Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 33

Su Rao pushed the hair on her forehead behind her ears and her cheeks turned into a natural blush.

“You’re way of praising people is very unique, but…… is that a compliment for me?”

Lu Wan: “Of course. I always think Snow White is very beautiful, mm, the fairest of them all.”

In the cartoons she watched when she was a child, Snow White’s skin was as white as snow, lips red as rose, hair black as ebony and wore a red hairband.

She’s simply beautiful everywhere.

This was what beauty was in her heart. For a long time, Lu Wan thought that Snow White was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Su Rao lowered her eyes, then raised her head to look at Lu Wan brightly. “Thank you for the compliment.”

The surrounding male students gasped. Today’s goddess seemed to have added a buff. Her charm was completely irresistible.

That smile was towards Lu Wan. If changed into themselves…… they would have covered their chests and faint with happiness ba!

This was a real princess; beautiful and sweet, with an equally attractive personality.

As long as she spoke, it seemed that no matter what request she made, one couldn’t say no.

They could really bend over their backs for her and give all of her demands, although the goddess would not ask for it at all.


When the Skateboard Club arrived at the stadium, it started to get lively.

This kind of sugar painting, most of the students saw that it as new, and it immediately stood out in the crowd of stalls.

Coupled with Su Rao standing on the side, it doubled the attraction.

In less than 20 minutes, there was already a dense crowd in front of the Skateboard Club’s booth.

The supply failed to meet the demand and a queue already started to form.

While the customers were waiting, Xu Yao took the opportunity to start selling his product.

After all, what he was selling could be sold as long as the bamboo sticks were stirred and twisted. Many students would buy one on the way as they were waiting.

A unit price of five yuan was not expensive, but this small bucket could be twisted hundreds of times with bamboo sticks, and it could sell for at least four thousand yuan.

This could be described as profiteering.

Xu Yao had to sigh. Lu Wan was simply a money-making genius!

Considering that Lu Wan was not a professional sugar painter, she could only draw some simple patterns, but it was enough for such an occasion like this. The sushi made by other stalls was also very amateurish.

At the beginning, she was still stumbling a little and her movement wasn’t fluid.

It took more than ten minutes to draw the first one, but after the fifth time, it became faster.

Students who left with the sugar paintings attracted new customers.

Throughout the morning, the business of other club stalls were deserted, but the Skateboard Club was full of people.

Later, the owners of the nearby stalls simply came to see the excitement.

Many students also took out their mobile phones to search and signed up for a weekend training course of sugar painting to get the same skill as the goddess!

In recent years, some rare hobby classes had appeared in the city including many traditional skills such as pottery and sculpture.

Although few people go to learn, there were some who were interested.

The students in the school were full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. It was not uncommon to know how to play musical instruments, golf, and horseback riding. However, there was no sugar painting like Lu Wan’s, so everyone found it refreshing.

Xu Yao: “President Lu, I just heard someone from another club say that after learning sugar painting, they will set up a stall to sell this next year.”

Song Qianqian couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “What the heck? They are too despicable. They’re actually planning to plagiarize our idea!”

Lu Wan was completely calm. “It doesn’t matter. Next year we will sell Chinese crepes[1]a traditional Chinese street food similar to crêpes and is generally eaten for breakfast; a savory Chinese pancake instead.”

Her adoptive mother had been selling Chinese crepes at the school gate for several years and she placed them on for those two hours when the students were on their way to school every day.

Lu Wan didn’t dare to talk big, but she could do it better than 60% of the other street stalls that sold them.

Tang Tang, the president of the Skateboard Club, laughed and couldn’t help but ask, “Lu Wan, are you serious? You can also make Chinese crepe?”

“The tools for making Chinese crepe is a bit troublesome. We’ll see it then. Isn’t it still next year?”

Lu Wan’s hands kept moving, making sugar paintings with a serious expression.

The onlookers also watched with relish.

They didn’t know whether it was because they were watching how the sugar painting was being made, or it was because of the person drawing it.

Lu Wan’s hands had distinct knuckles and slender fingers, which was unalike a girl’s fleshy or slender and supple style. It was different and was one size larger.

