Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 36

Because she was too shocked, Lu Wan’s IQ temporarily went offline.

Chen Nianqing thought that this person was also cute when in a daze. He placed the drink in his hand on the other person’s forehead.

Lu Wan recovered from the cold, took a step back and asked, “What are you doing ah?”


Lu Wan spread her hands and said helplessly, “It’s not that I’m silly. It’s you guys who are not normal. I should go home now. Bye.”

“Leaving already?”

Lu Wan smashed the pot[1]go for broke; smash a pot to pieces since it’s already cracked—write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly and asked, “Then I won’t go. Can you help me with this?”

“Didn’t I help you out today?”

Lu Wan: “It’s only temporary. Shouldn’t a good person do it until the end and help with a long term solution? You see, Su Rao is your cousin, so you as her brother is also responsible.”

Chen Nianqing’s eyes were as black as ink. “Rubbish. Why don’t you say that I have a responsibility to you?”

“Oh, then please take responsibility for me?”

Chen Nianqing’s heart skipped a beat, and he looked at the girl in front of him silently.

His face suddenly felt a little hot.

“I knew it. Forget it, forget it. I’m going home, thank you today.”

Lu Wan waved her hand, turned around and left.

She doesn’t like sweet drinks, but it’s cooling to hold it in her hand in a summer day.

Lu Wan raised her hand and put it on her forehead like how the other party did just now. It’s quite refreshing.

After seeing the other person’s back disappearing at the subway entrance, Chen Nianqing withdrew his gaze, and his heartbeat returned to normal.

Does she…… know what she’s talking about?

Lu Wan was oblivious, and he was almost in a mess.

Fortunately, only she has this ability.


When Xu Yao and Su Rao came over, they only saw Chen Nianqing who was standing right there.

Xu Yao: “Where’s she? Where did she go?”

“She went back.” Chen Nianqing answered faintly and left straight away.

Obviously not wanting to chat.

The two people standing in place looked at each other.

Xu Yao frowned and said, “Why do I think something’s not right? That kid is not honest.”

Although Su Rao changed into her regular clothes, she hadn’t took off her stage makeup. The glitters at the end of her eyes reflected the sunlight, making her eyes look sparkling and passersby cast their gazes at her.

She chuckled softly, “You think everyone is the same as you.”

Su Rao was rarely convinced by anyone, but she admits that Chen Nianqing was better than her.

Because of the other party’s existence, she felt as if she could do better, and the upper limit was infinitely raised.

“What do you know? I’m too lazy to tell you. Save it. You won’t be able to compete with me anyway.”

Su Rao: “You’re that one who should save it. Your confidence is a little too much.”

“None of your damn business! Lu Wan and I have known each other for more than ten years. Can you compare?”

“That’s right. You have been in a mother-son relationship for more than ten years.”

“.…..Shut your mouth.”


As soon as the two of them disagreed, they quarreled, and passersby began to give them curious glances.

A young couple happened to pass by.

The husband said with a smile, “Look at the couple just now, they quarrel whenever they don’t agree with each another, but the girl is amazing at arguing.”

The wife didn’t think so. “The little couple is not just bickering. Young love is so nice.”

Xu Yao and Su Rao looked at each other and saw disgust in each other’s eyes.

Who’s a couple with her/him? Crazy!

They snorted at the same time, turned around and walked in different directions.


There was only so much one could learn in high school textbooks. Lu Wan was currently learning French on her own.

There were language elective courses in school. Most of the students were learning French and Japanese, but it has been more than a year since classes started, and she couldn’t keep up with the progress.

Japanese has its geographical advantage while French was a major language for international communication. Lu Wan chose the latter because his father speaks French fluently and could ask the other person at home.

Lu Bainian was an all-around scholar who was proficient in four languages. There were many floor-to-ceiling bookcases at home, all of which were full of his books.

And he has read every one of them.

Lu Wan considered herself as a good-learner type, but she still found beginner level French to be quite difficult.

She happened to have a lot of free time on the weekends and it was perfect so she could study without being suddenly interrupted.

Hearing the knock on the door, Lu Wan walked over to open it.

Zhao Jianing, who was standing at the corridor, looked at her daughter with a smile, “You child, have you forgotten about your classmates coming at our house?”

