Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 24

After Chen Nianqing was done pressing the follow button, he raised his head to look at Lu Wan.

Lu Wan was stunned for two seconds, then reacted and followed back Chen Nianqing’s Weibo.

……The other party did not need to speak to remind her.

She glanced at it in passing. Chen Nianqing’s avatar was a picture of the universe, and his username was a string of numbers.

It doesn’t seem to be anything special.

Today was fortunate enough but there was still such a good thing? The students from the Skateboard Club were a little excited and they rubbed their hands to prepare to mutually follow with Chen Nianqing.

This gentleman here was not as cold as the rumors say ah!

Chen Nianqing neatly put the phone back, using his action to say: Cannot.

Everyone from the Skateboard Club: “Erm……”

The rumor was true. He’s really a bit cold. _(:з”∠)_

Song Qianqian could see that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing had a good relationship in private and she was surprised. She asked again, “By the way, President Lu, this will not be your trumpet[1]non-primary account, right? Will you use this often in the future?”

Lu Wan: “Trumpet? I only have this one account, aren’t you guys the same?”

Song Qianqian laughed: “……Of course, just one.”

Her trumpet was an avid follower of Lu Buyu’s Fan Club. Could she say that?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“Me too!”

The other students expressed the same.

Anyone surfing the internet would have connected things. Ordinary students and parents would know that of course, there was a trumpet account!

But now that it had a mutual following with President Lu, this account had a different meaning and would be used frequently in the future!

Lu Wan: “……Oh.”

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Only two people were pretty upset.

Zhao Yihang and Xu Yao discovered each other’s existence.

They looked at each other across the room, practically recognizing one another as confidants!

Look, you’re not the only one who doesn’t like what’s happening!

Zhao Yihang furrowed his brows.

The Club President had always been his role model. What the hell was going on today?

Was Lu Wan a human gu? Even the Club President was poisoned.

He was a little uneasy.

Xu Yao pursed his lips.

This dog appears to be harboring bad intentions. The key point was that he was a bit handsome. Lu Wan wouldn’t like this little white face, would she……?

He had a sudden sense of crisis.


After it was all over, everyone from the Music Club felt that today was really not a loss.

After all, they got President Lu’s Weibo account!

Don’t look at President Lu’s cool appearance. Once you came in contact with her, she’s actually…… inexplicably adorable.

Never mind that she’s approachable, it seems that she’s also really thoughtful and was good at fixing things around the house.

Who wouldn’t want to have such a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Anyway, they didn’t know if they were attracted because of her interesting personality, or whether they had put on a filter for President Lu.

They examined the Weibo of their classmates, and President Lu’s style was really special.

On other students Weibo,

If not: “Wow he’s so handsome!”, “Take a good look at this!”, “Hahahahahaha, f*ck!”, “Ah ah, kswl[2]stands for kēsǐwǒle which is used to talk about a couple who are being so cute and sweet it’s killing you.” —a fully automatic screaming chicken[3]referring to a rubber chicken squeaky toy.

Or: “Wow~ Eating melon.jpg”, “I didn’t understand the melon mentioned; another fresh melon.jpg”, “Saved; melon.” —a ‘greenhouse full of melons’ account.

It could also be: “The dharma of Sony is good![4]borrowed from Buddhism; Dharmachakra, the great dharma, is good”, “You only know how to cheat money without upgrading this dog game”, “Lifetime series![5]referring to those series that you love but couldn’t finish in your lifetime ﹙story’s too long﹚ or will not be updated in your lifetime ﹙update’s too long﹚”, “Officially roll for this Grandpa.” —by stubborn straight man and steel straight woman.

Or perhaps: “Just bought a little dress. ﹙sticker﹚”, “Sharing selfie. ﹙sticker﹚” “Clearance sale. ﹙sticker﹚” —by MeituPic’s[6]Meitu Xiuxiu; image editing software full-level retouching masters.

Not to exclude: “Hahahahahaha, f*ck!” in the daytime; “It’s too difficult. There’s no point in life. I’m unworthy of this world.” at night —by face-changing thinkers.

