Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 38

Lu Wan strove to learn beginner’s French on Sunday night.

Before she notice it, it was already past 12 o’clock.

It was dark outside, and there were not many households with lights on in the community, so she washed and went to sleep.

She woke up at six the next morning. Because of the lack of sleep, Lu Wan’s eyes were downcast and she looked tired.

The male classmate on her front turned his head. “You’re out of energy early in the morning. You must have secretly studied hard behind everyone’s back. You’re very clever oh.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Secretly? The speech of this bespectacled friend often made her have the urge to beat people.

Haley took out a small fan and fanned Lu Wan as he said, “Ignore him. But President Lu, you really have to be restrained ah. Yesterday, it was too crazy for a dozen students to visit your house together. Although you are very strong, it’s best to take it slowly. Your health is important and there would be ample time for that later.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The ears of the surrounding students leaned closer, wondering if Lu Wan was really secretly studying. After all, the other party usually seemed to not put much effort in school.

But then…… the classmates who were preparing to learn from other’s experience all had a ‘WTF?’ written on their faces.

What kind of ‘words of tigers and wolves’ was this? You certainly are Zhang Haley!

You could still drive on such a rotten road[1]say some dirty things; tell some double-meaning jokes?!

Early in the morning, the car wheel ran over her face without warning[2]when you know someone is saying double-meaning words towards you, but you do not have an evidence. It’s right on your face but you can’t refute it……

Lu Wan covered her forehead and raised her voice, “I was studying last night. I was reading a book! Reading!”

Attracted by the sound, more than half of the students turned their heads.

They looked at Lu Wan with terrified eyes.

Heavens, President Lu always work this hard? Then what qualifications do they, these rubbish, have to play around?

The atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became tense.

Lin Niannian retracted her gaze and sat up straight. Her expression was complicated and she said in a soft voice, “Classmate Lu Wan is working hard. Unfortunately, I have to work at the convenience store on weekends, otherwise I’d also like to take it easy and study.”

Yu Shuai’s heart was moved when he heard this. He quickly comforted the other party, “You’re already great. Don’t think too much.”

Lin Niannian laughed, “I wasn’t thinking too much. I just envied her a little bit, so you don’t have to worry about anything. All right. It’s nothing but my imagination running away with me. You can stop worrying.”

Yu Shuai was very touched. Niannian was really too kind.

Taking another look at Lu Wan, it was obvious that she has everything, yet she had to target Lin Niannian, who was in far worse situation than her.

“You’re always considerate of others.”

Lin Niannian shook her head with a smile. She did not speak any more as she lowered her head and continued to memorize words.

Seeing her like this, Yu Shuai and the boy next to him were even more dissatisfied.

After losing the bet last time, it was fine to symbolically sweep the hallway once and just forget about it.

But…… Lin Niannian had been sweeping for half a month.

They tried to find Lu Wan to talk reason with her several times, but was stopped by Lin Niannian.

She said she was willing to bet and acknowledge defeat, so the several people could only give up.

Yu Shuai felt a pain in his heart whenever he thought of Lin Niannian who had to study, work part-time, and still have to find time to clean the corridor.

Lu Wan was really going too far!

The school obviously has a hired cleaning aunt. What good does this do to her?


Starting this week, the final exam has entered the countdown.

Lu Wan wasn’t competing with others…… but with herself.

So here was the question, considering that she came third last time, if she’d gotten better, she could only place second…… or first.

Chen Nianqing and Su Rao were the first and second since ages ago, however, Lu Wan was also a raging force. Last time, her score was very close to the second place, only a few points away.

This upcoming final exam would undoubtedly be a fight between immortals! Just thinking about it was exciting.

Who in school wasn’t a top student in their own right? Anyway, knowing that President Lu was putting great efforts, there was nothing they could do but praise!

For the past half month, Xu Yao and Su Rao was in a deadlock. Lu Wan didn’t talk too much and just tried to escape from them as much as possible.

After all, Xu Yao was thick-skinned and resistant to beatings. No matter how much she beats and scolds, it was of no use.

The other one was a girl, so she couldn’t really do it to her ba.

Xu Yao had two very baffling relationships, and had seen the appearance of many people around him who had fallen in love.

He though that it was too troublesome to deal with girls. It’s better to live comfortably with a buddy. Having common topics to discuss and playing games without no one minding, wasn’t that a cozy and nice life?

After knowing that Lu Wan was a woman, Xu Yao felt that this was just right for him!

Su Rao just likes good-looking people and gender was immaterial. She only likes good-looking people.

These two people weren’t so crazy at first. But they had bumped into each other and mutually stimulated the other person by the form of indirect incitement.

