Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 34

Lu Wan also disliked the trouble. Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in her mind, so she wanted to find a shield.

After calming down, she felt that it was not practical and might make things more complicated.

Therefore, she simply gave up and considered waiting for the day when she was out of options before going with this plan.

Forget it. Maybe after a while, everything would be back to normal.


Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing made an appointment to meet after school today to return the latter’s Chinese papers.

Lu Wan stood in the corridor and saw the person coming towards her from a distance.

At this moment, the sun was setting in the west, and the person who came was against the light. His face was unclear, his body slender and the entire outline was covered with an orange glow.

Even though his face was a dark mass, Lu Wan still recognized the other party immediately. She handed over the paper. “Thank you.”

“You already thanked me yesterday.”

The student in front of her was mild-mannered and was very easy to talk to. Lu Wan skillfully changed the question, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” Chen Nianqing denied it flatly. He stared at the girl in front of him and seemed to asked casually, “What about you, do you have a boyfriend?”

Lu Wan shook her head. “Of course not. I’m still a high school student, so I won’t.”

“Then when can you have one?” Chen Nianqing’s tone was brisk, with a smile at the end.

Lu Wan thought about it seriously. “……At least eighteen years old. Right.”

Chen Nianqing: “Oh, then I’ll think about it when I’m nineteen. I’m one year older than you.”

Lu Wan’s expression was astonished. She was surprised the other party would say so, but she missed the crucial point.

She gingerly asked, “Have you heard things about me?”

Chen Nianqing commented objectively, “Your life is very colorful.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Now that the topic was already here, Lu Wan started to become emboldened once again. She looked at person and asked further, “Student Chen Nianqing, I heard that you’re being chased by a lot of people?”

“Ho. Is there no one eagerly chasing you?”

“No…… you’ve heard the rumors. Truthfully, I don’t know how this happened. But I was just about to say, can you do me a favor?” Lu Wan was a little tangled.

“What is it? Tell me.”

Lu Wan: “You have to let me chase you! No, it’s pretending to let me chase you! I’ll declare that you are my ideal type, and others will naturally retreat. After all, you’re exceptional. Extremely exceptional!”

When Chen Nianqing heard the first half of the sentence, his heart skipped a beat. Before realizing what she’s trying to say after listening to the second half of the sentence.

……I see.

“Not if it’s like that. It’s pointless.” Chen Nianqing said quietly.

“Why not? Don’t you have no girlfriend for the time being?”

Chen Nianqing placed his right hand on Lu Wan’s shoulder and carefully looked into the other person’s eyes, “Feelings are a very serious matter for everyone. It’s nothing to play around with.”

“……Well, all right then. Just think I didn’t mention it.”

Lu Wan was somewhat disappointed, but on second thought, she also felt that her proposal was ridiculous.

Especially when as long as the other party said he wanted to have sweet love, those who would line up to compete could stretch from the teaching building to the school gate.

Although Chen Nianqing was a good cover, the other side had grounds to not cooperate with her lie.

This route wouldn’t work, so Lu Wan didn’t bother about it anymore. She waved goodbye to Schoolmate Chen, turned and walked towards the school gate.

Chen Nianqing remained motionlessly standing at the corridor. He looked down from an elevated position at the girl who was walking far away from him.

His eyes followed her silhouette until Lu Wan walked out of his sight before he took them back.


Lu Wan really underestimated the vitality of young people.

Forget about Xu Yao who had an IQ of a three-year-old. He’s completely uncontrollable, and she could only use violence to suppress him occasionally.

That guy’s catchphrase was rapidly becoming “Have you thought about getting a license in a few years with me today?”

Su Rao, who used to be more reserved, had became very proactive under the stimulation of Xu Yao. She would go to Class 4 looking for Lu Wan everyday.

There was also the melon-eating crowd watching on the excitement and couldn’t wait for things to grow bigger.

Xu Yao was supported by the boys from the basketball team, saying that he and Lu Wan were childhood sweethearts anyway, so they were destined for each other.

What was a childhood sweetheart? That’s definitely different from other people!

If they had this qualification, they would also do it. Besides, Lu Wan and Su Rao were both goddesses. At any rate, if Xu Yao got ahead, Goddess Su could still be single.

