Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 27

The neighboring classmate finished a question and immediately blocked it with his hand.

Like an old hen guarding it’s chick.

Lu Wan saw the other party and was quite speechless. Didn’t he feel tired doing so? Could it be that she had ‘Chea’ written on the left half of her face and ‘Ter’ on the right half?

Even if you want to do this, I can’t stand it.

Lu Wan deliberately stretched her neck, pretending to look at the other party’s paper.

While she was doing the questions leisurely, she would remind the other party from time to time to keep his guard up and be more careful.

In this way, the neighboring classmate’s whole person was in a state of first-level vigilance. Because in order to prevent his test paper from being peeked at, he had to do an extremely non-ergonomic posture.

With such a set of actions, naturally, he couldn’t concentrate on the exam.

This time, the number of comprehensive questions were very large and had certain difficulty.

Even Lu Wan had only 20 minutes left before she finished. The neighboring classmate didn’t turned in his papers until the bell rang…… and there were still two big questions that hadn’t been done.

The strategy was as fierce as a tiger but he turned out to be a 250[1]simpleton.

When Yu Shuai came out of the examination room, he was muddle-headed, as if he was in a dream.

One must know that the last two big questions in that comprehensive exam were more than 20 points.

If one didn’t do it, that meant the total score was already 20 points lower than others, and your ranking would definitely decline.

He turned his head to look at the perpetrator and said angrily, “Lu Wan! You did it on purpose!”

Lu Wan: “What is it now? The invigilator didn’t say anything and the exam didn’t require people to stay still. It’s okay for me to move my neck, right?”

Yu Shuai: “……”

Lu Wan put one hand in her pocket and whistled. “For the next exam, if you continue to block like that, I guarantee you will not be able to finish every subject.”

Yu Shuai: “……”

Aaaaargh, this person is really sick ah!

Yu Shuai stepped forward quickly, wanting to chase after her and argue.

Unexpectedly, Lu Wan, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped, and the person behind almost bumped into her.

Lu Wan restrained the smile on her face and asked solemnly, “Do you need anything else?”

Yu Shuai staggered, suddenly remembering the story of this fellow’s last fight. Just when he was prepared to, he lost the courage to speak out.

He stood there blankly.

Lu Wan looked down at the other side condescendingly. “Classmate Tool Man, since you’re fine, then I’ll go.”

She was 177cm, which was not a short height among boys.

This tool man classmate was not as tall as her.

Yu Shuai: “……”

Sure enough, it was intentional. She was not even one-tenth as cute as classmate Lin Niannian!

In the afternoon exam, Yu Shuai tried his best to cover the exam paper at the beginning, but later found that there was no time, so he couldn’t care about it anymore.

He was completely honest at the following exams.

Lu Wan shrugged. He should’ve realized sooner that it was unnecessary. Really stupid.

The examination papers of Shangde High School were generally written by teachers independently and the annual undergraduate admission rate was close to 100%.

Naturally, not to mention those who were admitted to Qingbei[2]Tsinghua and Peking University, many went to famous foreign schools and even Ivy League ‘s.

The teachers examination papers were based on the textbook but it was not limited to that, which was very different from the test format of Lu Wan’s previous school.

After the first day, Lu Wan returned home. What awaited her was a richer dinner than usual.

Professor Lu knew that her daughter took the monthly exam today, so support services must be done well.

He stepped forward and took Lu Wan’s schoolbag, helped her to sit down on the chair, and said while massaging the child’s shoulders, “The exam was done, so forget it. Don’t think too much.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu next to her sneered. “So exaggerated. It’s like she’s going to the battlefield. Why haven’t you comforted me like this before when I took an exam.”

Professor Lu: “Be quiet! Your sister had an exam today, don’t you have any good words? Say something auspicious right away.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

No, what ‘say auspicious words’? Am I welcoming a hotel’s guest?

Is this how you treat the dream of million girls?

Under Professor Lu’s ‘supportive’ eyes, Lu Buyu said, “I wish you a successful victory and overwhelm the warlords” perfunctorily.

Lu Wan had actually told them that her grades were pretty good.

Every day when she came home from school, she would conscientiously study for two hours before going to bed.

It’s just that in Shangde High School…… basically, there were more than a dozen top students in each class.

The school not only recruits students in the city, but also students from both domestic and abroad.

There was a big difference between those with good grades and those with average grades in the school.

However, those with average grades could ultimately go to good universities because of various procedures.

And the top-notch students were really impressive. They were the ones who  won in provincial championships in recent years.

Therefore, no matter how good Lu Wan’s grades were, there must be a discrepancy in the educational resources between the County’s No. 1 High School where she originally studied and the school she now goes to.

There was a high probability that she couldn’t acclimatize.

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan who was eating with her head down. He understood this issue very well.

He contemplated for a while and said, “You were in the top in your previous school, but here in your new school, you may only be in the lower-middle. There will definitely be a gap, but you’ll get used to it. That’s how I was at the beginning.”

