Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 25

Haley glanced at the energetic boy beside him.

This idiot was really headstrong.

He’s a school tyrant, but what’s the fuss about?

Ever since Lu Wan transferred to their school, he felt that Jiang Boyang wasn’t as great as before.

And now that there was a Xu Yao, his halo was almost gone……

Not to mention that there were many students who like this idiot.

Most of the school’s students were rich girls and second generation rich kids. Everyone was very serious and reserved. And this energetic boy’s style was so different.

Having seen a lot of seafood dishes, and occasionally encountering a spicy hot pot, everyone would feel that it’s very fresh.

Besides, dealing with a straightforward person took no brain, which was also good.

Other than the high school boys who like sports, most were the scholarly type with a ‘white cut chicken’ body, so Xu Yao, this muscular man with healthy complexion was quite attractive.

Jiang Boyang rose to his feet with a thud. “Aren’t you asking for a beating? I’ve endured you long enough since the last time!”

The atmosphere was on the verge of exploding, but none of the students dared to stop them.

They might get hurt by mistake, okay?!

Lu Wan watched as she ate the steak. After all, there wasn’t much time left for the lunch break.

Lin Niannian saw that the two sides were about to fight. She was worried and ran over to block Jiang Boyang.

She said anxiously, “Xu Yao, what are you doing?! Jiang Boyang didn’t do anything to you!”

Lu Wan said ‘Heh’ in her heart and carried on eating.

Xu Yao frowned. “Out of the way! This has nothing to do with you!”

Lin Niannian stretched out her arms. “I won’t let you fight! Unless you hit me first!”

Jiang Boyang also stretched out his hand to lightly move the person in front of him to the side. “Move aside, I have to beat him up!”

Lu Wan…… quickened the speed of eating steak. It’s delicious.

Xu Yao: “So bothersome. Don’t think I don’t hit women! He offended my President Lu! He was full of sh*t last time! Isn’t that right, President Lu?”

The crowd of students looked at Lu Wan, who was beside him.

President Lu…… was gorging on food????

The meal time was over. Lu Wan pulled out a tissue and wiped her mouth. She looked at Xu Yao with a straight face and said, “Why are you messing around? This is the school and you are a student. Can you act like one?”

This *ss, can’t he wait until she finished her meal?

Lu Wan was already used to it. Probably because Xu Yao was short and fat when he was a child, he was bullied a lot.

When he grew taller, it rebounded a bit, and like a firecracker, he would blew up at any little provocation.

Her becoming a school tyrant in junior high was mainly because of this dude.

At that time, Xu Yao always fought fiercely, was very generous with money, and there were a group of boys always surrounding him. He would call Lu Wan Boss, so naturally, the others followed to call her Boss.

Lu Wan was then considered as the ‘school tyrant’.

Lu Wan was ruthless and good at fighting so the crowd was convinced, but she had to study and help her adoptive mother watch the stall, so she couldn’t join them every time.

…..She couldn’t fight full time like other boys.

Gradually, some people grew dissatisfied. Why did Xu Yao let Lu Wan be the boss? It would be better if he took ‘his’ place.

Every time someone said that, Xu Yao would lose his temper. After a few times, everyone knew that they had a good relationship, and no one dared to sow discord again.

Xu Yao’s impulsive personality caused Lu Wan to fight twice as much.

Nevertheless, when her adoptive father was beating her, even though Xu Yao was scared to death, he still rushed up and pressed the man to the ground a good deal heavier than his weight.

Two eight-year-old children, together with the drunkard, fought to a tie.

Xu Yao’s parents also helped her a lot. They saw that she was miserable from the outset and offered to accept her as a son, but her adoptive parents did not agree, and the matter was over.

Xu Yao’s parents once asked Lu Wan, who was steadier than ‘his’ peers, to look after their son.

Lu Wan agreed and tried her best.

Besides, although this guy was hot-tempered and competitive, he had never bullied normal honest students.

So naturally, Lu Wan couldn’t just leave him alone.

Xu Yao: “It wasn’t me who’s causing trouble. He kept looking at you! I think he needs a lesson!”

Lin Niannian was astonished and look incredulous. “Can’t he even take a glance? You’re too overbearing. Besides, they at least had an…… engagement.”

When she found out that the two had a marriage contract, she thought it was very absurd.

Could feelings be exchanged for benefits?

Although she had decided to clarify with Lu Wan that she had nothing to do with Jiang Boyang, she still felt sad for no reason.

Lu Wan laughed. “Wait, this classmate, you can eat at will, but you can’t talk at will. I have nothing to do with him from beginning to end. Do you know that you’re spreading rumors?”

