Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 28

Lin Niannian couldn’t believe that Lu Wan could take the third place in the exam.

After all, Lu Wan had a good relationship with Xu Yao before transferring school and he didn’t normally write much homework.

Since they were close, how could their grades be so different?

The first thought that popped into her mind was that there must be something wrong.

But on the list, it was clearly written ‘Lu Wan’.

In their grade, no one had the same name as another person.

Those who could get into the top 100 in the monthly examination of Shangde High School were all top students.

It’s just that there were differences between a typical top student, a first-rate top student, and a genius.

The top three were the unreachable geniuses which people looked up to, and the fourth to tenth places were the unshakable first-rate top students which everyone praised.

The eleventh to fortieth places were high-quality top students, where the rankings often fluctuate back and forth and the immortals regularly fight.

The forty-first to seventieth places were all-around top students who’s solid at every subject.

Following the seventieth place, they were less noticeable compared to the previous ones. This was the open banquet[1]any person can join and leave at any time area and everyone competed for a place.

Lin Niannian was able to get within the top 100, and as a scholarship student who’s receiving assistance, she was fully qualified.

She and Lu Wan also came from a county town in the south. The current teaching materials were different from those before, so they needed to adapt.

However, the learning points in high school were roughly the same even in the sciences, so they weren’t much affected.

In the previous school, Lin Niannian was always the top three in the whole grade.

She knew that the new school was not the same as the previous one. Her goal was to get into the top 100 list, and she was satisfied with this result.

She just didn’t expect that Lu Wan would actually took the third place in the exam!

She didn’t expect that she would lose the bet and there was still so much gap between the two of them.

There was no chance to say her readied words, and now her brain was in mess.

This was a scene she had never foreseen. She was completely caught off guard.

There was an unreal feeling as if she weren’t stepping on solid ground.


“President Lu, come, come, come. Please make a speech about getting into the top three.” Song Qianqian raised her hand and made an act like she was interviewing Lu Wan.

Haley, who arrived late, murmured, “You’re too unfair. You went for the kill and didn’t give anyone a chance, but I like this better.”

“Let me first take out my phone and start a recording to motivate myself in the future.”

Lu Wan held the lollipop in her mouth and stared at the name above her head. “I still have to study and make progress every day. I want to go up if possible.”

Su Rao was three points higher than her, but Chen Nianqing, who was in the first place, had a full twenty points more than her?

In the past, Lu Wan could threw off the second place by dozens of points.

She had never experienced this before.

Interestingly, her desire to win was ignited.

Xu Yao sneered, “I can see you’re just frustrated. You didn’t get the first place this time so you’re pissed off right? You think third place sucks and was unacceptable.”

Everyone: “……”

Energetic boy, please don’t talk and shut up!

Are you f*ckin insulting President Lu? This is also insulting everyone ah!!

Xu Yao was at the bottom of the whole class before transferring to another school, and now, he was still at the bottom.

In this way, he really doesn’t think the new school was much different

……except for the excessively pretentious and strange people.

Lu Wan was too lazy to give Xu Yao a look. She said in a faint voice, “Everyone should best get going ba. It’s almost time for class.”

“No, no, no, President Lu, you won the bet with the scholarship student ah!”

They didn’t know whoever said this sentence. Everyone recovered from the shock and looked at the other party who made the bet——Lin Niannian. She happened to be there too.

The girl was biting her lip without saying anything.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Lu Wan walked towards the other party.

She didn’t stop until she came in front of Lin Niannian.

Yu Shuai was on guard. What does this fellow wanted to do?

Did she want to mock Lin Niannian in front of so many students?

He beat her to it and said, “Niannian has been working hard these days and she didn’t have much time to rest. Unlike other family’s people, she has to go to a convenience store to work part-time every weekend! She has to study and make money. You people don’t know anything at all!”

Lu Wan: “Well then, you don’t need to do a part-time job. How many places did you get?”

Yu Shuai: “……”

Lu Wan glanced at the list. “Oh, seventy-eighth. Fortunately you blocked your paper during the exam. Otherwise, if I accidentally copied your answer, wouldn’t I only be able to get below the eightieth place?”

The surrounding students burst into laughter.

“President Lu, you’re so funny.”

“If that’s really the case then you’re very lucky, otherwise you may have possibly lose the bet.”

Yu Shuai could become the monitor of Class 4 because he had a good temper, patience, and his reputation was also good. He was responsible for coordinating the interrelationship between his classmates.

The class teacher asked him to look after the transfer students, only…… he looked after Lin Niannian a little too much.

His ranking dropped twenty places from last time.

Yu Shuai’s face turned livid, but he couldn’t say a word.

