Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 35

It was Saturday in a flash.

After getting up in the morning, Lu Wan studied English for half an hour before going downstairs to eat breakfast and returning to her room to do two more sets of test papers.

Zhao Jianing didn’t go to the company today. She saw that her daughter was still cooped up in her room on a weekend and didn’t come out all morning. She felt worried, so she knocked on her door.

“Shushu, darling, come out and get some fresh air. Mommy wants to see you.”

Lu Wan opened the door and said a little embarrassedly, “I’m looking at something and forgot the time.”

“Come downstairs, I squeezed some fresh juice. You should take a break. Dad is there too.” Zhao Jianing touched her daughter’s head.

President Zhao, who was ruthless and decisive at her working place, was just a loving mother at home.


Lu Wan walked downstairs and at a glance, saw the ‘bad egg’ lying on the sofa like a salted fish[1]a person who have no intention of doing anything.

Lu Buyu wore shorts, revealing a pair of straight, snow-white long legs, like a beautiful and moving flag beckoning the soul of the dead.

Even a man wouldn’t be able to look away from the other person’s legs.

Lu Buyu turned his head and glanced lightly. “Heh. Are you abnormal? It’s one thing to study at school, but also to do papers at home? That can also be addictive ah?”

“You—” Lu Wan only said one word and was interrupted.

Professor Lu jumped up and knocked him on the head. “Rebelling, are you? Did you just say that about your sister?”

“Hurts, hurts, hurts! It hurts! ” Lu Buyu covered his head, “Old man, you’re not mistaken! I’m reminding her to combine work and rest! Why are you hitting me again?!”

Granted that they were quarreling, but how could their father suddenly jumped up to help?

Why was it always him who gets hurt every time?

Professor Lu: “I think you don’t read much, so you can’t even say the right things.”


Old Dad, why do you have to attack me both physically and mentally?

There’s no love in this world, there’s no love in this family!

Lu Buyu wanted to defend himself that at least he was admitted to Stanford!

It’s just that his resume seemed to be inadequate in front of his father.

Lu Buyu had studied abroad for several years but his English vocabulary was not as good as that of his old dad.

In his freshman year, the old man came for a conference in his university and dropped by to see him. He was able to communicate with his French roommate in French and chat with his Russian roommate in Russian. He spoke fluently throughout.

Lu Buyu was listening foolishly at that time. He seriously suspected that his old dad was using a different kind of language to speak ill of him to his roommates!

Lu Buyu hugged his head and completely refused to give a comment.

The slacker really had courage!

Zhao Jianing shook her head. Already this big yet still childish.

Back then, the elder brother was more anxious for the younger sister than anyone else. Now she’s afraid it was not much different, but there was no cure for this problem of having a misbehaving mouth.

Although Lu Bainian’s mouth always muttered that this son was not good at studying, in addition to his occasional interest, Lu Buyu never gave up trying to learn and rectify it since he was little.

Most of the time he was allowed to do his own things.

He doesn’t have to force himself if he didn’t want to study.

Five years ago, Lu Buyu dropped out of school and entered the entertainment industry. Many people thought that Academic Professor Lu would be resolutely opposed. Unexpectedly, he only said that the child was already a grown-up and had the right to decide his own life. They shouldn’t control it.

The disappointment was definitely there, but they wouldn’t intervene.

Lu Wan was too lazy to give Lu Buyu an extra glance. He deserved the beating. She turned to the kitchen to get juice.

How did this guy grew up safely……? Does millions of girls have bad aesthetics so they actually like him?

It truly perplexed her every day.

Zhao Jianing put a plate of fruit in front of her daughter, “Since it’s summer, eat more fruit. By the way, your classmate called and asked me to remind you not to be late. You and her have an appointment to meet at the Youth Center in the afternoon.”

Lu Wan: “……”

What should come still came. Not because one busied themselves doing papers, it would become non-existent.

In order to facilitate contact, Lu Wan had told Su Rao her home number before.

Zhao Jianing saw that her daughter didn’t speak. She said with a smile, “It’s Su Rao ah. Didn’t you agree to go see her dance competition this afternoon? Eat the fruits before going out. Don’t always stay at home on weekends. It ‘s good to walk around.”

“Err…… you know her?”