In the end, they both became overactive.

At noon in the cafeteria, the two collided once again.

Lu Wan: “Previously, I would’ve just let it pass, but starting today, I have to concentrate on preparing for the final exam. Nobody can waste my time.”

Subtext: Otherwise, don’t blame me for being hostile at that time.

Neither of them spoke. Choosing to spend this time quietly and tone it down.

They knew that although Lu Wan was usually mild-mannered and had no temper, they couldn’t touch her bottom line.

They mustn’t infuriate her.

Haley whistled. “President Lu, you are so handsome that I can’t close my legs. When will I find a Top like you?”

Lu Wan: “You shut up.”

Haley: “You’re so horrible. Can’t you sympathize with me, this miserable tall Bottom woman?”

None of his ex-boyfriends were as tall as him.

It’s terrible. Although he was very cute, it was hard to find a boyfriend because he’s too tall. He could only be with a fierce 1[3]Top.

In this era where fluttering 0’s[4]Bottom were everywhere, there were not many 1’s, let alone fierce 1’s.

It’s really not easy for him, this cute red panda.

Lu Wan: “……”

Somehow, she got another useless knowledge.

For someone like Haley…… Lu Wan really had no other way but to admit defeat.

Her days in school has calmed down currently and Lu Wan heaved a sigh of relief.

She should be able to focus on her studies now.

Afterwards…… She’s still too young.

On the third day of her peace, a new challenge arose.


At first, the program team of 《Go to School Together》 only planned to invite Lu Buyu and did not hold out much hope.

But the other party surprisingly agreed??

They were beyond shocked and began to have cold feet.

After all, Lu Buyu was a top actor and his rate was too high.

The director never expected that when they hesitated because of the price, Lu Buyu actually offered to reduce the price!

……Half his fee.

This was very confusing. Did he think that their show has the chance to explode?

The top star took the initiative to reduce his fee in order to join this show, so all the staff seemed to have been injected with chicken blood.

Before the recording even started, it looked as though their show’s explosion had already been set.

His own artist was too casual, so as the agent, Xiao Zhang naturally had to check everything for him.

Since it was a job, he recruited a new sponsor within a day, making Lu Buyu a co-investor of the show.

The three words Lu Buyu were like a signboard, and the program team naturally had no problem with it.

After all, with a top star’s participation, the audience rating of this variety show would be stable!

Originally, this variety show was not a main program, and it was likely to be broadcast through online platforms. With Lu Buyu participating, it could directly be at the prime time of satellite TV.

He single-handedly turned this variety show into an important annual project of the TV station.

The program group felt that they had lost their sh*t luck and were suddenly favored by fortune.

The director was thrilled. The swift horse finally met Bole[5]The swift horse symbolizes talent while Bole is a person who understands it. This emphasizes that no matter how capable you are, someone must appreciate you.

The agent Xiao Zhang was very indifferent. The so-called top star choosing to go to their show was just him wanting to spy on his little sister’s school life, out of bad taste.

Everyone shouldn’t read too much into it!

The preparatory work has been completed and the contract was signed. The recording started on the third day.

At 7:30 in the morning, Lu Buyu arrived at the teachers’ office of Shangde High School.

Today, he would transfer to Year 2 Class 4 together with a female artist he doesn’t know.

The female artist’s name was Gao Ying, a third-line actress who made her debut in a girl group and has filmed two web dramas.

She also thought about it for a long time before she accepted this variety show. Although this resource was good for her celebrity status, she had not even finished junior high school. She was afraid that her educational background would become the focus of attention after the broadcast and be discussed on the Internet.

Later, Gao Ying talk about it with her agent. It was better to be discussed than to be unknown, so they accepted it.

She was the first artist to sign a contract with the program group. Unexpectedly, Lu Buyu suddenly landed a month later, and this variety show became a good resource that everyone desired.

Gao Ying had only glanced at Lu Buyu from a distance backstage before. At that time, the other party was surrounded by many people. It was the first time to see her idol at such a close distance.

There was a surreal feeling.

The class teacher looked at the two celebrity transfer students and said in a strained voice, “You can go and wait outside the classroom first. I’ll come over later. Right, let the class monitor take you there.”

Yu Shuai happened to be in the office and was assigned to take the two people.

Yu Shuai was also very nervous. The good looks of celebrities were completely different from ordinary people. It was difficult for him to keep his composure.

While the three of them were on the way to the classroom, Gao Ying asked with a smile, “By the way, little monitor, is there anything we need to pay attention to?”

Yu Shuai shook his head, the tip of his ears turning red.

Gao Ying was very satisfied with her charm. With a laugh, she asked again, “Are the students in that class easy to get along with?”

