Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 31

Lu Buyu was so angry that his eyes lit with fury.

“Lu Wan! Are you tired of living? Don’t think I won’t beat you.”

Lu Wan continued to tug at the other person’s hair expressionlessly. “Oh.….. go ahead.”

Lu Buyu raised his head, recalling the brutal image of Lu Wan eating an apple without requiring a knife. How she broke it open with her bare hands and directly bit on it with her teeth……

“I’m a man, why would I raise my hand towards you? Being the big brother…… naturally, I won’t quibble with you.” His tone softened.

He decided to change his strategy and outsmart her.

“Stop touching. Do you take me as a dog?”

Lu Wan pulled back her hand and shrugged. “……Oh, not really. Little Teddy’s hair is better than yours, although it’s all curly.”

Lu Buyu’s recent hairstyle was wavy, and it almost fall until his shoulder.

His hair was longer than Lu Wan.

He has white skin and no flaw was visible to the naked eye. His long hair was not greasy. Instead, there was a kind of an artistic feel, which made his temperament appear more outstanding.

The ‘superior jawline’ inherited from the Lu family’s ancestry kept him from looking too girly, and he was usually very manly with short hair.

Lu Buyu: “That’s out of line ah!!!”

Lu Wan smilingly looked at the other person. “I’m the ugliest in the family and you are the dumbest. Only…… I might look better in the future, while at your age, your brain can only go downhill, Shared Boyfriend.”

Lu Buyu looked very nice and good-looking, so when he told her that she was the ugliest in the family, Lu Wan couldn’t refute it.

She was waiting for the exam results to come out, such as today……

Hehe. A splendid revenge.

Lu Buyu: “!!!”

He collected his thoughts. He couldn’t refute the previous words, but he doesn’t accept the nickname! This was an insult to his dignity.

“What Shared Boyfriend? What you’re saying should be National Boyfriend!”

Lu Buyu was voted No. 1 in ‘The Boyfriend Most Women Wanted to Have’ for three consecutive years and obtained the title of ‘National Boyfriend’.

Lu Wan: “Shared is shared. It literally means that everyone own one thing together. For example, sharing a power bank and a bicycle are like this. You can use them together for a price. So are you ah.”

Lu Buyu raised his voice, “……I’m not!!!”

Lu Wan: “Oh, one might as well go for a power bank. At least it can be used if you pay money, while it’s almost impossible for your fans to see you even if they spend more. You’re so gaudy, it’s better to just share a power bank.”

Her former female classmate cried for poverty every day, but she would crazily buy all kinds of merchandise to support him, instantly changing from ‘Don’t call me for activities over fifty cents’, to a big contributor.

Lu Buyu: “!!!!!!”

Aaaaargh, hell! He was really going to faint from anger, but he couldn’t defeat her with words.

Lu Wan: “Use your not very smart little brain more? Be a wise person.”

Hearing the sound from downstairs, Professor Lu rushed out from the study room.

“What is it? Lu Buyu, are you bullying your sister again? Are you feeling itchy and miss my slippers?”

Lu Buyu: “No, it’s the little sister bullying her big brother. I need a therapist.”

“Nonsense!” Professor Lu frowned after evaluating his eldest son. He turned his head and in a flash, his face changed into a smile after seeing his daughter, “Wanwan, you’re back. Let’s go have dinner.”

Lu Wan glanced at Lu Buyu, who was full of bewilderment, and said with a smile, “Dad, I got my exam results today.”

“I see. If we didn’t perform well, it means that we have a lot of room for improvement. Dad will always accompany you to work hard.”

Lu Wan: “There is room for improvement. I placed third in the exam.”

Professor Lu was stunned for two seconds, and then turned ecstatic after his initial reaction. “Really? As expected of my daughter! My little girl, you’re amazing!”

Professor Lu, who had been number one in school since childhood, quickly accepted this matter.

It’s his daughter after all! Wasn’t this normal?!

He skipped grades and was a science champion, while his wife was second in the city college entrance examination.

Lu Buyu, this guy, was a little too ordinary. He still couldn’t understand Thomas’ Calculus even when he’s in junior high school.

Fortunately, his daughter inherited their IQ.