Lu Wan: “Ah?”

“There’s still time, come along after changing your clothes. More than a dozen students came, both boys and girls. It seems that our family’s Shushu is very popular and made so many friends.”

Lu Wan was clueless. “What???”

Zhao Jianing touched her daughter’s head. “Get changed and go downstairs.”

This child usually looked cool. Why was she suddenly acting muddleheaded?

Lu Wan changed her pajamas with a puzzled face and went downstairs.

There were more than a dozen people in the living room.

The house was big enough, so everyone had a place to stand.

Lu Wan: “.…..You are all here ah.”

Su Rao: “Yeah. Didn’t I ask you yesterday? You said it’s all right, so today everyone wants to give you a pleasant surprise and came to visit.”

Lu Wan: “……”

A ‘pleasant surprise’ might not be it. Though she was definitely surprised.

The Lu couple looked at each other, not surprised at all.

After all, there also used to be groups of classmates who came to the house to find Lu Buyu.

There were also boys and girls at that time.

Lu Buyu had been the school flower since childhood, and he was greatly popular.

Besides, because Professor Lu was too handsome, it was once suspected that he was loved by students because of his face and not his professional ability.

His wife, Zhao Jianing, has also no shortage of people who chased after her since she was little.

So the whole family was very indifferent, except for Lu Wan.

In order not to disturb the children, the Lu family couple decided to go out on a date today and enjoy their time together.

Lu Wan was the only one left in the house.

Song Qianqian glanced around, “President Lu, your home is too cozy. With so many bookcases, it looks like a small library.”

Lu Wan: “It’s all my dad’s.”

Tang Tang laughed and said, “What is this called again? A father tiger does not have a dog for a daughter! No wonder you’re so good at studying!”

“Wow, there’s pictures of Lu Buyu on the wall. Lu Wan, are you also following stars? Are you his fan?” A girl asked.

Lu Wan: “Am…… I?”

That guy was so narcissistic that he hung a two-meter photo of himself on the living room wall.

However, the black and white tone was quite artistic, and it normally looks unobtrusive.

Lu Wan didn’t want others to know about her relationship with the narcissist at all.

It would very be troublesome.

Song Qianqian: “That’s great. I didn’t expect President Lu to also like my idol. Then we must have a lot of common topics to talk about!”

Her brother was really amazing! As a big fan, she could send a lot of merch to President Lu! The relationship between the two of them would be closer!

“Just…… all right.” Since they’re guests, Lu Wan thought and asked, “Would you like some water?”

Su Rao: “Sure.”

Three minutes later, everyone had an extra bottle of mineral water in their hands.

..…They particularly looked like a tour group.

After Lu Wan led the tour group inside the house, she then took them around the place.

She turned back to the main entrance and was thinking about not doing any exercise. How about everyone play brain teasers instead?

A classmate alerted her that there seemed to be a man walking around the house.

Lu Wan was stunned for a second and immediately realized who it was.

Lu Buyu didn’t go out again today! That guy must have just woken up!!

She must not let her schoolmates see Lu Buyu!

Otherwise, her peaceful school life would be ruined! It was messy enough now!

“You guys wait here and don’t move. I’ll take a look! Don’t move!”

Lu Wan dropped a sentence and hurriedly rushed in.

Lu Buyu had just woken up. He yawned and said, “Why do I hear some movements like there are many people?”

Lu Wan: “Go upstairs quickly. Don’t come out! Don’t let my schoolmates see you, otherwise you’re dead!”

“What are you talking about?” Lu Buyu was a little confused.

“Go, go, go. Go now!” Lu Wan stretched out her hand and pushed him.

Su Rao was not at eased and decided to go in and have a look.

As she walked inside, she said, “Lu Wan? Are you okay? I’m coming in.”

Lu Wan witnessed as Su Rao stepped into the living room. She would still be able to see Lu Buyu on the second floor!

Right! Her peaceful school life must not be broken! No way!

Lu Wan deftly picked up the motorcycle helmet on the shelf, and quickly put it on Lu Buyu’s head.

Lu Buyu reached out his hand wanting to take off the helmet. “What are you doing, Lu Wan!”

“If you dare take it off in front of my schoolmates…… I won’t break apples in the future—I’ll break you.”