There was no camera following them at the moment, so Yu Shuai thought for a second and said, “Most of them are easy to get along with. There’s an individual…… You can just ignore them.”

“Who’s this individual ah?” Gao Ying smilingly pressed.

Lu Buyu asked, “Could it be Lu Wan?”

Yu Shuai’s eyes widened, looking at the man in front of him in disbelief.

Why does he know?

Lu Buyu smiled and stretched out his hand to pat the other person’s shoulder.

Kid, I see that you have an extraordinary bones[6]have an aptitude to become a martial arts master. You have a promising future.

No wonder he could be the class monitor. Sure enough, he’s different from those little brats who came to the house some time ago.

You see the essence of things.

Gao Ying looked confused. She originally wanted to tease the little boy and show her charm, but unexpectedly, Lu Buyu didn’t notice it at all.

Does he know the students of this school? He did a research in advance?

A top star’s team was really amazing…… They even found out the names of the school bullies.


Lu Wan knew that there was a show coming to the school recently and it was said that there would be stars.

But she doesn’t care. Whoever came had nothing to do with her.

All Lu Wan thought about was studying.

Her phone vibrated. She read the message sent by Professor Lu to their family group chat.

When she heard movements, she raised her head and saw a very familiar face among the two celebrity students brought in by the class teacher.

For a moment, Lu Wan thought it was a dream.

But the chorus of screams from the class lets her know that her nightmare had came into reality.

Lu Wan lowered her head and replied to the WeChat message.


The Lu family’s chat group with the inclusion of Zhao Jianing, were made up of six people in total.

Her family of four, plus Lu Wan’s uncle and cousin.

The group name was very simple. It was called ‘One big family; Old Lu’s family’.

【Peerless beautiful girl’s dad: Finally sent the mythical beast away from home. It’s been a month and he hasn’t gone out to do his celebrity work, dangling every day at home and making me dizzy. The mythical beast went out at six this morning. Hahaha!】

【Peerless beautiful girl: Yes, you sent him away. The mythical beast came to me. _(:з”∠)_】

【Peerless beautiful girl’s dad: Is this the family group chat? Wrong sent. I thought this was the private chat with my daughter. Apologies.】

【Peerless beautiful girl’s dad unsent a message】

【Peerless beautiful girl’s dad unsent a message】

【Peerless beautiful girl unsent a message】

Lu Buyu was looking at the self introduction note he wrote on his phone when he saw those messages from the group chat.

【Lu family’s big baby: Ha ha】

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan below the podium. Good. Caught in the act.

Sure enough, you’re talking ill of me.

【Most beautiful President Zhao: ……】

【Uncle who exudes domineering: ?】

【Big brother who likes to eat, drink and have fun: Oh, epic fail.】

Lu Wan shrugged. Whatever. It only took a few seconds for the message to be sent and recalled.

If he saw it all at such a short time, then it was destined.

The class teacher reminded in a low voice, “Student Lu, you may introduce yourself.”

He never chased stars and had no interest in artists at all, but this man was too handsome, and his skin was too white and fantastic ba!

He’s really handsome. No wonder so many people like him.

The class teacher was a steel straight man of science, but there’s no way not to like this face.

Not to mention him, all the students in the classroom were mesmerized.

The girls stared intently at the person, and those with weak resistance blushed straight to the root of their necks.

“Hello everyone. My name is Lu Buyu, 25 years old, an over-aged guest student. I hope to get along well with you.”

He was originally not very old and has a boyish charm. Today, he specially wore a sailor striped shirt and light blue jeans, which made him look even younger.

Even if he was a few years older, he does not look out of place among high school students.

Lu Buyu has a cool toned skin and on his face, no defects could be seen with the naked eye. Let alone comparing him to other boys, many girls would be humbled.

Lu Wan: “……”

This guy, coming to high school at this age, still has the capital to be chosen as the school flower.

After waiting for the other transfer student to finish introducing herself, the class teacher said, “We welcome the new students.”

Gao Ying: “Troubling the class teacher to help arrange our seats. We’ll just sit in the back row so we wouldn’t disturb the others.”

It would be best if they were at the same table. When that time came, the pictures of the two of them studying together would be taken.

Then take advantage of the situation to make a CP or something…… That would be great.

The company asked her to find opportunities. Although Lu Buyu’s fans were not easy to mess with, but if she could make contact with the other person, she would gain attention and be buzzworthy in the entertainment circle from now on.

Lu Buyu was not sensitive to these things, but his agent, Xiao Zhang, was shrewd.

Not only has the clause ‘banning CP’ been added to the contract with the program group, but also the other guests have been thoroughly checked.