“Yes. That child presided over an event of the municipal government last year. She’s good and is excellent in every aspect.” She paused, then added, “Of course, our Shushu is also great. You’ve made such a wonderful friend so quickly.”


Twenty minutes later, Lu Wan had already changed her clothes and was ready to go out.

She had promised Su Rao to watch the competition last month. Given that the other party had called to remind her, it was not good to stood her up no matter what.

As Professor Lu handed over an umbrella, he said to the other person, “Wanwan, the sun is hot outside today. Bring this with you.”

Lu Buyu said with a ‘tsk’, “Cool guys doesn’t need umbrellas. A real man is not afraid of the sun!”

After his words were over, unsurprisingly, he received a knock on the head from his old dad again.

“Hurts, hurts, hurts! It hurts!” Lu Buyu covered his head, “How can you do this? I’m going to sue you for family violence, old man!”

Zhao Jianing sighed. The elder brother had recently reduced his work to stay at home. Every time his little sister appeared, he would surround the other party to brush up his sense of existence.

The key method wasn’t right so him being beaten wasn’t worthy of sympathy at all.

However, she felt fortunate that after Lu Wan came back, the atmosphere at home finally became brighter.

After all, as long as Lu Wan hadn’t come back for a day, the thorn in the hearts of the whole family would remain.

She felt that she was to blame for the loss of her child. After all, it was her who the Zhao family wanted to deal with.

Professor Lu blamed himself that he was too careless and that he should have come along that day.

Lu Buyu didn’t say a thing, but for so many years, he regretted not paying attention and failing to watch over his little sister.

Fortunately it was all over now.


Lu Wan went out of the door with the umbrella.

There were lots of people on the subway on weekends. Luckily, it was only ten stations away from her destination and it took twenty minutes at most to get there.

Because there was a competition today, the cars outside the Youth Center were five times than the usual.

Pedestrians passing by would hear the music coming from the venue and could discern the liveliness happening inside without going in.

Lu Wan halted and looked at the boy in front of her with a surprised expression.

“Why are you here?”

 Chen Nianqing: “Same as you. To watch the performance.”

 Lu Wan: “……Okay.”

She felt that something wasn’t right. Last time she mentioned that Su Rao asked her to come to the competition, and this student did not speak at all.

The two of them walked in side by side.

Seeing Lu Wan approaching, Song Qianqian greeted with a smile, “President Lu, why are you late? Though I guess better late than never. Su Rao will be here soon. She’s coming out next so she’s gone to the backstage to prepare.”

In an instant, she found Chen Nianqing and exclaimed, “Ah, Club President, you’re here!”

More than a dozen students from Shangde High School looked over.

Very surprised that Chen Nianqing appeared there.

He even came with Lu Wan? How did they get here together?

There was still a while before Su Rao came on stage. Song Qianqian took out her mobile phone and lowered her head to send a message while simultaneously glancing at Lu Wan.

The school forum was updated more frequently than usual this weekend.

Su Rao was a school goddess, and one of the news said that she would participate in the competition today.

There was nothing surprising with this at first. After all, as long as Su Rao participated in a competition, she was sure to win the first place.

The key was that Lu Wan would go to watch!

The number of students in the school who support LuSu CP and Bamboo Horse[2]short for ‘green plums and bamboo horse’ meaning childhood sweethearts CP were about the same.

After all, President Lu was very mighty, she could form a CP with anyone!

【I can’t wake up every day: Lu Wan came to watch Goddess Su’s competition. LuSu CP giving out candies[3]displaying affection!】

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: Su Rao has been doing well recently! I’ll only accept it if I lose to her! Gentle black belly attacks[4]giver/top x handsome school tyrant suffers[5]taker/bottom. SZD[6]It’s real.】

【Sit and play wherever you fall: My President Lu is so handsome! How can she be the taker?!】

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: It’s just that President Lu is too handsome, so it’s fun to match her up like this~】

【Green grassland: I announce that LuSu CP is locked-in! The goddess pair! They can have fun without a big pig’s trotter[7]an inconsiderate man.】

【2333: I don’t agree! I’m quite optimistic about Xu Yao……】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: Bamboo Horse CP will never bow to you evil forces!】

【Fireworks: Fight! Fight! Come on and fight me!】

Xu Yao was playing basketball when he received a call from a good buddy informing him, and he left without saying a word.