But they’re also nice looking.

Tang Tang held back for more than ten seconds and couldn’t help asking again, “You’re a young lady. How can you have so many bizarre talents ah?”

There was carpentry, there was sugar painting…… and there’s also Chinese crepe? These were all deeply unfashionable.

Lu Wan: “It’s all very good ah, and I can also make money.”

What other students saw as talents, she saw as livelihood skills.

Lu Wan had thought about it. If her grades were not good, she could find a lively and bustling area in the future, and she could support herself by selling Chinese crepes every morning and evening.

Heaven always leaves a person a way out. This kind of small business was cumbersome, but the income was very considerable.

When it was almost the noon break, Lu Wan stood up and said loudly to the dozen or so students who were still waiting in line, “Business is closed during the lunch break. Come back in the afternoon ba. I’ll treat you to a maltose candy as compensation. I apologize.”

When they heard the boss invited them to a candy, the students who was originally grumbling about the closing of the business were relieved.

They all took the candy and left happily.

“It’s still President Lu who knows how to do business.”

“You’re overpraising me.”

Lu Wan was packing up her tools and mentally calculating the morning’s income when the light in front of her suddenly dimmed.

She looked up and saw Chen Nianqing.

“It seems that the stall is already closed. I was late.” Chen Nianqing said.

Lu Wan smiled. “It’s closed, but we are friends. I can make an extra one for you without charge.”

“Oh. Please.”

Lu Wan: “No need for a rotating tray. You can just tell me the pattern you want, I ‘ll do it. Thank you for lending me your test papers last time.”

Chen Nianqing: “You can do anything.”

Lu Wan was praised a lot by customers in the morning, and she was now feeling somewhat elated, so she decided to challenge the difficult ones.

She’d drew a flying dragon for the other party.

Chen Nianqing bowed slightly and watched the other person scoop up the melted sugar with a spoon and pour it back and forth on the oiled stainless steel plate.

The girl’s expression was serious, and she was fully focused on completing the task.

Ten minutes later…… Lu Wan handed over the sugar painting affixed with a bamboo stick.

“You could probably tell that this is a dragon, right?”

Chen Nianqing took it, and said in a light voice, “It’s likelife. Just a little overweight.”

Lu Wan: “.…..”

Fail. Sure enough, no matter how you look at it, it resembles a caterpillar.

Chen Nianqing bit the sugar painting gently. “Very sweet.”

Lu Wan: “This is a little sweet, but it’s okay to eat it occasionally.”

Chen Nianqing smiled and said nothing.

It’s not the candy that is very sweet, it’s you.

The students who had not yet left all looked over.

What’s happening here? The school grass also came to buy sugar painting?

The Skateboard Club really stole the show this year.

Everyone was determined in their hearts to make sure to get this skill.

In the next few months, the number of applicants for the sugar painting amateur training class in the city has doubled several times than before.

At this moment, Chen Nianqing was full of playfulness while holding a sugar painting in his hand and he does not look as cold as usual.

It rather made him more attractive, and passersby could hardly move their eyes away.

Xu Yao’s eyes looked back and forth between the two people, frowned and urged, “Lu Wan, hurry up ah. Everyone else is waiting. Didn’t you say the club is having lunch together.”

Lu Wan quickly packed up her things and acknowledged Chen Nianqing again.

“I’m leaving. You can stroll around slowly ah.”


Xu Yao and Lu Wan had walked side by side for seven or eight meters when he looked back at that guy standing in place.

How come this little white face showed up?

He felt a huge sense of threat.

“Hey, Lu Wan, you won’t be so tasteless and take a fancy to that guy, won’t you?” Xu Yao asked suspiciously.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Have you taken your medicine?”

“Oh…… I’ll take it later.” He breathed a sigh of relief.


It was not until the backs of Lu Wan and Xu Yao disappeared around the corner that Zhao Yan retracted her gaze.

Today, the Drama Club was robbed of all the attention by the Skateboard Club, and she was much worse in everything when compared to Lu Wan.

Zhao Yan’s mood was very complicated.

