and had no clue how.

Gao Ying was only in her twenties. She’s a young girl, and it was normal for her to lose control of her emotions.

Although the cameraman at the back thought it was both pitiful and funny, he couldn’t help giving the other party a few more shots.

After finishing the test paper, Student Lu Wan was memorizing words with a cold expression on her face, and Gao Ying was sitting behind her crying in a mess. The comparison was particularly comical on camera.

Haley didn’t know what to say. He originally thought that this female star was at least a noble platinum, but he did not expect her to be a stubborn bronze[2]game ranking.

Cry now, then you won’t have to eat with tears later.

Haley kindly handed over a packet of tissue.

Gao Ying took it and asked in dissatisfaction while wiping away her tears, “Aren’t you going to comfort me?”

Haley whistled, “There is a physics quiz this afternoon and word dictation after that –a hundred words.”

Gao Ying cried even more.

What a lousy show.

She originally thought that the short-haired girl next to Lu Buyu was just doing well in school.

Good grades were not everything.

Now she had changed her mind. That girl was really awesome.

When the bell signalling the end of class rang, the group leader collected the test papers. Of course, Gao Ying’s blank test paper full of bitter tears was left for herself.

Zhao Yan had been looking at Lu Buyu since the other party came in.

She was taken aback. Why did this person came here? He even deliberately sat at the same table with Lu Wan. So what was he trying to do?

The students in the class didn’t know the relationship between Lu Buyu and Lu Wan…… but they knew that he and Zhao Yan were cousins.

Between classes, many people stood in front of Zhao Yan’s desk.

“Wow, Zhao Yan, you’re really something. You used to say that you would get your cousin[3]son of father’s sister who is older than oneself to come to the school and perform, but I didn’t expect him to come here to record a show.”

“It’s you who recommended him to set the venue in our school, right?”

“Can you ask him for an autograph? I’m too embarrassed, so can you help me ask him?”

Zhao Yan maintained a stiff smile. She had been publicizing at school that she and Lu Buyu have a great relationship, thus the girls protected her and tried their best to support her no matter what decisions she made.

Zhao Yan wasn’t sure about Lu Buyu’s temper and was afraid that he would tell everyone that they were not familiar with each other in public. If that happened, how would she clean up her reputation?

The more Zhao Yan thought about it, the more uncertain her heart became, but all her classmates were looking at her, so she had to bite the bullet and walk towards Lu Buyu.

She stopped at the other person’s table and tried to greet him in a relaxed tone.

“Brother, you’re here.”

Lu Buyu replied in a faint voice, “Mm.”

“Cousin, if you have any inconvenience, you can tell me.”

“All right.”

Zhao Yan didn’t overturned after chatting awkwardly with a few words. She was relieved and turned back to her seat.

She was really afraid that Lu Buyu would ignore her just now.

The two of them didn’t communicate much but at least there was an interaction. All the girls in class envied Zhao Yan, except for Lu Wan.

Lu Wan just wanted to kick this person out.

Lin Niannian turned around and glanced at Lu Buyu in the back row. She had seen the TV series starring the other party. This was a very popular star.

He was Zhao Yan’s cousin.….. and was assigned to sit at the same table with Lu Wan.

It might be her bad luck.

Lin Niannian sighed. It would be great if she also had such a powerful cousin. What’s more, although her grades were not as good as Lu Wan, she still entered the top 100.

At least she would not have any problem tutoring a classmate.

……If only the big star was at the same table with her.

Yu Shuai followed the line of sight of the girl next to him and looked behind. He mulled it over and said, “Hey, how did those two stars sit at the same table with Haley and Lu Wan? I think it’s strange.”

Lin Niannian: “Although it’s not good to say it…… but I also think so.”

Yu Shuai sighed, “I’ll talk with the class teacher later. If ever, the reputation of our class can be affected. Lu Wan has a bad temper and Haley is very bizarre.”

After a pause, he said with a smile, “Niannian, you have such a good temper. If you are at the same table, it will be fine.”

Lin Niannian’s heart moved. She said in a very soft voice, “That’s not true. Other students can also do it, but Haley and Lu Wan have a lot of personality. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help those two stars well since there are cameras.”


1 a sequel to the Hong Kong hit crime drama ‘The Teahouse’ by Kuei Chih-Hung. Written by On Szeto, it follows the eponymous character as he continues to protect his community from thugs.
2 game ranking
3 son of father’s sister who is older than oneself


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