Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 26

The three of them return to the classroom. There was still half an hour before the afternoon class.

Xu Yao laid down on the table, intending to close his eyes for a while to refresh himself.

He felt that…… it was better to sleep if one didn’t eat, but it was even more better to sleep if one’s full.

There were constant voices talking around him and Xu Yao with his closed eyes was about to be annoyed to death.

“Niannian, don’t be nervous, this monthly exam will definitely be fine.” Said the class monitor.

“Yeah. If you’re worried, we can review together in the school library this evening. I’ll help you double check.” Another voice.

“We support you no matter what. You’re really brave.”

Lin Niannian: “Thank you for comforting me. Although I have confidence, I still want to do my best.”

Yu Shuai wasn’t very happy when he saw the girl beside him furrowed her eyebrows. He comforted, “Relax. Lu Wan’s score couldn’t be higher than yours. She goes home every time right after school, and at noon, she only know how to eat and not study. Where have you given such halfhearted effort? It is said that heaven rewards the diligent, and that means you.”

“That’s right. Lu Wan and Xu Yao are friends. Xu Yao can sleep through five classes a day, and although Lu Wan didn’t close her eyes, she certainly didn’t listen to the class very seriously, so you don’t have to be too nervous.”

Xu Yao, who was named, raised his head from the table, and couldn’t help frowning as he scolded, “Who the hell are you talking about? You don’t want to live anymore? Can you stop yapping in my ears?”

Everyone: “……”

It turns out he wasn’t sleeping ah.

Lin Niannian was surprised. She said in a soft voice, “I’m sorry for disturbing you. Some classmates were just trying to comfort me. It wasn’t on purpose.”

Yu Shuai pursed his lips and said unconvinced, “Classmate Xu Yao, just because you have a good relationship with Lu Wan and couldn’t watch her losing the bet, it doesn’t mean you should take your anger out on others.”

Lin Niannian shook her head and said to Yu Shuai, “Leave it. Don’t talk about it anymore.”

Xu Yao laughed out loud. His eyes swept over the crowd. “Hell. A bunch of morons.”

This was him rarely giving a statement and not cursing.

The discussion of this group of people nearly made him laugh to death.

What the f*ck? Might as well fight with Lu Wan directly.

A number of boys suddenly became angry but they dared not speak out. After all, Xu Yao was brave enough to challenge Jiang Boyang……

Forget it. There was no need to argue with a psychopath.

Lin Niannian pursed her lower lip. She could tell that Xu Yao liked Lu Wan, so he always listened to her and defended the other party.

Xu Yao usually doesn’t pay much attention to her. With his indifferent attitude, she wondered if Lu Wan had said something.

The surroundings quieted down. Xu Yao adjusted his posture and was ready to go to sleep when his phone began to vibrate.

Fu. Xu Yao was about to swear but he choked when he saw ‘Old Man Zhang’ on the caller ID.

He sat up and answered the phone reluctantly.

“Didn’t you say you would come back with Lu Wan to see me when you’re free? Are you free during the summer vacation?”

Xu Yao: “It’s still months until the summer vacation. I don’t know yet.”

“Little brat! I dare say you’re fooling me.…..”

As the attitude on the other side gradually got out of control, Xu Yao decisively hung up the phone.

After being woken up twice, he was no longer in the mood to sleep again.

Old Man Zhang was a teacher at Ning County’s No. 1 High School. He was Lu Wan’s math teacher and also served as the headteacher.

That old man was truly ‘unbelievable’, old-fashioned and weird. He always carried an oversized water bottle with him wherever he goes.

He said that it cost two yuan to buy water outside, and that he would never waste his money.

Every day, the old guy would be the first one to come and the last to leave in the school. He would often stick his head out the window and his sudden appearance always gave people a scare.

Old Man Zhang and Lu Wan fought for more than a year.

He was dissatisfied with Lu Wan’s misbehavior. She left every time after class, and never participated in the ‘voluntary’ evening self-study and weekend make-up classes.

