Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 30

Lu Wan carefully put away the two papers, ready to give them back and give her thanks later.

Today was destined to be a restless day.

During the lunch break, the forum posted two more updates and a new rule.

The first was the morning gossip.

「Su Rao and Chen Nianqing successively appeared outside Lu Wan’s classroom. I thought it would be a fierce battle between the Three Kingdoms, but did not expect that Cao Cao and Sun Quan would fight over Liu Bei. My President Lu is so charismatic she hooks both men and women.」

The onlookers could only lament that sure enough, people with good grades prefer to mingle with other people with good grades, and good-looking people also prefer to mingle with other good-looking people.

The second post was on the confession wall.

「My former ex and my current one are at odds, but my latest ex and my current one have a good relationship. I confess that my current one have good looks, talent, strength and good personality. I hope we can always love each other.」

Everyone who saw this post was speechless, the implication was too clear ba.

Your current was Lu Wan, your latest ex was Chen Nianqing, and your former ex was Jiang Boyang?

You’re really f*ckin talented. So excellent.

Only, they rarely heard anything about Jiang Boyang’s movements recently.

Finally, the moderator’s statement:

「Since its opening, this forum has multiple functions such as confession wall, gossip group chat, emotional life tree hollow[1]lend an ear/to confide in; from ‘the king has donkey’s ears’ story, private notification, sharing and other functions. Thanks schoolmates for your long-term support. Today, we will add a new rule. Only a maximum of two posts can be addressed to the same person every day to avoid repetition.」

It was needless to say whom this rule was specially added for.

The forum moderator was also very lost. Just…… today, all five posts were related to Lu Wan.

Even his carefully created confession wall section had not escaped.

If things go on like this, wouldn’t this forum turned into a fan club for Lu Wan alone??

Moreover, as an emotionless relay machine, it was difficult for him to stay rational after reading too much. He actually thought that it wasn’t an exaggeration to receive so many submissions? And that each one of them made sense? Lu Wan was really handsome?

Something must be done.

Although the melon eating crowd were at a loss, but for the long-term sustainable development and prosperity of the forum, this was understandable.

Being able to change the regulations of the forum, President Lu was a real heartthrob.

Somehow, everyone’s curiosity about Lu Wan turned into enthusiasm.

She could fight, hot-tempered but was usually gentle, a top student, good-looking, and had long legs.

The crucial point was that she’s also a rich young miss, which made those characteristics very magical……


Lin Niannian had been paying attention to the number of spectators today.

She wanted to see what others thought of her bet with Lu Wan.

At the beginning, there were comments discussing about it and some of the words were really unpleasant to hear.

But then all the focus…… turned to Lu Wan alone.

Lin Niannian felt fortunate and somewhat disappointed at the same time.

Yu Shuai saw that his deskmate was absent-minded all morning and was distracted in class several times. He couldn’t help persuading, “Since the matter is over, don’t be sad anymore. I will help you clean the corridor.”

“No need. I don’t want to cause you any trouble or have other students say something about you.”

After a pause, the girl said in a weak voice, “Everyone likes Lu Wan very much. As they should, after all, she have a good family background and a lot of friends. So compared to her, aren’t I really worse?”

Yu Shuai quickly comforted, “Actually that’s not—”

Lying on the table, Xu Yao who had just woken up opened his eyes and happened to hear these words. He stood up and said, “Of course you’re worse. You can’t compare with President Lu at all.”

Lin Niannian’s expression was frail. “Classmate Xu Yao, do you hate me very much?”

Xu Yao said bluntly, “You’re asking about the comparison between you and Lu Wan. I’m being totally honest. Just say it if you only want to hear other people’s praise. Don’t ask others ah.”

Lin Niannian: “……”

Yu Shuai: “……”

Xu Yao: “You can’t compare with Lu Wan. It doesn’t matter if your family have money or not, or whether you are popular.”

It took Lu Wan more than ten years to become President Lu. How could this dejected woman compare?

Lin Niannian was really about to cry this time, but Xu Yao didn’t seem to notice it and continued to fire, “The men around you kept jabbering and bothering me when I’m sleeping. It’s entirely nonsense talk and it’s just those boastful words over and over again. You aren’t sick of hearing it, but I almost had a nightmare listening while I sleep.”

Heh. What he hated the most was pretentious people.

Although it was lunch break, there were many students in the class who hadn’t left yet.

Xu Yao, the human loudspeaker, didn’t have to try and raise his voice. Everyone could hear him clearly.

The classroom became silent in an instant and looked at the two parties.

Lin Niannian choked up, “……I’m sorry.”

Xu Yao: “Quit saying sorry. Don’t be all talk and bother my sleep next time, otherwise it’s useless.”

After he was done speaking, he didn’t paid attention to the people anymore. He turned around and walked towards the back, stopped and showed his big white teeth. “Come on, President Lu, let’s go eat.”