Professor Lu looked at Lu Wan’s report card and quickly changed his mentality. He said with a smile, “The total score of 282 in the comprehensive exam is a bit low, and the deduction of 18 points for three subjects is a bit too much. After dinner, Dad will accompany you to look at the test papers.”

Lu Wan: “The comprehensive exam was still all right, but the deduction in the Chinese exam is a lot more. It’s only 126 points. The first in the grade is more than ten points higher than me.”

Professor Lu: “Go to Dad’s research institute this weekend. There are several top scorer sisters from liberal arts with more than 140 points in Chinese in the college entrance examination. You can talk with them and they can definitely offer you some advice.”

He couldn’t hold back and wanted to show off his baby to all his colleagues and students!

Lu Wan: “Okay. I’d like to go.”

Lu Buyu: “??”

He seemed to be incapable of understanding human language. What do you mean 282 points was a bit low? What 126 was a bad exam score?

Did Lu Wan, this fellow, go to the high school he understood?

Lu Buyu: “Wait, Dad, why did you never invite me to your research institute? I’m your child too!”

Professor Lu’s face was calm. “What will you do if you go? Don’t you dislike physics and chemistry?”

Lu Buyu: “No, I can do other things when I go there.”

Professor Lu thought for a while and said, “The Institute is a very serious place. There’s no need for an art troupe performance. What will you come for?”

Lu Bu Yu: “!!!”

Can I only go there to sing and dance?

I’m an idol! Not a member of an art troupe! Although the nature is similar.

Lu Buyu was in a complicated mood during their meal…… He was looking at Lu Wan with an indescribable expression.

Professor Lu: “Wanwan, have you decided what major you want to choose in the future? Do you want to work in my research institute?”

Lu Wan: “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Take your time. You’re still young anyway, so you can slowly think about what you want do. In the future, we can publish a paper together and sign it as father and daughter. It will be very meaningful and your mom can enjoy it too. Your mom has not come back from the business trip, let’s call her later. She’ll surely be happy.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Excuse me, does he not belong to this family?

And what the heck was the family goal of ‘writing papers together’?

Was this discrimination against him?

The Lu family’s food chain:

President Zhao = Lu Wan > Lu Bainian > Lu Wan’s pet turtle > Lu Buyu, the poor boy.

Ha-ha. Fortunately, President Zhao hadn’t come back yet from the business trip, otherwise his situation could only be worse.

After the father and daughter finished eating, they went to the study room on the second floor and decided to have a proper conversation.

Professor Lu was delighted that he could chat with his daughter about work and topics in the future.

Lu Wan was very happy, she loved learning.

 Only Lu Buyu held his chin in his hand and remained silent.

Professor Lu had gone up two steps when he turned to look at his son. “Bring up a plate of fruit later. Your sister will have a late night snack.”

Lu Buyu: “Uh…… Why me?”

Professor Lu: “You can’t even do these things? Cutting fruits doesn’t require the use of your little head. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Lu Buyu: “!!!!”

No, as the dream of millions of girls, he shouldn’t live at the bottom of the family. He had to resist!

Under the gazes of the two people, he thought so in his heart, but what came out of his mouth was, “Okay, I know. I’ll do it.”

Subdued by force, it was carried out by one person in the end.


The living room was quiet again, as if it was no different from when he first got back.

It wasn’t until his phone rang that Lu Buyu regained his senses and answered the phone languidly.

“Boss, I have something to discuss with you.” The agent’s voice came out.

Lu Buyu said that he had a personal matter this afternoon so he finished work two hours early and went home. Before leaving, he asked him how to comfort a child with poor grade.

Eventually, at the suggestion of the studio staffs, he also bought a gift.

Lu Buyu said succinctly, “Speak.”

“It’s like this, there’s a new person in the company we previously worked with and they want you to help bring her on an event for popularity. Although that girl just made her debut, she has good quality and is also a top student.”

Lu Buyu: “Oh, top student? Can she place in the top three for their whole grade? Can she get 282 in the comprehensive exam? I’ll do it if she can.”

Agent: “Are you kidding? .…..The other person is an art student. Getting a score of more than 400 in the college entrance examination is already very high. Of course she can’t.”

“That’s not a top student. That persona doesn’t fit her. Not taking. I’m hanging up.”

