Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 37

Lu Buyu was greatly stimulated by the hot search.

After digging his feet at home for a month, he decided to cheer up and fight his way back to the entertainment industry!

He wanted to prove to everyone that in addition to fake fans, he also have many real fans.

His agent, Xiao Zhang, was so moved that he almost cried. The Boss finally ended his vacation! The studio could go back to operation!

Xiao Zhang came very early the next day to report on the itinerary for the following three days.

While he was reading, Lu Buyu listened as he ate breakfast.

The more Lu Buyu listened, the more wrong it became, so he interrupted the other party’s words.

“Hold up. Xiao Zhang, what’s the matter with you? This is to arrange seven days a week for me as eight days. Am I a mule?”

“Boss, you’re really joking. It’s not hard work for those who are capable. You’ve rested for a month, so there’s a lot of work piled up in the first few days. It will ease up later.”

Although he said that, Xiao Zhang secretly made up his mind that they must recover the progress of the previous month!

The top star was free of pressure, but the there was the top agent, Alexander ah!

He didn’t know how many people wanted to replace Lu Buyu. He really couldn’t relax at all.

Lu Wan came down from upstairs with a backpack in one hand.

When there were still five steps left, she didn’t bother to go down one step at a time and simply took advantage of her long legs to directly step to the bottom of the stairs.

The agent happened to see this scene and his eyes widened in shock.

Weren’t this legs too long?

And stepping down like this, she only slightly bent her knees as a form of shock absorption?

This female knight has good skills ah!

Xiao Zhang turned his head and asked, “Boss, is this…… your younger sister?”

After all, she could appear at this time in such a leisurely manner, so there was no other possibility.

Lu Buyu: “Yeah. An iron-blooded real man.”

Hearing this sentence, Lu Wan glanced over. “Be a person and don’t talk nonsense, lad.”

Under the suppression of the opponent’s fighting skills, Lu Buyu closed his mouth.

Xiao Zhang was even more shocked. When did the boss became such a pushover?

He had heard Lu Buyu mention her sister several times, but it was the first time he had met her.

Xiao Zhang turned his head and said excitedly, “Boss, your sister is pretty good ah. Is she interested in making a debut? I can take her in!”

Lu Buyu sneered. “Just like her? It’s hard to find films for male actors to take part in. I reckon she can only be a special actor. For example, in 《The Legend of Condor Heroes》, she can play the eagle. But well, it’s not every day there are scenes for the eagles.”

“Hey, if you don’t want to live, just say it.” Lu Wan said as she threw her schoolbag over.

High schoolers bags were heavy weapons. With a “crash”, it slammed on the table.

Lu Buyu sucked in his breath and said slowly, “……What are you doing? I was just joking.”

Lu Wan walked over to pick up her schoolbag, took a few slices of toast for breakfast, then said, “Then I’m also joking. If you have decided which day your memorial day will be, let me know. I will definitely fulfill you.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Xiao Zhang had a look of amazement coupled with a ‘Holy sh*t. Brother Yu, your sister is this aggressive?’ written on his face.

“Female Knight is really skillful.”

Lu Wan: “It’s nothing.”

It wasn’t until the girl left that Xiao Zhang regained his senses.

“Boss, it’s no wonder you don’t mention your sister. She’s actually more handsome than you. I think if I sign her, she’ll definitely be huge.”

This kind of handsome and sassy style was very popular recently! Her fans would also be good at fighting! She could take both men and women!

He has great confidence in making the other party popular.

Lu Buyu: “Forget about it. You better let the entertainment industry live.”

“Oh, the circle is a bit messy which is not quite suitable for girls. But don’t worry too much. With you and me safeguarding her, there will be no problem.” Xiao Zhang said in high spirit.

Outside, Xiao Zhang was now called President Zhang or Brother Zhang. As an agent of a top star, he has a lot of influence and was very ostentatious.

It’s just that he became Lu Buyu’s manager after graduating from college. He was a rookie at that time, and so he would always be Xiao Zhang here.

Lu Buyu: “Will I still have to worry about her?”

Xiao Zhang: “What do you mean?”

Lu Buyu: “Oh, if you see how she eats apples, then you’ll know.”

He was worried that this fellow would be too ruthless and break the hands of those overly enthusiastic actors and producers. It wouldn’t end well then.

The point was that if she wanted to be greedy for a male idol’s body, she could get him using force and she also have the capital.