President Lu was different. Her Weibo was like a small train driving past.

Binge eating~ Binge eating~ Binge eating~

“This is delicious”, “This is quite delicious”, “This is pretty delicious”, “This is very delicious!”.

Any food was delicious wherever she goes. Chickens, ducks, fishes and geese were all valuable, regardless of whether they were of high or low quality.

The plain tone of the photos had some kind of magic which made people particularly have an appetite.

Anyway, you shouldn’t look at it if your trying to loose weight.


On the subway home, Lu Wan took out her cell phone to kill some time.

She has followed many of her schoolmates’ Weibo today.

On the homepage, there were new updates from Song Qianqian.

Pure Fairy

5 minutes ago from a mobile client.

Today was fun. Us giants should hang out more often.】

It was accompanied with nine photos taken today. Because the lights in the room were dim, most of them were blurry.

As if the camera focus was deliberately ignored and the lighting was dimmed on purpose, it produced a different style.

Almost every student who were on the gathering earlier also swiped through this Weibo post on their way home.

In just five minutes, there were eight repost and dozens of likes.

Lu Wan also liked it.

Actually, the school has a good atmosphere. Although there were many extracurricular activities, many students were impressive, so the impression of big guys were everywhere.

People often call each other ‘big thigh’ or ‘giant’.

Of course, the common call for Lu Wan was…… President Lu.


Chen Nianqing was looking at Lu Wan’s Weibo.

He saw on the other party’s homepage that she liked Song Qianqian’s Weibo update and also followed to do the same.

Chen Nianqing scrolled through for two minutes and everything was still about food.

He even turned to the day they met half a year ago. Her Weibo post…… remained to be about food.

There was neither a word nor a mention of him.

Sure enough, she turned her head and completely forgot everything.

Chen Nianqing didn’t know what to say.

Lu Wan pointed at him that day and said, “I prefer someone like that”, and he was happy for a long time.

He had waited and waited…… until a week has passed, but that person didn’t come at all. It turns out she didn’t mean anything by that sentence.


Monday lunch break.

Lu Wan considered that there would be many students in the cafeteria after class and decided to go after finishing the exam paper in her hand.

Haley was not hungry either so he was waiting to go together with President Lu.

He looked down at his mobile phone. President Lu’s Weibo has gained more than 3,000 followers today.

Oh…… and there were lots of new comments.

Haley turned his head and said with a smile, “Wow~ Seems a little powerful. Idol still has a lot of traffic.”

Many of these new followers came from Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing’s Weibo updates were very few and most of them were reposted popularization of medical sciences.

His father was the chairman of an upper first-class hospital[7]highest ranked hospitals in China, and his mother was a leader in the department. She was among the best in the profession and also made a Weibo for popular science.

He had seventy-eight followers on Weibo at first, which could also be considered a lot.

Chen Nianqing began to learn the cello at the age of seven. He started late, but he was highly talented.

Three years ago, he went to participate in a major international solo competition and won first place.

At that time, the second place was a beautiful Japanese boy who was blind. He had a very high level of attainment on the piano and had a fragile beauty.

Many domestic media had covered this competition. And while everyone was paying attention to the blind and beautiful young man, they unexpectedly found that the first place was also a handsome face.

Some netizens dug up Chen Nianqing’s Weibo, and many melon eaters had followed him.

After all, the photos of the teenager playing the cello, even if the pixels were not high, was a critical hit to Face Fans.

Although he do not post selfies on Weibo either.

Chen Nianqing regarded playing the cello as one of his hobbies and does not want to become a professional independent player.

Since then, he has not participated in other competitions, and has rarely even appeared on stage.

Three years ago, that trophy carried a lot of weight and the people in the Music Club were convinced of his capability.

If other people had high musical talent and superb skills, they would feel it a pity not to take the professional path.

But when it came to Chen Nianqing, he doesn’t feel this way.