Lu Wan: “I won’t. I want to strive for the first place in the exam. We are different.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Okay, don’t speak too much. You won’t be able to cry when the time comes.

It was rare for him to give a few words of comfort, but he didn’t expect Lu Wan to be really stubborn.

Lu Buyu was considered smart among his peers. To be fair, he was probably better at learning than 80% of the other children.

But his father’s students were all champions with a probability of only 1 in 100,000, gold medal winners in competitions, or geniuses who skipped grades and went to college at the age of 15.

In this way, the disparity came out.

His overall quality was good, and with the recommendation letters written by his father, his father’s friends and other industry leaders, he was admitted to Stanford University.

But when he got to university, he realized that the difficulties had just begun. Every day was full of endless projects and papers, and the other Chinese students were very hardworking and smart.

Lu Buyu, a regular smart person, felt that he was a fraud among them.

When he returned home during the summer vacation of his sophomore year, he incidentally entered the circle, and the first drama where he played the leading role had became popular overnight.

So he decided to drop out of Stanford to enter the entertainment industry.

Lu Buyu had studied Latin dance and grade 8 violin, and won second place in a shooting competition, as well as an amateur team ski race.

These weren’t a least bit beneficial for a science and engineering student, but they were very useful in the entertainment industry.

He had studied dance, so his limbs were very coordinated. Seven years of violin learning experience had given him ample knowledge in music, and he had no problem recording albums. His well-developed motor nerves enables him to carry out high-intensity work and even take part in various physical variety shows.

Lu Buyu’s condition were very good and he was dubbed ‘natural born star’ when he debuted.

While his popularity soared, so does many doubters and black fans[3]anti fans. Until the year before last when Lu Buyu received a military-themed movie script.

The work in the entertainment industry was also divided into ‘easy work’ and ‘tiring work’. What he took was ‘tiring work’, which required a lot of hardships.

Lu Buyu filmed for several weeks in long clothes and trousers in an indoor studio that was approaching fifty degrees.

The condition of the shooting location were also difficult and there were even no public toilets, but he persevered.

Since his debut, all his roles had basically been a young noble. When he played a tough guy, he shaved his hair into a crew cut, which surprised many black fans.

The film sold well at the box office and he also won the Best Supporting Actor at a Film Festival recognized by mainstream associations.

Although it couldn’t be compared with professional actors, it was enough to leave other idols far behind and jump to the top.

Even in the all male forum that has been attacking him, his reputation had became much better.

The group of straight men sighed: It turns out that Lu Buyu still got something and not just a little white face.

Fans praised him for his dedication and ability to endure hardships, but he doesn’t think so.

Making movies was much easier than doing research. When he was busy at Stanford, he could stay up all night three times a week, facing all kinds of data all day long that his head was about to explode.

Being an idol was much easier than learning mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan who was inhaling her food. Well, at least this guy is in good spirits.

This is also an advantage ba.


The monthly exam was divided into two days and following it was the weekend.

The teachers would mark all the papers during the weekend break.

The papers for each subject would be brought to the classroom by the teachers to distribute them.

But the school has an established practice. After each monthly exam, a list will be published and posted on the bulletin board.

It was the top 100 in the examinations.

On Monday morning, Lu Wan went out 20 minutes earlier than usual.

She also wanted to see her own ranking, and it was the first time she felt such urgency and nervousness.

When Lu Wan arrived, there were already some students waiting for the announcement in front of the bulletin board.

The teacher who would post the list hasn’t arrived yet.

Lu Wan hesitated whether to go back to the classroom first, because she would know about it by the second period anyway, but she was stopped by someone.

“Lu Wan, are you also here to see the rankings?” Su Rao asked with a smile.

En. You too?”

Su Rao: “Yes, but I’m not here to see mine. It’s to look at your ranking. I believe you can make it to the list. Uh, do you think I’m being too nosy?”

Lu Wan shrugged. “Of course not. Thanks for believing in me.”

The students present around suddenly realized that it was like this.

How could it be possible for Su Rao to appear there? Her grades had always been very stable.

It’s unknown if it was because Lu Wan and Su Rao were standing there, but the number of passing students who stopped to wait for the list were three times as many than usual.

Many people were curious about the result of Lu Wan and Lin Niannian’s bet.

They wanted to be the first to step into the melon field.

There were also some acquaintances who came to say hello.

“President Lu is here to wait for the results? Don’t be nervous ah. I don’t like top students very much. I prefer the interesting and lively ones.”

“Let’s not talk about other things, your mentality is still commendable. It’s not easy to be a top student so it‘s inevitable that you’d feel a little stifled. It’s fine for you to be like this.”

“President Lu must remain calm. Bad grades won’t affect your handsomeness. I don’t fancy top students.”

Lu Wan: “……”

All right, whatever makes you happy.

Lin Niannian and Yu Shuai arrived in front of the bulletin board five minutes later.