Because of the Zhao family, the two-year-old Lu Wan was lost, and they decided to compensate another daughter to make up for it.

Too bad Third Miss Zhao scolded them for being too absurd and refused right away.

Zhao Yan, who was rejected, was adopted by the oldest son of the Zhao family.

People from the Zhao family wanted to visit Third Miss Zhao during the Chinese New Year, but they were all turned away, except for Zhao Yan, who was only a few years old.

Zhao Jianing and Lu Bainian saw that this child was only a few years old, about the same age as Shushu. They were heartbroken but couldn’t bear to be too harsh.

They would still give a red envelope for the New Year, and would not drive the little girl away and let her stay for a half a day.

Zhao Yan had been to the Lu’s house several times, and she saw the room prepared for Lu Wan.

Even if Lu Wan was lost, there was still her room at home.

Zhao Yan wanted to live in that house very much and used to fantasized about how nice it would be if her aunt and uncle were her parents.

The couple seemed very amicable, but her adoptive parents were harsh and mentally deranged. Only she knew how much grievances she was suffering in private.

Zhao Yan had always envied Lu Wan, but she did not expect that ‘that’ beautiful and gentle uncle was actually Lu Jinye’s younger brother.

Lu Wan turned into the Young Miss of the Lu family in an instant.

It wasn’t just her that found it unexpected. The Zhao family’s eyes were completely red. After all, it was the poor son-in-law whom they disdained.

There was no chance to curry favor with him now.

Zhao Yan had mixed feelings in her heart. She relied on the identity of Lu Buyu’s ‘sister’ to gather many friends around her.

Lu Wan didn’t intend to talk about her relationship with Lu Buyu, but even so, she still attracted much attention.

Now, her adoptive parents wanted her to please Lu Wan and take her home as a guest.

But such simple sentence was easier said than done.


It was only three o’clock in the afternoon when Lu Wan’s stock of sugar had run out.

It couldn’t be helped. She could only close the stall in advance.

The Skateboard Club no longer dominated, and the stalls next to it gradually had sales.

Lu Wan was done with her work and was ready to look around and join in the fun.

Xu Yao saw that the other person was leaving so he quickly handed the small bucket in his hand to the person next to him and hurriedly followed.

“Hey, Lu Wan, have you thought about what I said last time?”

Lu Wan: “Said what? Your game has been upgraded?”

“It’s about how I like you ah!”

Lu Wan stopped walking, turned her face sideways and said, “Son, you liking me is equivalent to incest.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Damn incest.

Xu Yao demonstrated great determination this time. He stopped the person. “I’m serious! Although I have had two girlfriends, but you know that doesn’t count. I’m still a virgin now! I think we are very suitable. How about getting a marriage certificate when you reach the legal age in a few years? I’m already prepared.”

“If you talk to other girls like this, you’ll be treated as a rogue.”

Xu Yao: “It’s not someone else, it’s you. You know me. I’m being serious!”

Lu Wan: “Don’t be ridiculous. What are you thinking about all day? Just because you wanted to, you like us to get married? Do you think that’s reasonable?”

Moreover, they we’re only seventeen. Marriage my foot.

Xu Yao still wanted to explain himself, but was unexpectedly interrupted.

Su Rao had been following behind Lu Wan, and she had also heard the conversation between the two just now.

She knew that Lu Wan and Xu Yao had known each other for many years, and they must have a deep bond.

But when she heard Xu Yao said he wanted to marry Lu Wan, Su Rao was surprised. Then she thought, ‘this guy dared to say so’, and she felt that she could talk about it too.

Su Rao asked in a low voice, “Not interrupting, am I? Lu Wan…… do you have a minute? I have something to tell you.”

Lu Wan wanted to get away more than anything, so she hurriedly nodded. “Yes. Let’s go and talk while we walk.”

She looked back and instructed Xu Yao not to follow. If he really had nothing better to do, he could just look around and find something to eat.

When you’re full and your mind is clear, you will not talk nonsense.

Lu Wan and Su Rao stepped along the running tracks heading outside the stadium.

Su Rao: “A lot of students are looking at you.”

