Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 32

Lu Wan was refreshed. After wearing the bracelet for two classes, she felt that she was not used to it and took it off again.

It was inconvenient to do schoolwork with something on her wrist.

She put the bracelet away and sent Lu Buyu a WeChat message.


He replied in seconds and sent a row of bomb emojis.

A few seconds later, another row of emojis of a little person blacked by the explosion appeared.

Lu Wan: “???”

Hehe. This guy still needs to be beaten.

After the monthly exam, the atmosphere of the school relaxed.

This Wednesdays club day was more lively than usual.

Next week was the school festival and all major clubs were making preparations.

On the day of the festival, shows would be held during the day, stalls would also be set up to sell goods, and in the evening, there would be a party.

This was the once a year excitement that the students were all looking forward to.

In order to come out on top, the major clubs had begun preparing two months in advance.

Lu Wan pushed open the door and walked in. Several members of the Skateboard Club were working on the menu.

As proposed last time, they would set up a stall to sell sushi on the day of the festival.

It was not creative, but it’s easy to get started ah.

Haley yawned and said with a lack of interest, “I don’t think it’s very good. As far as I know, there are three clubs that are going to sell sushi. The competition is too fierce. You can’t just rely on President Lu and Su Rao to sell their looks to attract customers ba. Then you might as well sell their handshake coupons.”

A sushi stall was easy to operate, but it was difficult to make it standout.

As for the finished product of their club, it wouldn’t be hard to swallow at most.

Lu Wan hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “You can sell anything? The money we earned that day, can we take it? Or do we need to hand it in?”

“Of course you don’t need to hand it in. Do you have any good suggestions?” Club President Tang Tang scratched his head.

As soon as Lu Wan heard that she could take the money she earned, she immediately became interested.

“Since sushi is too common, why don’t we replace it with a scarce one?”

Song Qianqian said, “I thought about it too, but there’s no suitable one. How about selling butter cookies?”

Lu Wan: “No, that’s still too common. I think…… we can set up a stall to sell sugar painting. It’s fun.”

The members looked at one another. Sugar painting? What’s that?

Song Qianqian hurriedly replied, “Oh, I know that. I have learned about it in a related course.”

The other people gazed at each other in silence, then finally turned to Baidu for help and found out what sugar painting was.

It doesn’t seem too difficult.

Just a small pot to constantly heat the sugar and a spoon would do.

Use the spoon to scoop up the liquid sugar, paint on an oiled marble or a stainless steel board, and finally, after waiting for it to cool and when the shape was set, attached a wooden stick on it, then remove it from the working surface with a spatula.

The people in the video had a set of simple free-flowing style.

But it was obviously in line with ‘it looked like it will be a disaster as soon as you do it’!

Tang Tang: “Let’s find some students with art skills to practice. This is quite fresh.”

Xu Yao snapped his fingers. “No need. President Lu can make sugar painting!”

Around the Spring Festival, Lu Wan’s adoptive mother would set up a stall to sell sugar painting and business was always booming.

She would sometimes go to help out.

Lu Wan could only make simple small animals, people’s names, flowers and plants.

Her adoptive mother, who does not have a high level of education, could make phoenixes and flying dragons with complex patterns and three-dimensional sugar paintings of flower baskets……

But the sugar paintings were only bought by children on Spring Festival and her adoptive mother usually sold something else.

Lu Wan’s adoptive mother could make a lot of things and she would set up stalls all year round. There weren’t many people coming in their small county town. Only with good taste and repeat customers could she make money.

That woman was willing to endure hardships. She wanted to save money at the beginning and buy a son back…… but her husband spent too much ‘buying chickens’, so she failed to do so.

Song Qianqian: “President Lu, you are too powerful ba.”

Xu Yao: “Drawing sugar with a spoon is nothing. President Lu is very good at cooking. She can toss spoon and dance while grilling—”

“Shut your mouth. That’s enough.” Lu Wan interrupted the other party’s words.

Why the f*ck are you going through my dark past?!

Xu Yao shrugged. It was too bad that Lu Wan rarely cooked a proper meal, saying that it was time-consuming, and often dismissed him with an egg fried rice.

Haley grasped the point. “What dancing while grilling?”

Lu Wan: “It’s nothing.”

She didn’t knew why, there was a time when it was suddenly popular for stores to interact with customers. Whether it was pulling noodles by hand or stir-frying, one should dance while doing it, so as to attract customers.

When the owner of the barbecue joint proposed it, Lu Wan refused. Wasn’t that too tacky ba?

If she was seen by her classmates, wouldn’t she lose face?

Even if he increased her salary by half, she had a bottom line!

The owner tripled her salary. Lu Wan happily put on her sunglasses and began to stand by the entrance with a few colleagues while swinging their hips and grilling meat.…..

She had an outstanding appearance, a good figure, and an exceptional rhythm when she dance. She truly brought in many customers.

The boss’s salary was not in vain.

A young man who had fought with Lu Wan before and was later arrested for stealing, was sent into a juvenile detention center. On the first day of his release, he saw Lu Wan, who had fought so fiercely with them…… had became an energetic boy.

It instantly made him questioned the world.

It had only been more than two years but even the school tyrant had turned out like this?

The young man gave up his plan to go back to his old business, and at the same time passed up the entire street to go to an electric car battery shop, deciding to learn a decent craft.

So as not to be reduced to……

After a simple discussion, the others also expressed that Lu Wan’s suggestion was good.

“I’m ok with it.”

“It will definitely be a big hit this time.”

“President Lu will take us to fly[1]game lingo meaning ‘carry me to win’.”

Coming out of the Skateboard Club, Lu Wan said with a smile, “I’m going to make a fortune this time. I’ll sell sugar paintings for 25. If I can sell 300 of them, I’ll get seven to eight thousand.”