Yu Shuai glanced at Lu Wan, then he turned to Lin Niannian and said, “Don’t be nervous. We have checked the answers. Your score can definitely enter the top 100.”

It was really hateful. Because of Lu Wan, he couldn’t perform well in the first two subjects. He would fall at least 30 places this time.

“Thank you. It’s all because of your support.” Lin Niannian nodded. She glanced at Lu Wan and breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, she was also pretty confident.

Moreover, she had already thought about what she would say to Lu Wan after the teacher posted the list.

One’s own achievements couldn’t firmly represent one’s own self, however, Lu Wan had the opposite view.

But even if judged according to the other party’s standard, the one with better score would win.

She was going to make it clear to the other party in front of all the students that grades were not everything and let Lu Wan apologize to Jiang Boyang.

The young teacher arrived with a huge poster and the waiting students stared at it one after another. The atmosphere became inexplicably tense.

The teacher posting the list laughed, “So many of you are waiting today ah. Good. You are all very concerned about your grades.”

As he spoke, he applied glue on the bulletin board, then pasted the poster starting from the bottom, smoothing it out little by little with his hands.

The group of students: “……”

Actually, it’s not just about their own grades.

The list was posted from the bottom and the top was blocked. Lin Niannian and Yu Shuai both held their breaths as they look at the part revealed below.


The two people’s eyes stopped at the number 85.

It was pretty close to their estimation! Lin Niannian actually got a good result of 85th in their whole grade!

This time’s bet was a sure win. What’s more, it’s a beautiful win!

One must know that those who could enter into the top 100 were all straight A students!

The young teacher finally smoothed out the four corners. He stepped back to reveal the entire list.

1st place: Chen Nianqing

2nd place: Su Rao

3rd place: Lu Wan

The font for the top three places was two sizes larger than the ones below, so they particularly stood out.

The surroundings suddenly fell silent, leaving only the sound of sharp gasps.

Those who had bad intentions and was planning to take advantage of the time when President Lu was worried about her grades using gentleness to penetrate the other person’s heart, were stunned.

The gifts and the gentle words of comfort were all ready but you’ll just show us this?

So could they take back what they said a moment ago? Talking about disliking top students and grades doesn’t matter……

Was there a high school student who doesn’t fancy a top student even a little bit?

I love Xueba[4]top student, I hope Baba loves me too!

Holy sh*t?! One must know that Chen Nianqing and Su Rao had occupied the first and second places since forever and they were unshakable.

Didn’t they said that the current teaching materials were different from Lu Wan’s previous school?

Something must have gone wrong!

Song Qianqian had a confuse expression.

She had thought about everything. As soon as the results came out, she would offer to tutor Lu Wan in order to get closer to her.

As it turned out, she took the eighth place in the exam, and Lu Wan came third???


The scores of the two geniuses on the first and second rankings usually left everyone in the dust, far exceeding other top students below them.

But Lu Wan was only 3 points behind the second place……

“President Lu, is there anything you want to tell us?”

Lu Wan hadn’t spoken yet when Xu Yao, who just arrived, opened his mouth.

“Oh, sh*t. My eyes aren’t deceiving me, right? Lu Wan, you didn’t get the first place? Hahaha, you also have this day ah.”

Everyone: “???”

You also have this day ah…… also have this day ah…… have this day ah…… this day ah…… day ah…… ah.…..

What kind of stupid and confusing speech is this?

They seemed to have lost the ability to understand their mother tongue at this moment.

This ‘day’ was a tomorrow that many people couldn’t achieve no matter how hard they try…… To be able to take the top places in the exams, it doesn’t only require hard work.

One’s IQ should also be exceptionally high.

Everyone looked at Lu Wan with a lollipop in her mouth.

President Lu, you should say something ah.

Just now when Lu Wan was standing there, people kept coming to bring her breakfast; both men and women.

She had eaten breakfast long ago. Although if others gave her some food, she would eat it. It wasn’t a big deal and it could also avoid waste.

At worst, she’ll just pay them money.

But Lu Wan could only have one more breakfast at most and she didn’t know from whom to accept, so she simply refused all of them.

In the end, Su Rao gave her a lollipop so that she could say that her mouth wasn’t empty, and she could quickly get rid of the students who came to feed her.

Lu Wan bit the lollipop, looked at the list, and sincerely sighed, “Wow~ everyone is really impressive ah.”

The front of the list was full of high scores. Tut tut tut, it was filled with giants.

The new school really had many hidden talented individuals. It was very exciting.

She doesn’t feel bad that she didn’t get the first place in the exam but thought that it was very novel and strangely aroused her desire to win.

Perhaps she could next time?

Anyway, she’s going to try her best.

Everyone: “……”

That’s not what we want to hear! No no no!

Also, President Lu, you came in third. What qualifications do you have to say that? Get out of here ba!

But don’t go too far…… we’re still a bit reluctant to part with you.


1 simpleton
2 Tsinghua and Peking University
3 anti fans
4 top student

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