From beginning to end, Xu Yao didn’t feel like he had said harsh words.

Three people walked out of the classroom.

Haley shrugged his shoulders. Xu Yao’s big mouth wasn’t all bad, at least he was pleasantly surprised just now.

“What do you think of Lin Niannian?”

Xu Yao: “Her grades are good and she’s beautiful…… She’s okay I guess. But it’s kinda annoying how she talks too much. I don’t hate her. What irritates me are the guys on her side.”

Lin Niannian was the pure little sister type that boys like.

But it was only applicable to ordinary straight men and does not include stupid straight men like Xu Yao.

Haley: “I have already told the cleaning aunt in charge of our classroom’s corridor that Lin Niannian will be responsible for it for the following three months. She must not interfere because this is a hands-on exercise for Classmate Lin and she needs to write a report every day. Stepping in will affect Classmate Lin’s project.”

He said it so solemnly that the cleaning aunt promised not to interfere.

“You dislike her so much?” Xu Yao asked.

Haley rolled his eyes in his heart. You humiliated Classmate Lin in public just now. How dare you question this old woman?

Besides, a bet was a bet, so what’s wrong? He was maintaining it’s fairness.

Haley: “Although I’m being calculative, I think I’m pretty cute, aren’t I? I just can’t stand this kind of tea talk[2]words that are pretending to be innocent but was full of scheming all day long. A lotus through and through. Not daring to come openly and secretly grabbing men with me.”


Xu Yao shuddered, rubbed the goose bumps on his arm, and hurriedly walked over Lu Wan’s other side.

Could this guy just be normal for even a day?

Lu Wan: “……”

Forget it. Better think about what to eat for lunch.


Lu Wan sat down and was about to start eating when Haley warned her to look behind.

Lu Wan turned her head reluctantly. Oh, there was Jiang Boyang sitting behind her.

Strange. Doesn’t this guy comes with his own narrator?

There’s just three or four women squealing and mentioning his character profile.

The last narrators seemed to have disappeared, which caught her by surprise.

Jiang Boyang’s expression was complicated. “Don’t you…… have anything to say to me?”

Lu Wan: “Fight less, argue less, smile a bit more and create less trouble.”

Jiang Boyang: “……”

Lu Wan: “Study hard, think hard, don’t just lazily copy and do your homework well.”

Jiang Boyang glowered at the other party. She must be doing this on purpose!

She clearly knew that my grades are poor that’s why she’s saying this!

“My affair with you have nothing to do with Lin Niannian. Three months of cleaning is a bit too much.” Jiang Boyang said.

“Whatever you say. If you’re in my place you’d be honorable.”

Jiang Boyang: “……”

Lu Wan: “Your eyes are so red. Please stay away from me. Don’t maliciously infect me with pink eye, and please pay attention to hygiene in the cafeteria.”

This was like one of those famous scenes where ‘Jiang Boyang looked at Lin Niannian with bloodshot eyes’ that was certain to appear every time the hero and heroine quarrel in the novel.

Turns out it really was true ah?

But the Pie Chart should go look at Classmate Lin Niannian. What was he staring at her for?

It was so…… strange that it affected her appetite to eat.

The fire in Jiang Boyang’s heart rushed up.

There were more and more people looking his way, and they even began to discuss in a low voices.

“No offense, but the school tyrant is really bad compared to Lu Wan.”

“I think school tyrant’s should be like Lu Wan; good at fighting, got good grades and have no shortcomings. Times have changed. Slackers should seriously be excluded.”

“I also feel Lu Wan is more imposing. Jiang—…… appears to be a bit unreasonable.”

Jiang Boyang body shook with anger. He kicked the stool in front of him and turned around to leave with a gloomy face.

Lu Wan didn’t even lift her eyelids and proceeded to eat her meal.

Even if one was an underachiever, it was important not to say it out loud.

Truly insufferable.


Li Daoyuan and his two friends happened to be in the cafeteria.

They saw the whole thing.

Lu Wan’s first well-known scene was beating the three of them like grandsons[3]lowest in the hierarchy/bastard in the alley.

Who would have good feelings for someone who beat them up?

However, they couldn’t defeat Lu Wan and couldn’t take their revenge. They could only secretly hate her in their hearts.

Later, they found out that…… even the school tyrant couldn’t show off in front of Lu Wan?

That was the school tyrant! After the comparison, they felt that it was normal for them to get beaten.

In fact, it’s not too humiliating ba.

Li Daoyuan pondered for a while and said, “I feel like Lu Wan have a promising future. How about we recognize her as our boss?”

Wu Yu: “I think so too. Let’s just follow her.”

Wang Jiahe, who was forcibly pulled over, rolled his eyes and furrowed his brows. “Leave me alone, I still have studying to do.”