Che. What the heck was a top student persona? What did he say when he dropped out of Stanford?

The agent saw the hung up call, full of question marks.

If you won’t do it, then don’t. It’s not a big deal. It’s easy to encounter problems when bringing in newcomers anyway.

But…… what excuse was that? Because the other person couldn’t get in the top three? Couldn’t score 282 in Comprehensive?

This was too harsh ba. If he told them this, both sides would become enemies!

The boss’s mood had been fluctuating a bit recently, as if his ‘great uncle’ had visited him for 25 days a month.


Lu Wan had just changed her shoes and was about to go out, but was stopped by someone behind her.

Lu Buyu put one hand in his pocket and walked over slowly.

Since he had the gift ready, it had to be given out.

He handed her a box. “For you. It’s a must-have for tough guys.”

Lu Wan: “……You have chosen today as your deathday? I can make it happen for you.”

Lu Buyu took a strategic step backwards. “Get going. Talking too much. Don’t be late.”

Lu Wan shoved the small box into her schoolbag, glared at him, and then walked out.

When Lu Wan was in the classroom and was taking out a book, the box slipped out.

She remembered it just then.

Lu Wan stared at the box. That guy wasn’t trying to prank her, was he?

En. It’s quite possible.

Haley also noticed the box and said in surprise, “Wow, President Lu, you bought a bracelet?”


Lu Wan pulled the ribbon away, and there was indeed a bracelet lying inside the velvet box.

She took it out. It looked pretty.

Several small decorations in the shape of four-leaf clovers were strung together by golden chains, surrounded by a circle of small diamonds.

It looked exquisite and sparkly.

Lu Wan’s mood improved. If he was going to give a gift, he should’ve just give it. Why say that it was a must-have for tough guys.

Haley was astonished. “Who gave this to you?”

This was a limited edition bracelet. It has to be sold for a little over 100,000 yuan, and Lu Wan shouldn’t probably bought it herself.

“This is…… given to me by my brother.”

For the sake of the bracelet, she would temporarily admit Lu Buyu’s status ba.

Haley: “……You haven’t mentioned before that you have a brother.”

Lu Wan: “Oh. You didn’t ask.”

Besides, the two of them quarreled every day, so there’s nothing to mention about that annoying guy.

Haley’s eyes flashed. President Lu’s brother!

“Then is he—”

Lu Wan interrupted the other party’s words, “Not a Top. He’s a straight man.”

The light in Haley’s eyes went out. “Oh, I see.”

In one morning, the whole class knew Lu Wan had received a beautiful bracelet.

Although President Lu said that it was given by her brother……

The term brother was very ambiguous ah. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it was someone related by blood.

Just look at those who call each other little sister and little brother on the street and one would get the idea.

Some people even interviewed Xu Yao. After all, he and Lu Wan were close and had known each other since before.

Xu Yao mulled over it and said, “Lu Wan have a brother. But she said that he’s very cheap. It’s definitely not from him.”

Not to mention others, his sense of crisis was very deep.

Xu Yao didn’t like studying. During the high school entrance examination, Lu Wan caught him to study for half a month, which made his grades not too unsightly and allowed him to pay and enter No. 1 High School.

Lu Wan said that she like someone with good grades……

He was a little panicked.

Although Lu Wan also asked him to study hard in the past, but a brother’s pity was completely different from the requirement of the girl one likes!

Everyone was suspicious. Who is so scheming?!


Zhao Yan was surprised when she found out that Lu Wan didn’t mention Lu Buyu’s name. She thought the two of them didn’t get along well.

After all, she had tried to please Lu Buyu in the past and it had no effect at all……

Looking at it today…… that might not necessarily be the case.

But she wouldn’t say anything about it.


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  1. Weeps has spoken 1 year ago

    Their combo is really classic! I wonder if Buyu really got hurt when his family talks about his IQ, i hope not. And i hope we get a flashback about his reaction when he knew that his sister got kidnapped, after all Mama Zhao said he likes cuddling with baby Wan.

    • M has spoken 7 months ago

      I don’t think so. Like he mentioned a few chapters back, he’s pretty smart but he found out in college that there were smarter people. Basically he’s aware that he’s smart but not genius like his dad and sister 😆. And all said and done, it’s normal bickering between family members.


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