Lu Wan: “Not true. I think they’re looking at you.”

Su Rao smiled. After the two walked a few dozen meters side by side, she opened her lips and said, “Although I am rewarded a ‘Free Dress Day’ every month, I don’t want to be special, so I still wear school uniforms.”

Lu Wan: “I know. You are very low-key.”

Su Rao: “My mother and I have always had a good relationship, and we usually talk about everything. This morning, she saw me wearing this dress and asked me if I like someone so I suddenly decided to dress up.”

Lu Wan: “Your family have a very good relationship ah. No wonder you’re such a good-natured person.”

She didn’t know much about how normal girl thinks.

Su Rao: “I said at that time that there was someone I like very much and she said it’s great. She wanted to see the person’s photo.”

Lu Wan followed the other party’s words and asked, “Oh, did you show her?”

Su Rao shook her head. She hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “I told her that it’s a girl.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Su Rao smiled and added, “My mother told me that girls are lovelier and that she needed to see many pictures.”

Lu Wan: “……”

No matter how slow she was, she still kinda panicked.

Su Rao halted. She had a resolute personality. Ever since she found out that Lu Wan was a girl, she had been struggling for half a month.

Hearing what Xu Yao said earlier, she now instead became very determined.

It belonged to a girl’s competitiveness. She might not lose! After all, the opposite party was totally at odds with Lu Wan’s type.

“So student Lu Wan, can you give me some pictures of you?”


Lu Wan was completely lost. To be honest, a lot of little girls used to confess to her in the past, but that was totally different.

After all, everyone thought she was a boy.

The afternoon light was soft and Su Rao standing in the sun looked like a fairy.

She’s really perfect, very nice, and there’s nothing bad about her.

But they were friends ah.

Lu Wan couldn’t wrap her head around this yet when Xu Yao rushed out from behind.

He grabbed Lu Wan’s arm and pulled the other person without any warning.

Xu Yao hadn’t finished what he wanted to say a moment ago, so he thought of following the two of people and continue the conversation after Su Rao left.

Fortunately he’s here!

He really misjudged Su Rao! He thought this girl was an honest person! He actually invited her to ride the tricycle last time!

He greatly regretted it!

Xu Yao’s expression was grim. “Tell me the truth, do you like big chest or big pecs now?”

Lu Wan: “Are you nuts?”

Xu Yao: “I knew you definitely don’t like big breasts. After all, you don’t have them yourself. Let me tell you, that girl just now is a person who do big things in silence, don’t pay attention to her, she will latch onto you.”


“By the way, I have another thing to tell you. I’m afraid you think I’m not motivated, so I started doing sports. In this way, even if I get less points in the college entrance examination, I wouldn’t fail to enter the school next to yours.”

Lu Wan thought about this and said, “That’s good ah.”

Xu Yao: “That’s why you should choose me even more. I have made such great progress and you’ve seen my determination.”

“Only, your progress should be for yourself.”

Xu Yao stopped and earnestly looked at Lu Wan, “Then let me ask you, between me and Su Rao, who do you think is better? Who will you choose?”

“Are you nuts or what? I’m choosing no one. Why should I choose?”

Xu Yao mused, “Wait…… you don’t like Jiang Boyang, do you? After all, you had a lot of contact with him. There’s no guarantee that your brain won’t be smeared by sh*t and can’t think things clearly.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Seeing the other party’s silence, Xu Yao tensed up. “Do you really like him? I’ll go beat him up now so you can see how his battered face looks like.”

“Don’t be crazy. Forget it, I’m too lazy to talk you. I’m going back.”

Lu Wan’s mind was in a mess. This was beyond the scope of what she could manage.

She decided to just ignore it.

When she got home and put down her bag, she saw two missed calls on her phone screen.

Haley called.

Lu Wan opened WeChat and saw the message from Haley.

After she left, Xu Yao and Jiang Boyang run into one other. Neither of them spoke too politely and almost got into a fight.

Good thing the teacher came quickly so the situation did not escalate.

This was not the most important thing. He had no idea who spread the comment saying that Xu Yao was unreconciled because Lu Wan likes Jiang Boyang, and that’s why he was giving him trouble.

