Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 29

After Lu Wan left, the gathered students who were watching the excitement soon faced one another and chatted fervently.

“Oh my gosh. Anything she says and does tantalizes me. Even if she didn’t say anything and just stand there, it’s still the same.”

“I want to make a bet with her. I’ll bet on who will be tempted first, and the second I lose she could pin me on the wall. I’ll make the arrangements immediately!”

“I also want to make a bet……”

“I also want to make a bet and lose.”

As they spoke, they looked at Lin Niannian who had just lost the bet.

How envious ah. This girl was too scheming to made a bet with Lu Wan on purpose!

Why didn’t they think of this before?

Damn it.

Lin Niannian who had a colorful expression on her face, unconsciously took a step back.

Yu Shuai said with relief, “Niannian, class will begin soon, let’s head back to the classroom. Actually, as long as you don’t compare yourself with Lu Wan, you’re ranking is also very good……”

Lin Niannian nodded.

She simply ran away.

The gazes around her made her feel uncomfortable.

Passersby who didn’t know about it in the early morning were all surprised by the students in the top of the bulletin board.

……This group of people gathering together exclaimed in amazement.

Even if it’s only a list of names this was still too exciting ba.

As soon as Lu Wan returned to the classroom and sat down, the surrounding classmates approached her. Word had spread that she placed third in the exam.

“You’re too amazing ba!” The boy sitting in her front turned his head with a look of admiration.

Xu Yao said proudly, “It’s not just the third place. President Lu will soon trample the former first place, that one named Chen-something-qing.”

He doesn’t like that little white face.

Speaking of Chen Nianqing, Lu Wan recalled the other person’s score.

The Math score of the two of them were the same. He was 3 points higher in English and 2 points higher in Science. These weren’t much different.

But the key point was that Chen Nianqing got 140 points in the Chinese test.

Lu Wan’s Chinese…… was only 126, a full 14 points less. Here, the difference in the total score came out.

Lu Wan didn’t understand and asked, “How can Chen Nianqing’s Chinese be so high? Su Rao seems to have got 136 in Chinese too.”

The boy from the front row looked calm. “There’s nothing impossible about it. Anything is possible with Mr. Perfect! He had never scored below 130 points in Chinese, and his best score was 143. That time, all the multiple-choice questions were correct, the interpretation got full marks, only two points were deducted for the composition, one point was deducted for language and literature, and four points were deducted for reading comprehension. Powerful enough not to be human.”

Lu Wan: “Two points was deducted for the composition? ……I really want to see his test paper. How did he do it ah?”

She wasn’t partial to any subject, but she could do well in Chinese. In fact, it was close enough to 130 points.

How did he do it? Lu Wan had a question mark in her head.

The boy in the front row uttered, “Hoh. Don’t ask. It’s the difference between humans and deities.”

Lu Wan: “……”


The first period was a self-study class and there was no teacher in attendance.

However, the English teacher for the next class had already asked the class representative to bring the test papers in advance to distribute them.

Haley looked at the test paper handed out and sighed gloomily, “It’s so hard, English is so hard.”

Lu Wan’s voice was somber, “Aren’t you an Englishman? You flunked English?”

Haley: “Please, President Lu, I was born and raised in China ah. If my dad knew I got this score, he would definitely lose his temper and blame me for forgetting my roots. English is just so hard.”

Lu Wan: “……”

After his lamentation, Haley took out his mobile phone and was ready to see if there was any new gossip.

Sure enough, the enthusiastic melon eating crowds had immediately posted what happened earlier to the forum.

The results of the monthly exam were released today. It could be said that some were rejoicing while some were dejected. There were not many people who could stay still in the early self-study class.