The cost was very low and it was basically pure profit.

More than ten years ago, her adoptive mother sold sugar paintings for only 2 yuan apiece and it had rose to 15 last year.

In this festival, the simplest sushi from other clubs sold for 15 per slice. Comparing the price for a whole one, Lu Wan felt that this pricing was very appropriate.

Xu Yao: “Uh…… Aren’t you rich now? Why are you still thinking about making money?”

Lu Wan: “No matter how rich I am, it won’t affect my desire to make money. By the way, when the time comes, you can sell maltose candy for five yuan apiece.”

Maltose candy was the same as sugar painting, the only difference was that the main material for the former was maltose.

After it was done, it was put in a small cup and a lot of sesame seeds would be sprinkled on top. It tasted delicious.

When selling it, you need to use two long bamboo sticks to pick it up and then twist it into a ball. It was a bit like a lollipop. Lu Wan only sold it for a few cents when she was a child. Last year, there were occasionally people selling it near the school. After the prise rose to 2 yuan, the business was very good.

In fact, the taste was very ordinary, and it does not meet the health needs of modern people for low sugar intake. However, those who had not seen one before could find it novel, and those who had seen it before could find it nostalgic.

Xu Yao: “You’re a real bloody genius!”

The Skateboard Club were lamenting the number of other clubs Lu Wan would give her suggestions to.

This fellow was quite good, though her mind was full of making money, ripping off people…… and how to be a happy profiteer.

When they reached the school gate, Xu Yao stopped and said, “Go back first. I still have something to do.”

“School is over, what else do you have to do?”

Xu Yao: “I’m not telling you. You’ll know later.”

“Then I’m off.” Lu Wan waved goodbye without bothering to ask again.

“That—, actually, I like you.” Seeing the other person take two steps away, Xu Yao suddenly couldn’t hold back.

Lu Wan turned around and asked, “Do you…… have an Oedipus complex[2]an unconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex and wish to exclude the parent of the same sex; a term originally applied to boys?”

Xu Yao: “……”

The heck was Oedipus?

Lu Wan felt like she was Xu Yao’s mother; It has to be the mother, not his father.

After all, fathers don’t take care of children like this.

Friends around them also jested that Lu Wan was Xu Yao’s mother.

When the two people were together, Lu Wan was the one who do the cooking, Lu Wan was the one who makes the decisions, and Lu Wan was the one who does all the work.

“Are you trying to take advantage of me? Do you want to rely on me to do everything?” Lu Wan asked.

Xu Yao: “……”

It’s not like that! Damn it!


Xu Yao waited for the other person’s back to disappear before turning around and walking back to the school.

He walked to the stadium. Under the sunset, there were several tall boys running hard on the field.

This was the sports team.

Xu Yao directly went to the coach standing on the side. After halting, he said straight to the point, “Coach, I want to play basketball. I want to do sports.”

“Have you made up your mind?” The coach looked at the student in front of him. When this transfer student played basketball last week, he thought he was a good seedling.

Both his physique and stamina were very good. The key was that his academic performance were not outstanding and he could completely take the sports route to enter college.

It’s just that when he proposed it at that time, the other party refused. He only said that the other party could join the basketball team even if he didn’t do sports.

He asked Xu Yao to think about it for a week before giving an answer, but he didn’t expect that he would really changed his mind.

Xu Yao was not as tall as Lu Wan back in junior high. But he had grown three centimeters in the summer vacation of the year of the final exam, and had grown another ten centimeters at the first year of high school.

He was too fat when he was a child, and after losing weight, he had a habit of working out to keep in shape.

There were only six sports students in the entire school and they were all very outstanding. Even if Xu Yao was not systematically trained, his scores in many matches were higher than two of the students. He had great potential.

Xu Yao: “Yeah. I’ve decided.”

Honestly, so far, he hadn’t figured out what to do in the future. He’ll set a goal first and think about whether he could finish it or not.

He couldn’t always muck about.

He had seen the map. Tsinghua and BSU[3]Beijing Sports University were very close.

It was next to each other on the map, and the actual distance was only a few kilometers, which could be reached by walking.


On the day of the school festival, all classes were cancelled.

The whole day was at their disposal.

Lu Wan had spent a few days to get all the tools ready.

These were common items and they were not difficult to find.

Su Rao helped her draw on a rotating tray. There were various patterns for sugar painting on the surface. The guests could not specify what they like, and whatever it turns to was what they’ll get.

It was unknown who gave a cry of exclamation, but everyone turned their heads to look.

Su Rao wasn’t in school uniform today.

She wore a black velvety dress with white lace trims on the collar and cuffs, which made her look even more like a sweet beautiful girl.

She had a red headband on her head and red Mary Jane shoes on her feet.

Fair skin, slender neck, black hair, red lips and delicate facial features.

She seemed to have her own isolated circle and her style was different from the people around her.

She’s already beautiful when wearing a school uniform, which made people unable to move away their sight.

The school stipulates that uniforms must be worn all year round, but for particularly exceptional students, a ‘free dress day’ would be awarded.

This award was very attractive, after all, one could dress differently from other students and show one’s personality.

It was the first time that Su Rao used this privilege. She answered the glances cast upon her with a smile.

Many boys zoned out and failed to react immediately.

Girls were not exempted. After all, girls actually love to observe beautiful women ah!

Su Rao walked up to Lu Wan lightly and asked with a smile, “You’re all set?”

Lu Wan: “Ready. Your dress is beautiful.”

Su Rao: “How beautiful?”

Lu Wan pondered about it. She sincerely answered, “Like…… Snow White?”


1 game lingo meaning ‘carry me to win’
2 an unconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex and wish to exclude the parent of the same sex; a term originally applied to boys
3 Beijing Sports University


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