Su Rao saw two people in the living room and was completely stunned.

“This is?” she asked as she came back to her senses.

Why would one wear a helmet inside a room? Odd.

Lu Wan: “Oh, this is the worker my family hired to trim the plants. His face has become sensitive to sunlight recently and must be covered in all directions.”

Su Rao: “……Have landscapers been like this lately?”

Lu Wan turned her head and looked. Lu Buyu was wearing loose short sleeves with a pair of shorts that reached the middle of his thigh……

revealing two snow-white thighs that could make any women jealous.

It looked very improper.

Lu Wan: “Because we have a cooperation with the property management of our community, he comes here regularly, so he’s dressed casually.”

Su Rao: “……I’m not talking about clothes.”

Although she couldn’t see his face, the man’s height should be almost 190 and his figure was also great…… Were the requirements for workers trimming greeneries so high?

He could definitely try to be a model.

Lu Buyu, who was wearing a helmet, snickered, “Hehe, hehe, hehe.”

You thought it would be useful to block my face, but sooner or later I’d be found out. I’m a top star!

Su Rao: “……”

Not to mention that his voice was quite nice when he laughs. She was a little curious about what the other party looked like.

Lu Wan pushed Su Rao out. “Don’t mind him. Let’s go. I’ll show you around.”

Su Rao: “But…… All right.”

Although something seems off, she didn’t dwell on it. After all, she came here to hang out with Lu Wan!

Lu Wan had just pushed the other person to take two steps when the students waiting outside came in.

Everyone looked at the guy wearing a helmet inside the room.

It was too sudden.

Lu Wan: “……”

Song Qianqian: “Whoa, who is this? Why is he wearing a helmet indoors?”

Not only was he wearing a helmet, but also short shorts.

This legs…… made the female students feel inferior.

Su Rao: “This is the worker for Lu Wan’s family who makes the plants beautiful.”

Song Qianqian was shocked. “No way. Are all workers now required to have beautiful face and good figure? Little brother, which company do you belong to? Please leave your contact information. I’ll request you to do the plants in our house as well. Also, can I see your face?”

Lu Wan: “His face is allergic and can’t be exposed to the light. Also, every day until the second half of the year, he is fully booked. Okay, Xiao Yu, go outside and cut the grass! Go on!”

Lu Buyu rolled his eyes and laughed as he walked out.


What does he mean? Wasn’t he just shady?

The group of students: “……”

This worker was so weird.

Tang Tang hesitated for a while before suggesting, “Although I admit that he is indeed in a good shape, I still suggest you to change workers. He…… It feels like there’s something wrong with his brain.”

The others nodded in agreement.

“……Yeah. I’ll think about it.”

Lu Wan didn’t know what to say, so she gave everyone…… another bottle of mineral water.

“There is no sun today. Why don’t we go for a run around the lake?”

This neighborhood was built by the lake. The body of water in front of it was not small, spanning 11 kilometers in a circle.

Professor Lu runs half a lap or sometimes all around the lake every morning. He believes that exercise could inspire new ideas and Lu Wan would occasionally join him.

“Run around the lake…… right now?”

“Are you serious?”


“Why all of a sudden?”

Lu Wan looked at her schoolmates reaction. It seemed they were rather pleasantly surprised?!

She even thought this suggestion was very ingenious!

That’s right! Just run around the lake!

“Come on. Take your mineral water. We’ll go now.”

Everyone: “……”

President Lu wasn’t joking? She’s serious?

Lu Wan had taken the lead to walk out of the house so the others had no choice but to follow her.

In the yard.

Lu Buyu really found a pair of large scissors for trimming plants.

He was so angry that he was the opposite of fine, so when he started to work, he cut a few shrubs short and they look as if they had been violated.

Seeing that Lu Wan brought the group of people out, Lu Buyu immediately stepped forward.

Song Qianqian looked at the man in front of her, frowned, and said, “The more I think about it…… the more I feel something’s off. This man looks familiar.”

Lu Buyu raised his brows and said coldly, “Do you realize it now?”

He knew this girl and had seen her several times at the airport. She was one of the leading member from his fan club’s forum.

Artists would have an impression of fans who had been chasing them on the front line after seeing them several times.