On the second day of the exam, in order to concentrate on the questions, he went to the invigilator before it had started.

He explained that Lu Wan might plagiarize his and other students’ answers, so she needed to be closely monitored.

The invigilator was the usual substitute teacher. Yu Shuai was not the type to talk nonsense, so the invigilator really prioritized watching Lu Wan.

At that time during the mathematics exam, Yu Shuai was still doing the fill-in-the-blank questions while Lu Wan had already reached the second question in the problem-solving segment.

The invigilator stopped and watched for ten minutes. Although he was not a math teacher, he could still tell the difference between scribbles and serious work.

When Yu Shuai had finally completed the fill-in-the-blank questions, Lu Wan was all done with the third question.

The teacher supervising the exam thought ‘What the heck was this?’, and continued to watch Lu Wan do the exercise problems with interest.

Lu Wan’s thinking was clear and even the scratch paper was neat.

Although he didn’t understand it, it’s still quite pleasing to the eye.

This student was obviously very amazing, where does she need to plagiarize other people’s answers?

After the exam, the invigilator also found Yu Shuai and said, “How dare you play a prank on a teacher? This should not happen again.”

Yu Shuai felt that something was wrong and thought that the invigilator was partial because of certain considerations.

Now the grades were out…… Lu Wan was better than him in every subject. It’s no wonder he said so that day.

Lu Wan turned to look at Lin Niannian. She give it a little thought before saying, “Clean up the corridor for three months.”

The boys standing behind Lin Niannian had a look of shock and disbelief on their faces.

“That’s unnecessary. Didn’t the school have hired cleaners?”

“One time is enough. Should it really be for three months?”

Haley tutted. “If the penalty for losing the bet doesn’t count, then wasn’t it meaningless? This is what student Lin Niannian herself took the initiative to gamble with President Lu. For all we know she’s very happy to sweep the corridor. If you can’t understand, then don’t talk nonsense and ruin other people’s arrangements.”

Xu Yao looked at the little girly boy. Who would be happy to clean the corridor? Your really f*cking talented in spouting drivel with a serious face.

Lin Niannian took a deep breath. The rim of her eyes were a little red and her voice trembled, “I’ll do it if this is what classmate Lu Wan wants to see.”

Lu Wan: “No, no, no, this is the consequence of you losing. It was not me wanting to see it; it was you who did it.”

The girl’s eyes were close to tears and people felt it was really pitiful.

“This is really cruel.” A boy whispered.

Lu Wan turned to look at the boy talking in the crowd.

Their eyes met, but the other party closed his mouth and didn’t made another sound.

Lu Wan didn’t want to have anything to do with the kissing gourami’s. It was the other party who took the initiative to come to her door every time, causing a lot of trouble and wasting her time.

She lowered her head and asked Lin Niannian, “Do you think I’m bullying you?”

Lin Niannian didn’t speak. The rim of her eyes became redder and she bit her lips to keep the tears from flowing down.

Her weak and stubborn appearance made the boys who had a good relationship with her feel even more distressed and indignant.

Lu Wan was too much!

Lu Wan almost laughed. She had no time nor interest in doing such things.

This monthly exam was only the third one, and the final exam was coming soon.

She stretched out her hand, and suddenly without warning, she pressed Lin Niannian on the bulletin board.

Lu Wan didn’t put much strength but the bulletin board was not stable at all. Lin Niannian bumped into it with her back. Although it didn’t hurt, the board emitted a loud “dong” sound.

It was full of momentum.

Everyone was stunned.

“Let me tell you all, me doing this can only be called bullying, understand? Now you can say that I bullied her.”

Everyone: “……”

“I barely know this classmate, but she always come to find fault with me and involved herself with things that obviously have nothing to do with her.” After pausing, Lu Wan looked down at Lin Niannian and went on to say, “Are you really trying to force me to make you quit school?”

Lin Niannian’s face turned pale for a moment and she looked at Lu Wan with shocked eyes.

Although she doesn’t like the way the students in this school behave like young ladies and young masters…… but she finally got here and she didn’t want to leave.

Lin Niannian made an indistinct sound. “Student Lu Wan, I have never done anything bad to you. Or did I offended you somehow? I think there must be some misunderstanding between us.”

Lu Wan did not answer the other party’s question.

“If you don’t want to leave here, then study hard and fulfill your contract with the school after graduation.”

The scholarship students selected by Shangde were free of tuition fees and also received allowances. Following on, they could also finance the tuition fees of disadvantaged students for university.

But this was conditional. Scholarship students must return to the place of their registered residence to work for six years after graduation before they could quit office.