Jiang Boyang talked tough at that time: Of course Lu Wan likes me. The engagement can be cancelled but it can also be restored.

Now it had spread everywhere that Lu Wan likes Jiang Boyang…… At first, many people expressed disbelief. After all, the two were on opposing sides.

But the rumors were becoming more and more detailed, and many students said that the possibility of a ‘love-hate relationship’ cannot be ruled out.

Thankfully, Su Rao, who had a good relationship with Lu Wan and was also from the same club, helped to clarify, which prevented the rumors from growing.

After all, Su Rao was a goddess and her words carried a lot of weight.

Her exact words: Lu Wan said that she likes those with good grades. There are only two people in the whole grade who did better than her. The wise will not listen to rumors.

After reading it, Lu Wan sent a series of question marks over.

Haley sighed and give President Lu a reply.

【Haley: After raising Gu[2]poison made with poisonous insects for so long, it has eventually backfired. So who exactly will you choose?】

【Full stop: I choose to study since I’m just a high school student. I’m still a child.】

【Haley: There’s no such thing as a 177cm child…… There is no conflict between studying and dating. Many families form alliances and get their children engage in college.】

【Full stop: ……】

【Haley: Then I’ll have fun watching later.】

【Full stop: Roll.】

Lu Wan closed the chat window with Haley.

Looking through the page, she found that many students sent messages to ask about her.

Both Su Rao and Xu Yao sent her a message.

【Su Rao: Student Lu Wan, you said that you like those whose grades are better than yours. Jiang Boyang and Xu Yao do not meet this requirement.】

【Xu Yao: Since you don’t like Jiang Boyang, why don’t you give me a try? Maybe we are suitable. After all, we know everything about each other!】

There were more than a dozen messages below. Lu Wan was too lazy to read them. If it was changed into a normal girl, they would have considered this as harassment.

Lu Wan push aside Su Rao’s message and deleted Xu Yao, who was still sending messages, on her friend list.

She opened the friend request page.

【I heard that you like me? Its Jiang Boyang…… We can talk in chat.】

Talk about this f*ckin *ss. Lu Wan directly rejected the other party’s request.

What the hell was this again? She didn’t want to talk. She only wanted to blow the other party’s dog head off.

Lu Wan put down the cell phone, did two comprehensive examination papers in a row, and finally calmed down.


Lu Wan arrived at the classroom the next day. The male student in front of her seat turned his head and asked gingerly, “Do you like Jiang Boyang?”

Lu Wan: “No.”

“Then who do you like?”

Lu Wan took an apple out of her schoolbag, broke it in half with her bare hands and smilingly asked, “Do you eat apples?”

The male student in the front seat trembled, sat up straight, and ended this life-and-death talk with great discernment.

Haley asked while looking in a mirror, “Have you thought about it?”

Lu Wan: “I don’t need to think about anything. Falling in love at an early age isn’t right.”

Haley shrugged. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

There were many young love at school. As long as it was not excessive and does not affect the students studies and their life, the teachers wouldn’t interfere.

What’s more, the teachers were also secretly nudging each other while eating melons. ‘The pig from your class had eaten the cabbage from his class’[3]the couple was not a good match; it compares a great lady as a cabbage, and a bad man as a pig/boar.

But the teachers were always lagging behind the news. Perhaps the pig had already changed into few other cabbages before the cabbage looked for the pig again, but they would still thought that the cabbage and the pig were just as before.

Haley’s crow mouth[4]jinx worked.

After only half a day, Lu Wan realized that something was wrong.

Xu Yao would ran to the back of the class whenever he’s free. At noon, Su Rao came with them to the cafeteria and said she had two tickets for a musical concert, and asked her if she wanted to go.

Lu Wan didn’t want anything other than to study.

Jiang Boyang deliberately wobbled past the Class 4’s corridor twice…… and glanced inadvertently or otherwise on her direction.

This route was really out of the way from his class. And this kind of behavior was extremely bewildering.

Jiang Boyang was actually also conflicted. He still didn’t like Lu Wan, but thinking of his mother’s words…… If marriage with the other party could be advantageous, he could endure it.