He was even more impressed by the organizer sisters who were carrying equipment’s.

This girl’s phone strap was his merch. At that time, only 5,000 pieces were made and one must be a die-hard fan to have it!

Indeed! She must have recognized his body shape and voice!

But what a fake fan. She only realized it now?


Song Qianqian said in a small voice, “Really. Have you seen the murderer who was recently offered a bounty? He’s also tall and thin…… could it be……”

After her words, all the students took a step back and watched the man in front of them with alert expressions.

Lu Buyu: “???”

What the hell?

“Yeah, after you said that, I also remembered the suspect on the reward notice. It’s really a bit similar.” Tang Tang said softly.

“Be careful, everyone!”

“President Lu, there’s no problem, right?”

“My goodness.”

Lu Buyu was about to explode with anger! You actually think I’m a criminal?

Great. These guys always called him ‘Brother’.

Saying things like, “Brother is perfect in every frame”, “Brother has a famous beauty that shines, but Brother is not only limited to beauty”, “Even if his face is covered, I can locate Brother through his temperament”.

Sure enough, it’s all just talk. Can’t they recognize his voice?

What dreams of millions of girls? He’s not even as good as a shared power bank!

Fake fans! False rainbow farts[2]flattery; kissing one’s ass! These emotion fraudsters!

Lu Buyu almost fainted from anger.

There would come a time when you’ll regret it!

Lu Wan coughed, “No. I’ve seen his face. It was only covered today because of allergy. Don’t be nervous. All right, we’re still going for a run ba.”

Song Qianqian: “President Lu, you’re just too generous. Look at him, it’s okay to have a bad attitude, but his professional ability is not good either. What kind of cutting is this? If it were me, I would definitely complain.”

“Yeah. It’s really not good.”

“You should make a complain.”

Lu Wan: “That’s enough. Let’s just go.”

If you go on, Lu Buyu will definitely explode.

After waiting for the crowd to leave, Lu Buyu took off his helmet.

He let out a loud cry and laid down on the sofa, and then rolled several times in a row!

Really awful ah!


The group of students thought that Lu Wan was just talking casually about running around the lake or something…… It was too fantastical.

At most, one could take a walk by the lake, which was very relaxing.

Unexpectedly, Lu Wan was being serious, and even made everyone…… line up to get ready.

She said that they should run slow. Anyway, it would only take three hours to finish going all the way through.

She would wait for everyone at the end.

Before they could relax, Lu Wan had already started.

In that case, they could only follow her reluctantly. It’s good to interact with the goddess, and being taken care of…… was not bad either!

In reality, they thought too much. Within five minutes, Lu Wan had already ran out of their sight.

Running…… without…… leaving…… a shadow……

These students’ usual intense exercise was basically in physical education class. They couldn’t even breath after running an 800 meter dash, not to mention running around the lake.

The boys were struggling, and the girls completely collapsed, almost bursting into tears.

As a dancer, Su Rao had better physical strength than many others, but after following for ten minutes…… she eventually gave up.

Does Lu Wan actually regarded this as a competition? She ran very competitively without even looking back at her opponents.

Today, the students who came to visit have all dressed up carefully.

The girls also wore light makeup.

Ten minutes later, all of them were flushed and their hair was in a mess.

How could they let themselves be seen by the person they like in this state! They had to avoid her so they did not go to the finish line to meet and all took taxis to retreat.

Su Rao stood on the side of the road, gasping for breath.

It’s was kind of interesting. Although something happened today, she wouldn’t give up.


Chen Nianqing, stood on the roof overlooking the road by the lake with a telescope.

Not bad. Lu Wan’s idea of running a marathon with their schoolmates was excellent.

He relaxed.

Lu Wan reached the end, and after waiting for more than 20 minutes without seeing anyone coming, she took out her cell phone wanting to check on them.

Only then did she found that the students who came to visit her all said that they had to go back suddenly, so they couldn’t personally say goodbye to her.

Lu Wan shrugged. She breathed a sigh of relief and walked home slowly.

Sure enough, running around the lake was perfect.

Before she got to the house, she met Chen Nianqing standing on the side of the road.

Lu Wan was not surprised at all since the other party lived in this villa and met him last time when she picked up her wig.