“You need to do your best to guard Lu Wan, and then return Su Rao back to everyone.” The boy over the phone urged solemnly.

Xu Yao: “Rest assured. I’ll be there right away.”


The dancer threw her sleeves and bent backwards, her long skirt looking elegant. Lu Wan was just watching casually, but she didn’t expect that Su Rao was really…… something.

Even if she wasn’t an expert, she could see that she was very good.

The applause from the audience after the performance also confirmed this.

Su Rao came out after changing her clothes just as the host was reporting her score.

There was no doubt that it was the highest score so far, and it would be difficult to beat following on.

Song Qianqian: “Goddess, you’re amazing. Just now, many people asked which school you’re from and your name!”

Tang Tang: “You’re sitting firmly in the first place.”

Su Rao smiled, “All right. What do you think, Student Lu Wan?”

Lu Wan said the truth, “You’re very good.”

This level of competition was not only prestigious, but if you took the first place, you could be recruited by universities. No matter what kind of industry, one could break the rules if one were good enough.

However, Su Rao naturally does not need special admission. Her academic performance was enough to go to any university in the country.

The students who came to watch the competition sighed again…… She’s indeed a goddess. She has no shortcomings.

Su Rao was a little surprised to see Chen Nianqing, but she didn’t take it to heart.

She looked at Lu Wan and invited with a smile, “I’ll treat you to a drink. Let’s go together.”

Chen Nianqing said in a faint voice, “Aren’t you going to receive the award later? Your parents came just now. They’re sitting on the far right of the second row.”

Su Rao was stunned. She tried looking to the right, and sure enough, saw her parents.

The couple were chatting with the other parents next to them.

Su Rao was surprised. Why did they came?

She clearly said that she could do it alone.

But now that her parents were here, of course she had to go and have a look.

Su Rao raised her head and asked, “Lu Wan, do you want to go with me? My parents are also aware of you. They know that you got third place in the exam right after transferring to a new school.”

Lu Wan: “……”

If it was before, of course it wasn’t a problem, but now…… it seemed a little weird.

Other students: “???”

Meeting the parents right away. Isn’t this too exciting?

Seeing that Lu Wan didn’t speak, Su Rao hesitated for a short while before asking, “Then can you come to my house tomorrow?”

Contrary to her appearance, she was actually an aggressive person. After making a decision, she would definitely strive for it, and she would never give up easily.

Lu Wan: “I’m sorry.”

Su Rao smiled. She was waiting for this sentence. She asked again, “Then can I visit your house? I talked with Aunt on the phone today and she asked me to go hang out some time.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Su Rao retreaded in order to advance. “I’m not alone. Everyone wants to hang out with you. Right, fellow students?”

The students next to her repeatedly nodded in agreement. They wanted to go  hang out with President Lu!

Lu Wan couldn’t refuse again and again. She considered about it. Wasn’t it fine to have a group of people come to the house as guests? So she acceded, “That’s fine.”

She thought that it was just a casual remark.

But she would soon be slapped in the face and realized that she was too naive.

Su Rao laughed, “Then I’ll go to my parents.”

Chen Nianqing: “Go ahead. I’ll buy her— them drinks for you.”

The other students were even more confused. Chen Nianqing wanted to invite them to drinks?

Heavens! Just saying this in their minds could make them laugh with joy.

Was today their lucky day?

Ten minutes later, the group came to a nearby beverage shop.

The other students have gone to order drinks. There were few seats on the first floor so they went upstairs, which was also a more convenient place for talking.

Lu Wan was still feeling tangled.

It was not because of the drinks, but because she felt that judging from Chen Nianqing’s words and actions, this person must be very familiar with Su Rao.

Chen Nianqing: “What would you like to have?”

“Anything is fine.”

“How about some milk tea? Are you okay with 70 percent sugar? I prefer this level of sweetness. It suits you very well.” Chen Nianqing said with a calm face.

“Okay.” Lu Wan was a little absent-minded.

The young lady at the counter tried her best to restrain her surging emotions and asked with a smile, “Should it be 70 percent?”

This handsome guy is too good ba! Incredible!

She blushed all over when she heard him.

The beautiful guy next to him— or were they some cool beauty? How could they remain so calm?

Gosh. She doesn’t even know which side was better to give the drinks over.