Tsk. Let the entertainment industry live ba.

The agent looked bewildered. What’s the matter with eating apples?

Apples are delicious and nutritious, and he likes them too!

Seeing the question mark on the other side’s face, Lu Buyu picked up an apple, tossed it in the air and threw it over.

Xiao Zhang took two steps backwards, narrowly catching the apple. He asked with a puzzled face, “What is it, Brother Yu? Are you asking me to eat fruits? No need, I’m not hungry. I’ve already had breakfast.”

Lu Buyu said irritably, “You can treat it as me asking you. Come, try to break that apple into two pieces with your bare hands before eating it.”

Xiao Zhang: “???”

Lu Buyu: “Or perhaps a pear. That guy eats it like that every time.”

Every time she ate them, he would be threatened once.

 Xiao Zhang: “!!!!”

That’s quite powerful. Xiao Zhang persistently added, “I still think that your sister is very suitable for the entertainment industry. She has such a good skill.”

Lu Buyu: “Oh, her grades also aren’t bad. She just transferred to another school but ranked third on their whole grade.”

Xiao Zhang was astounded. “Little Sister is so good at studying? Then…… she’s unlikely to debut like you.”

Lu Buyu : “Can’t you talk properly? At any rate I got admitted to Stanford!”

“You have dropped out of school for a long time, so stop mentioning Stanford. It will make others think you’re a show off.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

“Little Sister is so good at studying, it will be a pity to enter the entertainment industry.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Listen. Was this human words? Fake fans and fake agents always appear in tandem.

He really did not have it easy.

Xiao Zhang suddenly remembered that half a month ago, a familiar company had asked Lu Buyu to help a newcomer.

The newcomers qualification were good in various aspects and was set up as a top student for external publicity.

Lu Buyu rejected it at that time, saying that her grades were not at the top three in the whole grade and her score in comprehensive was less than 270 points, so how could she be considered a top student?

Since she’s not a top student, don’t bring it up to him. It’s false publicity.

Xiao Zhang thought that Lu Buyu was suddenly going crazy, so he deliberately said this things. Naturally, he couldn’t answer others like this, or he might offend the other party.

He could only find another excuse.

Looking at it now, Lu Buyu was not just talking glib, he had an actual reference.

It’s just that his reference was too awesome.

“Brother Yu, I’ve been in touch with a program recently. It’s a show where stars bring their relatives. Some type of a reality show. I’ve decided to turn it down, but thinking about it now, if you can invite your sister, it should be very suitable.”

Lu Buyu: “You should forget about it ba. I don’t want her to be exposed in front of the public. That guy is still a student.”

She didn’t want to either.

Xiao Zhang shrugged. “……All right, then. But there‘s another interesting variety show that invited you. Why not consider it?”

A TV station opened a learning and observation program.

In the past, this kind of program was to observe how children learn, but this time it’s different. The program team would send four adults into a high school classroom.

Then observe their student life.

The four guests were of different ages and backgrounds.

Lu Buyu had studied abroad since he was young so there would be an impact of different systems going into play.

There were too many students in public schools, which was not conducive to filming, so this time, the location was set at Shangde Private High School, which has a small number of students and a beautiful environment. It was also the school where Lu Buyu’s sister was studying.

Xiao Zhang thought that this variety show was quite good. The production team was excellent, the platform’s support was awesome, the pay was high, and it was also very meaningful. Although it’s a variety show, it has a positive influence.

The important part was that there was no need to participate in the whole process. As a temporary guest, Lu Buyu only needed to record for a day or two.

Although his boss had only been in university for a year, his educational background could still seckill[1]online gaming lingo meaning to kill an enemy within seconds many of his peers in the circle.

After all, many members of boy and girl groups started to be trainees at the age of 13 or 14, and a lot of them have not completed compulsory education.

It’s really not easy for the program team to invite popular young guests. Lu Buyu has the vibe of a good student, so he suited this very well.

“I’m not going!” Lu Buyu refused without hesitation.

Xiao Zhang: “Don’t you want to see what your sister is doing at school every day? And the program group won’t expose your relationship.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

He was a little tempted.

Xiao Zhang continued to apply eye drops. “Maybe she’s talking bad about you, this older brother, in school, but she may also be admiring you very much.”

Once Lu Buyu changed his mind, he would just go with it. “Fine, I’ll go.”

He felt that Lu Wan might really be speaking ill of him. It made him angry  just thinking about it.


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