Besides, Lu Wan…… was not too annoying. She simply had a bad temper. It would be fine if she change it.

Lu Wan looked at the Pie Chart outside the window, contemplated about it and asked, “If I beat him up now, can I make those sh*tty rumors go away?”

Haley: “I don’t think so. You can’t beat him up to the hospital, right? Plus what if he gets hurt and blame you? What would you do if he wanted you to take responsibility?”

Lu Wan: “.…..Makes sense.”

She’d better not get involved with anyone.

Haley: “The main thing is that you don’t have anyone you like.”

Lu Wan: “What do you mean?”

“You can control the heaven and the earth, but you can’t control others liking you ba. It’s just…… if you have someone you like, it’ll definitely be different. You’re unattached now and everyone will naturally fight for you.”

After a pause, Haley added, “Furthermore, your relationship with Su Rao is also good. You can’t bear to say something extreme and make her get lost. Su Rao is indeed excellent. As for that stupid straight man, it’s no use talking to him. He’s a little too optimistic.”

It seemed that Su Rao and Xu Yao both had willpower, and they were evenly matched, so they suddenly began to ‘battle’.

Lu Wan: “……Are you saying they will restrain themselves when they know that I have someone I like?”

Haley was amazed. He did not expect the other party to understand right away. He whistled. “You’re right to say that, but don’t try to point at someone. It looks fake at first glance and it will only turn bad when the time comes.”

Lu Wan looked at Haley, considering the feasibility of this method.

Haley glanced at the other party staring at him, and smiled a little embarrassedly. “Actually, I can do it. But President Lu, I am saying it now, if we pretended to be together, I can’t guarantee not to give you a green hat[5]to cuckold another person…… Can you accept it ba?”

Lu Wan: “……I didn’t mean you.”

Haley breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good. After all, I’m too rambunctious. I’m afraid I won’t be able to convince them.”

And he’s very afraid of getting involved. If that time comes, this cute red panda would suffer a lot.

When the two were talking, Lu Wan’s phone vibrated.

Lu Wan picked it up and glanced absently. Chen Nianqing sent her a text message.

It was different from other people eating melons.

Chen Nianqing was asking her not to leave the classroom this afternoon. He wanted to come and get his Chinese test papers back.

Lu Wan looked at the other party’s good-looking paper she still hadn’t returned the whole time.

Although hers was fine, she was sometimes careless, and the surface was not as neat as the other party’s.

Lu Wan stared at Chen Nianqing’s profile picture. This schoolmate was a breath of fresh air among the other guys who were eating melons!

Lu Wan raised her head and said in a lowered voice, “What do you think of…… Chen Nianqing? He has better grades than Su Rao and is very enthusiastic. What if I said I like him? Can I pretend to go after him? Get him to cooperate with me?”

Haley: “……”

President Lu, why do you think Chen Nianqing is very enthusiastic?

What exactly made you have this misconception?

Haley: “President Lu, the first time I saw you, I knew you were not an ordinary person, but you are too daring ba! Idol!”

Lu Wan: “Right! The more I think about it, the more I think it’s possible. As long as that brother is willing to help me!”

Haley: “No. Chen Nianqing can hold the field, but you should know that as long as prince charming says that he wants to have sweet love, students will form a line from the teaching building until the school gate.”

Lu Wan: ” You’re exaggerating. There aren’t so many girls in our school.”

Haley sighed. “President Lu, do you think it will only be girls? Only from our school? Only students? Not to mention that even I want to stand in line and get a love number card. What if it was my turn? Even if it’s just pretend, it’s worth it. I’ll wake up laughing from the dream.”

Lu Wan: “Forget it. Maybe they will soon feel it’s meaningless, their eagerness will come down and stop approaching me.”

Haley: “……”

You’re really thinking too much.


1 a traditional Chinese street food similar to crêpes and is generally eaten for breakfast; a savory Chinese pancake
2 poison made with poisonous insects
3 the couple was not a good match; it compares a great lady as a cabbage, and a bad man as a pig/boar
4 jinx
5 to cuckold another person


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