『Lu Wan from Class 4 placed third in the exam. The scholarship student placed on the eighties. The latter lost the bet and would have to clean the corridor for three months. Is President Lu handsome today? Explosively handsome!』

【2333[1]hahaha: My President Lu really have it all! Her scores are so good! She have the Domineering President-style.】

【0: The displayed list is where this fairy’s love began. I almost died peacefully on the spot.】

【Madam Lu: President Lu is handsome and beautiful. Having her means having a wife and husband at the same time. It’s worth it!】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: She’s a straight girl, okay? She’s Goddess Lu, got it?!】

【I can’t wake up everyday: If she likes girls, ok, perfect. If she likes boys, then I’m a boy.】

【Fireworks: I used to only like handsome guys, but not now…… President Lu is right about everything. It must be that I didn’t work hard enough!】

【Climbing on top of the wall: That scholarship student is so obnoxious. Why does she keep seeking attention? It makes me want to bet too.】

【Leaf: Zhao Yan should be blamed. She set a bad example. Do you have to offend my President Lu in order to get a leg kabedon[2]the leg version of kabedon which is the act of pinning down someone against the wall? Do you have to make a bet to get a kabedon? Deeply thinking……】

Zhao Yan also saw the forum. She was angry to death.

Ever since she knew that Lu Wan was insane, she never dared to provoke her again to avoid public shame.

What’s even more irritating than Lu Wan placing third in the exam was…… how could they compare her to Lin Niannian?!

Zhao Yan could see Lin Niannian’s strategy. There were not many boys around her, but they were very loyal.

When the boy confessed to Lin Niannian, she would guiltily say that she didn’t want these things for the time being.

After refusing, she would comfort and show concern towards the boy instead; recounting the other party’s strong points.

The other girls in the school all came from well-to-do families, so they were inevitably a little arrogant. Lin Niannian, this sweet and caring girl next door, stood out.

It’s incredible how she could be friends with all the boys who failed their confessions.

And made those guys coexist peacefully.

They each thought that there was nothing between Lin Niannian and the other men, and they had the best chance of winning…… so they worked harder.

Zhao Yan was very self-aware but she still disdained Lin Niannian’s kind. How could people lump them together?

Dammit, I’m really pissed off! Pissed off ah!

Haley scrolled through the comments, all of which were all kinds of guys eager to step on the line.

He looked at his deskmate. Was this really fine?

Lu Wan casually remarked, “I want to see that person’s test papers”. However, after Xu Yao’s trip to the men’s toilet, the context changed completely.

He had a good relationship with Lu Wan, and when others saw him, they would naturally ask questions.

There were gossips in the second period.

Xu Yao’s original words: President Lu will come first sooner or later. If the first two places know what’s good for them, it’s better to hand over their papers and let our President Lu check it out. How come they could surpass President Lu, especially in Chinese?

The original words were very arrogant. After passing down by word of mouth and continuous artistic adaptation it turned into: President Lu will stomp on Su Rao with her left foot and Chen Nianqing with her right foot. Later, she will have to check their exam papers and give tutoring to the other two.

Everyone was astounded and felt that there was actually nothing wrong……

After all, Lu Wan was third in this time’s exam and she was only two place’s short of the first. Although Chen Nianqing was very powerful, anything was possible.

President Lu said this aggressively. She was inexplicably warm-blooded ah.

Anyway, no one could dare to say such ruthless words. Everyone just let it go!

Indescribably handsome.

The students in the class looked in admiration. President Lu is really capable!

After Lu Wan found out, she just wanted to beat Xu Yao up, this big mouth!

During the third period break, Su Rao came to find her.

On account of the rumors.

In the corridor, Su Rao asked seriously, “Student Lu Wan, I heard that you’re going to stomp me on the ground and also help crosscheck my test papers?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Su Rao saw that the other party was anxious and laughingly added, “Just kidding. I know you’re curious how my score was higher than yours in the exam. I’ve brought my answer sheet. Here you go.”

Lu Wan was very embarrassed as she took it. “Thank you. It’s very nice of you.”

Su Rao sighed, “You really think I’m a nice person?”

Lu Wan: “Of course. No one will think you’re mean ba.”

Su Rao was like a shining goddess. She’s beautiful, had a good personality, could debate, could skateboard, could dance and play the piano.

Furthermore, she had high integrity and was an environmentalist.

Su Rao took part in a speech contest on environmental protection last year and won the second prize. She was deeply touched by the information she collected during the preparation.

Since then, she had tried to use public transport as much as possible, would never buy takeouts if she could dine in, and avoided using plastic bags if she could have reusable ones.

She never demanded others to do so, but did it on her own.

This girl, perhaps even if other people reincarnated a few times, they would not be able to reach this level ba.

Therefore, she was also very popular among the girls in school.