Chen Nianqing usually does not live here. This house belonged to his grandfather and was basically vacant all year round.

But these days, he guess he should come here often.

He tossed over the drink in his hand.

Lu Wan took the bottle of Red Bull and opened it for a drink.


Chen Nianqing: “I saw you running with a group of people just now. Good. It seems that you’re very well liked.”

“You are more well liked than me.” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “If you’re willing to help me, there simply wouldn’t be so many things like this.”

“I know Su Rao’s character is rather stubborn. All right, then, I shall consider it.”

Lu Wan knew that this guy was being perfunctory again.

Probably by the time the other party finished thinking about it, the dishes would have already gone cold.

“I’m going home. Thank you for the drink.”

She didn’t plan to continue chatting with people. She waved her hand and went on.

After running ten kilometers, she had to go back to take a shower and then have a comfortable nap.


As soon as Lu Wan walked into the entrance hall, she saw the comrade sitting on the sofa.

The other party’s face looked very bad.

“What are you thinking, Lu Wan? You’ve gone too far today!” Lu Buyu stood up.

Lu Wan suppressed her guilty conscience and asked calmly, “How have I gone too far? I’ve let you avoid being found out for the time being by not letting my schoolmates see your face. Isn’t that perfectly normal?”

“That’s not why you put a helmet on my face! I got nothing to hide!”

Lu Wan: “Stop this nonsense. You usually go out with hats, sunglasses, and masks fully armed, afraid that it will be troublesome if you got recognized. Am I not allowed to be afraid that you will be recognized by my schoolmates and be troubled?”

Lu Buyu was robbed of his words and suddenly didn’t know how to refute.

Lu Wan: “Okay, don’t take it to heart. It’s not that you cannot be seen, it’s that you have to keep a low profile as a public figure. I’m not targeting you. Be good.”


Is that so? I guess it is?

When Lu Buyu regained his senses, Lu Wan had already gone upstairs.

The more he thought about it, the more wrong he felt. Why should he keep a low profile?

I refuse.

Lu Buyu took out his phone and opened Weibo.

He searched for a long time and finally found the Weibo of Lu Wan’s schoolmate who came here today.

This was his personal account, with tepid popularity and 120,000 followers.

Seeing the other party’s homepage full of words praising him, Lu Buyu simply laughed angrily.

Fake fan!

Hmph, Lu Wan, you’re afraid that your schoolmates will know, so I’ll go and follow your schoolmate.

Lu Buyu used his other Weibo with 70 million followers to follow the account 【Handsome Brother Yu is in business……】.

He clicked follow for less than three minutes before discovering that he was actually removed from the other party’s followers list.

Lu Buyu didn’t think much about it, thinking that the system was malfunctioning. He clicked the follow button again, and then was removed from the follower’s list again a minute later.

The third time he clicked follow, it took only ten seconds for him to be removed.

Having been triple killed, Lu Buyu could be sure that this was definitely not a system failure.

But why ah? This was his fan account!!!

He clicked on the other party’s homepage, tapped the private message, and sent a 【?】.

Song Qianqian was sitting in the car on the way home when she saw someone in the comment section reminding her that Brother was following her and thought it was an illusion.

Could it be that she were too tired from running around the lake just now, so she started daydreaming?

Looking at the profile picture, it was a great imitation……

Until she clicked on the homepage……

Ah ah ah ah! It’s really Brother himself!

She was in a state of great excitement…… as she remove him from her follower’s list.

She had to even removed him three times in a row, which was one of the top moments of her life!

Seeing the message from Lu Buyu, Song Qianqian was so excited that she almost fainted, feeling that the surrounding air was getting thinner.

But before she fainted, she still had something to say.

【For Brother it’s necessary that I do this! Brother, please don’t privately associate with fans! If you follow me, it will make the sisters in other accounts unhappy! I’m not a sasaeng fan[3]obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of idols either!!】

After reading the message, Lu Buyu sent two question marks over.

【Brother’s willfulness will give opportunities to the opponents black fans! It will also keep the sisters of the anti-black[4]fighting those who give bad comments about one’s idol and control[5]controlling comments for the advantage of one’s idol groups busy for a week! Brother, please walk alone! Do more business and take more of selfies!】

Lu Buyu had a question mark on his face. Suddenly feeling rebellious, he fiercely replied to the other party: I want to, I want to, I want to!!