No matter which, she would still have an auntie’s smile[8]that kind, doting smile that appears on some older fan girls or fan aunties faces when they see someone or something they like on her face.

Lu Wan had been thinking about things. She took the drink handed by the employee and turned her face to Chen Nianqing, “I want to have a word with you.”

“Okay. Then let’s go outside.”



After greeting her parents, Su Rao was about to find Lu Wan. She walked to the back row and was surprised to see Xu Yao coming in a hurry.

Xu Yao had just asked and found out from others that Lu Wan had gone to a nearby beverage shop…… when he looked up and saw Su Rao.

The two looked at each other and then Xu Yao ran out without saying a word.

He wanted to be the first to see Lu Wan.

Su Rao: “……”

I can’t believe this guy!

She quickly chased after him.

The two went to the beverage shop one after the other, but Lu Wan was nowhere to be seen.

Xu Yao: “Where is she?”

The students sitting on the second floor were unaware of their companions departure. They were still imagining the beautiful picture of everyone chatting together after Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing climb up.

Several students looked at each other and asked dumbly, “Where is she?”

Su Rao: “So when did she leave?”

Song Qianqian: “Oh, she must have left with Chen Nianqing just a moment ago.”

Xu Yao and Su Rao looked at each other and said nothing.

They felt that something was quite wrong.


Coming out of the beverage store, Lu Wan asked straight to the point, “You and Su Rao have a good relationship?”


“You also know her parents? Have you known each other since childhood?”

“Yes. What about it?” Chen Nianqing was completely unfazed.

Lu Wan’s guess was confirmed once again. She asked, “So you’re the one who called her parents?”

Chen Nianqing: “You could say that. Her parents came with me when they found out that I wanted to see the competition.”

Lu Wan looked at the other person meaningfully. “Honestly, do you like her?”

Although she asked, she was already sure.

“Why would you think so?”

Lu Wan was still immersed in the ecstasy of ‘discovering a secret’.

“If you don’t like her, why would you come to see her today ah? Don’t be embarrassed, Brother. If you like someone, you must fight for them! You are so handsome, you have good grades, and you are excellent in every aspect. There’s no girl who wouldn’t like you. So don’t worry and go after her ba.”

As long as that two people got together with someone, then they would let her be.

With a smile on his lips, Chen Nianqing asked while stressing each word, “Do you really think I’m excellent in every aspect? No girl would dislike me?”

Lu Wan patted her chest to reassure the other side and continued to apply eye drops[9]try to gain advantage from someone; to go to the boss and tell tales. “Of course! Even I could hardly control myself and nearly yielded to such a good guy. It’s a pity you already have a girl you like. You and Su Rao are a perfect match!”

The school grass and the school flower were a match made in heaven. I look forward to the two of you being together!

So hurry up ba! If you’re a man, don’t hesitate any longer!

Chen Nianqing carefully thought for two seconds, “Then you don’t have to feel regretful.”

Lu Wan: “??”

Chen Nianqing: “Su Rao is my cousin[10]younger female cousin.”

Lu Wan was confused, subconsciously suspecting that she was having auditory hallucination.

Chen Nianqing: “We are cousins. You should stop about this nonsense in the future.”

“Ah? You aren’t lying to me, are you?”

Wasn’t this twist too big ba?!

Chen Nianqing: “I came to watch my sister’s competition, so I asked my aunt[11]father’s sister and uncle[12]uncle-in-law to accompany me. This is normal.”

Some students in the school knew that they were cousins, but not many.

This was also not something that everyone needed to know.

Lu Wan: “You’re really not kidding?”

Does it look like this little friend have a lot of question marks? No, this Little Friend have a lot of ‘what the f*ck’!

How could this be possible? No one told her that the school flower and school grass were actually cousins?!

……Then your family’s genes were very good.


1 a person who have no intention of doing anything
2 short for ‘green plums and bamboo horse’ meaning childhood sweethearts
3 displaying affection
4 giver/top
5 taker/bottom
6 It’s real
7 an inconsiderate man
8 that kind, doting smile that appears on some older fan girls or fan aunties faces when they see someone or something they like
9 try to gain advantage from someone; to go to the boss and tell tales
10 younger female cousin
11 father’s sister
12 uncle-in-law


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