However, Chen Nianqing’s grades were good, so in the eyes of the public, no matter what he chose to do, it would always be right.

Chen Nianqing’s Weibo follower, in addition to the netizens who went along for the ride at the beginning, also include some students from several high schools in the city.

The Idol was not only popular within their school, but was also highly mentioned among all high school girls in the city.

In the past, there were also girls from other schools who came to block people at the school gate.

It was because of his cold, cheerless and low-key personality, that saved them a lot of trouble.

In the two days of the weekend, fans had gradually discovered that their Idol’s following list has changed from ‘9’, which has been maintained for several years, to ‘10’.

A knew account has been added.

They clicked in out of curiosity…… He actually followed a food blogger?

All right. There’s nothing to be said.

Slag wave[8]derogatory name for Sina Weibo/poor quality service, roll for this Grandpa! You even secretly sold a follow from my Idol!

But…… they slowly found that something doesn’t seem right. It might not be bought by a fan.

The students of Shangde[9]esteeming/advocating virtue High School were the first to realized.

Several big guys from Shangde followed one another, and at the same time, the food blogger was also in their accounts.

It was very likely that it’s someone from their school.

Based on Chen Nianqing’s liked post, many melon eating netizens found Song Qianqian’s Weibo.

According to their research, the suspected food blogger’s gender was female and her age was seventeen years old.

There’s no way people wouldn’t mind.

Most of them asked questions in a calm manner, but some were extreme, their tone unfriendly.

Where did this coquettish bitch comes from? Why should my Idol give her a glance?

Song Qianqian had a bad temper and scolded people on the spot in the comment section: How is it any of your business if my wife and my Idol are together?

The amount of information in this sentence was a bit large, but before everyone had time to digest it, the other big guys from Shangde also came up one after another.

【Of course it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with handsome and handsome playing together.】

【You don’t have to be sour.】

【If you have my President Lu’s charm, you can also have the sidelong glance of my Idol. ﹙sticker﹚】

Someone posted Lu Wan’s photos on the comments.

Some wearing the school skirts, as well as a side profile with her on the white overalls that day, but they all deliberately avoided showing her full face.

A number of unknown bystanders immediately defected.

【The legs are thin, white and straight, and the Achilles tendon is long, yet not the scrawny type. I love this muscle lines.】

【If I have these legs, I’ll praise myself for two hours everyday and will refuse to wear pants.】

【These legs can completely make up for the value of the face.】

【It’s not just the legs, our President Lu also have a great face, we just don’t want to reveal it.】

【That’s my President Lu ah! All right, I’m not sour anymore! Handsome and handsome can play together. It’s super okay.】

【I must say, this woman’s waist and collarbone are also perfect. Last week, when she was making a shelf, she bowed and revealed her waist. It’s super thin and have a vest line. I almost died in that second. Jk[10]just kidding

【It’s President Lu!!!! I’ll go and follow sister! 】

On the other hand, the long-time followers of [I’m also overeating today……] were a little confused when they saw a lot of new followers on the blog overnight.

On the top of Weibo, there were people commenting with pictures.

The back photo of Lu Wan’s long legs was posted, and they protested: President Lu, you’re too irritating. You eat like this but still have such a good figure.

Then many of the long-time follower broke down.

You’re kidding, right?

Was the Blogger human? Eating two portions worth of meal every day; all kinds of barbecues, rice noodles, pancakes.…..

When they saw it, they couldn’t help eating it too. After all, carbs make people happy!

Screw body management!

In the past half a year, they’d almost gained 20 pounds…… They thought that the blogger who never posted pictures of themself was a big fatty, and was pretty comforted.

They didn’t expect her to cheat everyone into eating so much, while she herself was so thin.

They couldn’t calm down thinking about it all.

Lu Wan sighed while doing her homework, “Chen Nianqing is really unexpectedly popular ah.”

“Of course. If it wasn’t because he’s too low-key, it’s estimated that the extent of his popularity would be larger. He is the same type as Su Rao; there’s no weakness nor shortcomings.”