Lin Niannian was lost. “You…… do you really not care? That’s not possible ah.”

Jiang Boyang saw Lu Wan’s indifferent face and a fire suddenly erupted in his heart.

He had always been arrogant and friends of the same age all held him up. He’d never been humiliated in public like today.

This was not the first time Lu Wan had done this.

Jiang Boyang sneered and said in a loud voice, “Don’t you dare to admit it? We did have a marriage contract.”

As soon as Xu Yao heard this, he was ready to rush at him, but Lu Wan held him down.

“This is a school. Do you want to be punished for fighting? Or to get expelled? Did you transfer here just to leave? Are you here for a trip?”

Xu Yao was a little discouraged. “.…..Oh. But he’s talking nonsense.”

“He’s talking nonsense, you don’t have to take it to heart.” Lu Wan said as she walked up to Jiang Boyang.

She looked at the person calmly. “I’ve been thinking. I already made it very clear last time, but I didn’t expect you to be so brazen and still can’t understand human speech. Then I want to ask you, do you think you are worthy?”

I won’t f*cking admit it.

Didn’t you want others to not know about the engagement? Now it’s the other way around!

I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Xu Yao exclaimed, “He’s worthy of nothing!”

Everyone: “……”

President Lu’s so handsome! The energetic boy…… was also barely handsome ba.

Jiang Boyang: “What do you mean? I’m not worthy? Do you really like Chen Nianqing?”

Lu Wan: “What are you talking about? I have an engagement with you? Will everyone believe it if you say it?”

“The Lu family and I, why should we choose you? Because you’re from a good family? Or because you’re short-tempered and impulsive, and I happen to need someone to make trouble for me every day? Or maybe you think highly of your poor grades, childishness, and frivolousness? Compared with other students, it really looks very special~”

“If I want to choose a fiancé, it’ll definitely not be someone like you. I’m not foolish, and I don’t collect junks.”

Everyone gasped. Holy sh*t, President Lu really dared to say it.

But what’s going on…… Thinking about her words, it actually made sense??

The surrounding students began to discuss in a low voices.

But…… the school tyrant’s influence was there after all, and they didn’t dare to offend people too much.

“Truth is, Jiang Boyang has a deep family background, but compared with President Lu, he’s still a little inferior.”

“Jiang Boyang is handsome and many girls likes him, but he have a bad temper.”

“Jiang Boyang is still a school grass, but there’s a lot of room to improve in his grades. That’s also a fact.”

The more they thought about it, the more they felt…… that it was unscientific for those two to have a marriage contract.

Jiang Boyang was liked by many girls, but President Lu was liked by both boys and girls ah!

And President Lu had been sought after in school recently! No less popular than the school tyrant! Not to mention that she’s good-looking and had a good temper! She was also approachable!

Haley said while touching his chin, “Yeah, you really shouldn’t just look at someone’s face when finding a boyfriend. What if he was abusive, or have some strange hobbies ah?”

Others nodded in agreement.

Sure enough, it was impossible for these two people to have an engagement.

It was probably a false rumor. Otherwise why wasn’t there any slightest bit of news when Lu Wan first transferred to the school?

The crowd looked at Jiang Boyang. They never imagined that the school grass was also capable of touching porcelain.…..

However, if the target was President Lu, it’s not incomprehensible. Who doesn’t want to ‘touch’ her? But just thinking about it, this man’s guts was really big oh.

Jiang Boyang stepped forward and tried to grab the other person. “Lu Wan!!!!!!”

He felt as if his entire lung was about to explode and even his head was beginning to ache.

What do these people’s gazes meant? Did they think he was lying on purpose?

Lu Wan took a step back and lightly dodged. “Don’t touch me. We’re not familiar with each other. I’m afraid I’ll have an allergic reaction to you.”

Xu Yao still admired President Lu. That guy’s face was turning red with anger.

The fight hasn’t occurred yet, but the person was already furious.

Heh. He somehow felt a little refreshed.

Lin Niannian bit her lower lip and looked at Lu Wan near her. “You’re going too far! Can grades represent everything? Jiang Boyang’s grades are not excellent, but we shouldn’t deny him for who he really is.”

Lu Wan: “Big sister, what are you talking about? How am I going too far? I just like good grades. I think students should study hard and not break the law, right?”

Lin Niannian: “You’re so—”

Lu Wan: “Hang on, this matter have nothing to do with you. Will you please shut up.”

Under the gazes of everyone, Lin Niannian’s face slowly turned red. Her chest heaved slightly and feeling a little agitated, she said, “Having money doesn’t mean everything you say is right. If you say he have bad grades, what about yourself? Is it good?”

