Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 23

After the energetic boy was beaten, he didn’t dare to face Lu Wan but turned his head and glared at the obstruction with tears in his eyes.

“What’s the matter with you? You suddenly stood up without any warning. I almost died on the spot, you know?”

Chen Nianqing glanced at the man and said in a low voice, “Oh.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Oh? What do you mean by ‘oh’?

The energetic young man sat on the side with his hands on his head, and finally settled down.

Lu Wan started, and the Music Club followed one after another.

First was a pair of male and female students who sang a duet. The harmony of their voices were perfect.

After that, two beautiful girls chose a past-paced dance song. They sang and danced with neat movements that they could simply take part in a girl group survival show.

Next was the two guys who came up with an impromptu rap……

The expressions of the students from the Skateboard Club gradually changed from ‘(⊙⊙)’ to ‘Orz……’

They all knelt down after watching. It turns out that there were so many other variations besides just singing with background music.

This is awesome!

No wonder everyone said that the threshold for joining the Music Club was very high, and was known as the gathering place of experts.

This was definitely on professional level and the kind that could sell tickets.

But.….. these people weren’t as standoffish as the rumors say. They’re just not that very friendly.

The Music Club put a lot of effort in their performances. After all, Lu Wan’s song wasn’t bad and was full of sincerity.

It was their specialty so they shouldn’t be outclassed.

It was not for others to see, but that they must hold the field in front of President Lu.

Waiting for the shock of the audience to subside, Song Qianqian turned on the lights, and the dark room instantly lit up. She walked up to Lu Wan and said with a smile, “You sing pretty well. Why don’t you come to our Music Club?”

Everyone from the Skateboard Club: “……”

How can you poach people in front of everyone’s face?  But they didn’t dare to speak it out loud.

Lu Wan: “Me? Although I can sing a few song, I can’t play other instruments. I’m quite unsuitable. You guys are far too good.”

Song Qianqian was like ‘You are especially suitable; your face is very suitable’.

But since the other party said so, there was no need for her to force it. She chuckled and asked Lu Wan to think about it, then took out her mobile phone. “How about we add each other on WeChat and QQ.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

Everyone from the Music Club took out their phones and expressed their intention to exchange WeChat with Lu Wan.

The Skateboard Club saw it and since it was a collective exchange of WeChat, then they also wanted to join!

Thanks to Lu Wan, the boys from the Skateboard Club added the WeChat of the girls from the Music Club!

All of them were ecstatic and decided that Lu Wan would be their guiding light in the future!

Song Qianqian asked again, “By the way, do you have Instagram and Weibo? Let’s follow each other.”

Lu Wan: “I don’t have Instagram and I rarely use Weibo.”

Song Qianqian opened Weibo and showed the other party her user name. She said enthusiastically, “This is me. What’s your name? I’ll look you up.”

Lu Wan didn’t expect this schoolmate to be so forward. After hesitating for a few seconds, she still took out her phone.

“I rarely use Weibo lately and mine was pretty boring.”

Lu Wan’s Weibo.….. was full of food.

She has used this account for almost a year when she came to high school.

Because sometimes, she also wanted to keep a record her life.

She observed other girls’ Weibo; there was food, pretty little things, and various lamentations.

It looked so cute.

Lu Wan also took a very girly Weibo name at first, but later…… changed it to the current [I am also overeating today……]

Every post on her Weibo was about food. She would take a picture of what she was eating every day and post it.

There where times when she would update five times a day and eat five meals a day.

The barbecue joint she used to work at provided them food, and the school cafeteria had generous portions, so the photos look very impactful.

Comparing it with other girls salads and fruits, she wasn’t exactly overeating every day, but this was the normal amount for her.

Lu Wan used to live a three-point-one-line life and it was really lackluster. She felt that she had nothing to post about.

So gradually, this Weibo somehow became a medium for recording what she ate every day.

It’s simply a mudslide[1]internet term referring to someone different than other people/hilariously candid/unfiltered.

She felt very bored by herself, but gradually gained some attention.

Later, there were even a little less than 10,000 followers.