After speaking, Haley took out the mirror and said while applying lip balm, “Unfortunately, he’s straight. Although the Idol looks kind, I can still feel that he is actually very fierce. You know, I have a good eye when it comes to men.”

Lu Wan: “……”

I don’t know.

Xu Yao came over and happened to hear the little white face boasting. He immediately became a little displeased. He said with his eyebrows raised, “Zhang Haley, you’re a man. Do you have nothing else on your mind besides dressing up every day?”

Haley put down the mirror and winked at at the man. “Yes, I also think about…… Top.”

Foolish straight man, daring to talk to this old lady like this. You think you can just call out my full name?

“Aaaaargh. Are you a pervert? Shut up!!!”

Xu Yao shuddered and rubbed the goose bumps on his arms, then got going.

It was he who lost.

Lu Wan: “……”


The three people went to the cafeteria after the peak period, and sure enough, it was a lot more empty.

For the steak today, Lu Wan happily decided to eat three pieces with iced cola.

She carefully cut them one at a time, smiled and was about to start…… when she looked up and saw an uninvited guest.

Jiang Boyang wasn’t having a great time recently.

Although he didn’t like Lu Wan, he couldn’t accept that he was dumped.

There was another thing, he took the initiative to take in Lin Niannian at the beginning, but he had no choice but to let her leave.

These days, every time he saw the other person at school, he would feel bad for failing to fulfill his promise.

Knowing that Lin Niannian was being put in a difficult position by some students at school, Jiang Boyang took action to settle the matter.

Jiang Boyang couldn’t accept being dumped by Lu Wan, and naturally, it was also the case for the Jiang family.

Mrs. Jiang had been very worried recently. Since the news of the disagreement with Lu Jinye spread, the Jiang family had lost many stable partners.

Although Lu Jinye didn’t said anything, it was obvious that he was taking the initiative to force her to spit out all the benefits she had gained before.

Lu Jinye was no easy match, and a little movement had already put her in a tight spot.

Mrs. Jiang thought about it carefully. The most effective way right now was to patch things up between her son and the daughter of the Lu family. She had investigated thoroughly and found that Jiang Boyang and that poor girl only had an ordinary relationship, and they had not gone too far.

Lu Wan didn’t have any boy she liked at school.

This wasn’t impossible to achieve.

Jiang Boyang naturally disagreed with trying to please a girl.

Mrs. Jiang put down her pride and confided in him about her own difficulties. Jiang Boyang wasn’t like in the beginning where he would explode at the mere mention of it, but he was just silent and did not make any promise.

Lu Wan was not surprised.

If Jiang Boyang was really hopelessly dumb, according to his usual temper, then he should’ve taken the initiative to dissolve the engagement in the book.

In the cafeteria, Lu Wan was watching not only Jiang Boyang, but also Lin Niannian, who was hesitating to speak.

She wanted to explain. She heard the Lu Wan was angry because she was living with Jiang Boyang.

But they were really innocent.

Lu Wan didn’t want to have anything to do with these two protagonists. She was not a tool person, and if she wanted to be that, she would only be a ruthless bulldozer.

Well, the kind that would pushed these two off together.

The grilled steak was really fragrant. She didn’t even bother to waste her time looking at them.

Xu Yao, who was already very upset, couldn’t take it anymore, so he cracked his knuckles.

“Wan, that guy was also looking at you last time. Can I straighten him out today?”


1 non-primary
2 stands for kēsǐwǒle which is used to talk about a couple who are being so cute and sweet it’s killing you
3 referring to a rubber chicken squeaky toy
4 borrowed from Buddhism; Dharmachakra, the great dharma, is good
5 referring to those series that you love but couldn’t finish in your lifetime ﹙story’s too long﹚ or will not be updated in your lifetime ﹙update’s too long﹚
6 Meitu Xiuxiu; image editing software
7 highest ranked hospitals in China
8 derogatory name for Sina Weibo/poor quality service
9 esteeming/advocating virtue
10 just kidding


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