But Lu Wan got good results nonetheless.

There was a time when Old Man Zhang, in order to teach Lu Wan a lesson, intentionally blocked her while holding a piece of paper in his hand, saying, “If you think you’re very powerful, come, come, finish these questions before you go.”

Lu Wan actually did it, but Old Man Zhang was unconvinced and would increase the difficulty every time.

I don’t believe it, little punk.

Lu Wan did not agree. “Talking about the topic you gave me, can you solve it yourself in an hour?”

“Come, come, here’s the pen.”

The two were at loggerheads.

In the repeated struggle, Old Man Zhang found that Lu Wan was very talented in mathematics. She was able to find a way to solve the problems that were deliberately made difficult for people.

It’s a pity that such a good seedling doesn’t participate in any competition.

Ning County’s No. 1 High School only focused on the college entrance examination and does not engage in competitions at all.

But to really participate in the competition, in addition to one’s own talent, one must also undergo professional training and listen to lectures of famous teachers.

Old Man Zhang knew that Lu Wan didn’t have this qualification. He, a penny-pincher, just gritted his teeth and decided to pay for it himself to enable Lu Wan to attend classes in the city.

Before going, Old Man Zhang thought that he had to make Lu Wan sign an agreement that she had to make every effort.

Lu Wan turned it down. She said she had no time; she had to work part-time on weekends and she was not interested.

Old Man Zhang didn’t expect the little punk to be so stubborn. The only time in his life that he was generous, he was actually thwarted.

As a result, the two were completely at each other’s throat.

Old Man Zhang said that Lu Wan was a jerk who didn’t know how to make progress and had no idea about the importance of this matter.

Lu Wan said that the other party was an awfully rotten old fogy. She was already very busy, but he would still always came to make trouble.

Later, Lu Wan transferred to another school, and Old Man Zhang scolded for a long time. He knew that Xu Yao and Lu Wan had a good relationship so he would occasionally come to look after him.

As an underachiever, Xu Yao couldn’t stomach this kind of care.

When he went to get his student records before changing schools, he happened to bump into Old Man Zhang and casually mentioned: If there was an opportunity later on, I will come back with Lu Wan to see you.

Old Man Zhang said disdainfully at that time: Who wants her to see me? It’s unnecessary!

If you say so. Xu Yao didn’t worry about it. He never expected that after two days, Old Man Zhang would sent him a text message asking: Didn’t you say that you and Lu Wan will come to see me last time? About when?

Xu Yao didn’t reply. Two more days had passed, then the phone calls started to came……

Xu Yao was fully aware that the old man treated Lu Wan well.

The scholarship of Ning County’s No. 1 High School was originally only one thousand yuan per semester. Later, the school contacted well-known alumni for donations and raised the scholarship for the first-place to seven thousand.

This was advocated by Old Man Zhang, and Lu Wan was always the first in every exam.

Of course, Xu Yao knew that Lu Wan would never take that money to attend additional classes.

Something she could solve by herself, she absolutely wouldn’t trouble others.

But if she really couldn’t do it by herself, she would speak up, and wouldn’t stubbornly carry it alone.

Xu Yao remembered those three times. The first time was when Lu Wan’s adoptive father asked her to drop out of school, and the third time was when Lu Wan’s adoptive mother died and she couldn’t handle it alone.

As for the second time……

Xu Yao had been a terror since he was in junior high school, but he was really scared that time.

It’s been a few years and he still had lingering fears whenever he thought of it.


Unsurprisingly, the school forum posted a new update in the afternoon.

Everyone had been expecting it and they were all waiting.

They were eager to have a place where everyone could openly discuss and digest this melon.

In less than an hour, hundreds of messages had already been posted.