They wanted to see what she ate every day, and said that looking at the pictures made them feel a sense of happiness.

“Isn’t it a bit dull?” Lu Wan asked with a shrug.

Song Qianqian scrolling through Lu Wan’s Weibo looked up and said, “It’s not dull at all! Didn’t your family tell you that you’re adorable enough to break any rules?”

Lu Wan thought about it. “No. My older brother said that I’m the ugliest in the family.”

Song Qianqian: “Rubbish! He must have no friends with such a bad mouth! So horrible.”

Lu Wan glanced at the other party’s phone strap, which was a product made for Lu Buyu’s Fan Club.

Her deskmate before she transferred also had one and treasured it very much.

Lu Wan thought to herself, ‘You wouldn’t find him horrible’, but didn’t said anything.

Everyone in the Music Club stepped forward one after another.

So Lu Wan’s Weibo was actually like this. The contrast with her face was a bit big, and it’s inexplicably cute.…..

Lu Wan and a circle of people were now following each other on Weibo.

Zhao Yihang asked skeptically, “Do you really eat so much?”

Lu Wan: “It seems to be a bit much.”

She was not picky about food, but she must be full.

If she doesn’t have enough to eat, she would be completely depressed, and if she stayed hungry for a long time…… she would feel that her brain couldn’t function.

She wondered if it was because her adoptive mother was too busy when she was a child and often forgot to give her something to eat, so she became afraid of hunger.

Zhao Yihang: “It wasn’t a ‘bit’ much. It was unexpected that you didn’t become a big fatty after eating like this.”

There’s too much hostility.

Lu Wan: “Uh…… Probably because I move a lot so I consume more.”

Song Qianqian glared at Zhao Yihang. “You’re so obnoxious. What if it’s too much? It’s not like she’s eating your family’s rice.”

Zhao Yihang frowned. Although everyone in the Music Club had a good impression of Lu Wan, there was some words he must say.

He considered it for a while before opening his mouth, “Lu Wan, let’s forget what happened last time, but I hope you will speak more carefully in the future and don’t say anything that makes people misunderstood. Our Club President don’t like it.”

The original relaxed atmosphere changed slightly.

Lu Wan immediately realized what the other party was referring to. The last time she was angry with Jiang Boyang, she had casually pointed at someone.

She didn’t think too much.

But thinking about it now, it really wasn’t quite right.

“Sorry. I’ll be careful.”

The crowd looked at Chen Nianqing waiting to see his reaction. After all, he was the party involved.

Chen Nianqing: “I misunderstood. But after you said that, you never looked for me again, so I got it.”

Everyone: “……”

What is this development?

Zhao Yihang was also stunned. He hastily added, “No, I’m not saying that Club President have misunderstood, but that it has led others to misunderstand your relationship.”

Song Qianqian sensed the unusual vibe and asked, “Lu Wan, are you familiar with our Club President? Did you know each other before?”

Lu Wan: “I’ve seen him once before transferring.”

She was also surprised that the two of them were actually in the same school.

Chen Nianqing: “En. We’ve met.”

Not once; it should be twice.

But the other party forgot the first time, or had never remembered it.

It was last year, at a hospital in the southern city.

Chen Nianqing’s parents were both doctors and were considered leaders in their respective fields.

Last summer, his mother was invited by a municipal hospital in the south for a counselling and information exchange program. He heard that the scenery there was good and went along.

The plants in the south were lush. There was a huge camphor tree in front of the hospital building. The trunk was thick and the branches and leaves were dense, so the shade in the summer was very good.

While his mother was having a meeting upstairs, Chen Nianqing was sitting under the tree and waiting.

The voices on the other side of the tree trunk caught his attention.

Lu Wan went to the hospital to see her adoptive mother that day. The parents of a child in the same ward had something to do and asked her to help look after their child for an hour.

The child was only three years old and couldn’t clearly distinguish between males and females. She identified gender by looking at peoples face and not their haircut. She firmly called her Big Sister Lu Wan.

She think that all good-looking people were Big Sisters.

The parents corrected it several times to no avail. They could only smile awkwardly at Lu Wan and let the other party call her that.