Su Rao’s friends and the girl students do not think so. The goddess naturally did everything right!

If they were as good as Su Rao, they would go after Lu Wan too. A goddess with another goddess were a perfect match! Why look for a big pig’s trotter?! This pair of cp was highly explosive!

The assists from both sides were mixed together so Lu Wan had a very chaotic week.

Actually, Lu Wan was vaguely aware in her heart that it was unlikely that Xu Yao really liked her.

The two of them had been brothers for so many years and had a mother-child relationship, so this sounded crazy to her.

A lot of times, men were more careful than women, but they would deliberately pretend to be magnanimous and secretly think about it in their hearts without telling anyone.

In the past, Lu Wan was busy studying for some time and got close to a boy with good grades from her class. She accidentally turned down Xu Yao’s invitations several few times.

The other party had a strange attitude at that time, and even took the initiative to avoid her.

Later, Lu Wan noticed that whenever she deliberately distanced herself from that boy, that’s when Xu Yao would return to normal.

As long as one was human, they would feel jealously. Not only for romantic love, but also friendship and familial love were no exception.

Xu Yao’s relationship with his two girlfriends were the same as playing games to him.

The others chased him so he agreed. After agreeing, he just ignored them and even lost his temper because the girls kept calling and sending text messages to disturb him.

Simply a scumbag.

Xu Yao used to jokingly told Lu Wan that he would not to find a wife in the future because it was too troublesome, and the two of them would just live together.

He even lamented that it would be nice if Lu Wan was a girl. She could play games with him without talking so much. It was rather convenient.

At that time, Lu Wan told the other party to f*ck off.

Now, Lu Wan had sorted it out. Xu Yao had been very attached to her since childhood. Knowing that she was a girl, it might be possible that he’s thinking, ‘It’s perfect that you’re a girl. You can understand me playing games, and we’re in tune in everything. It can’t simply be more convenient’.

Otherwise, whenever someone chased a girl he was close to, he would open his mouth and say ‘we can get married’……

This idiot was really scary. It was probably because other students in the school gave him a sense of crisis. It’s unscrupulous to rely on two people’s familiarity.

Lu Wan scolded Xu Yao, this dirty dog away, and as soon as she turned her head, she saw Su Rao walking in.

Of course, this one couldn’t be scolded.

Su Rao smiled and said, “Lu Wan, I have a dance competition at the city’s Youth Center this Saturday. You can go see me compete. Shall we have a meal together when its over?”

Lu Wan: “……Can’t. I have an appointment that day.”

Su Rao was startled and asked, “Who do you have an appointment with?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Su Rao: “You promised me before that you’d go. I’m only available that afternoon.”

Lu Wan hesitated, “There’s no point…… This is unlike you.”

Su Rao’s voice was gentle, but her tone was firm, “No, this is me. If I didn’t take the initiative, I will lose, and I will regret it.”

Lu Wan: “You weren’t like this before. You are different from Xu Yao.”

“I know, but I must do this. Compared with him, I am already quite reserved.”

Su Rao grew up being that ‘someone else’s child’[1]refers to the child your parents likes to compare you with because they were excellent in many aspects, especially in the academic performance, and has attracted the attention of all the parents and peers around her. She had never let her parents worry about any of her things.

But now that she’s been provoked by Xu Yao, she understood that she was too low-key.

She’d be upset if she lost. Obviously, that all-brawn-guy does not meet Lu Wan’s goal for a future partner.

Lu Wan: “Why are you comparing yourself to him? You’re just perfect.”

Su Rao: “I know I’m great. I can win the best debater in a whole crowd, the first prize in dancing and even the speech competition. The only exception is ranking second place in the exams. I can do my best in everything. Since I like someone, of course I will fight for them.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Why does it sounded more and more crooked? What’s more, Lu Wan didn’t know where to start refuting her.

The person who used to be sweet, suddenly became tough.

Su Rao: “My competition is on Saturday. I have to take Horseback Riding and French lessons on Sunday, so I only have time to meet you on that day. Since you agreed before, I’ll see you there.”

Lu Wan: “……”

“I originally planned to finish second year of high school and go abroad to study in advance. Think about whether you want to go with me or whether I’ll stay here to accompany you. Honestly, anything will do. We can be best friends forever.”