Su Rao: “Don’t forget what you said today. Go back to the classroom, it’s almost time for class. I should go too.”

“Okay. I’ll give this back to you later.”

The students in Class 4 were very surprised that Su Rao would come.

Since the rumors were brutal, they thought the two people would battle, but didn’t expect the atmosphere to be so good?

The news that the second place in the monthly exam came to find the third place soon spread out.

Corroborating the earlier rumor that ‘President Lu wants to trample the top two’. It’s really full of melon flavor.


Class 1’s classroom.

Zhao Yihang raised his head from his phone screen. He told about the gossip sent by Class 4 just now and frowned. “Lu Wan is too arrogant. Ha. Su Rao is actually not angry.”

Chen Nianqing: “Aren’t you going to the store next class? Bring my Chinese test paper on the way and give it to her.”

Zhao Yihang: “Ah? That’s…… a bit inappropriate ba.”

Chen Nianqing pondered about it, nodded and said, “It’s a bit inappropriate. I’d better go myself.”

Zhao Yihang: ??!

What happened here? Why did his house collapse again?

Idol, why are you doing this?!


“Hello, can you please help me call student Lu Wan. Hello?”

Chen Nianqing repeated it twice, and the girl who was stopped recovered herself.

The girl was calm on the surface but inside her mind she’s thinking: ah ah ah ah, frick!

What was prince charming doing here? Why was he calling for Lu Wan?

Although there were 10,000 grass mud horses racing in her head, the girl nodded reservedly, and after she regained her senses, she turned to the classroom to call the person.

Lu Wan: “……”

She glanced at the ‘number one’ standing in the corridor, got up and walked out.

The students in the back rows were instantly excited. There were more restless than when Su Rao came earlier.

What a magical scene this was!

They’re about to fight!

Chen Nianqing looked at the person. “I heard you’re going to step on me?”

Lu Wan: “……No.”

This again? She wanted to kill Xu Yao and his big mouth.

Chen Nianqing: “Although your request is very strange, but if you insist…… it’s doable.”

After he finished speaking, he moved his foot forward, indicating that the other party could step on it.

Lu Wan felt too embarrassed and hurriedly said, “No, no, no, I didn’t mean that.”

Chen Nianqing then handed over the neatly folded answer sheet. “Here. After reading it, you can give me an advice.”

“Ah? All right, thanks.”

Lu Wan returned to the classroom with Chen Nianqing’s test paper, her whole person bewildered.

How did things became like this?

But since she already got the test paper…… of course she wanted to see what the composition of a person who only had two points deducted looked like!

Lu Wan opened it and was transfixed after only one glance.

Without talking about the content, the handwritten font seems to be printed.

The style was in a dashing regular script, the ink evenly drawn with the strokes of each character, and there was no smearing throughout the whole paper.

It could be used directly as the master copy for a copybook.

How exactly did he managed to do this?

Scanning the entire composition was very pleasing to the eye, as if it was a kind of enjoyment. It would make the teacher who was marking it want to  finish reading each and every word, and not just assessed it as part of a job.

The content was also outstanding. Not to mention the teacher, even she wanted to give full marks!

After reading sentence by sentence, Lu Wan felt…… deducting it points was a bit too much.

From every aspect, it doesn’t seem like it could have been written better.

Lu Wan was completely convinced. Indeed, he was formidable.

The students from the back three rows gathered together. A Chinese test paper of Chen Nianqing was also printed in large quantities as a template before.

At that time, everyone had a copy and it was earnestly collected by many girls.

But this was his authentic work!

After reading it…… they could only bemoan the difference between Divinities and humankind!

Sure enough, Mr. Perfect should be looked up to!

In one morning, Lu Wan successfully received the first twos test papers.

At noon after the class, she looked at the test papers on the desk and sunk into thought.

Haley had always felt that something was wrong. Looking at the expression of the person next to him…… did she realized it too?

“What do you think?”

Lu Wan’s eyes gradually became firmer. “Yes! The students are really friendly! I also want to get such a high score! I can do it!”

Looking at other people’s test papers, she couldn’t restrain the burning desire to win.

Haley: “……”

Daughter of Steel[3]steel straight girl, farewell.


1 hahaha
2 the leg version of kabedon which is the act of pinning down someone against the wall
3 steel straight girl


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