The little girl was badgering her to hear a story, so Lu Wan flipped through the storybook the child’s parents gave her, and finally decided to improvise.

Such a little child, why read her  《The Little Match Girl》? It has a bad ending.

She changed it into 《The Little Bomb Girl》. The little girl took the bombs to sell. Unfortunately, none of them were sold. In the end, she lit them all up and sent the whole town to see her grandma in heaven.[2]Robbin: Gahahahaha

Chen Nianqing was about to drink water and almost choked.

What kind of outrageous story was this? Could you tell this to a child?

Lu Wan went on to tell two more stories, still improvising. The second one was the story of 《Cinderella》.

Cinderella was disliked at home, so she wore glass slippers to the ball to see if there was any opportunities. Eventually, all the ladies liked her shoes, saying they were beautiful, and they all asked to buy them. Cinderella became the largest supplier of high-heeled shoes in the country with her skills, made a lot of money, and finally married a beautiful prince and lived happily in a castle.

And lastly, 《The Little Mermaid》.

After the little mermaid came ashore, she found that the prince liked another person, so she turned around and go to the pub to make money. Her sisters missed her and came ashore to look for her. All the mermaids found jobs. Some sold lamb skewers and some sold fruits. Love whatever job one takes up. As long as there was a dream, ‘Fishes’ could make a difference.

In the end, Lu Wan made a summary; whether it was a man or a fish, the main thing was to learn how to let go.

The little girl nodded and said, ‘I got it, Big Sister’.

Chen Nianqing: “.…..”

The big one and the small one; one dared to speak and the other dared to listen.

Both were laughing happily.

After waiting for them to leave, Chen Nianqing noticed something shining on the bench.

Walking over, he found that it was the hairpin the little girl gave to her Big Sister. It was left there and they had forgotten to take it away.

The synthetic crystal glued to it was reflecting the sunlight, sparkling.

He casually put the hairpin in his pocket, thinking about returning it to the other party tomorrow.

But on the next day, the two girls who had made an appointment yesterday for another storytelling did not show up.

Chen Nianqing did not brood over it at that time.

It wasn’t until half a month later, when he put on that coat again and accidentally touched the hairpin that he just remembered about that day.

The crystal hairpin refracted the light, and the short-haired girl’s face was very vivid, her eyes bright.

He suddenly realized that he seemed to like the other person a little bit.

He remembered the little girl calling “Sister Liu Lan” inarticulately, and the girl saying that she was in the first year of high school.

Chen Nianqing asked someone to get the list of all the students in that city.

There were more than 20,000 first year students, but he had not found a girl called ‘Liu Lan’.

Not even someone with a similar pronunciation.

That’s when he learned that what he felt wasn’t just a ‘little bit of liking’.

His response was too slow.

Chen Nianqing thought it would be difficult to find the person, and then she appeared.

He woke up in the yard, opened his eyes, and saw the other party.

For a moment, he even suspected it was an illusion, until the girl spoke.

They had clearly met, but the girl didn’t recognized him.

Chen Nianqing stood up, followed the person out, and looked at the Lu family who were hugging each other from a distance.

It turned out that her name was Lu Wan, the daughter of Professor Lu.

Found her.

In order to annoy Zhao Yihang, Song Qianqian deliberately said to Chen Nianqing, “Club President, you should follow Lu Wan too. It’s interesting.”


Chen Nianqing took out his phone, opened Weibo, searched for the name and followed,  [I am also overeating today……].

Song Qianqian: “……”

She just mentioned it casually and he actually followed ah?

Zhao Yihang: “……”

Why was it like this? President, what’s the matter with you?

It felt like his house was collapsing.

Everyone: “……?”

……Their Club President’s Weibo has long been dug out, and almost all the girls in the school were his fans.

But his following list consists of only nine user accounts, six of whom were music creators, and the three were popular science bloggers.

Now there were finally ten.

Lu Wan’s Weibo was at the top of the following list, which was very…… jarring.


1 internet term referring to someone different than other people/hilariously candid/unfiltered
2 Robbin: Gahahahaha

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