「 The school’s scholarship student, Lin Niannian, made a bet with Lu Wan on the upcoming monthly exam. If Lu Wan lost, she will publicly apologized to Jiang Boyang, and if the scholarship student lost, she will clean the corridor for three months.」

【Flowers in Jiuzhou: Place your bets! Let’s guess who will win?】

【Three more bamboo news[1]good news; more children, more blessings and more longevity: The scholarship student have a good chance of winning. After all, to be sponsored by the school, it require good grades.】

【Yuyun: I don’t care. I’m gonna pick President Lu.】

【。 : Why must Lin Niannian challenge President Lu?! Isn’t she just making a scene?】

【Nan’an[2]southern coast: I support Lin Niannian. She’s very nice and she also did it to stand up for a friend.】

【Aomori: Upstairs, that’s so easy to say. But when does the school tyrant need someone else to come forward for him?】

【Jintang[3]golden hallㄣ: President Lu might not be smart ah! But I still love her!】

【Beyond the sun: I’ve seen Lin Niannian and she’s really sweet.】

【Qianqian: It doesn’t matter if President Lu loses. I can help her study. Just win back next time.】

【I walk this road alone╯: I looked through the comments and found that the people who spoke for Lin Niannian were all men…… I’m gonna be blunt ba, she’s really annoying.】

Haley checked out the comment section, looked up and said, “It seems that everyone is talking about it. President Lu, Xu Yao’s words, was it true?”

Although he and Lu Wan were at the same table and he knew the other party was listening in class, but how exactly was the situation, wasn’t something a slacker like him could see.

Lu Wan: “No worries.”

Haley: “En. I thought as much.”

There’s still a week left before the monthly exam and many of the students who knew Lu Wan were aware of the bet and had sent caring notes.

After cheering her up, they reassured her that losing was nothing, it was just a verbal apology.

It’s not a loss. President Lu, you’re still handsome.


Zhao Yihang scrolled this thread and turned to ask Chen Nianqing, “President, who do you think will win?”

“Lu Wan.”

Ah? It can’t be. Everyone is saying that Lin Niannian have a bigger chance of winning. You’re guess is wrong ba.”

Chen Nianqing: “I choose Lu Wan.”

Zhao Yihang: “……You’re biased. Is it because you know Lu Wan?”

Chen Nianqing: “Yes, so I will choose her no matter what.”

Zhao Yihang: “……”

How did this happen? Has the newly built house collapsed again?

President, you’ve changed ah. You weren’t like this before.


Lin Niannian went all out to prepare for the exam and studied late into the night every day.

At school, people would pour cold water on her[4]dampen one’s enthusiasm from time to time, but she didn’t care, taking it as a kind of motivation to improve herself. Wait for the test results to come out and everything would be over.

She’s very confident.

The week passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day of the monthly exam.

This was Lu Wan and Lin Niannian’s first exam after transferring to another school.

There was also Xu Yao, but everyone tacitly agreed to temporarily cross out the energetic boy. This guy looks like he was only there to make up the number.

The school randomly divided the students from each class into different examination rooms.

Lu Wan was in the second examination room and coincidentally, there was another classmate next to her.

In the morning comprehensive examination, Yu Shuai noticed Lu Wan’s eyes and silently blocked the paper with his hands.

Lu Wan: “……”

The exam hasn’t started yet. The invigilator just sent out the answer sheets in advance and asked the students to write their names.

Lu Wan was a little speechless. You’re blocking fart ah. Can’t people see your name?

Do you think you’re a spy who can’t be seen in the light?

Lu Wan lowered her voice and sarcastically joked, “Why, are you afraid that I’ll copy yours?”

Yu Shuai had an expression of a martyr on his face. “Give it up! I would rather die. I’ll never cooperate with you to cheat.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Your uncle.

I can see what you’re trying to do; trying to reduce my credibility?

Lu Wan knew that this guy was a tool person on the heroine’s side who was always on the beck and call, but this was too…… competent ba.


1 good news; more children, more blessings and more longevity
2 southern coast
3 golden hall
4 dampen one’s enthusiasm


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