Lu Wan: “Definitely much better than him.”

Lin Niannian: “Fine. I want to make a bet with you. It will be the monthly exam soon, if my grades are better than yours, you must apologize to Jiang Boyang! If you’re better than me, I…… you can make any request.”

Jiang Boyang looked at Lin Niannian who was standing in front of him and frowned inwardly.

Although the other party was defending him, but betting on his academic performance in front of a slacker…… How come he felt offended?

The onlookers were also flabbergasted.

What’s the matter with this student? Forget that she just jumped out and failed to stop people from fighting, why was she betting with President Lu on the score now?

Furthermore, base on what was she saying that it’s unfair to Jiang Boyang? What kind of confusing behavior was this?

Someone recognized Lin Niannian and whispered that this was the scholarship student from Class 4.

Scholarship students who could be selected to study in this school and given assistance by the board of directors must be screened and they must be outstanding.

Although President Lu was very handsome, she might not be able to compare.

So this girl was a bit like a…… chicken thief[1]cunning person ah. It looked fair, but it was all about using her strengths to take advantage of what others were not good at.

It was perfectly acceptable for President Lu to ignore it.

Lu Wan looked at Lin Niannian calmly. She was very puzzled.

She felt that she was quite like the Buddha. She didn’t want to compete with others, and she didn’t want to prove herself. And because it was too troublesome, she had tried to avoid these two guys as much as possible.

But why did they kept turning up again and again?

Lu Wan raised her eyebrows, looked at the person and asked, “I can make any request? Then tell me, what can you give me?”

The onlookers: “……”

Somehow, they were seduced.

Lin Niannian bit her lower lip. “Except for money, you can ask anything. Do you dare?”

Everybody: “……”

What a chicken thief! They would like to help President Lu and they were also willing to give money!

This girl would gain no matter what!

They also wanted to bet with Lu Wan!

Lu Wan nodded. “If you insist. It’s feasible. If you lose, you can…… clean the corridors for three months ba.”

Lin Niannian breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, it’s a deal.”

Jiang Boyang frowned. He said to Lin Niannian, “This matter have nothing to do with you. You don’t need to do this.”

Lin Niannian lowered her eyes and said in a very soft voice, “I have no other intention. I just want to help you once! After all, you have helped me a lot…… and if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have a misunderstanding with Lu Wan.”

The girl in front of him had a sincere and humble expression. Jiang Boyang thought about the days when the two of them were living together. In the end, he didn’t show a tough attitude.

He knew that Lin Niannian studied very hard and was quite good. There was a high probability that she would do better than Lu Wan.

If Lu Wan could bow her head and apologize, that would be fine.

“Forget it. Anyway, this have nothing to do with me. You can do whatever you want.” Jiang Boyang dropped these words, stood up and walked out.

When he passed by Lu Wan, he gave her a profound glance.

Lu Wan deliberately ignored the other party’s line of sight.

After the people left, Lu Wan picked up the unfinished iced coke on the table and looked at the last two pieces of steak on the plate with regret.

What a pity, it’s already cold and looked very hard.

These damn nuisances.

Wuu…… Her steak.

This incident was spread by the melon eating crowd and within half an hour, many students knew about it.

President Lu was still very handsome today! Even if she loses, it couldn’t damage her charm!

Haley looked at Xu Yao, who had been silent since the bet started just now, and couldn’t help asking, “What happened to you, suddenly becoming mute?”

The energetic boy just turned quiet; it was really discomfiting.

Xu Yao scratched his head and spoke slowly, “I did not see that coming ah.”

Haley: “???”

Xu Yao furrowed his brows. When Lu Wan was in Ning County’s No. 1 Middle School, she almost drove several science teachers crazy.

Later, Lu Wan transferred to another school, and those teachers began to feel distraught and melodramatic.

Nowadays, Lu Wan’s former math teacher would scold a few words before starting classes.

He finally found a good seedling, how could ‘he’ just run away like this? He scolded Lu Wan for being too unscrupulous.

And even if ‘he’ ran, ‘he’ still took part in the mid-term exam before doing so. ‘He’ dumped the second place by several points, which directly caused a large gap.

Wasn’t this done to infuriate them?

Several teachers had privately discussed that they all wanted to be an extrajudicial fanatic and tie Lu Wan to bring her back.

So angry.

Xu Yao was dumbfounded when he heard that girl’s proposal.

How could someone propose to compare grades with Lu Wan?

It was so fantastical that he didn’t speak because he was shocked into speechlessness.


1 cunning person


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