Knowing that Gao Ying’s company once made some shameful tricks in the past, Xiao Zhang had specially instructed Lu Buyu that she might have bad intentions! Must stay away.

Don’t look at Lu Buyu’s still photo’s wearing gold-rimmed glasses that has the temperament of a refined rascal, which made many fans scream and shout. Inside he was an innocently silly person.

The noble son, who had been worry-free since he was a child, does not know much about the dangers of the Jianghu[7]in wuxia, the subculture of the martial arts community; in a crime fiction, the subculture of the criminal underworld.

Xiao Zhang had already hinted at Gao Ying’s manager about the two artists’ difference in seniority.

Logically speaking, Gao Ying could call Lu Buyu teacher[8]commonly use in media and entertainment to respectfully address someone who is knowledgeable and has expertise in a certain field.

If there was any shameful tricks, don’t blame him for exposing the black history of the other party’s whole network marketing and completely severed this connection.

His artist was too innocent, he could only be the villain!

The class teacher was about to say that two people should sit at the end of the third and fourth groups, when Lu Buyu suddenly spoke first.

“Teacher, I want to ask, who has the best grade in the class?”

Most of the students in the class turned their heads and looked at the person on the back of the third group.

Needless to say, it’s obviously President Lu!

Ai. They really envied President Lu…… and also envied Lu Buyu.

Lu Buyu pretended to follow everyone’s gaze and said with a smile, “Teacher, I want to find a good role model and sit with the classmate with the best grade. Do you think it’s okay?”

“But she have a deskmate.” The class teacher was a little embarrassed.

Lu Buyu looked at Haley next to Lu Wan and asked, “That handsome blue-eyed boy, can I borrow your table for a few days?”

Haley: “Of course, no problem. I can move backwards.”

He couldn’t refuse the Handsome’s force, even if he was not a fierce 1.

Class teacher: “That’ll work. Then Lu Buyu, you and Lu Wan share a table, and Gao Ying will share a table with Haley. That’s it for now.”

Lu Buyu pursed his lips. “Thank you, Teacher.”

Five minutes later, the two transfer students sat on their seat.

In order not to hinder the regular classes, in addition to the cameras installed in the classroom, there was only one camera man in a fixed seat.

The camera man saw that the top star’s deskmate was quite photogenic, so he gave her a few more shots.

Lu Buyu looked at his neighbor and drawled, “This classmate, you don’t seem to like talking ah. Regardless, I hope we get along well and you can help me a lot.”

The surrounding classmates gasped. The voice was too nice to listen to. Moreover, how could it have a little coquettish taste?

He was worthy of being a star ah. He simply has a perfect score when it comes to personal charm.

Lu Wan: “……”

One couldn’t swear in school. Since that’s the case, she doesn’t have anything else to say.

Ahhhhh, this idiot didn’t even say something. He must have come here intentionally.

Why was he doing this to her?

She had barely gotten a quiet life!


Gao Ying was a little dissatisfied that she couldn’t sit in the same row with Lu Buyu.

The other side’s deskmate unexpectedly looks…… a bit nice?

As for her deskmate, he’s a bit difficult to describe……

Seeing that the girl who was sitting in the same row with Lu Buyu wasn’t answering him, Gao Ying opened her mouth to remind the other person, “Classmate, Brother Lu is talking to you.”

Lu Wan with a dark face: “……”

But I don’t really want to talk to him, I even want to strangle him!

Gao Ying found it somewhat inexplicable. What’s this? Still so calm?

Haley shrugged and helped answer her doubts, “Our President Lu isn’t much of a talker. This is the profoundness of a top student.”

Gao Ying didn’t care. “President Lu?”

Haley: “President Lu is different from us. But I’m just like you, whether it’s the surface or the core, a underachiever.”

Gao Ying: “……”

There was a different connotation there.

Haley kept smiling, looking innocently and sincerely to the other person.

His new deskmate seems a bit of a b*tch, but that’s nothing.

Although this old lady is cuter than you, I can be b*tchier than you ah.


1 say some dirty things; tell some double-meaning jokes
2 when you know someone is saying double-meaning words towards you, but you do not have an evidence. It’s right on your face but you can’t refute it
3 Top
4 Bottom
5 The swift horse symbolizes talent while Bole is a person who understands it. This emphasizes that no matter how capable you are, someone must appreciate you
6 have an aptitude to become a martial arts master
7 in wuxia, the subculture of the martial arts community; in a crime fiction, the subculture of the criminal underworld
8 commonly use in media and entertainment to respectfully address someone who is knowledgeable and has expertise in a certain field


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