The other two people looked at their little buddy, hating iron for not becoming steel. You’re so useless. Are you imitating your mother? Is there no brotherhood loyalty anymore?

“You know what, wait right here. I’ll go and find out.” Li Daoyuan made a decision.

Less than five minutes later.

Li Daoyuan, who blocked Lu Wan halfway, had already come back from the conversation.

Wu Yu hurriedly asked, “How is it? What did she say?”

Li Daoyuan: “She asked me if I’d seen too many gangster movies.”

Wu Yu: “Ooh, truthfully speaking, gangster movies are really good.”

Li Daoyuan: “She said that if I talk about these ridiculous things again, she would give me a head massage.”

“There’s such a good thing?”

“Give me a head massage with her shoes.” Li Daoyuan’s expression was complicated.

The other two people: “……”

Wang Jiahe sighed, “I knew it. Actually, studying is quite fun. You don’t understand.”

The last time he was beaten by Lu Wan, he cried and promised that he would progress from being second to last to the tenth place from the bottom.

He absolutely focused on studying and did not messed around.

Wang Jiahe had been studying for more than half a month for fear of being beaten up.

It was frustrating at first, but when one get used to it, one could actually felt that it was a very fulfilling life? He doesn’t want to continue playing games and fooling around.

Even with their little gang’s activities, Wang Jiahe didn’t participate much.

Although he did not place in the bottom tenth in this monthly exam, he still made great progress and the teacher praised him.

His parents attitude towards him had also improved a lot and even his classmates would encourage him.

Li Daoyuan: “What are you talking about?”

Wang Jiahe: “Learning is really fun. I think Lu Wan is a nice person. She’s very kind.”

The other two people: “……”

It’s as if it wasn’t you who was beaten up and cried last time.

Wang Jiahe: “Last time I dared to ask her to teach me a math problem and she actually agreed. Although I didn’t understand it after she explained it four times, it was my own problem. It was my fault for not studying hard before.”

The other two: “???”

Can you stop with all this talk about studying?

Wang Jiahe: “Honestly, we should study at this age. Even if it’s not the textbooks, we should at least learn other useful things. However, I don’t know what to learn yet, so I’d better study at ease first ba.”

Maybe he could change from being a slacker to an ordinary person who studies.

The other two: “???”

Wang Jiahe: “I really regret it now and in order to not regret it in the future, I must work hard ah. Lu Wan said she likes those with good grades. No, I’m not qualified from the very beginning.”

The other two people: “???”

Just f*cking talk, what are you blushing for?

Wang Jiahe: “I don’t want to tell you. I’m off to study.”

After waiting for their little buddy to leave, the two people looked at each other……

Apart from the fact that the chicken soup[4]chicken soup for the soul; feel-good motivational stories/often used disparagingly because the stories don’t really bring off change in people’s lives was a bit thick, they’ve figured out it’s taste[5]figured out Wang Jianhe’s feelings.

Wu Yu chew it over and asked, “Which classes are there this afternoon? I don’t know if I can understand them.”

Li Daoyuan: “……”

No, they wanted to get better after recognizing the boss.

What was this development?

He then thought for a while and said, “It seems like it’s English class this afternoon.”


Lu Wan just walked into the living room. When she looked up, she saw Lu Buyu sitting on the sofa watching TV.

She was a little puzzled. Hasn’t this guy worked so little lately?

Hanging around at home every day.

Lu Buyu turned his head and reduce the TV volume. “You got the monthly examination result? How many place did you get?”

Lu Wan: “Third.”

Lu Buyu: “Third in your group? Or third from the bottom of your class? Tsk tsk, you’ve been severely beaten by reality ba. I think you’re pitiful. I can invite you to a late night snack.”

Lu Wan put down her schoolbag and walked over. She folded her arms and looked at the other person. “It’s third in the whole grade, in the descending order. We’re not the same. You’re the one who’s pitiful.”

Lu Buyu: “Impossible. You should wake up. It’s normal to save face, but at least don’t to be too outrageous when you lie.”

Lu Wan affectionately touched the bird’s nest above the head of the person sitting on the sofa. “Couldn’t believe it? Right, I’ll go to university in two more years and you’ll have the lowest education in the whole family. It’s normal that you can’t accept it.”

“But it’s precisely because of this that you have to stay sharp. Use your little brain since you’re not very smart, ok? Shared Boyfriend.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

He didn’t believe it was true!

Furthermore, Lu Wan, is this the way you should talk when you speak to me, you’re big brother?

Shared Boyfriend? Is this what you call me behind my back?


1 lend an ear/to confide in; from ‘the king has donkey’s ears’ story
2 words that are pretending to be innocent but was full of scheming
3 lowest in the hierarchy/bastard
4 chicken soup for the soul; feel-good motivational stories/often used disparagingly because the stories don’t really bring off change in people’s lives
5 figured out Wang Jianhe’s feelings

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