The message did not get sent.

Because the fan blocked him.

Yes…… Blocked him.

Lu Buyu was very angry. What’s going on today?

When the Lu couple entered the door, they saw their son rolling back and forth on the sofa.

The two sides looked at each other, both feeling a bit awkward.

Lu Buyu coughed, sat up straight, and pretended that nothing had happened.

Professor Lu asked, “Where’s Wanwan? Has her schoolmates already left?”

“Left ah.”

After learning that Lu Wan took her schoolmates to run around the lake, the couple laughed out loud.

Although this method was a bit strange, they were not surprised at all.

More than ten years ago, when Lu Buyu was still in junior high school, more than 20 students came to the house one day.

After all, he was the best looking in the whole family, and had been the school flower since he was young.

Lu Buyu took his classmates to climb the mountain…… He’s faster, so he was the first to climb to the top and also the first to come down. He came back to eat without waiting for others.

The siblings were quite similar.

The couple was still very puzzled until now. How could Lu Buyu be an idol with his EQ?

As for the boys or girls who came to find Lu Wan, that’s fine.

Everyone was a student, so it might not necessarily mean anything.

The entertainment industry was quite open, and the couple secretly suspected their son’s sexual orientation.

Of course, it was later clarified.

They thought that Lu Wan was too young, and it was best to marry after the age of thirty.

But the age seventeen, one could say that it was young, or say that it wasn’t.

One more year and you’d be an adult.

Age was not the standard to measure everything. If you could be responsible for yourself and the people around you, you could also be considered an adult at fifteen years old. If you couldn’t, it was no good even if you’re thirty.

It wasn’t because they were more open-minded, but that they love their daughter wholeheartedly and believed in her.

Lu Wan’s happiness and well-being would always be their top priority.

The easygoing attitude of the whole family made Lu Wan, who was originally struggling whether she should seek for their help, even more confused.

……It seemed like it wasn’t a big deal?


After lying down for half an hour, Lu Buyu, the salted fish, accidentally found himself on the hot search.

#Lu Buyu, please stay away from your fans’ personal life#

Lu Buyu’s Official Fan Club unpacked the idol’s ‘fierce operation[6]refers to an action that looks great but turns out to be useless or terrible’ this afternoon and posted it on Weibo.

The content was interesting, the language was witty, and it was also accompanied by drawings. It had become a carnival for the fandom. Brother is too cute ba!

The top traffic star followed the person from a small account three times and was removed three times.

The popularity of this Weibo continued to rise.

Passersby simply smiled knowingly when they saw it. They thought it was amusing and many of them started to jumped over the wall.

Fans thought that even though their brother was sometimes silly, it was also cute. Blowing rainbow farts!

Black fans had a look of disgust. See, he’s been out of business for a month and still buy hot search? Well, they reluctantly admit that this entry was a bit interesting and was stronger than the previous ones.

The opponents face was written with ‘WTF’. Lu Buyu’s team was so clever? This idea was well-founded ah! Why didn’t they think of it? Really a sly b*tch!

Under the attention of all parties, this entry quickly climbed to the first place.

Lu Buyu who was holding his phone, was not happy at all.

Just now, his agent also called and said “Brother you’re so awesome. Who can get more attention just from following someone better than you!”

Able to be the first on the ranking even when he’s resting and not doing any project.

This made today’s artists who bought the hot search with real money think!

Made those who release new dramas and new songs think! Weren’t they all green with envy?!

Lu Buyu hung up the phone angrily. It wasn’t his intention.

He doesn’t want so much attention. Doesn’t he want face?

Heh. Lu Wan and her schoolmate were equally annoying.

What national boyfriend? His treatment was not even as good as a shared power bank!

Fake fans! In the future, he would just send a power bank instead of going out to the surrounding area!


1 go for broke; smash a pot to pieces since it’s already cracked—write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly
2 flattery; kissing one’s ass
3 obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of idols
4 fighting those who give bad comments about one’s idol
5 controlling comments for the advantage of one’s idol
6 refers to an action that looks great but turns out to be useless or terrible


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