Lu Wan: “……”

No, Elder Sister, aren’t you being too proactive ba?

“Then I’ll go first. See you on Saturday.”

After Su Rao left, Xu Yao took the opportunity to come up and said, “You won’t marry me, but I can help cover for you. You just need to say that you are with me and Su Rao won’t come and find you again.”

Lu Wan: “……”

F*cking help cover for me. You want to die quickly, so you aren’t afraid that I will beat you?

Xu Yao: “If you’re with me, I’ll let you be. You can do whatever you want.”


Lu Wan initially thought that everything would be fine after a couple of days, but she soon saw that it was only getting worse and worse……

Although it had only been a short time since Xu Yao transferred school, many students like the strong muscular man type, so they cheered him on.

Let alone Su Rao.

Lu Wan thought it was absurd to look for a cover but she saw that these two people were gradually getting out of control.

No good…… She still had to persuade Chen Nianqing to help her.

This was the most efficient way.

As long as she had someone she like, those two students who inexplicably started battling one another would naturally give up.


Chen Nianqing saw Lu Wan standing at the corridor and asked, “Are you looking for me?”

Lu Wan eagerly nodded before pulling the other person. “Come with me. I have something to say to you.”

“Brother, it’s a Jianghu emergency. As long as you do me this big favor, you can call me whenever you need later. It’s a fair deal.”

Chen Nianqing carefully considered about it for two seconds before slowly saying, “But I don’t have anything to ask your help with ah.”

“There’s nothing now, but maybe there will be in the future! Everyone should help each other!”

Chen Nianqing raised his index finger and lightly tapped Lu Wan’s forehead.

“Aren’t you messing around? I told you that it’s not advisable. Moreover, if you say that you are chasing me, will they give up on the idea? Certainly not.”

Lu Wan: “Isn’t that possible? Ah?”

“Unless you say that we are in a relationship and I’m your boyfriend. They may give up because of moral and other considerations. Do you get it?”

Chen Nianqing’s voice was light, but inexplicably persuasive.

Lu Wan felt conflicted for two seconds before letting go and making a quick decision.

“Well then, just tell others that we are together.”

Chen Nianqing shook his head. “I’m just making an example, but I didn’t say I’m agreeing. This sounds unreliable. Don’t be impulsive.”

“Can you do me this favor, please? Big Brother!”

Chen Nianqing remained unmoved and was very firm. “Stop fooling around.”

The more the other party refused, the more Lu Wan’s hesitation lessened and  felt that Schoolmate Chen was an honorable person!

“Look, you don’t have a girlfriend anyway, so help me. You can also experience…… what it’s like having a girlfriend? It’s like your name, Start Young[2]also Chen Nianqing but with different characters! Some things have to be done while you’re still young!”

“Nonsense. How can you randomly change my name? Repeat after me, it’s Chen Nianqing[3]Chen is a surname and Nianqing means miss you.” The boy said sternly.

Lu Wan couldn’t help being infected by the other party. “Chen Nianqing.”

“Chen Nianqing.” The boy repeated.

“Chen Nianqing.”

The boy’s eyes were serious and the corners of his lips held a smile, “My mother’s nickname is Qingqing[4]gentle. Chen Nianqing. This is where my father took it from, and the name has that meaning[5]like Chen Misses Qing? (゚´Д`゚)゚.”

“The men in my family take their feelings very seriously. My parents have always had a good relationship, and my grandparents rarely have disputes. They must see each other every day.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, I see. I apologize.”

Chen Nianqing: “I cannot oblige you nor help you out.”

Lu Wan’s head drooped.

This matter, she couldn’t put a knife on the other side’s neck and say: You pretend to be my boyfriend.

If she could do this, it would be much simpler.

Chen Nianqing saw the dejected appearance of the other person and couldn’t help putting his hand on her head.

“I want you to really think about it.”


After Lu Wan left, Chen Nianqing looked at the hand that touched the other person’s head just now.

Fortunately, the other person didn’t ask again. It required a lot of concentration on his part to hold himself back.


1 refers to the child your parents likes to compare you with because they were excellent in many aspects, especially in the academic performance
2 also Chen Nianqing but with different characters
3 Chen is a surname and Nianqing means miss you
4 gentle
5 like Chen Misses Qing? (゚´Д`゚)゚


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