In the novel, Lin Niannian failed to fulfill the contract and there was even a lot of controversy with Jiang Boyang.

The school board canceled the charity program for many reasons.

Lin Niannian was the first and only beneficiary of the project.

Lin Niannian’s tone was a little dry, “……Of course I will.”

Lu Wan chuckled, “I hope you’ll do what you say.”

Yu Shuai: “Lu Wan, don’t go too far. If it was you, can you do it?”

Lu Wan: “I sure can.”

If one could enter Shangde to study, one would get the best educational resources for free. She was very willing to comply to the agreement.

It wasn’t just the spirit of the contract[2]the general obligation of both parties in a contract to live up to the spirit as well as the technical requirements of their agreement.

Lin Niannian broke her promise, which lost the chance for other poor students who might be able to obtain educational opportunities through this program.

Not everyone could have many opportunities.

Few people could relate, but Lu Wan could. She knew that this opportunity was precious.

Lu Wan’s words were resounding and her attitude firm, without any hesitation.

This made the boys who’d been sitting there judging and doubting Lu Wan if she’s a real young lady, lost all their voices.

Lu Wan was in the fifth grade of primary school back then.

Her adoptive father suddenly went crazy and told her to stop going to school and stay home to help with business.

Lu Wan’s adoptive mother was very capable. She sold pancakes in the morning, stews in the evening, cold noodles in summer, and roasted sweet potatoes in winter.

Diligent hands and feet could make a lot of money, but they were also too busy to touch the ground.

Without that money, it wouldn’t be able to support that drunkard’s whoring all over the area.

And he wouldn’t be able to bring one back often.

Lu Wan in primary school was isolated by the whole class.

It was because she could kill chickens.

That time his adoptive father came back with a takeout chick[3]prostitute, and the takeout chick said that she wanted to drink chicken soup, like a cannibal.

So his adoptive father bought a live chicken from the market and forced her to deal with it.

If she didn’t do it, she wouldn’t be allowed to continue attending school.

Lu Wan squatted in front of the door to kill the chicken, and the dying chicken fought back with great strength.

It was the first time she did this kind of thing and her face was splattered with blood. It just so happened that a few girls from class passed by and saw it.…..

The girls in primary school were all delicate, thinking that Lu Wan was so cruel to kill chickens.

Maybe in the future ‘he’ could be capable of killing people. ‘He’ was a little abnormal now, later on ‘he’ could be a murderer.

The matter spread, and Lu Wan was isolated.

Not to mention girls, a lot of boys didn’t talk to her.

In fact, when Lu Wan thought about it later, it was normal for children to do so. After all, most of them were like jewels[4]dearly cherished at home. Killing chickens sounded cruel.

But she was also a child at that time, so it was quite upsetting.

After the chicken was killed, her adoptive father still wouldn’t let her study. Saying it’s a waste of time, and that it’s better to help her adoptive mother to make more money.

Her adoptive mother’s words held no weight. She didn’t fight or scold back. She didn’t have the slightest right to speak. Only later did Lu Wan knew that it was f*ckin called Stockholm Syndrome.

Lu Wan did not agreed and her adoptive father went to the school to bring her back.

The teacher was very angry when he found out but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t reason with a madman at all as he didn’t care about compulsory education.

A school teacher who was about to retire saw that she was pitiful and asked Lu Wan to stay at her house for a few days to lay low for awhile.

Every time after school, her adoptive father would come to block her at the school entrance.

The students in the class helped cover for her. Everyone told her to hide in the middle of the line, crouch down and conceal herself. They went out like this for several days in a row.

There was a clear distinction between boys and girls in primary school, and a demarcation line should be drawn even at the same table to emphasize this arrangement.

But in middle school it was completely different.

After the girls in the same class as Lu Wan went to middle school, they came to their senses and regretted it very much.

Handsome guys were all scarce resources. They were annoyed at their young and ignorant selves, and the missed opportunities!

How many handsome guys could one come across in one’s life ah?! They actually threw the chance away!

Lu Wan withdrew the hand that was holding Lin Niannian.

“Remember to clean the corridor according to the agreement. If you think I hate you, you’re free to think so. Avoid me in the future and don’t waste my time, whether intentional or not.”

“After all, you really can’t provoke me.”


It wasn’t until Lu Wan had walked more than ten meters away that Lin Niannian regained her senses.

She didn’t expect the other party to do this. Without saying a word, the expression on her face constantly changed. She was completely speechless.

The boys who had been beside her also became quiet for a while.


1 any person can join and leave at any time
2 the general obligation of both parties in a contract to live up to the spirit as well as the technical requirements of their agreement
3 prostitute
4 dearly cherished


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